Swaragini The Soul Sisters( Chapter 44)


Chapter 44: Wedding Twists
Link: Episode 42

The chandelier falls and Swara is hurt. Ragini unknowingly ignores Laksh which hurts him. Lavanya tries to instigate Laksh against Ragini but fails. Akriti promises to separate RagLak. SwaSan and RagLak conversation

“yes Ragini you are right. Tomorrow his life will change forever”
Thinks Lavanya who is standing behind her and listening to their talks.

Laksh: I’m am… Because it’s my sharing my everything. My room. My cupboard. My bed and mostly importantly on MY heart which cannot beat without you.
Ragini shies..
Laksh waits for a reply. He smiles and says: Achha bas bas… I can understand what are you feeling ??
Ragini: Laksh!! Shut up and bye. Tomorrow is the biggest day of our life.
Laksh: Yes baby…
Ragini: Bye.
Laksh: Bye.

They cut and Ragini goes in.

Swara waits for her..
Swara: Madam, done?
Ragini: Same to you?
Swara: ???
Ragini: Swara….. I can’t even imagine. We are getting married tomorrow.
Swara: Yes Ragini. It stills seems like a dream to me.
Ragini: So Ms. Dreamy girl…. Sleep.. or else if Maa papa comes to know then they’ll scold me.
Swara: Achha? Maza aaega.
Ragini: Achha madam? Maza aaega..

She starts tickling Swara and she laughs hard.. Both enjoy….

// Midnight/ /
All are sleeping peacefully…except Lavanya…
She is sitting on the stairs with dew photographs in her hands… She sees them and cries…

Moh Moh Ke Daage Plays…. (female version)

The photographs are of their college days.. She remembers how they both were selected as the Master and Miss of their college… How Laksh used to hug her whenever she completed her projects and homework. How he used to save her from her seniors and support her. She remembers everything and cries.
Wind blows and photos fly away revealing her real face.
… Lavanya says: Ragini I have no option but to do this. You have to pay for loving my Laksh. I’m sorry. Tomorrow I have to marry Laksh. ….. I can’t see u both together…. I’ll get my life tomorrow.

Next Morning

The brides along with the vamps are in the temple praying. Lavanya assures that he will marry Laksh. Akriti prays for completing her revenge.
Swara Kritika And Akriti are taking circles around the temple. Lavanya goes behind Ragini. She asks Ragini to continue and leaves from there.

They all come out… When Lavanya says: You all go. The Pandit has called Ragini. I’m with her. You all go….
Swara: But why?
Lavanya: I don’t know Swara. I would have said if she informed me.
Swara: Okay…

They leave… Lavanya runs up and says: Ragini, one puja is left.
Ragini: Which?
Lavanya: I met a Pandit down. He said that this Puja is mandatory. Come
Ragini: What abt Swara?
Lavanya: They went because they did the puja.
Ragini: But they didn’t inform me.
Lavanya: Arre baba… Leave all that. Now let’s go and do that pooja. Come.
They go somewhere.
Lavanya thinks: I just need to spend your time so that you reach there late and then I’ll start my plan.
Other’s reach home. They go in their rooms to get ready.

The boys are shown. Sanky in white sherwani. Laksh in dark blue and Adarsh in light blue …they are looking handsome in their attire
Dp: Adarsh Laksh God bless you both.
RP: Sanskaar khush rahna hamesha.
Laksh: Chacha isko khush rakhne waali aa rahi hai…
Sanky: Tu ruk… Ragini ko aane de phir teri pol kholunga
Karan hugs them and says: From monsters to human. ?
SanLak: ? *slow claps*
They laugh.
Sujju: Arre baat karoge ya niche chaloge….
Sujju gets surprised seeing them.
Sujju: Na Sanskaar Laksh Adarsh ekdum raja lag rahe ho. Chalo niche jiji is waiting.
They go down for baarat …. AP Sujju does their aarti and they sit on the horses ?
The baarat leaves…… All dance and proceed… Karan is happily enjoying and dances madly. SanLak laugh seeing him.

Shekhar: Maa they have left from there. Is everyone ready?
Parvati: Sab theek hai par Laado nahi aayi ab tak.
Shekhar: kya? Ragini isn’t here… I’ll call her.
He calls but Ragini doesn’t pick the call…her phone is with Akriti. In morning when they left for temple, Lavanya took her phone so that she can do the rituals properly and gave it to Akriti.
Shekhar: She isn’t picking the phone also. What happened?
Parvati: Shekhar, let’s wait for sometime. She will come.

Akriti puts the dupatta over Kritika’s head and says: Lo! You are ready.
Kritika is shown in orange lehenga with her hair plaited on to one side.
Kritika: But where is Lavanya?
Akriti: She is with Ragini in her room.
Kritika: Can we go and meet her.
Akriti: No no Di…. We have to wait here only…. Aunty said we can’t go out.
Kritika: Okay.

Mishti is with Swara.

Swara: Maa where is Ragini?
Mishti: Beta, she was with you?
Swara: No maa…. She didn’t
Mishti: Matlab voh Abhi tak aayi nahi.
Swara: No
Mishti: What?
Swara: Maa we completed our puja and came but the pandit had called Ragini. I thought she would have came until now.
Miahti: Hey Bhagwaan
Swara: Maa relax…. She might be on her way…
Mishti: Then too beta.
Swara: But ready me first…
Mishti: Haan Haan. ?
She does her dressing and every thing. Swara is also ready…
Red lahenga with a proper marwaari bahu look. ?

Ragini completes the puja and asks about the time.
Lavanya: Oh No Ragini. We are very late. The baarat might have started. Let’s rush…. Common Fast
Ragini: Give my phone I’ll inform Maa…that we have left.
Lavanya: I don’t have ur phone.
Ragini: I gave it you in the morning
Lavanya: I don’t remember.now let’s leave or else we will reach after the baarat comes.
They leave reach the Gadodia Mansion. They enter from the back gate…. Lavanya asks her to go ahead and she will come in a while. Ragini hides and reaches her room. She gets relieved as no one saw her. Lavanya is going to Ragini s room when she collides when Mishti. She is shocked.
Mishti: Lavanya, where is Ragini.
Lavanya: She is in her room. I know we are late and hence she decided to come from the back gate.
Mishti: Room mein? Beta see the time…. Anyways I’ll go and help her in dressing up.
She comes in front of her and says: No no aunty. I’ll go and do it. You go down and welcome the baarat. I’ll do it
Mishti leaves. Lavanya goes into Ragini’s room. She sees Ragini getting ready… Ragini looks at her from the mirror and smiles. She too smiles and turns to shut the door thinking: Game Over! This is your end!

Next Part: Lavanya shows her true colours to Ragini.. She gets shocked! Later Laksh gets married and Ragini falls down crying.

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