Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 50

Chapter 50
Golden Jubilee
Well I had not planned to reach here but since I’m her let’s celebrate…. Since its the 50th chapter let’s give the drama series a break with some light moments

Link: Chapter 49

Next day…
Sujju takes care for preparations while AP informs the guests. Swara Kritika sees them from up
Swara feels bad and says: I don’t know what will they feel when our plan will be revealed
Kritika: Swara, I’m also feeling bad but what can we also do… it’s not our fault. We have no option left..
Swara: yes…
AP sees them and asks them to give juice to Dp RP. They both go down and take the juice…. Kritika gives to Dp while swara goes to Rp ‘s room. Rp is not there. Sje goes in other rooms but Rp is no where… Suddenly she sees him standing near the stairs smiling looking at Sujju
Swara goes to him.
Swara: Dad juice
Rp: Thank you beta
Swara: Papa what are you looking at?
Rp: Sujata. Just seeing how happy she is…
Swara: why?
Rp: You don’t know what had happened when uttara died.. She was shattered completely. After uttara the smile and charm of her face just vanished. And today I can see my Sujata back. The same innocent Sujata again.. it’s all because of you swara… you don’t know what you have done…. Thank You beta
Swara: Papa what are you saying? Don’t do this. I’m happy that Mom is alright but because of me?
Rp: She got her daughter back…. Just like uttara she treats you like her daughter… God bless you beta
Swara: Thank You papa..
She leaves..

Kritika: Is every thing ready?
Sanky: Yes Bhabhi. Recorders cameras
Kritika: Great. So just a few hours and the drama ends
Sanky: Yes

**evening **
Kritika gets ready and goes down… Sujju dresses Swara. All gather down…. Swara asks Sanky abt Shekhar.. He nods…
Guests are coming. Dp welcomes everyone….
Lavanya asks AP to dress her but AP ignores her…..
Lavanya: Maa…
AP: Ur clothes are in ur room… wear them and come.. I’m busy here
Lavanya: :Oh really? And u were free when it came to Bhabhi and Swara?
Swara: Lavanya (shouts)… You don’t know how to talk with elders. Apologize.
Lavanya: What?
Swara: I said apologise now
Lavanya: Me?
Swara: Yes you.. And dont scare me by calling the police. It won’t help because you are wrong here and let me remind you… see around see how many guests are there. Now just think what will they think about you…
Lavanya: Sorry Maa.. I will come quickly
She goes.
Swara: Badimaa you don’t take tension today everything will be back to normal. Her game will be over today.
AP: What?
Swara: Nothing ….. How am I looking?
AP: Beautiful … Now come sit. We will start the ritual
Swara kritika sit on the sofa. Gadodia’s come. Akriti searches for Lavanya. She goes up. Laksh follows her.
Swara hugs them and goes to Ragini.
Swara: Ready?
Ragini: Yes
They all sit
Lavanya: prepared?
Akriti: Yes but are u sure abt this
Lavanya: Yes. I will do it…
Akriti: Think once again. Nothing has happened yet
Lavanya: I am very much sure… I will do it
Akriti: Okay…
Lavanya: Now come…

Laksh hears all this and says: Today your game will be over.
He sees them coming out and runs down. He collides with Ragini after reaching down and they have an eyelock.
Sanky sees this. Lavanya Akriti too see this and Lavanya fumes. Sanky signs Swara to see this. She sees Lavanya and gives a thumbs up to him.
AP: Let’s start
Lavanya comes down and sits with Swara Kritika
The ritual starts. Guests come and bless the couples. Ragini gets jealous seeing Laksh with Lavanya… and the blessings which they get..
She doesn’t wait for any plan to start and goes up… Swara sees her and sends Adarsh up. Lavanya sends Akriti up. And later goes up in lieu of correcting her dress. Swara gets tensed and follows her
Ragini is on the terrace. She cries seeing Laksh with Lavanya. She remembers how they used to talk for hours late at night. She sees her engagement ring and cries. Suddenly she realises her plan and turns to go down. But finds Lavanya standing there.
Swara Sanky go up and see Akriti standing near the terrace gate. They hide and wait for to go. Adarsh is on the terrace hiding behind pillar. No one sees him. He messages them to come up because Ragini is alone.
Ragini: You?
Lavanya: Why Can’t I be here? It’s my house I can go anywhere
Ragini: Okay enjoy ur house.
She leaves but Lavanya stops her
Lavanya: Why leaving so early? Let’s talk for a second.
Ragini: but I don’t want to
Lavanya: Still.. stay here and listen to what am I saying… I noticed you today… You were jealous when u saw me with laksh… to remind u I went through the same phase when Laksh and you used to be together. Now do you know how I used to feel seeing u both together. How much pain I had seeing you together
Ragini: Lavanya, there’s no difference in ur situation. Now also you get jealous seeing Laksh with me…
Lavanya is stunned.
Ragini: Why are you silent? You can marry Laksh but believe me you will never get him or his love
Lavanya: Yes.. I won’t get. Only because of you. But what if you aren’t there then?

Swara Sanky go near Akriti and she turns.. She is about to shout but Swara closes her mouth and they her in some room. Sanky ties her to a chair
Akriti: What are you doing? Leave me
Swara: We will once Lavanya is arrested. So just wait
They leave.. Sanky signs Laksh to come up… Laksh gets up and starts to leave
AP: Where are you going?
Laksh: Maa, I’ll come soon… Bhabhi chalo
They both go up
Laksh: No one of you will come up… please
They run… Swara Sanky come out of the room and meet Laksh Kritika
They all stand near the terrace. Laksh starts going in but sanky stops her
Sanky: No we can’t go in.. What will we do if we don’t have any proof against her? Get the cameras
Laksh: But bhai.. she is alone
Sanky: Adarsh Bhaiya is inside go get the cameras
Laksh runs…
Ragini: What do you mean?
Lavanya: simple logic.. Laksh will never accept me until you go from our lives. Once you go everything will happen according to me….
Laksh get the camera and Kritika starts recording.. Laksh Sanky go in and hide so that lavanya doesn’t see them
Ragini: Laksh won’t accept you then also
Lavanya: Really? Are you so sure?
Ragini: Yeah
Lavanya: Okay so let’s see.. what will he do after seeing you dead
Ragini and others are shocked.
Lavanya holds her and pushes her down… Ragini shouts. Adarsh Sanky Laksh run and hold her From her roof top. Swara runs and catches Lavanya. She is hell shocked. Kritika also enters.
All hear Ragini’s scream and are shocked.
Parvati: Ragini?
AP: What’s happening there?
Shekhar: We must go up..
All run up
Laksh Sanky save Ragini and get her up. Lavanya is numb
Laksh: Are you okay?
Ragini: Yes Laksh I’m alright.
AP: Laksh
They turn and see both the families standing.
AP: what is this happening? What is all this?
Kritika: Mom come down. I’ll show you

Kritika plays the video. Lavanya is shown throwing Ragini off the terrace. All are shocked. Mishti gets angry and slaps her hard
Mishti: You tried to kill my Ragini… I’ll not leave you.. (slaps again)
Shekhar: Mishti control yourself. Nothing will happen to her.. Let police handle her.
He informs the police
Swara: Mom, if everything is out then let the full truth be out
Sujju: ??
Swara: I’ll show you. Hold her
Kritika: Swara I’ll go
Kritika goes up. Police comes by then
Laksh: Inspector today we have full proof against her.
They see the video. Female constable start arresting her.. Lavanya realises what is happening with her and falls down on her knees
Lavanya: Swara.. Swara… please save me… I have realised my mistake.. please swara.. please.. sorry I’m sorry. Don’t let this happen.. (gets up. Goes to Ragini and bends) ragini please Don t let this happen. Please… You wanted Laksh na take him.. but dont do this. My life will be spoiled..
Ragini doesnt respond. She goes to Laksh… he is standing near the dinning table.
Lavanya Goes there and purposely acts to slip and makes the glass fall down….
Lavanya: Laksh please dont do this …pLease I apologize for everything. For whatever I did with you and ragini but please don’t do this please Laksh please
He is also silent…. He cries and falls down… very smartly she grabs one of the piece of glass and closes her fist.. she again goes to Swara….
Lavanya: Please Swara (falls down)
Swara: Did you think this before spoiling my sister’s life? Did you think this before separating them? No na so now pay for ur sins
Lavanya: Swara I accept all my mistakes but pls atop this. Don’t do this. My life will be spoiled please swara
Swara: Inspector take her
Lavanya: Itni bhi jaldi kya hai?
She stabs the glass piece in her leg.. Swara shouts. All are shocked. She removes it and takes her hostage by keep the glass piece on her neck…
Sanky: Lavanya leave her
Lavanya: No no no Sanskaar not so easily. She is the way to my escape I won’t leave her so easily.
The glass hurts her and it bleeds
Lavanya starts going up taking Swara.
Karan enters from behind and sees this. Laksh sees him and signs him to attack on her…
All go behind Lavanya
Ragini: Lavanya swara ko chod do.. leave her take me.. u hate me.. right? So take me.. leave her pls pls…
Karan holds her from behind and frees Swara. Sanky runs and holds her. Laksh karan and inspector take care of Lavanya… Sanky takes her down
Kritika comes with Akriti leaving karan shocked
Karan: Bhabhi? Where are you taking her?
Ragini is shocked to see Karan and gets afraid.. Swara is bleeding Karan sees her and goes down
Karan: Swara? What’s happening here? Someone tell me… please
Ragini cries and says: Karan I’m sorry I never told this to you
Laksh gets confused.
Laksh: What are u saying Ragini?
The night when Ragini was searching for the gun…. after Ragini went and met Akriti..
Karan called her down
Ragini: What happened? Why did you call me at this time?
He forwards a small box
Ragini: What’s this?
He opens it and it has a ring. Ragini is shocked
Karan: Arre don’t take tension it’s not for you
Ragini: Then?
Karan: Akriti
Ragini gets happy but at the same time is worried about karan’s love for Akriti she thinks of telling him abt her doubt on her but later she backs off… thinking that she is not sure and karan will be shocked badly
Karan: Arre where are u?? Say na? How is it?
Ragini: Nice.. very nice.. when Will you propose her?
Karan: Tomorrow
The next day Ragini lets karan and Akriti meet but before karan could do anything Akriti runs upstairs….
Hence Karan decides to propose her after the ceremony

**fb ends**
All are shocked and a tear skips her eye
Karan: What happened? Why are you so shocked? Say na
Laksh: Bhai… ur love for her is perfect but she is nt perfect for ur love
Karan: What?
Sanky: Karan, Akriti was with Lavanya…. in everything. She supported her.. right from our wedding day.. whatever happened… she was with Lavanya in her plans
Karan gets aback… Parvati is also shocked and remember the lies said by her
Parvati: That means this girl was trying to destroy my family?
Shekhar: Maa?
Parvati: Shekhar you remember, that gas leak and fish cmng in our kitchen ?
Shekhar: Haan …
Swara: Daadi?
Parvati: Haan Swara….
Swara: What happened? Why didn’t u inform me?
Parvati: Beta, you were here and u had so problems… I thought u will get tensed.
Swara: Daadi….
Karan: What are u saying?
Parvati says everything…. Karan looks at Akriti with anger and sadness
Laksh: Bhai, control urself… Inspector take them now
The inspector starts moving out. Karan stops them and walks up the stairs
Karan: Whatever they said, I want to hear it frm you.. Just once say that it’s not true.. believe me I’ll fight with everyone Akriti just say once plzz
Akriti: (with tears and hatred for the Gadodia’s): It’s true.. whatever they said it’s true
Karan closes his eyes in pain. The constable stares at Akriti and says: She is that girl
Inspector: What?
Const: Sir she is that girl who came to meet Urvashi that day?
Ragini: Huh?
Const: Yez mam.. we had informed Swara Ji abt this. I remember that she came to meet her… yes
Sanky: Swara?
Swara: Yes sanskaar. I rcd a call frm them
Sanky: Why didn’t u inform us?
Swara: Because I wasn’t sure if it was Akriti or not
Ragini: But why did u go to meet her?
Akriti is silent.
Ragini: Why?
Karan: She is asking something… Why did u went there?
Akriti: Because I am her daughter

Next Part: Shaadii… ❤
I hope now u all are happy.. ? finally the devils are caught.. but what next? This revelations will turn the lives of every one by 360… Let’s see what will happen

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