Swaragini The Soul Sisters( Chapter 40)


I was so overwhelmed after reading the comments. Everyone wanted Lavanya’s truth but I’m sorry there is some another revelation which will leave you guys shocked. Keep reading !!
Chapter 40
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Lavanya takes Akriti in the store room.
Lavanya: So this is the truth behind your family? Why didn’t you say me once? When did this come in between us? Akriti we never hid any thing from each other then why you did this?
Akriti is clueless. Lavanya shows the photo.
Akriti: No Lavanya dont see it. .
Akriti tries to stop her but Lavanya sees the photo. She is shocked.
Lavanya: this is your real identity Ms. Akriti Khanna daughter of Mrs. Urvashi khanna.
She is taken back.
Akriti: How do you know my mom?
Lavanya: Don’t ask me. Ask this questions to the GADODIA’S.
Akriti: What?
Lavanya: You won’t believe me. So answer me this simple question. Where is your mom?
Akriti(stammers): Jail…
Lavanya: and do you know the reason?
Akriti: no
Lavanya: I’ll tell you.
Akriti: What?

Lavanya: Your mom is there because of these people . ……… Because of these Gadodia’s your mom is in jail
Akriti: What non sense!
Lavanya: I know you won’t believe me. That’s why I’ll tell you the entire story
She narrates everything to her right from her meet with Ragini in the hospital to their efforts to find urvashi.
Akriti is motionless. She is just standing there like a lifeless body with blood coming into her eyes.
Akriti: IS this the truth?
Lavanya: Yes Akriti. I swear on Di!
Akriti: Then these people are dead. I won’t leave anyone. Not even a single person
Lavanya smirks and says: But you were saving Ragini.
Akriti: Okay I helped but not now. (Teary eyed) Lavanya please come with me to meet mom. I’m missing her. Please
Lavanya: Of course. I’m with you.
They both go out and leave from the back gate
SwaSan are in hall.
Dp: Shekhar Ji, I think we must go by the doctor. Marriage can wait but health won’t. Whatever happened cannot be changed. Ragini is my daughter too. I can understand your pain. We can’t keep her health at stake and let the marriage happen. I have decided, this marriage will happen only when Ragini is completely alright. Is everything okay with this?
Dp looks at everyone and sees SwaSan standing.
Dp: You both don’t worry. You’ll get married day after tomorrow.
Swara: No bade papa how can we do this? My sister is on the bed and you expect me to get married? We are sisters. We are Swaragini. We are one. How can I do it??? No bade papa. I’ll marry tHe day Ragini does. Not before that.
SwaRagini plays……
Dp: Okay beta. As you both wish.

Lavanya Akriti reach the jail and ask to meet Urvashi. The inspector directs them. Urvashi is shown in a white sari. Her face is dull but when Akriti calls her: Mom…. a bright smiles comes. Her eyes glow like bulbs…. She runs towards the gate and cries….
Urvashi: Akritii….. how are you beta? And suddenly here? Who is she ?
Akriti: Mom so many questions? This smile on this beautiful face is enough for me..
Urvashi: Beta who is she?
Akriti: Mom she is Lavanya. My friend.
Urvashi: Hmm… Akriti I missed you so much these days. Where were you till now?
Akriti: I was here only. The fact is that I was disillusioned till now.
Urvashi: What are you saying?
Akriti: Mom I am with those people who are the cause of our sadness.
Urvashi: ???
Akriti: The Gadodia’s.
Urvashi: What??? ???
Akriti: Yes Mom.
She tells everything.
Urvashi: Don’t leave anyone. No one… everyone person must be punished.
Akriti: Mom you don’t worry. Till now being with was my mistake. But now I’ll rectify everything. I won’t leave anyone. They will cry more than you maasi and naani did. This family killed my maasi…. they snatched her from us. My naani lost her young daughters… one was dead aNd Other Was a lifeless body. I won’t spare anyone. Be it Swara or Ragini. I won’t leave them. This family will pay for it’s deeds.

Urvashi: Target that sharmishtha first… target her.. I’ll say kill her. Ya ya best option is just kill her. Because of her Shekhar left my jiji. If she wasn’t there then Shekhar would have married my jiji. Kill her Akriti.
Akriti: No mom. We won’t. We will torture her family. Let her suffer for her decision to marry Shekhar. Nothing will be more painful to her than her daughter’s tears’ . The tears which they gave to you and naani. Then she will understand how painful was naani’s life.
Urvashi: Yes yess beta.. this is the best way to take our revenge.
Akriti: Yes mom. Ahh now think what will be their condition. From one side Lavanya will bring havoc and from other side my anger. They are dead.
Urvashi thinks something and says: No no no… Akriti don’t do anything by yourself. It will be dangerous. You both do it together. Always remember the world can turn their heads before you if you both are together. There’s no strength in this world which can break your unity. All you need to do this is just focus on ur aim. Which is to separate RagLak…… Akriti the day this happens our revenge will be taken.
Both nod.
Lavanya: But from we have to be very careful because whatever we will do will be under Swara’s nose. She is no less than detective.
Akriti: Yes…
Urvashi blesses them and they leave….

SwaSan again go up… swara cries. Sanky takes Swara to his side and hugs her….
Sanky: It’s okay Swara. Be strong. Ragini is fine.
Swara: Yes yess Sanskaar
They both go in.
Swara: Ragini papa…. papa has decided that…..
Ragini: What swara?
Swara: Papa has decided that we will get married when you are alright. Once your health is perfect our preparations will start again.
Ragini: What??? What are you saying?
Swara: It’s bade papa’s decision.
Ragini: No Swara this can t happen. I can’t let this happen…
She gets up and starts going outside. SwaSanLak go behind her. She goes down and
Ragini: Papa…

Elders see her and ask about her health.
Ragini: papa you are postponing our marriages because of me. (He nods) Why papa? Why? How can you do this? Papa it’s nt the matter of marriage. It’s about them too. Swara Sanskaar, Adarsh bhaiya , Bhabhi. And why just because I’m not fine. Papa I’m okay. Look at me. I’m talking with you all. I walked and came down. And if you all are happy then I will recover soon. Don’t stop our marriages please. Please papa please
AP: Okay baba we won’t. But if you want us to be happy then go and rest now. Go.
AP takes her up.
Dp: Now we must leave… Ragini will recover soon. Laksh chalo beta.
Laksh: No papa I’ll stay here with Ragini.
Swara: Laksh don’t worry we all are here. Nothing will happen to her. You go. With them.
Laksh: But swara…..
Swara: Laksh… go…
He nods.

Sanky: Apna dhyaan rakhna aur Ragini ka bhi. (Take care of yourself and of Ragini too.
Swara: Yes Sanskaar you too take care of Laksh.
They leave.
**Ragini’s room**

Swara is sitting beside Ragini when her phone rings… She goes near the window.
Swara: Hello…
Person: Hello is this Swara Gadodia?
Swara: Yes
Person: Mam I’m Inspector Singh from ABC POLICE station.
Swara: Yes Inspector.
Inspector: Mam, half an hour ago two girls came to meet Urvashi.
Swara: What?
Inspector: Yes Mam. They left few minutes ago. Urvashi is a very dangerous criminal so I thought to inform you
Swara: Thanks Inspector. But who were tHey? You know their names?
Inspector: No I couldn’t take their names but yes one of them was in a pink colour dress.
Just then she sees Akriti coming. She thinks: Akriti? She is also in pink dress. Kahi yeh toh nahi… No no why will she go to meet to that lady…
Inspector: Swara Ji are you there?
Swara: Ahh yes yes… thanks inspector. Keep me updated in future too.
Inspector: Sure

They cut the call.
Swara keeps on thinking about his words and decides to talk with Akriti about this.

Akriti enters her room and freshens up. She turns ans sees Swara standing behind her.
Akriti: Swara? You here? You scared me.
Swara: Why? I’m a ghost?
Akriti: No but you came suddenly.
Swara: Where were you?
Akriti: I was outisde.
Swara: Outisde where? …… …….. . .. . . . . . . .. Police Station?
Akriti is shocked. She thinks: How does she know?
Swara: Sayy
Akriti: No Swara. Police Station and me? Why will I go there
Swara: Akriti, don’t lie. I know very well where you were. I just got a call from the inspector. He said two girls came to meet Urvashi and one of them was in a pink dress. And you are also in pink.

Akriti: Wow swara. Tha means if tomorrow I wear some other dress and again you get a call from the inspector that means you will accuse me.
Swara: I never said that.
Akriti: You meant it though
Swara: The say where you were.
Akriti: Swaraa… why do you doubt so much…..
Swara: If you aren’t wrong then say na where were you.
Akriti: Okay. Listen. I was with Lavanya at her friend’s showroom to buy a dress for your sangeet. IT’s day after tomorrow right? I don’t have any dress. That’s why we went there .
Swara: But how do you know that the sangeet is day after tomorrow. The marriage was postpone.
Akriti(thinks): Shit
Lavanya comes to her rescue.
Lavanya: Karan called us and he informed us that the marriage is not postponed.
Akriti: Now are you happy? See we have the bags too. Check them if you still don’t believe us.
Swara: Sorry for doubting u.
She leaves. Both are relived.
Lavanya: I said na we have to be very careful.
Akriti: Yes. Today we were saved. But how do you know that the marriage is not postponed.
Lavanya: Before coming up I asked one of the maid about whatever happened here.
Akriti: Ohkay.

Lavanya: We couldn’t postpone the marriage. Damn!
Akriti: We couldn’t but we will do it soon.
Lavanya: Yes…
Akriti: Arre what’s in these bags.
Lavanya: Only waste papers
They both smirk and leave……
Ragini wakes up and sees Mishti sitting near her.
Ragini: Maa….. see I’m alright. My body is back to normal and every mark is gone. See…
Mishti: YES beta.
Ragini: Maa then please start with the mehendi. Please .
Mishti: You need to rest…
Ragini: Pleaseeee……. ?
Mishti: Okay beta.

She jumps from the bed and starts dancing. Swara enters the room and is surprised to see her. Ragini pulls Swara and dances with her… Mishti laughs
Swara: Arre Ragini what happened?
Ragini: It’s our mehendi now.
Swara: What? But you.
Ragini: I’m fine yr.. finally our mehendi will start…. yayayy
Swara: Yes…
Mishti: you both get ready quickly. I’ll inform maa.
Mishti leaves and so does swara. Lavanya and Akriti come to know about this and they get frustrated.
Lavanya: Now. Ab kya kare.
Akriti: Lavanya Laksh trusts Ragini like anything. Separating them like this won’t be easy. We need to plan something which will make Laksh lose Ragini’s trust.
Lavanya: Yes. You are right. This chemical adding, earing and all won’t help. I need to do something which will cause hatred between these two.
Akriti: hmm… What can we do today?
They keep buzzing their heads with ideas when Lavanya comes with a other plan.
Lavanya: today is mehendi. This function means that groom’s name will be written on their hands. What if we don’t let them write Laksh’s name on Ragini’s hand.
Akriti: Say clearly.
Lavanya says her something and Akriti shows a thumbs up.
They both go down.

The brides are ready. Each of them is styled differently. Mishti Parvati Shekhar are greeting their guests. Aryan is with the brides. Swara Ragini play with him.
Now the devils enter. Mishti asks the ladies to start the function and to start applying mehendi.
They start.
Lady: What names do we need to write?
Mishti: Adarsh (points at Kritika)
Parvati: Sanskaar (points at Swara)
Shekhar: Laksh (points at Ragini)
All laugh and the ceremony starts.
While everyone is busy Lavanya signs Akriti. She goes up and spills water outside Swara’s room. She comes and nods.
They both play music and start dancing.
Mehendi hai rahne waali plays….
The dance and get Parvati Mishti too… All four dance when Paravti gets the brides. They reluctantly come.
While dancing Akriti pushes Ragini towards Shekhar the juice in his hands falls and spoils her dress. All are shocked.
Shekhar: Ragini beta aaram se… see ur dress is spoiled
Ragini: Sorry papa. My leg twisted.
Shekhar: Go up and change. Akriti please go with her .
Akriti: Sure uncle.
She takes her up.
Shekhar: Are why did you stop? Continue please …..

Akriti Ragini are going towards her room. Akriti sees the water and waits for her to walk over her. She stops and Ragini continues waking. She steps on the water and slips…
Lavanya sees this and increases the volume of the music so that no one listens to her scream.
Ragini shouts and her hands the floor. Akriti smiles. She waits for few seconds and then runs to her.
Akriti: Ragini! Stand…..
She sees that the RagLak from her hand is spoilt. Ragini gets up and sees her hands. She gets sad and says: My hands … The RagLak is gone.
Akriti (thinks): Abhi toh sirf haath se gaya hai. Dheere dheere tumhaari kismat se bhi chala jaaega
Ragini gets teary eyed.
Akriti: Oh no Ragini…. Now what to do….
She is silent.

Akriti: Come first change ur dress then we will think about this.
They go in her room.
Lavanya is happy when she sees Ragini falling.
(Thinks): This has just started Ragini.
I’m down with dengue. ?? It’s really depressing to be on the bed 24 * 7…
So this was their plan. How will the Gadodia’s react after they come to know about this? What will Laksh think? Will he get trapped in Lavanya’s plan of tarnishing Ragini ‘s image or will support her as always… ❤❤ keep thinking!!

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