Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 47


Chapter 47
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Swara Kritika are in the kitchen.
Swara: What should we make?
Kritika: Swara I can’t even think anyone dish for today. Earlier it used to be so easy to say the name and eat the sweets but now I can’t even get one name….
Swara: Bhabhi the same is with me. I’m also not getting any name….

Lavanya: Should I help?
Swara: Thank You BUT we will manage
AP: Arre you both didn’t start? What are you doing? Before lunch you need to make everything. Now don’t waste time and start quickly
Kritika: Maa, what should we make?
AP: that’s your test.
She leaves. Swara Kritika gets confused and again start thinking.
Lavanya: Bhabhi can I please suggest.
Kritika: Didn’t you hear what she said. No means no…
Swara: Bhabhi leave her. Let’s think about the food.
Kritika: Haan… Swara should we make a Bengali and a marwaari sweet. It will be Good to present also.
Swara: Oh yes Bhabhi. Let’s start…
They both start doing their work and ignore Lavanya throughout

Akriti gets discharged and reaches the Gadodia Mansion. Before entering she vows to destroy the Gadodia’s completely. Mishti takes her to a room and asks her to rest.
Karan: Aunty I was thinking that I’ll be with Akriti for a few more days.
Mishti: of course you can stay here. But please inform Laksh.
Karan: Yes.
He calls Laksh
Laksh: Yes Karan.
Karan: Laksh I’m planning to stay here for a few more days. Can I?
Laksh: Arre why are you asking you can yrr.. come whenever you wish… Okay?
Karan: Thanks Bhai….
Laksh: Thanks chod… how’s Akriti.
Karan: Fine. But a bit shocked.

Laksh: That’s natural yrr… after Lavanya’s drama how can she be normal?
Karan: I agree! And that’s why I’m staying here. If I’ll come there then that Lavanya will be in front of me 24×7. And I might do something wrong in anger. I can’t even bear her for a second.
Laksh: Same here. I don’t even know how might Akriti be feeling now when her best friend cheated her.
Karan: Now leave her. I’ll come back soon.
Laksh Karan, one request
Karan: Say
Laksh: Ragini will ne there too… take care of her also.

Karan: Goes without saying.
Laksh: Thank You bhai thank you
Karan: Chup re..
They cut the call.
Akriti hears their conversation and gets happy that Karan will be with her. Ragini comes and meets them. She gets milk for her. Akriti gets angry but controls herself.
Ragini: take…
Akriti: Thank You. Come sit
Ragini smiles.
Ragini: How are you?
Akriti: Fine… You?
Ragini: what had happened to me?
Akriti: Your marriage……….?
Ragini: Akriti, I don’t have the habit of living in past.
Akriti: But still you still love Laksh. Then, how can you move on so easily.
Ragini: Because I have no option left…. Lavanya won’t leave Laksh and we have nothing against her. What can we do.
Akriti smiles
Akriti: I can understand. She cheated me also… Now we can’t do anything except just seeing the happenings around us.

Ragini: Yes…
She leaves from there. Akriti calls someone.
Lavanya is standing in the kitchen seeing the on going preparations. She thinks of doing something and notices a glass bowl kept nearby. She goes near the stove and takes the bowl. She places on the edge of the platform and again goes back. Kritika is making something when suddenly her elbow strikes the bowl and it falls on her leg making it bleed. She shouts and falls down. Swara runs to her.
All come in the kitchen.
Swara: Bhabhi what happened?

Kritika cries and holds her leg… Adarsh sees her and quickly takes her in his arms. They all rush up in his room. Laksh takes Aryan and goes out. Sanky also accompanies him. Swara and rest are inside.
Adarsh calls the doctor…. Swara and Sujju start removing the glass pieces from her leg. She cries in pain. Adarsh supports her. AP gets water for her… Once swara is done, she asks: What had happened?

Kritika: I don’t know Swara. My hand struck the bowl and it landed on my leg.
Adarsh: You should have seen and worked na….
Kritika: I’m sorry Adarsh. We were already running late and then Maa also came… So I was just tensed
AP: Beta I wasn’t serious. Oh God what I did!
Kritika: Maa I’m fine. Swara let’s go down.
Adarsh: No Kritika. You need rest. Today you won’t do anything, right swara?
Swara: Yes bhaiya.. I’ll manage….
AP: Swara I’ll help you.
Swara: No badimaa. I’ll do everything. You Don’t worry.
She leaves AND goes in the kitchen….

Swara is cooking when Lavanya enters.
Lavanya: Swara Ji, your Bhabhi is up lying in the bed. So I guess now you might need my help.
Swara: I never thought that you’ll fall so low. You ended up hurting ur own sister. How can you do this.
Lavanya: You guys left no option. Swara, you challenged me in the morning.. Now I’m doing it. You all will have to accept me as the bahu of this house…
Swara: No one will do that.
Lavanya: and who are you to say this?
Swara: Your sister in law!
Lavanya: Okay jethani ji
She leaves. Swara completes her work and everyone gathers for lunch. They have the food and praise Kritika Swara. Lavanya comes from the kitchen with a bowl.
Lavanya: I have also made something. Would you like to taste it.
Sujju: No!
AP: Sujata!
Dp gives money to Kritika Swara. Lavanya is standing beside him. She waits for him to do something.. but no one touches her food. They complete and leave from there. Swara winks while leaving and Lavanya fumes.

All get ready and leave for Gadodia Mansion.
Swara hugs everyone. Ragini comes down and sees Laksh. She feels sad and hides in the kitchen to avoid meeting him.
AP Sujju meet Akriti.. and come down. Karan comes and meets everyone. Parvati starts the ritual. Sanky Adarsh are doing it while Laksh is no where to be seen…. Lavanya keeps searching for him.

Laksh goes to the kitchen and sees Ragini standing there.
Laksh: Ragini, you saw me today! But you didn’t respond. Today you didn’t hug me or smile after seeing me. Today your heart didn’t skip a beat nor did your breathing increase. Why?? Ragini do you think that this marriage is a barrier between us? Do you think it’s a hindrance to our love. Really? Our love is pure and real. Its above marriages and things like this. You can’t deny the fact that you still love me. And you will never. Please say something . Please
Ragini: What should I say after this? Whatever you said is true and correct. I’m not denying any fact . Laksh my heart skips a beat every time I hear ur name. My br
eathing stops whenever I see YOU.

Laksh: Then let’s be together back again.
Ragini: But you are married.
Laksh: Married? You take this as a marriage? Believe me, 24 hours have passed after this marriage and not even once have I seen towards that Lavanya. Now also I supposed to be out but I’m here because you are here. Ragini, I love you amd I don’t care about the world.
Ragini: But Laksh.. this is not the right way…
His phone rings.
Laksh: Hello
Lavanya: Laksh? Where are you?
Laksh: How does it matters to you?
Lavanya: Stop it Laksh. I’m your wife and I have full right to ask about it.
Laksh: So patni ji thank you for the fake concern and stop this drama when you cannot do it. Please. And Don t disturb me please.
Cuts the calls… Lavanya gets suspicious and starts looking here and there. She goes up and enters Akriti’s room.
Akriti: Finally you came back?
Lavanya: I had too..
She winks and both laugh

In morning when everyone was asleep, Lavanya Akriti met and were discussing something on the terrace
Lavanya: We have failed a lot! Now I cannot bear this Ragini anymore. Enough!! Today they won’t get married. Because today Laksh will marry me.
Akriti: Yes… take this…

She gives the gun.
Lavanya: Yes! This will be my weapon to get Laksh.
She smirks.
Akriti : But we both have to also take care that no one sees this.
Lavanya: Don’t worry. That’s also arranged. But the main thing is we will have to scare them with this. We need to keep them afraid of this and then let the marriage happen
Akriti: How will we do that?
Lavanya: Fake bullets!
Akriti: Huh?
Lavanya: Arre it’s simple. No one except us will know that this gun has fake bullets. And if anyone tries to do something against us then I will take you at hostage and shoot at you. So everyone will get scared and agree for this marriage.
Akriti: Smart plan

They both smirk
**FLASHBACK ends**
Lavanya: clever move!!
Akriti: I had to do it
When Lavanya was going to shoot at her, Akriti moved aside so that the Bullet just touches her amd goes.
Lavanya What next?
Akriti: You try getting Laksh and I’ll destroy the Gadodia’s
Lavanya: Yes
Karan enters the room and is shocked to see Lavanya.
Karan: What are you doing her?

Lavanya: Came to meet her
Akriti jumps from the bed and hides behind karan saying: Save me! I don’t trust her anymore!! God knows if she came to kill me again. Take her from here
Lavanya: No no I won’t do anything
Karan: No body will trust you after seeing ur true colours
Lavanya: Its upto you all. You want to trust you do or else leave it I don’t care….
She leaves. Karan makes Akriti sit on the bed. Lavanya shows a thumbs up to her. She blinks her eyes.

She goes down and again starts searching Laksh.

Ragini: Laksh, this is my problem. We can’t do anything because of this marriage.
Laksh: who cares about her? Ragini, (cups her face) I love you that’s it. I don’t care about Lavanya. You are my everything that’s it.
Lavanya enters the kitchen and is shocked to see them together. Laksh Ragini have a eyelock… they both don’t feel the presence of Lavanya.
She leaves from their in anger
Outside everyone is busy with SwaSan and Kritarsh. They complete every thing and prepare to leave.
AP: But where is Laksh?
Lavanya: He is busy romancing with Ragini.
Sujju: Nobody asked you
Lavanya: but chachi he is my husband
Sujju: So?? Should we honour you for the same…
Guests starts talking and get suspicious of Laksh.

Swara signs Sanky and they both go and search for them. They enter the kitchen and see them
Sanky: Lucky..
They both move apart
Laksh: What happened?
Sanky: Come out every one is waiting for you. And Lavanya has again started her drama
Laksh: Oh god! I’ll not leave her…
Sanky: No Laksh. You won’t do anything
Laksh: why
Swara: because we all will together defeat her. Laksh, We all know what has happened but we can’t simply throw her out of the house. We don’t have anything against her
Laksh: We have. The gun swara that gun. Remember?
Ragini: But where is that?
Swara: No one knows
Sanky: How can we prove that Lavanya used it against us when we don’t have it
Swara: That’s the biggest problem. We need to find that gun anyhow. Then only we can do something
Laksh: We can find it

Swara: How
Laksh: The wedding CD
Sanky: Nice idea. But where is the Cd
Ragini: It’s gone for development. Once done we can see it
Sanky: Yes Ragini now it’s your duty to see it. If Lavanya comes to know about this then she might throw it or hide it. So we have to be very careful and smart in front of her
LAKSH: Ragini, you can take help of Karan too. He will be here for few days
Ragini: Okay
Swara: Ragini, this is our fight for the truth. We can and we will win
Ragini: Yes swara. I promise I’ll do every possible thing
Swara: Same here. I can’t allow that Lavanya to harm my family or my sister
They hug
Mishti calls them and they leave

Dp: Beta is Lavanya saying right? Were you with Ragini?
Laksh: No papa. I went to drink water. Ragini gave me the glass. That’s it
Lavanya: Laksh don’t lie. You were with her. I saw you both together.
Laksh: Why would I lie? I was drinking water. That’s it…. Now should I record everything and show it to you
Lavanya: No papa he is…
Sujju: enough! My Laksh never lies. And why would we believe in a fraud like you.
Dp: Bas Sujata. Laksh won’t lie and we would never believe in you. Shekhar Ji we will leave now. Sorry for whatever happened today

Shekhar: No no YOU are embarrassing me.
Swara hugs him and they leave.
Laksh: What was the need to do all that?
Lavanya: Don’t lie. I saw you with Ragini.
Laksh: So?
Lavanya: So what? How can you romance with your ex when you are married?
Laksh: Listen, this marriage is only for you. Not for me or anybody else. I love Ragini and no one else.
Lavanya: You can’t change the reality by repeating this
Laksh: I know i can’t but at least I can hurt you with this fact
Lavanya: You can never get Ragini back because I’m between you too
Swara: And we are between you and Laksh
Swara Sanky Adarsh enter and stand with Laksh
Swara: You cannot do anything

Sam dam dand bhed plays…

Lavanya leaves from there
Adarsh: What have you guys planned?
Laksh says everything
Adarsh: Great!! But take care that Maa papa doesn’t come to know about this
Swara: Yes bhaiya. Don t worry. Btw how is bhabhi
Adarsh: Fine

Swara: Ragini, you got the tape
Ragini: Yes swara. I’m seeing it.
Swara: Saw the gun
Ragini: No Swara. I have seen everything but that gun…nO no wait.. I guess I it’s here
Swara: Where
Ragini: Near the sofa I’ll go and check….
Swara: Okay

They cut the call and Ragini goes down but she sees the video again. She stops and zooms in. She sees Lavanya shooting Akriti and notices Akriti moving aside …..
She gets suspicious but goes down

She tries searching for the gun… but fails. Akriti is shown standing up and seeing her. She removes the gun from her back and smirks

Poor Ragini. Let’s see what happens
Guys RagLak will be united.. but what do u want guys want ahead?
1) RagLak united and the end
2) RagLak united, leap, more drama

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