Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 45


Chapter 45 : Separated
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Lavanya and Akriti are near their master plan. Lavanya purposely makes Ragini wait in the temple so that she reaches her home late.

Lavanya shits the door and smirks. She helps Ragini in getting ready.
Lavanya: We were saved….
Ragini: Yes. Thank God we reached here on time…. Now I can reach down also on time.
Lavanya: Sure? Will you reach down on time?
Ragini: Yes… why are you asking this?
Lavanya: No no you aren’t ready yet na… I mean brides always need time… So I asked
Ragini: I will finish quickly. Just call Swara na.
Lavanya: I wish I could but aunty said you three can’t move out of this room.
Ragini: Okay..

Parvati goes to see Swara… She is sitting on her bed just fiddling with her bangles.
Parvati: Swara….
Swara: Arre Daadi… you?
Parvati: Haan…
Swara: Come sit.
Parvati: Swara, I never thought this day will come so early… Today my house will become nothing after you both leave. Ragini was our shine and you are our pride. We will lose our shine and pride altogether.
Swara: Daadi, say like that… we both aren’t going anywhere. We are just shifting from one house to another.. That’s it…
She smiles and hugs her. Parvati cries and Swara also gets emotional. Shekhar sees this and leaves from the room with a tear in his eye.

The baarat comes and someone informs them. All hear the music of the dhol and get happy. Parvati wipes her tears and says: Lo aa gaye tumhaare saaiyan!
She blushes… Parvati goes down. All are happy happy and Mishti Parvati welcomes them…
Mishti tries to pinch their noses but Adarsh is saved. While Sanky Lucky lose… She pinches and sujju says: Arre kya kiya tum dono ne… saas se naak kheech waali…
They laugh and enter the mansion.

Lavanya thinks: Now the final show down.
Ragini is done and she gets happy….
Lavanya: Waah! You are ready but….
Ragini: But what?
Lavanya: But you wont be able to go down and reach there on time.
Ragini: Why?
Lavanya: Because I’m saying!
Ragini: Huh?
Lavanya: Just read this for me….
Gives a paper.
She reads it and gets shocked …
Ragini (stern voice): what’s all this?
Lavanya: This is letter which I will show to the families today
Ragini: What?
Lavanya: Yes… Ragini, you wont marry Laksh today.. I will marry him.
Ragini: Lavanya, stop this rubbish and let me go down… Baarat aa gayi haai.
Lavanya: Itni jaldi bhi kya hai?
Ragini: I said let me go.
Lavanya: I also said. You wont
Ragini steps ahead and Lavanya pushes her back…
Ragini: Lavanya (shouts and moves ahead )
She reaches near the gate when Lavanya hits her back with a vase. Ragini shouts and holds her head…. She turns and Lavanya pushes her towards the bed. Ragini gets hurt by the bed leg.
Lavanya: Sorry Ragini. I never wanted to do thus but what can I also do. I’m helpless…
She turns and gets up.
Ragini: What do you want?
Lavanya: Will you give it to me?
Ragini: Say it clearly.
Lavanya: Laksh. I want Laksh.
Ragini: WhAt???
Lavanya: Shock laga! But this is the truth. I want Laksh.
Ragini: Do you think this will work?
Lavanya: Yes it will…. because you will do this.
Ragini: Really?
Lavanya: Why not? Okay baba wait… (she removes something from a drawer which shocks her.
Lavanya: After this you will agree.
Ragini: Kill me it’s okay..
She takes her hand and aims at her head.
Lavanya: Oh no no no… This won’t be a good end. I want some drama. So let us do one thing. You go and say and you won’t marry Laksh. And ask him to marry me. Hence I’ll get my love and no one will get harmed. Simple. And if you don’t do this then I’m sorry your sweet sister will be snatched from you. And this time forever. ((Winks)
She gets scared and agrees after a lot of thinking
Lavanya: What are you waiting for. Go down… and remember no cleverness. Because this trigger will shoot anytime.
Down stairs the pandit asks to call the brides.
Mishti says: :Ji
She leaves along with Parvati and AP.
Parvati takes Kritika.
Mishti: Swara, come beta.
Swara looks at her and gets teary eyed. She hugs her.
Mishti: Swara, what happened?
Swara: Maa….. I don’t want to leave you and go ….
Mishti: Arre… you only said that you are here and now you are crying. Beta…. every girl needs to go to her in laws. That’s the rule. And you made us strong. Now you are doing this. What will Sanskaar think? That his bold Swara is crying because she is leaving this house. Common Swara. Now don’t cry and give me a bright smile….
Swara: Maa…. then tooo….
She cries
Mishti: Swara, you know what? Bachpan mein, whenever Maa teased Ragini that she will get married one day and leave us Ragini used to reply that she will never leave this house. And see now she is so excited.
AP knocks the door. Ragini says from inside: Maa I’ll come in few minutes. Give me few minutes. I’ll come down.
AP: You need any help? Should I?
Ragini: No no Maa. I’ll come. You leave.
She leaves
Swara: Haan Maa. (Wipes her tears)
Mishti takes her down


Swara: But Maa Ragini.
Mishti: Ap ji is with here. She’ll come.
They both go down.
Adarsh Sanky are lost when they see their girls. Laksh waits for Ragini….

Laksh: Papa, Ragini?
Shekhar: Aati hogi.

Lavanya: Now start.
Ragini cries: Why are you doing this? Please stop ….
Lavanya: I don’t like repeating my words. You do or I’ll do. If you know what I mean ?. Now go…
She keeps the gun on her head. Ragini moves out and sees Swara going down thereby losing her last hope.
Ragini reaches down and everyone is shocked to see her. Her head is bleeding a bit and Laksh runs to her… Akriti gets happy seeing her and thinks that their plan is working.
Laksh: Ragini, what’s all this? This blood this…..
Ragini: Laksh, I can’t marry you.
Laksh: What? What are you saying? Are you fine? Ragini bolo kuch. (Holds her)
Ragini: Hum aapse shaadi nahi kar sakte. You pls marry Lavanya.
All get from the mandap. Swara is about to run to her but….
Laksh: But why?
Lavanya: Because I’m saying….
She comes keeping the pistol on her head shocking everyone
Laksh: Lavanaya? You?
She gives a evil grin and says: Arre I was behind everything that happened. You guess never came to knew about because I kept on hiding myself but today see and showed my real side. So now no more getting shocked and drama. Laksh you heard na what she said.. marry me.
Kritika comes and slaps her …
Kritika: What the hell are you doing? I had warned you not to do anything against them. Then what’s this rubbish. I didn’t tell anything to Sanskaar when you kidnapped Swara but today. You have…
Sanskaar: What?
Kritika: I’m sorry Sanskaar. I didn’t tell you. Lavanya had got her kidnapped because she was insecure about her growing friendship with Laksh.
Sanky gets angry .Swara is shocked.
Kritika: Swara you toh knew all this? You didn’t tell Sanskaar about this.
Swara: No Bhabhi. She never told me.
Kritika: What is she saying Lavanya? You said…
Lavanya: I lied…. happy? And what is the need to say…. she came to knew about this because you said. See. Warna toh isse pata hi nahi tha.
Kritika: Lavanya…..
Laksh understands whatever she means and recalls whatever happened in the past few days.
Laksh: Matlab it was you who did everything
Lavanya nods.
Laksh: I’ll not leave you….
He goes to strangle her but Lavanya takes Ragini at gun point and threatens to kill her. All are shocked and shout!
Laksh steps back and begs for Ragini… She also cries….
Lavanya: No cleverness Mr. Maheshwari. Now if you don’t abide by me then forget about seeing her alive.
Laksh gets worried: What do you want?
Lavanya: You. Marry me…
Laksh: Never
Lavanya: Then forget her…
Laksh: No no no wait wait….
Lavanya: Smart choice.
Mishti: Why are you doing this?? Huh? What wrong have we done? We have given you all love and care which we give to SwaRagini. Then what’s wrong?
Lavanya: I don’t want ur love I want his love. And how much had I tried to stop this wedding but every time these sisters used to make me fail. But today… I’ll not back off. Today I’ll marry him. At any costs. You all just wait and watch.
Laksh: Leave her. I’ll marry you.
Swara is shocked.
Ragini: Laksh don’t marry this girl. She’ll destroy everything. Please. She wants to kill me let her do so but don’t agree to her.
Laksh: Ragini, you are my everything. I can’t let you suffer because of her. Lavanya leave her I’m ready to marry you.
Swara: Laksh what are you doing?
Laksh: I have no other option. Sorry… leave her please.
Lavanya: You think I’m so dumb. This pistol will point at her till our marriage is over. Pandit ji… please start.
Lavanya goes near Laksh and says: This gun shoots automatically if someone tries to be clever.
He understands. The marriage starts.
They exchange garlands. Akriti keeps a watch on everyone. Karan leaves that place and goes to Shekhar. He plans to distract Lavanya and take the gun. Akriti notices this and goes near Laksh Lavanya so as to block them. She signs her and Lavanya gets altered.
Karan comes and stands behind Lavanya. He takes lavanya’s dupatta without letting her notice. Shekhar gets the lighter. He tries to lit it but Lavanya sees it. She gets up and takes Akriti at the gun point (part of their plan)…
All are shocked.
Lavanya: I said no cleverness. Now she’ll die….
Karan: No no no…… (throws the lighter)
Lavanya pushes her and shoots her… the bullet strikes and goes through the skin. She shouts and falls down. Karan runs and holds her. As asks her to wake up but in vain.
Karan: What did you do?
Lavanya: It’s because you started.
Ragini too runs to her. Akriti lies their unconscious.
Shekhar: Beta take her to hospital.
Karan takes her in his arms and leaves.
Laksh: No one will do anything. She has gone mad.
She thinks: Well done partner. Nice acting. No one knows that the bullet was fake.
The Pandit starts again. They get for the pheras. Ragini gets emotional seeing Laksh and so is Laksh. Lavanya aims at Ragini and the pherAs start. Kritarsh SwaSan complete it.
Moh Moh ke dhaage plays….(female)
Lavanya sees Laksh while taking circles. She is happy while others are shocked.
They complete them and the Pandit asks for sindoor. They do amd fill their girls’ maang. Next is mangalautra…
Adarsh Sanskaar Laksh do and the marriage is complete. Thereby making them husband wife. Ragini is shocked and falls down crying. Mishti goes to her….
The couples takes everyone’s blessings. No one accepts Lavanya.

Time for vidaai.
Mishti Shekhar Parvati cry and hug Swara.
Mishti: Take care of yourself amd Sanky. Remember one thing if you are right then fight for it until you die or they.
Shekhar: I’m always with you beta. No matter what happens. I’ll never leave your side.
Parvati: Sanskaar there is no need to tell you but still. Take care of my Shona. And Swara, don’t worry about Ragini. We are here with her.
Swara nods and they head to leave. They bless Kritika Adarsh also. Ragini hugs her and cries badly. Swara control herself and starts to leave. They reach near the door. Swara turns and Ragini hides her face.
She runs and hugs her.
Ragini: You are not alone Swara. Ragini is with you.
Swara: When you are with me then I can do anything. SwaRagini together can achieve goals.
Ragini: and now we both will rectify everything. (Taunts Lavanya)
Swara nods.
SwaRagini plays…..
They leave

Karan takes Akriti to the hospital. He cries while driving. They reach and Karan says while taking her in his arms.
Karan: I’m sorry Akriti. It because of me that she hit you. I’m sorry. I never thought that lavanya can do this for Laksh.
Akriti is in her senses and gets emotional listening to him. She is taken inside and her treatment starts.
The couples reach and AP Sujju welcome their brides by doing aarti.
AP: come inside….
Kritarsh SwaSan take blessings while no one blesses Lavanya

don’t kill me plez! ??
Lavanya Akriti succeeded in their devious plan and separated RagLak. Now what’s stored in for them.

**The cover pic for this chap is my favourite. I really love it and it took me half an hour to make it. So please see it also. ??**

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