Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 46


Promo 3: post wedding

Shaadi ke shubh avsaar par hua do dilo ka milna
SwaSan are shown getting married
Aur do ka bichadna
Lavanya is shown taking Ragini at gun point and marrying Laksh…
Kaabiyab hokar kya hoga Lavanya ka agla kadam…
Next scene of the same promo
Shekhar Mishti are shown together..
Akriti comes from behind
Vo: Purane badle ko lene ki aad mein nikali Akriti
Kya ho paayegi kaamyab??
Kya Juda hona padega Shekhar Sharmishtha ko kissi aur le kaaran?

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Chapter 46
Link: Chapter 45

** Inside MM**
AP :Swara, Kritika go in your and take rest.
They both leave along with Sanky Adarsh. Laksh too leaves.

SwaSan room.
Swara cries and sits on the bed
Swara: What has happened with Ragini… she loved Laksh more than anyone and today… ??
Sanky: Swara (hugs her)
Swara: Sanskaa, Laksh did so much for Ragini. Now its our turn. We will give him his happiness back.
Sanky: Yes Swara. Lucky proved his love once again. But you don’t worry everything will be fine one day.
They hug again.

Kritarsh room
Adarsh looks at Kritika who is taking care of Aryan.
Adarsh: Kritika
Kritika: I’m fine Adarsh….
Adarsh: No you aren’t. Look at you.
Kritika: What? Today I’m paying having trusted Lavanya. Today I’m paying for not letting her stop… Adarsh today she killed me…. (cries)
Adarsh: Shhhh Don’t say that. I will die if something happens to you
She cries and he hugs her …..
Kritika: Before starting this new relation i want to complete some tasks. I’ll come in a minute
She leaves and goes to Laksh’s room. Lavanya comes out
Kritika: Till date I used to save you but from today I’ll make sure that you’ll pay for ur every sin. Whatever you did with Ragini and Laksh after that you won’t be spared.
Lavanya: Di you know why I did this. I had no option but to separate them.
Kritika: What else can be expected from you… Arre jo ladki apna pyaar paane ke liye itna ghir sakti hai voh aur kar bhi kya sakti hai…
Lavanya: Di please listen…
Kritika: Don’t you dare touch me.. and Dont call me di.. our relations have ended. Only one relation is left. Devrani jethani ka. Bas!!
Lavanya: Di please…. Don t do this. You know why I said that.. just because I was angry on you. Bas… please don’t break our relation.
She leaves.
Lavanya cries and goes inside.

Akriti is in hospital. Karan is with her.

SwaSan room.
Someone nocks their door
Swara: Kaun hoga iss waqt?
She opens the door and sees Kritika standing outside.
Swara: Bhabhi.
Kritika: Swara Sanskaar sorry for disturbing you both at this time.
Swara: No no bhabhi… come inside
Kritika goes inside.
Kritika: Swara, whatever happened with Ragini is all because of Lavanya. . She spoiled her life for her love. I’m sorry on her behalf. Sanskaar I’m sorry. You both are together yet incomplete. I’m sorry
Sanky: Arre Bhabhi what are you saying. Please don’t say this.
Kritika: Actually the fault is mine. I was so lost in my own happiness that I could never see through her. It’s my fault.
Swara: Bhabhi please stop blaming urself. You haven’t done anything wrong please stop it.
Kritika cries and swara hugs her. .
Kritika: Swara will you help me in throwing her out?.
Swara: Bhabhi she is ur sister. And you are going against her?
Kritika: Swara, whatever she did today after that there’s is no relation left. No relation. Bolo na swara will you help me? Say swara. (Forwards her hand)
Swara: yes Bhabhi. I will.
Sanky: Mee too..
Kritika: Then done. From tomorrow onwards a new fight will start between two sister in laws.
She nods… and Kritika leaves.

Akriti goes to meet Urvashi with a Veil on her head.
Akriti: Mom.
Urvashi: Akriti you came.
Akriti: I’m back with a good news
Urvashi: What?
Akriti: Mom as we had promised. We have separated RagLak.
Urvashi: My ears were waiting to listen this. God bless you beta. You took my revenge.
Akriti: no mom. This is not yet over. This was Lavanya’s revenge mine is left. I will kill these Gadodia ‘s slowly..
Urvashi: That’s my bachha. Love you.
She blesses her and Akriti leaves.
While going back to MM she thinks about how to hurt the Gadodia’s… She reaches MM and enters….
Karan sees her and asks: Where were you?
She gets scared and fumbles…
Karan: What happened? Bhoot dekha kya?
Akriti: No no… You came suddenly so I just….
Karan: Hmm okay…. But where were you? I didn’t see you after we left from there
Akriti: I had gone to buy gifts for Lavanya and Laksh. They have just got married so….
Karan: But where are the gifts?
Akriti: I have given the order. It will come tomorrow.
Karan: Okay. Now sleep. Its very late.
Akriti: Ya.
They both go in different rooms.

Lavanya cries in her room and Laksh sees her.
Laksh: Why are you crying? Sab toh le liya. Ab aur kya chahiye.
Lavanya: tum.
Laksh: Now nothing more will happen acc to you. You did whatever you wanted to. But now it’s my turn.
Next Morning
Lavanya is getting ready in her room when Swara comes.
Lavanya: What happened Swara?
Swara: nothing devrani j. Just looking at this fake beauty and ur fake relation.
Lavanya: Swara what do you mean?
Swara: What kind of relation will you have with Laksh? Husband Wife or strangers.
Lavanya: What? Don t interfere in my personal life.
Swara: Don’t act in front of me. WE know everything about you. What games you have played. And every one knows abt ur relation too.
Lavanya: Okay so since you know everything so let me tell you one thing very clearly you can never separate Laksh and me.
Swara: time will say. (Leaves

SanLak are talking about how to get Ragini back.
Laksh Bhai this marriage happened because she wanted and not I. She forced us.. Can’t we file a complaint against her?
Sanky: Will it work?
Adarsh: IT will.
Sanky: Sure?
Adarsh: yes. We can. And once she is attested…
Swara:……. she can be separated from Laksh being a criminal.
Laksh: Yes!
He forwards his hand. All keep their hand on his. They all leave for the PS. But AP stops them.
AP: Where are you all going?
Laksh: To get her arrested.
AP: Laksh, what are you doing? She is a part of this family now.
AP: Beta, she is your wife. Daughter In Law of this house now. If police comes and starts investigating then what will every one think. They all with start talking about your papa and makes unnecessary talks. Do you want that to happen?
Laksh: Nahi Maa. But how can you keep that girl in the house. She betrayed everyone and god knows what more will she do?
AP: I can understand that. But she hasn’t done anything wrong till now. So we cannot throw her now. Now you all go in ur rooms. Swara get ready beta.. Today is ur first day in this house. After the kitchen ritual we will go to Shekhar Ji’s house also. Adarsh Ask Kritika to come.
All leave. Swara goes to get ready. Sanky also goes. Laksh goes in his room and sees lavanya.
He gets angry and closes his fist.
Lavanya: What happened? It’s your wife in ur room.
Laksh: I don’t want to spoil my mood early morning..
Lavanya: Put this habit of seeing me. Because I’ll live here until I die. So…
Laksh: I don’t care about you. We are in this room just because you married me. That’s it. And remember one thing. No one can take Ragini ‘s place in my life. No one. I love her and will continue till I die.
He leaves. Lavanya gets angry.
Lavanya: we will see Laksh. Who will love whom.

She gets ready and goes down. AP is shown doing aarti along with sujju. Lavanya comes down
Lavanya: Maa….
They both turn and are shocked to see her in traditional wear.
Lavanya: Why are you seeing me like this? Is something wrong?
Sujju: Haan.
Lavanya: What?
Sujju: You are wrong. Your presence is wrong. Your everything is wrong.
Lavanya: Chachi..
Sujju: Na! Don’t you dare call me that. Thaari Maa hogi jiji lekin mujhe chachi bulaaya toh haath pakad ke ghar se bahaar nikaal doongi. (No don’t you dare call me that. Jiji woUld have accepted you but not me. And if you call me chachi then I’ll throw you outside the house.
She leaves. AP also gets angry and leaves. Lavanya goes to Dp Rp who are discussing something. She bends to take their blessings. Dp gets up and leave from there. RP too leaves.

SwaSan Room
Swara is shown getting ready. She tries to wear the Saree given by AP. She gets stuck in it and sits on the bed. Sanky comes and laughs seeing her in that Saree
Swara: Why are you laughing?
Sanky: Look at you. This is so funny.
Swara: Call Mom.
Sanky: Should I help?
Swara laughs
Swara: You? Mister this is saree and not sherwanii
Sanky goes near her takes the saree and says:I know Mrs. Maheshwari. I’ll help you.
He takes his hand behind her waist and pulls her closer.
Swara: Kya kar rahe ho?
Sanky: Romance.
She blushes.
He takes the saree and wraps it around her waist. He takes turns around her and goes behind her. He kisses her neck and again comes ahead. Swara is lost in him. He completes his work and shakes Swara.
Sanky: WHAT happened to you now? See I’m done. I finished my work….
Swara comes into senses
Swara: Sanskaar…..
He get closer: Swaraa….

Sujju comes calling them and they get alerted. Swara pushes Sanskaar and he falls down. Sujju sees Sanskaar on the floor and shouts: Arrre why are you down?
Sanskaar: Ask ur bahu!
Sujju: Swara what happened?
Swara: Nothing Mom.. (helps in getting Sanky up)… I’m ready. Let’s go down.
Sujju: Arre waah! Beautiful.
Sanskaar: Credits?
Sujju: Haai??
Swara: Nothing Mom. Leave him. We are getting late?
Sujju: Haan. Chale?
Swara: Yes mom .
Sanky winks and swara gets angry while leaving
Sujju swara come out from the room. AP and Kritika comes. No one comes with Lavanya. She comes alone.
AP: Swara Kritika, come down soon.
Sujju AP leave from there.

Swara Kritika stand on one side and Lavanya in front of them.

Swara: See. Look at the consequences of ur doings! No one is with you. Not even Laksh.
Kritika: Lavanya, you have broken two hearts and approached yours. And hence you are all alone. How are you planning to be happy? When ur husband is with us
Lavanya: Good choices take time to build. And why are you worrying Swara. You got ur Sanskaar. Then what’s wrong. Don’t interfere in my relations. I’m happy with what I have.
Kritika: Ya we can see how happy you are.
Lavanya: Di. You don’t start please. Before my bhabhi you are my sister.
Kritika: I guess you don’t remember what I said last night. No relation except sister in law.
Lavanya: But…
Swara: You have no choice now. You betrayed everyone and now just see what happens with you.
Lavanya: Why are you coming in between two sisters.
Swara: Really? Then what about your interference in between Ragini and me. Our lives.? Our marriages? Huh? Answer me.
Kritika: From where will she answer? Swara, jab galat hai toh galat hi rahegi.
Swara: Remember one thing, from today onwards a new fight will start between us. And Bhabhi is with us. I swear Lavanya, we will throw you out soon.
They both leave. Lavanya gets sad after seeing Kritika’s behaviour.
Lavanya: Okay Di. If this is your decision then I accept this. If you are against me then I’m accepting this challenge. You both try hard to throw me and I’ll defeat you every time.

Ragini does in the puja and gives everyone aarti. Every one blesses her.
Parvati: Laado, yesterday your marriage…….
Ragini: Daadimaa, what will you today in lunch?
Parvati: Laado sun toh..
Ragini: Kya Daadimaa? Which Kal are you talking about? The One Which Has Gone Or The One Which will come?? I have moved on. There Laksh might have also…

Laksh is in his room. He sees the engagement ring and cries. He remembers how he went in Swara’s room instead of Ragini’s and the incident further. He misses Ragini and cries badly.
Tere Bina (guru) plays..

Parvati: No beta. He wont. Everyone knows how this marriage happened. No one will accept Lavanya or that relation. And Laksh. He loves only you.
Ragini: I know but what is the use of this now? He is married now and Lavanya won’t leave Laksh. We have nothing to do. Nor we can separate them. What we can do is just move on amd accept this relation.
Parvati: But won’t you fight for him?
Ragini: Daadimaa, who doesn’t like to fight for their love. But before doing I must also think about Swara. Now she is also there. Lavanya had already harmed her once and she can do that again. I don’t want her to get punished again because of me.
Parvati: Kis mitti ki bani hai? But I know what ever you decide will be correct. I trust my Ragini completely.
Ragini: Daadimaa, swara will come here today for her pag phera?
Parvati: Yes beta.
Ragini: I’ll go amd check whether everything is ready or not.
She leaves. Few ladies come and greet Parvati. One of them sees Ragini working in the house and taunts: What happened Parvati? Ragini is still here? She did go to her sasural?
Lady 2: She means that did they accept her or sent her back?
Lady 3: accept her?
lady2: Arre now you only think and remember about what ever happened during their wedding. And Ragini had spoiled her mehendi. Now will they accept a girl like her who is not even taking care of a petty thing like this?
Lady 1: Ya right. By the way, Parvati I heard Laksh married some other girl instead of Ragini? Is kt on true.
Mishti (comes storming and almost angry): Yes IT true. Are you people having any problem? And what were talking about Ragini? She is careless. Let me make one thing very clear, you all know what happened yesterday and not only yesterday you all know who was behind this. Lavanya. She was behind everything. Even after knowing everything how can you all taunt us and remind us this. And Ragini has moved on.
Lady 3 : She has no option left. She has to move on. Laksh is happy there and now what will she do her entire life? Cry and mourn? Shomi take our advice and get her married soon. Your Ragini is pretty beautiful disciplined… but she is teenager now and you never know when they go on the wrong path.
Mishti: Bas!!! Enough of your talks.
Parvati is teary eyed. Ragini is standing behind a pillar listening to all the talks. She cries and runs in her room. She falls towards the bed and cries. She sees the chain and says: Laksh I still love you. I can never forget you nor can I let anyone take your place.
Mishti: Thank You for your comments but we don’t need it. Thank You.
She throws them out and closes the door. She runs to Parvati and consoles her
Parvati: Kya galat kaha unhone. Sahi toh bolke gaye.
Mishti: You also? Maa you also think the same. We have to be strong for Ragini… Please
Parvati nods and they both leave.
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