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Promo 2 : Sangeet
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Badh raha hai Lavnaya ka junoon Laksh ko paane ke liye…
//She is shown mixing chemical in the haldi…//
Aur ab Akriti ka hai saath
Kya hoga Ragini Laksh ke saath inke badle ke baad!
// A happy RagLak is shown on one side with the vamps on the other side//

Yet another promo…
There was one vamp but now the negativity has increased WITH Akriti’s support.
What is the fate of RagLak? What will happen to them? Keep guessing.

Chapter 42
Next Morning
Everyone is moving from one room to another. There’s a hubbub in the house.
Akriti thinks of ending Ragini’s chapter but Lavanya reminds her of their plan.
Lavanya; don’t forget what we had planned. The Maheshwari’s will taunt her once they come to know about her mehendi. . Don’t worry. We will do everything. Slowly but surely
Akriti nods and Lavanya calls someone.
Lavanya: I’m sending you a photo. And you know what u need to do.
Akriti: whom did u call?
La55: You’ll get to know about it. Wait for the sangeet.

Sujju: Arre what are you doing? Keep this there and this. And not these flowers… use these…
Sujju roams in entire house correcting everyone and everything.
AP: Arre sujata aaram se. Come… sit here
SanLak is watching this and smile.
Laksh: I never imagined that chachi will be so happy
Sanky: Why?

Laksh: After uttara she lost her smile. Her charm. That childishness she had. Everything went… But now i think I’m wrong. I got my chachi back. That original chachi.
Sanky: Haan Laksh. You are right. I have felt the same. You have being more close to her than me. And after that incident how had u controlled her is totally unimaginable. Bringing that smile back was difficult. But you did it. You got my mother back . Thanks bhai
Laksh: Pagal hai kya… Bhai ko koi thanks bolta hai… pagal… (hugs him)
Sanky ?
Laksh: Chal chod. Let’s get ready. Our princesses are waiting for us…
They laugh and go…

Boys are shown.
Sanky Lucky in sherwani’s look completely awesome. And here and the girls are getting ready.
SwaRagini are together helping each other .
Swara: Ragini sit properly na. Then don’t blame me. I’ll fix ur dupatta.
She pins it up.
Swara: Yeh lo. Done. So now Ragini Is ready.
Ragini: Now my turn
Swara: Yeah
Ragini: I’ll start with ur hair…
Swara: Okay. But make it properly
Ragini: Haan meri maa.

She does her hair and Swara says: Not Bad!
Ragini: I’m expert in all this okay!?
SwAra: achha now don’t flaunt.
Ragini: I will.
Swara: ?
Both laugh and hug each other
Mishti comes and says: Are my daughters ready?
SwaRagini: Yes Maa….

Mishti: ?? Beautiful.
Swara: Credits to Ragini
Ragini: Credits to Swara… ??
Mishti: Now let’s go down. They might reach here anytime.
Swara Ragini: Yes maa…

They leave…
Lavanya Akriti see this when Lavanya says: Let them enjoy. At the end there will be a dhamaka todayy
Akriti: Yes….
Lavanya: I’m just waiting for them to come and see Ragini’s mehendi.
Akriti: What if they don’t?
Lavanya:Hum hai na…
Akriti: Correct!!

Maheshwari’s come…. All are surprised to see the grooms and so are they after seeing the brides…
They meet and take blessings……
Parvati: Jo bhi bolo aaj toh Adarsh aur Kritika hi sabse achhe lag rahe haiii…
All laugh… Adarsh takes Aryan and starts playing with him. SwaSan and RagLak sit on the chair and sangeet starts….
Lavanya: People! Over here. Today is the sangeet ceremony…. Sangeet means dance music party shaartyy etc… But before that starts there’s one surprise for the grooms….
All think and Lavanya says: Any guesses? Okay I’ll say… So the surprise is with their girls! Nahi samjhe!? Arre yrr see their hands! The mehendi is the surprise….. So what you people have to do is try to search ur name on their hands! Go gjrls. Start …
Ragini gets tensed and Lavanya smirks. Swara Kritika and Mishti are Shocked.
Mishti tries covering up but Lavanya traps them badly. She forces Ragini to show her hands… Swara and Kritka do.. and Ragini is reluctant. She does at the end.
Sanky and Adarsh find their names and everyone clap…The ladies see Ragini’s hand and talk about the spoiled part. AP and Sujju are surprised. Laksh is a bit disappointed…
AP: Ragini what happened beta? Ur hands?
Ragini: Maa voh…

She tells everything.
Lady: Wow! This girl cannot walk properly but she is ready to handle a house there…. waah!!
Swara gets angry and stands to say but Mishti stops her….
Laksh: Please stop it! And what are u saying? There’s no connection between the things you said… and humans only commit mistakes. So please rather than commenting on this you please mind ur own business. Thank You for coming.

Lady: AP ji what’s this? Your son is insulting us and u are standing here and not saying this?
AP: I will say something only if Laksh is wrong. What wrong did he say? Anyone can slip if water is on the floor. I know Ragini didn’t do this intentionally. This is just a small incident and you are increasing it. As I said before Laksh is right hence I am supporting him.
Laksh: Heard? Happy? Now please stay here only if you don’t wanna taunt anymore or else please…… There’s the exit.. (points at the door)
They feel ashamed and apologizes….

Ragini looks at him lovingly and says: Laksh, I’m sorry it’s because of me that………..
Laksh: Shhh! Chup. There is no fault of yours now just smile… and when my name is on ur heart then I don’t care if it’s on ur hands or not…
Sanky: aaram se Laksh. Aas paas dekh toh le kaun kaun haii…
They laugh. Lavanya geta angry seeing Laksh’s love for her. She the same person and asks about him… She cuts the call and says: Some more enjoyment then the dhamaka will happen.

Lavanya: After this, let’s start with the dances… ?
Everyone claps….
It’s starts with Karan dancing on Dilliwaali Girlfriend….
He teases Akriti and Ragini pushes her on their dance floor. Akriti dances with him and forgets everything. All her revenge, anger and is lost in karan…
Ishq waala love playss…. then dance passionately…..
Music stops but they are lost in to each other…. Suddenly she realises their differences and goes from their and runs into the kitchen….

Next is Kritarsh (Kritika Adarsh)…. they dance on banjaara (ek villain)
SwaSan and RagLak come… and dance on Meherbaan (bang bang)
Mishti Parvati Shekhar take their daughter’s and dance on Maahi Ve. They get emotional and Mishti cries…
Chanda meri chanda tujhe kaise mein yeh samjhau
Mujhe lagti hai tu kitni pyaari re…
Khushiyaan jitni hai sab doodh doodh ke laau…
Teri jholi ke sang kar doon saari re….

SanLak Karan Adarsh come…

Hoyee !!Tujhe aaye sajh ke
Mehendi rach ke chal bas ke o soniye
Dil kitno ka hayee rach ke tu soniye

They dance and enjoy themselves…
Next is the surprise performance by the vamps….
Lavanya starts with ……
Kaisi pahli hai yeh kaisi pahle zindagaani…
Akriti joins her ….. They both end with dancing on Muskaan jhoothi hai….
The vamps are indicating their negativity through the performance but no one gets it…

Laksh takes Swara, Sanky takes Ragini and karan takes Kritika…
They dance on mere brother ki dulhan… ??? Adarsh joins them later…

Lavanya: Ohh wow!! What performances we had!! Amazing…but there’s something missing.. The solo dances…. So now RagLak SwaSan and Kritarsh be ready!
SwaSan on Sab Tera

Kritarsh on Sanam re..
Someone enters the house while they are dancing… Lavanya sees him and signs him to go upstairs… the person leaves….. No one notices this.
Lavanya messages him
// Start when I say //

Lavanya: Ab shuru hoga alsi game
Akriti goes on the floor and says: Now, our last performance for the day…. After SwaSan and Kritarsh it’s the time for RagLak…. Comee guys!!

Zehnaseeb playss….
They dance and Lavanya messages that Person
// Start now //
That man (a hired goon) removes a knife and starts cutting the rope of the chandelier so that it falls down..
Akriti is unaware of her plan and she asks: Lavanya now say. What’s the plan?
She smiles and points at the chandelier…. It shakes because he is cutting the rope….
All are enjoying RagLak ‘s performance and no one notices this…

Kritika coughs and Swara goes to get water…. Two girls (one of the guests) are taking a selfie and ask Swara to come… she tilts her head and is shocked to see the chandelier shaking…. She turns and sees up…. It shakes more.. Swara gets scared and shouts: Sanskaar!!

Sanky looks at her and she points up… They both understand the situation and run towards RagLak….
** Thaadd ***?
What next? Who was hit? Did SwaSan save RagLak or Lavanya’s plan was successful.

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Promo + Chapter
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