Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 49

Chapter 49
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**night after dinner**
Laksh Swara see the camera recording. Akriti is in her room. She calls Lavanya….
Sanskaar Kritika are outisde Lavanya’s room. All four keep watch on them.
Akriti: What next?
Lavanya: I want Laksh that’s it…
Akriti: How will you do it?
Lavanya: This Ragini is the hurdle. We need to remove her. …
Akriti: and i will destroy the Gadodia.
Swara sees this through the video and gets angry.. Laksh calms her…
Lavanya: Be careful… Ragini is there…
Akriti: Ya… You too

They four meet…
Swara: They are planning something very big…
Sanky: Yes…. swara inform Ragini now… Akriti will be handled by her. And Lavanya by us.
Kritika: But what will we do..
Laksh: Bhabhi, I have one idea… we can make her say all her mistakes then we can get her arrested
Swara: Will she say?
Sanky: If we force her?
Laksh: How?
Kritika: By threatening her?
Laksh: And she will get scared?
Swara: No we can’t do that… we need to think something big. Because its not about only Lavanya .. but about Akriti too….
Kritika: Yes
Sanky: But what??

Ragini calls swara and they all have a video conference…
Ragini: Hi Swara
Swara: Hi Ragini
Ragini: Have you guys planned anything?
Swara: We are doing that…
Ragini: I saw the recording of Akriti’s room… tell me about Lavanya
Sanky says what they saw
Ragini: Okay… they both are really very dangerous
Swara: We know that.. and hence our planning needs to be very strong
Ragini: I got an idea..
Laksh: Say
Ragini: They want to get rid of me… right? So what if we allow them to do that…
Laksh: What?
Ragini: Means that if we allow them to hurt me and record this then? We can easily prove Lavanya as the culprit..
Laksh: Are you mad? How can I do that? What if …
Ragini: Laksh, think practically…
Sanky: But Ragini this is not a good plan.. they both can do anything.. and you know that..
Swara: I think she is right ..
Sanky: Swara you also
Swara: But we have no other choice.. If we want to throw her this is the only possible way..
Ragini: Yes sanskaar.. and if we wait to get another idea then god knows what might happen with both the families. Akriti has started her games and I want to end it before the situations worsens
Laksh: But…
Ragini: Laksh… for us…. please
Laksh: Okay…
Swara: Great… Ragini meet us at xyz cafe.. we will discuss Every thing there
Ragini: Okay…
All leave for the cafe

Akriti sees Ragini not in her room and thinks of playing her move.. She goes in the kitchen and sees Parvati in the kitchen. She goes in .
Parvati: You want something?
Akriti: No no aunty I’ll make for myself
She starts making sandwich
Akriti: Aunty, from how many years Mishti aunty is in this house?
Parvati: UmM… something around 22 years
Akriti: ohh… I heard you hate bengalis then this marriage?
Parvati: Mishti and Shekhar loved each other. Their love forced me to accept her… yes I hate Bengali but Mishti gave up everything for us.. so I accepted her
Akriti: wow very filmy but it’s nice to see you all… well I saw what happened today… that fish
Parvati: Don t talk about it.. forget it
Akriti: As u wish… but I just wanted to make u realise that the fish cannot come in ur kitchen like this.. someone might have kept it here… And there is only one fish eater in this house… so.. think about it
She leaves and sows the seeds of doubt in Parvati’s mind. Parvati thinks about it and gets a doubt on her.
Akriti watches this and gets happy.. She thinks that her plan is working and gets ready for the next move ….

SanLak SwaRagini Kritarsh meet.
Laksh: I dont know if you all are doing right or not…
Swara: Relax Laksh… We all are together what wrong can happen?
Laksh: Still Swara
Kritika: Laksh, we can understand ur concern but don’t worry
Swara: Now let’s start
Kritika: First we need to get all of our family members together… We must plan a party or something so that all are together then only we can do anything… But we need to do this tomorrow not today.. we need time for everything
Sanky: Then? You think Lavanya will do something only when Ragini comes in front of her? We need to provoke her
Adarsh: umm.. Laksh you talk with Ragini over phone and make Lavanya hear all this.. may be this might help
Swara: Nice idea bhaiya. This might help
Laksh: Okay so first part done. Then?
Ragini: Then Bhabhi you purposely spill water on me so that I must go up to clean it….
Kritika: Noted… then
Swara: Then bhaiya you and Sanskaar be up with recorders so that everything is recorded and preserved as proof
Sanky: Then it will be showed to the police..
Adarsh: Once Lavanya is arrested then Laksh and Lavanya will be divorced….. Then you both can marry
Laksh his hand on Ragini’s hand …..
Kritika coughs… : shaadi mein time hai
Laksh: Bhabhi….
They both shy and others laugh
Sanky: One second… Will the elders agree to the party and what reason will we give for it?
Kritika: Muh-Dhikhaayi
Ragini: This will work
Swara: Okay so let’s go for it
Laksh: Yaahh
They leave

Parvati sits in her room thinking about Akriti’s words.. She sees Mishti going to her room. Akriti sees this and goes in kitchen
Swasanlak Kritarsh reach home… they enter one by one and rush into their rooms.
Swara signs for the plan to start. Kritika Swara search for Lavanya and send her up…
Laksh calls Ragini….
Laksh: Hi
Ragini: Lavanya came
Laksh: Not yet…. Umm now came
Ragini: Good
Laksh: Arre …. Let’s start…
Ragini: Yes…

Lavanya is abt to enter but she sees Laksh talking to Ragini and stands out… Sanky Adarsh are hiding behind the sofa and keeping an eye on her.. Swara Kritika stand out of Sujju ‘s room..

Laksh: Ragini, believe me it’s difficult to even bear her face…. I don’t know… But I want you! I can’t leave without you…
Ragini: Not bad Laksh
Laksh: Ragini you just say once… We will run away and marry.. after that Lavanya will go…
Ragini: Umm… sochna padega
Laksh: I love you and only you… No one can separate us.. and marriage was just a formality.. Every one knows that we are one…
Lavanya fumes and closes her fist in anger
Sanky: Plan is working

Laksh: Sometimes I feel like killing her.. Its a torture to see her face everyday
Ragini: Bas bas… Now see if she is angry or not
Laksh sees through the mirror and Lavanya burns.. She leaves the place and goes down… Sanky goes behind her while Adarsh informs Laksh
Adarsh: Chudel gayi… plan successful
Adarsh leaves and goes down in Sujju’s room from the opposite side. Lavanya goes in the kitchen but stops when she sees Swara Kritika with sujju
Sujju: Muh-Dikhaayi?
Swara: Mom, this ritual is mandatory right?
Sujju: Yes but what about jiji? Will she agree?
Swara: You give a thumbs up.. we will manage everything

Laksh: yeahh plan worked.. achha I’ll go down.. will talk later bye
Ragini: Bye
Laksh rushes down and stands with Sanky near the stairs

Sujju: Okay.. So tomorrow will be ur muh Dikhaayi will be held
Swara: Thank You Mom… love you (hugs her)
Kritika: We will inform mummy ji also come let’s go
(the elders Don t know abt their plan)
Lavanya hides and they leave.. Adarsh Sanky Laksh go upstairs and work on the second plan
Ap also agrees and they start the preparations…. AP informs Mishti and they too agree… Laksh SwaSan and Kritarsh get happy as their plan is working
Swara informs Ragini.. She gets happy
Lavanya calls Akriti….
Lavanya: Enough… now I can’t bear this Ragini…
Akriti: What happened?
Lavanya says everything!
Akriti: What next?
Lavanya: Now I’ll do what I couldn’t do on the wedding day
Akriti: What?
Lavanya: Death
Akriti: What!??
Lavanya: Yes.. Ragini has to die.. Laksh will never accept me if she is alive.. so let her death be the cause of our union
Akriti: How will you do it?
Lavanya: Swara has planned a muh Dikhaayi for them… So tomorrow we can do this
Akriti: Okay… I won’t mind
Lavanya: So tomorrow.. you send her upstairs for some time… then I’ll attack on her.. and game over
Akriti: Yeah.. and tonight I’ll have another drama her
Lavanya: Inform me later
Akriti: Sure..
Cut the call

Swara Kritika were listening to this and run once they see her coming.. They go to Laksh’s room and inform.. He gets happy as well as angry and says: She will hurt my Ragini? She won’t even know when all this happened!!
Kritika: Are YOU ppl ready?
Laksh: Yes Bhabhi… everything is done
Kritika: So tomorrow night will be end of this
Laksh: Yes…
Swara: Now let’s go down or else Lavanya will doubt on us
They all leave and have dinner
*Gadodia Mansion*
Mishti is cooking when Parvati sees her from outisde. She sits on the chair and wait for her to come.. Mishti comes out with the food
Parvati: What have you made?
Mishti: You only see
She sees the dishes and gets happy…. Akriti comes down and says: Aunty, Shekhar uncle is calling you up.. Before Parvati sees her Akriti goes in the kitchen and turns the gas on
She leaves.. Akriti sits down to eat.. She coughs and asks Parvati to get warm water
Mishti goes up and Shekhar comes down..
Mishti: Shekhar, you only called me and now u came down
Shekhar: When did I?
Mishti: Arre.. now you only…
Shekar: Leave it please… I’m very hungry.. Let’s have some food.. pls
They go down. Shekhar Mishti also sit.. He smells something bad and realises it’s a gas leak
Shekhar: Where is Maa?
Akriti: Inside….
He runs inside and Parvati is shown taking the lighter… He rushes to her and throws the lighter.. Mishti comes in and is shocked to see the gas on.. she offs it and Shekhar takes Parvati out
Shekhar: Maa?
Parvati: Shekhar, you….
Mishti gives water.
Mishti: Maa relax nothing has happened…
Parvati gets suspicious. She looks at Akriti. She raises her eyebrows thereby increasing her doubt
Shekhar: Take her in her room.
Akriti takes…
Akriti: Aunty think once again what had I said. People change.. amd it’s 22 years now… think over it
She leaves

Laksh room

Laksh: I’m fed up of this forced relation.
Lavanya: Even I am Laksh (comes from behind)
Laksh turns…
Laksh: You?
Lavanya: Should I need to remind you again and again
Laksh: That u r my wife and can go anywhere
Lavanya: Good. Well what were you saying? You are fed up with this forced relation. Even I’m Laksh… Laksh who likes to be in a forced marriage? No one not even I like..
Laksh: Then why are you here? Just go away from my life
Lavanya: Sorry I can’t do that but there’s one thing which you can do
Laksh: What?
Lavanya: Accept me Laksh… believe me I’ll love you more than anyone. I’ll make you forget ur past and we both will live a very happy life. Once I’ll come in ur heart I’ll not let anyone take my place.. I’ll make you forget Ragini (goes closer to him) Laksh this is the solution to your problem as well as mine. Ur one decision will decide our lives.. And according to me this is the best idea
Laksh holds her happy she gets happy. But he pushes her Lavanya falls down
Laksh: Ho gayi bakwaas? You want to say something more or are you done? You said whatever you wanted to now listen
She gets up.
Laksh: No one can ever replace ragini in my life or in my heart… You may do whatever you want to. But nothing can change my love for her. Remember this.. and what you said this is the solution huh this is not the solution but this is ur greed ur madness to get me… I’ll will never accept you understand?
He starts going out
Lavanya: (stops him) Okay Laksh if this is ur decision then let me also clarify one thing. If you can’t accept me then remember I also won’t allow you both to be one… though I’ll have a forced marriage but I’ll live being Mrs. Lavanya Laksh Maheshwari… Remember this.. I won’t go from ur life ever
Laksh: (thinks) kal pata cgal jaaega
He leaves without saying .
Lavanya: tomorrow.. my all problems will come to an end… Ragini it’s the last day of your life

Next part: Some unexpected change in the plan. Lavanya cries. Swara gets hurt. Karan Akriti fight.
Happy Navratri to All ??
Chapter 49 !!
Wait for 50th ❤

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