Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 48


Chapter 48
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When SwaRagini SanLak were discussing about the gun, Akriti heard this and before Ragini could search for it she takes it.
Ragini gets upset and starts seeing here and there when she sees someone’s shadow upstairs.
Ragini: Who is there? I asked who is there?
Akriti fumbles and the vase beside her falls down. Ragini shouts and starts run upwards. Akriti runs to her room and closes the door… Ragini hears the sound and realizes that it was Akriti.
She goes to her room and questions her
Ragini: Were you out now?

Akriti: No.
Ragini: Then why did you close the door then?
Akriti: Actually it was open…. That’s it. Nothing else
Ragini: It’s better if this is the reason. And I hope you are not lying
Akriti: But why will I lie?
Ragini: It’s better if you don’t. Good Night
She leaves and Akriti is relieved.
She informs Lavanya about this and Lavanya says: Thank God! Are they planning against me?
Akriti: Yes
Lavanya: let them do. It doesn’t matters
Akriti: But be careful
Lavanya: You too

Ragini calls Swara…..
Swara: Kuch Mila?
Ragini tells everything. Swara gets disheartened and asks her to keep a watch on Akriti.
Laksh is in his room thinking about the way to get rid of Lavanya when suddenly an idea strikes his mind. Lavanya ends her chat with Akriti and enters the room while Laksh storms out. She thinks to follow him and goes out
Laksh meets SwaSan and says: Oh God! We have been dumb?
Sanky: Why what happened?

Lavanya listens every thing
Laksh: We wanted proofs against her. Right? The wedding CD is the biggest proof
Swara: Oh Ya!! Correct. Well not bad Laksh. Good idea
Laksh: Thanks Bhabhi (bows down). Yeah! Once this footage is seen by the inspector, then Lavanya will be arrested and I’ll get Ragini back.
Sanky hugs him and Swara gets happy after seeing Laksh’s happiness
Lavanya calls Akriti and asks her to delete the wedding footage which has the main drama…
Akriti thinks how to do that and leaves his room. The CD is in Ragini’s room.

Laksh gets happy and says: I’ll inform Ragini.
Akriti goes down and throws a glass on the floor. Ragini wakes up and rushes out. While Akriti runs upstairs and takes the laptop from her room. Laksh calls Ragini. She hears her phone ring but sees the broken glass and sees here and there to see if anyone is there but in vain. She cleans it and starts going up…
Akriti does her work and goes to keep the laptop in Ragini’s room. She keeps it and tries to leave but Ragini enters the room. She hides behind the cupboard and waits for her to sleep.
She leaves once Ragini sleeps
Akriti: Phew!

Goes and sleeps
Swara: What happened?
Laksh: she’s not picking up!
Swara: No problem will tell her in morning. Now go sleep
Laksh: I don’t know if I’ll be able to do so or not!!!
Swara: Achha baba but let us sleep
Laksh: Yea
He leaves

Laksh room
He enters the room and sees Lavanya

Laksh (thinks) : Game over…
Lavanya: (thinks) it’s not so easy

Laksh sleeps and so does Lavanya
Next Morning
Swara calls Ragini and asks her to get the laptop with her.
ALL meet at the MM
Laksh: Today it’s the end for you
Lavanya: What are you saying?

Laksh: Wait Mrs. Maheshwari
He points at the stairs and police is shown coming. Lavanya acts of getting scared.
Laksh: welcome inspector. We have a criminal in our house. There she is… (Points at Lavanya)
Lavanya looks on cluelessly
Lavanya: What?
Laksh: Inspector she is the one who broke Ragini and my marriage by threatening us
Inspector: Where is Ragini?
Ragini enters the MM with the laptop. She stares at Lavanya while coming. Lavanya grins
Laksh: she is Ragini and she has the proof against her
Ragini plays the CD but is shocked to see it end after Swara and Kritika come down (on the wedding day)
She plays it again but fails… Swara helps her but they too fail
Swara: Where is the video?
Ragini: Swara it was in this CD. There is no other CD….
They are speechless and the inspector asks for proof
Lavanya thinks to start her drama… she fakes few tears and says: Are you guys done? Now can I speak? Inspector they all are lying. Each and every one is a liar here. Even my husband is cheating on me. He has an affair with his ex… this Ragini.
Laksh: What non sense?
Lavanya: Inspector my in laws aren’t accepting me and my bhabhi’s are ill treating me… it’s like I’m in jail! I don’t know what to do… till now I was tolerating everything but today since you are here I will take help from law…. I don’t know why they hate me so much… I’m really scared please help me! Please
Laksh: What the hell are you saying?? Are you in ur senses?
Lavanya: see how is he talking with me
Swara: Stop it Lavanya. Why are u lying when you have done this?
Inspector: please calm down…. tell me one by one
Swara: Inspector she is lying… Laksh was getting married to Ragini but Lavanya forced him to marry her..

Inspector: How?
Swara: She had a gun with her… For the marriage to get completed she even hit Akriti…
Inspector: Proof?
Swara: IT was in this CD but it’s not working
Inspector: do u have the gun?
Ragini: Inspector, yesterday night I went to search for but couldn’t find it
Lavanya: How will you find it when there was nothing like that which I had or I used it… see they have nothing against me because I have done nothing against them… They are planning against me.. that’s it
Inspector: Well Mr. Laksh you ppl have no proof against her. So I’m sorry I cannot arrest her nor I can take any action against her..Sorry and yes if I get any complain against you or ur family for having done wrong to her then I’ll arrest you and not her
He leaves.. Lavanya smirks
Laksh: Why is the cd not working ?

Ragini: It was alright till yesterday… I don’t know what happened
Lavanya: Try everything which you can but you can’t do anything against me… you won’t be able to throw me out… that’s my challenge …
Laksh goea ahead to hit her but Sanky stops him and says: Lucky, no! This won’t help… come
SanLak SwaRagini leaves…
Lavanya: Chachi now you won’t mind na if I call ‘Chachi’ ?
Sujju nods… Lavanya leaves from there. AP Sujju too leave

**outside **
Laksh: How could she do this?? How did this video stopped playing??
Sanky takes the laptop and sees the video
Laksh: now what is left to see? See is innocent in front of law… we can’t do anything now!!
Swara: No Laksh! Even though she might be innocent but we aren’t proved guilty… we can still continue ….
Laksh: May be
Sanky: Laksh, this video is edited. Someone has done it
Ragini remembers Akriti.
Laksh: How do u know?
Sanky: This video says everything. See this carefully.. see this is cut from here
Laksh: But who did this? When Lavanya is here?
Ragini: Akriti
All are shocked
Laksh: What?
Swara: Akriti? Why will she do this

Ragini says everything.
Sanky: But why will she do it?
Swara: Vahi pata lagaana haai….
Swara asks Ragini to keep a eye on her and make sure that all her doings are noted.. Laksh Ragini have an eyelock
Laksh: You will be with me very soon
Ragini: Yes Laksh! I trust you completely
Laksh is almost in tears when he sees Ragini going. Swasanlak go inside

Lavanya: So, what’s happening there?
Akriti: You will hear now

Parvati is shown taking the lid of a plate and is shocked to see fish in it… She shouts and throws the plate
Lavanya: What was that?
Akriti: Maarwaari mein bangali ka taste
Lavanya: Well played partner
Akriti: What’s happening there?

Lavanya: Whatever happened here thanks to you!! The editing helped me. They thought of throwing instead got a warning
Akriti: Nice nice… now let me go and see the drama.. I’ll inform you later….
Lavanya: ya bye
They cut the call. Akriti goes in kitchen. Parvati is shocked seeing fish in her house and Mishti comes in.. she is also shocked.
Mishti: Maa this?
Parvati: Where did it came from?

Mishti: I don’t know… I didn’t enter the kitchen since morning… You relax I’ll clean it
Parvati: No no no Don t touch it. You will become impure. Don’t even go near it. I call the maid…. come out
They leave. Mishti gives water to her…
Parvati: How did this came inside my house? Who kept it there?
Mishti: Maa I said na I don’t know. Do you think I did it
Parvati: Arre pagal hai kya? Am I mad to doubt on you? You have done so much for me, my son this house.. How can I doubt on you?
Mishti: Maa… (hugs her)
Parvati: But I want to know who did this

Akriti sees this drama from the dining table.. She thinks of doing something more wrong that triggers Parvati against Mishti. Ragini comes and sees Akriti going up. She goes behind her but Mishti stops her..
Mishti: Ragini, beta please sit with Maa for 2 mins. I’m coming now
Ragini: Why? What happened Maa?
She says everything and Ragini runs to her.
Ragini: Daadimaa are you alright?
Parvati: Yes beta.. what will happen to me?

Ragini: Thank God nothing happened.
She sees Akriti and says: Maa, I’ll come in two minutes
She goes in Akriti’s room….
Akriti calls Lavanya.
Lavanya: hua kuch?
Akriti: Nahi yrr.. Parvati didn’t doubt Mishti. Instead she became sure that Mishti didn’t do anything
Ragini gets angry on listening this.
Lavanya: No problem yrr.. May be in future this might be the spark for the main fire..
Akriti: Ya… Achha I’ll talk later

Ragini feels like slapping her but controls herself and goes inside as she is sure that Akriti is with Lavanya. She informs Swara. Swara is shocked and asks her to confirm be fore they are get suspicious…
Swara says her something and Ragini agrees to it… she goes down and sees Karan in the garden
Ragini: Hi Karan
Karan: Hey Ragini. You here?
Ragini: Ya… Akriti wanted to meet you.. so i came to tell you.. wAit Here… she will come now
Karan: Ohkay
she goes in Akriti’s room…
Akriti: Yes Ragini?
Ragini: Actually karan was calling you down….
Akriti: Me?
Ragini: Yes. See there is waiting…
Akriti smiles and go down…. The moment she leaves Ragini takes out the camera and the recorder… she searches for a place…

Akriti Karan meet down
Karan: So, what did you want to say?
Akriti: Me? You called me here..
Karan: Why will I call you?
Akriti: Because you wanted to say something.
Karan: No who said?

Akriti: Ragini!
She realises that Ragini is fooling her and immediately looks at her room… some shadow is seen…
She goes in hurriedly and Karan shouts: Akriti…
Ragini hears it and looks down… Akriti is no where to be seen. Sje gets scared and fixes the camera and recorder at a suitable place. She then leaves and goes in her room. Akriti comes inside and sees no one… She peeps in Ragini’s room and sees her sitting and calmly reading a book.
She goes. Ragini is relieved to see her go and messages Swara that her work is done.. Swara gets happy and messages: Now we can keep a eye on her too…

She starts walking to her room when Sanky comes in front…
Sanky: Where is my wife going?
Swara: To prepare something for my hungry husband
Sanky: Hungry?? You are calling me bhukkhad?
Swara: Yes

Sanky: (pulls her closer) achha ji… now say if I am a bhukhaad
Swara: Sanskaar leave me… Someone will see us..
Sanky: Oh hello.. there is no crime in this.. I’m romancing with my own wife.. not with someone else’s
Swara: oh really? Don’t u dare do that.. or else I’ll kill yo. Now leave me please..
Sanky: inti jaldi?
Swara: Sanskaar, I need to go down.
Sanky: Achha… (goes closer)
Swara: Sanskaar…
Sanky: Shh!! First say that you love me
Swara: Arre.. puri zindagi padi hai bolne ke liye.. abhi jaane do na
Sanky: No..
Swara: Please..

Sanky: First say. Then
Swara: Achha baba… I love you happy?
Sanky: Bahut
Swara: Now leave me….
Sanky: Achha go… (leaves her)
Swara: Listen, bhukkad dinner will be ready soon… come accordingly
Sanky: Swara… (runs behind her)
Swara runs down and goes in kitchen. Kritika helps her and they both prepare dinner….

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