Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 5 (Mishti’s Revelations)

Hello guys..I’m back again…
After reading the previous episodes ,you must have deciphered that I’m not good at writing romance . I can’t romance at all . I love drama and that’s why I chose to write SwaRagini .
So cmng back to point.
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Precap: Daadi’s step to get Ragini engaged . MIL & DIL have a showdown .
Chapter 5 : Mishti’s revelations.
Mishti:”Do you have the courage to tell Ragini that she is not our single child .Do you have the courage to tell her that she has a sibling. That she had a sister………….Do you have the courage to tell Ragini that what had happened on 2nd September……….. Do YOU??”
Parvati:”Sharmishtha ..Thaara dimaag khrab ho gaya hai kya? Kya bakwaas kar rahi hai..!”
Mishti :”Sach bol rahi hoon Maa.. Do you have the courage to tell Ragini that she is not our single child .Do you have the courage to tell her that she has a sibling. ?””
Parvati was quite and so was Shekhar..
Mishti:”No na.. if you don’t have the guts to tell her all this then you have no right to get her engaged ad show off your courage.. “
Mishti turns to leave the room when she again turned back and said “Maa before you accuse Swara for playing with Ragini please see what you have been doing in all these years with her..”
**she meant – logo ko bolne se pahle insaan ko apne kiye – karaaye mein jhaakna chahiye**
Mishti left .Shekhar understood what she said and went to calm Mishti . Daadi stood there shocked .
Little were these three aware that Ragini was standing outside the room listening everything….
Ragini was shattered. She hid behind a pillar when she saw Mishti coming out.
Mishti went to her room … And so did Shekhar…..
Inside Shekhar’s room:
Shekhar:”Mishti,calm down . Relax . Take your pills .”
Mishti:”How can I do that Shekhar? Today Maa crossed her limits . How could she speak against Swara like this… She is alone and how could she do this.?”
Shekhar :”Mishti , relax .We can’t do anything . “
Mishti:”No Shekhar . When she taunted at Swara’s parents ,I felt as if she is taunting me . I felt as someone has accused my parenting . I felt as if she is me ..I don’t know why but I have always felt some strange connection with Swara. Whenever Maa creates an issue about ShoRa’s friendship , I feel bad for them. My lips automatically start supporting them “ She said after taking her pills…
Shekhar:”I too feel the same . You are a mother , Mishti . You will always feel for her .”
Mishti:”Shekhar ,one day or other Ragini will get to know this . She will get to know about her sibling…!……What will we tell her then.. from 20 years we are hiding this . Only my heart knows how I’m keeping quite … ”
A tear escaped her eye……
Before Shekhar could say anything …they heard a loud sound . They heard a glass falling on the ground.
They turned back and were shocked to see RAGINI . She was red-eyed ,shocked. She had a glass of water for mishti which fell…..
Mishti:”Beta ,voh”
Ragini:”Wait Maa. Before you say anything please tell what I heard just now , istrue? ….You gave birth to two children..?”
Shkehar:”Beta,Please listen”
Ragini :”No papa .first answer me .I’ll no listen anything .First anwer me please .. Is it true . I’m not alone .I have a sibling…”(sounds a bit excited)
Mishti (who was standing at the door):”You don’t have a sibling beta . You HAD a sibling.”
Everyone as silent…
Ragini(after breaking the silence ):”Maa .pleaase tell me what are you saying .What happened 20years back. Please tell me what happened 20 years back which kills you everyday…. Please Maa… “
Mishti was so choked that she couldn’t say anything…
Ragini( a bit angry):”Maa –Papa why aren’t you telling me anything. Hua kya hai.Koi humme kuch bataata kyun nahi???? Why are you people hiding this from me .Why .Please tell me. Maa –Papa please tell me.Please.”
Ragini goes near Mishti holds her shoulder and shakes while saying all this.
Mishti(after breaking her silence ):”You want to know what happened 20 years back . So listen”
20 years back.
A 9-months pregnant Mishti is shown sitting on the sofa with her legs on the table.
Shekhar is sitting beside her.
Mishti:”Shekhar get me some more juice and chocolates”
Parvati (coming out of the kitchen):”Arre Mishti …How many chocolates will you eat? You want a kid or a candy out of your stomach?”
Everyone laughs
All were watching a movie when Mishti demands for more chocolates .
Mishti:”Shekhar , one more . Arre this one is not for me . It’s for our baby. You know na there are two inside . My one baby wants one chocolate but the second one wants more . What can I do??”
**They knew about the twins because of the sonography**
Shekhar ( jokes ) : “Lagta hai hamari donno betiyaan bahut bhukki hai”
Mishti laughs but Daadi is irked .
Daadi thinks “ I hope what Shekhar said is not true . I don’t want two girls. Either both boys or one boy one girl . Who will take the responsibility of growing up two girls? And after their marriage who will handle our business , this property. If Mishti gives birth to two girls then one sister would have to sacrifice her life for the other . I can’t have two girls playing in my house”
**After few days…**
Mishti was having her dinner with everyone when suddenly she feels a pain in her stomach.
Parvati understands the situation and orders Shekhar to take her to hospital.
Mishti is shouting in the OT . Doctors are operating on her . Shekhar prays for her well-being. And Daadi prays for her wish.
After some time.
Doctor comes out .
Shekhar:”What happened Doctor. How is my Mishti ? Is she fine?
Doctor: “Mr.Gadodia your wife is fine . But..”
Shekhar:”But what”
Doctor :”We couldn’t save your one girl”
Shekhar shocked & shattered.
Doctor :”Your one girl is absolutely fine but other one is no more . I’m sorry.”
Parvati comes from somewhere and sees a distraught Shekhar standing out of shock .
Parvati:”What happened Shekhar?”
Shekhar:”Maa. My daughter is gone. My one daughter is saved but other one is no more .”
Parvati shocked.
Paravti:”Shekhar control yourself . You have to be strong in front of Mishti. You have to control her also. Try to understand ,beta. Be strong . I’m also sad and disappointed and maybe this is our fate”
Shekhar ,after hearing about MISHTI , controls himself , wipes his tears and stands like a brave husband.
Shekhar:”Maa I don’t know how to face Mishti . She lost her daughter. I don’t think so I will be able to answer her . maa ,you do this . I can’t face her”
Paravti nods and goes inside .
Mishti is sleeping .She opens her eyes and sees one of the carriage empty.
Parvati says everything.
Mishti cries and says :”Why me MAA. Why me ..”
Paravti(thinks)”Forgive me”


Mishti & Shekhar were in tears . And Ragini was shattered.
Ragini:”What happened next”?
Mishti:”Kya hota. We accepted what our fate had .”
Ragini:”Maa…..(hugs her) I’m sorry. I never thought that this incident affected you so badly. I forgot Maa that you lost a daughter that day. YOU GOT ONE PRINCESS BUT THE OTHER ONE WAS SNATCHED FROM YOU. Sorry Maa-Papa.”
She hugs them and cries for a long time…

**Next Day**

Ragini wakes up in Mishti’s arms..
Ragini:”Maa..wake up”
Mishti(opens her eyes and gives her a faint smile)”Beta… Sorry . For 20 years we kept you in dark . We never thought that when you’ll come to know this how would you react. We are sorry beta”
Ragini:”No. Maa. It’s not your fault. Mujhe toh yeh kabhi nakabhi pata chalne hi waala tha”

**Shekhar enters the room**
Shekhar:”Ragini ,come beta . Time for college.”
Ragini:”But papa …yesterday Daadimaa”
Shekhar:”What yesterday. Kal kuch hua?”
Shekhar was about to answer when Parvati comes in –
Parvati:”Shekhar .what do you think? Was I joking last night”
Shekhar was shocked .
He thought that Parvati said all this just out of anger. . . . .
Shekhar:”No Maa .I’ll not let this happen .This is not her age of settling down. This age is of studying , I can’t snatch her right to study .I can’t separate ShoRa.”
Parvati looked at Mishti who was too looking at her with a mixed expression of shock and anger.
Parvati left without saying anything.
Suddenly ,Mishti feels a bit uneasy and goes into the washroom.
(I hope you understood what she did inside . There’s no pregnancy track, don’t worry)
She comes out where Ragini and Shekhar wait for her anxiously.
Ragini(takes her to the bed):”Maa .What happened? Are you okay?”
Shekhar:”kaha se okay hogi .Yesterday also she puked!”
Ragini:”Whatttttt…Maa why didn’t you tell me??”
Mishti:”Beta,you were out with Swara”
Ragini:”But Maa .I wouldn’t have gone then”
Mishti:”I’m fine .May be ,this is happening because yesterday night I didn’t eat anything”
Shekhar&Ragini:”But what about yesterday(afternoon)?”
After realizing what happened all three smiled …
Mishti:”I’m fine . Chalo let’s have breakfast…”
Shekhar:”Ya but not before you take your medicines”
Mishti :”No Shekhar .The medicines tastes bad.”
Ragini:”Maa, you are eating medicines and not chocolates”
All laugh…


Ragini that she won’t be able to go to college from that day.So she goes to her room wears normal clothes(tracks and top)

Both were making food without talking to each other.
Mishti broke the silence and said :”Maa Ragini knows everything”
Parvati understood what she said and was shocked .
Parvati:”What. How. When ??” were the few questions she threw at her .
Mishti explained everything to her (till the time she puked)
Parvati:”Hey maara Thakur Shyam Ji!! Ab kya hoga!!”
Mishti:”Pata nahi maa”
Paravti:”Tu apna dhyan rakhna kab sikhegi??”
Parvati:”Chup. Come sit outside .I’ll make kaada for you”
Mishti:”Maa. No kaada please”
Parvati:”Tu jaa beth. I’ll come”

**Mishti leaves**

Outside the atmosphere was fine . Shekhar ,Ragini looked calm. She was happy that all were okay after yesterday’s incident.
After breakfast Parvati takes Mishti to a hospital for a health check-up. After the check-up Parvati leaves and Mishti waits for the reports.

Next Part: A shock awaits Mishti at the hospital. Some scenes of ShoRa with Shekhar
Let me ask you one question …
Hmm…So I guess this was pretty long.
Don’t worry there is no pregnancy track in this. This story has no shit !!
This suspense has a another secret hidden in it.
Keep reading , guessing & commenting 

Credit to: Hetvi(Shreya)


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