Swaragini The Soul Sisters( Chapter 41)


Chapter 41
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Lavanya comes to know that Akriti is Urvashi’s daughter. She thinks of getting her support back like this. They meet Urvashi and Akriti becomes the villain again. They start making plans to separate RagLak out of which one succeeds.
Ragini’s hands touch the floor due to which her mehendi is spoiled. Swara gets to know about this and thinks of rescuing her.
Parvati: Mishti where is Ragini? Abhi tak aayi nahi.
Mishti: Maa she will come. Akriti is with her.
She smiles and they continue with introducing the guests to each other.
Ragini comes down. Swara sees her and goes to her. Ragini is sad and hides her hands.
Swara: Ragini what happened? Why so sad? See everything is according to what you said.
She is still silent.
Swara: Ragini??? Show ur mehendi. Why are you hiding ur hands?
Ragini resists but Swara sees her hands and understands everything
Swara: How did this happen?
She says everything .
Swara: But what will you do now.
Ragini: I don’t know. We can’t correct it. My hands are dry.
Swara: let this function get over. Then we will think. Because if say this now Maa will scold you.
Ragini: Okay.
Swara: Now you go up. I’ll handle here
She goes.
Mishti sees her.
Mishti: Arre Ragini….
Swara stops her and says: Maa, she is going up. She came to me. Her head is paining. I sent her up to rest. Okay na?
Mishti: okay.
She goes. While Swara thinks how to save Ragini.

Swara is with Ragini. They both think of some way to save Ragini. Kritika comes. She sees her hands and understands Everything.
Kritika: Toh yeh baat hai.
Swara Ragini are surprised to see her and Ragini hides her hands.
Kritika: Ragini don’t worry. I’ll help you.
She goes out and comes with a cone. She goes to her and starts correcting the spoiled part on her hands. Ragini gets happy and Swara smiles
Swara: Waah! Our bhabhi is so talented.
Kritika: Bhabhi?
Swara: Obviously. How can we call you didi after marriage?
Kritika: Why can’t you?
Ragini: Because if we do so then Adarsh bhaiya and you will be siblings. ??
Kritika: Arre !! I never thought that. Don’t call me didi thennnn…..
They laugh loud. Mishti enters the room.
Mishti: What happened? You girls are enjoying your last few days of being single?
She sees Kritika having the cone in her hand and applying it to Ragini. She is shocked and so are others. .
Mishti: Ragini, what is this?
Lavanya Akriti also come by then. They see the scenario and get happy
Ragini: Maa voh….
Mishti: How careless you are Ragini. What has happened to you? Haa?? How can you spoil ur own Mehndi. And Kritika you? She is kid but you? You know na that once the function is done the brides cannot have their mehendi applied again. How can you do this mistake?
Ragini: Maa don’t scold bhabhi. There’s no fault of her. It’s my mistake. I was walking without seeing and this happened.
Mishti: Ragini, I really don’t know what has happened to you. You were never like this. Beta please take care. First your earring and now this. Please beta please. Be careful.
Swara: Arre Maa our Ragini is very careful. Sometimes this happens but it’s okay na….. She is the bride after all. Don’t scold her. You don’t look nice while shouting. My Maa is the best with this smile….
She smiles
Ragini: I’m sorry Maa. I really don’t know how water came on the floor or else I would have watched out.
Mishti: It’s okay beta… Now don’t cry…
She runs and hugs her… Swara too goes. …
SwaRagini plays……

Mishti: Achha now sleep… Tomorrow is your sangeet. Go sleep.
Ragini: Okay Maa….
They leave. Ragini sleeps… Lavanya Akriti are angry still they leave.
Swara is in her room. She is thinking about the inspector’s words.
Swara: Who went to meet Urvashi? If not Akriti then whom? Whoever it may be, it’s not good for us. Urvashi is our bad past. This is not good for us. I think whatever is happening is because of her. But…. but Why I’m feeling so insecure when she is in jail. I guess I’m thinking too much. She is in jail. Then what’s wrong… Swara you are thinking too much ….. Now sleep.
She too dozes off!
Finally I’m back in action. I recovered a few days back amd hence from today onwards the story will be updated.
I have planned something. I know you guys also wait for the updates. Sometimes I mention the day of the next update while sometimes I forget. So I have made a plan. I’ll update on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Simple.
The vamps succeeded once again. Swara comes to know about Ragini’s mehendi. What will she do now? What will the Maheshwari’s do when they come to know about this? How will Laksh react?

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