Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 4 (Daadi’s Big Step)


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Precap: Shona cries for being alone .Boy collides against ShoRa .They fight and Parvati witnessing all this.
Ragu reaches home and enters her room. She was about to study when suddenly Parvati comes an holds her hand preventing her to take her book out.
Ragu: “DaadiMaa”!
Parvati:”Chal maare saath”
She takes Ragu & her bag along with her..
She was furious at her hence she held her hand so tightly that Ragu began to cry . She pleaded to leave her hand but in vain..
Parvati was fuming with anger. She reached the hall where Mishti & Shekhar were present. She threw Ragu towards them. Both were shocked.
Shekhar(catching Ragu when she threw her) : “Maa….Kya hua Maa …Aree Ragini beta …Ragini beta sambhal ke………..Kya hua Maa….!”
Mishti (going near Shekhar so as to help Ragu):” Yes Maa what happened. Why are you behaving like this”
Parvati(addressing both of them):”Ask your daughter . What did she so today”
Shekhar & Mishti looked towards Ragu and she remembers her meet with Shona. She was about to confess when
“Leave it . I’ll ask what happened or else she’ll cook up a story” said Parvati interrupting Ragu
She narrated everything .They both were surprised . There were not against ShoRa. Shekhar always stood for Ragu when Parvati went against them. Mishti ,too, being a mother supported Ragu and felt for Shona.
Shekhar:”Arre Maa. What happened .It’s just a petty thing and you are making an issue out of it .Ragini and Shona are best friends .You also know that since childhood they both are together .When you couldn’t separate them when they were kids then separating them now when they are grown-ups would be a waste of time for you. They are in the same college .How do expect them to live without each other.”
**Shekhar said this because he knew what did Shona meant for Ragini. He knew abt Shona being an orphan. He loved Shona also a lot. Whenever they met(ShoRa & Shekhar) he would feel some connection pulling him closer towards her. Thus ,he said all this**
Mishti:”Yes maa . Shekhar is correct. Separating ShoRa would kill them. They can’t live without each other. They aren’t best friends they have something more than that.”
**Mishti never met Shona .But whenever Parvati scolded Ragu for Meeting Shona ,she stood up for her.Being a mother she could feel for Shona as she didn’t have a mother to wipe her tears, to hug her when she felt lonely. She didn’t have a father who would help her in her difficult times. She didn’t have a family to play with ,to stay with. She didn’t have a sibling to hang around with it. Whenever this SIBLING word came ,Mishti gets lost somewhere .In her own world**
Parvati:”You both are telling me ? And Mishti you…..? How can you support Ragini .Yesterday I had warned her in front of you .And now you are taking her side”
Mishti:”Maa,I’m not taking anyone’s side. I am just telling that ……………………………………………”
Parvati:” Yesterday I told you that if you hang around with that Bangaalan Then your college will stop. You went against me so I’ll do want I said. Tomorrow itself I’ll get your name out of the college . From tomorrow your college ,friends ,phone , studies everything ……………..bandh…… No college nothing..”
Everyone was shocked.
Parvati goes into the kitchen and get petrol and a match box . After emptying the contents of her bag she lit them .Soon, the books were into flames ….and some started to turn into ash.
Shocked Ragini went near the burning books and tried putting off the fire all by herself.
Parvati left that place saying:”Now stay at home and wait for your ENGAGEMENT . I’ll get you engaged soon .My decision is final”
Shekhar went behind her. Engagement was not at all acceptable to him.
Mishti saw a distraught Ragini but she went behind Shekhar as she wanted to answer Parvati in her own style.
Outside Ragu was Trying to put off the fire . She was continuously trying to get hold of a book which had a picture of ShoRa.
Finally she got that pic which was half burnt ..Swara’s face was burnt. Ragini shouted”SWARAAA”
In that process she burnt her hand …
There Swara who was cooking is unware that Ragu’s dupatta had caught fire.
She turned back and saw the dupatta into flames. She was shocked. Unknowingly ,she said “RAGINIII”
She was trying to put off the fire when her hand also gets burnt .
**Both Shona & Ragu Cry after seeing the belongings half burnt. Suddenly both of them feel as if someone has called them whole heartedly. Someone too near to them is in trouble and is calling them.Both felt an ache in their hearts**
There inside Daadi’s room:
Shekhar: Maa!What are you doing? We know Ragini went against you but she is small ,she not big enough to understand all this…
Parvati:”I’m not doing anything wrong . I know better than you what is good for my Laado . No college ,studies……nothing ,I’ll get her engaged soon. Bas …..That’s it . Now no more discussions”.
Mishti:”Maa,We know you don’t Bengaalis but Maa before marriage I was also a Bengali .So why don’t you hate me??”
Parvati:”Mishti ,are you mad .Comparing Swara with you. You are as pure as Gangaa .You are my Shekhar’s Mishti . You are my bahu . The shaan of this house . Why will I hate you .You gave up everything for my Shekhar . But that Swara…Because of her my Laado is ruined .She is going against me . Disobeying her DaadiMaa.She is poisoning my Laado’s mind against us .She is doing this because Laado has a good name , good fame . Laado has a well – respected family .She is jealous . She wants that Ragini………………”
Mishti:”Maaaaaaa…..! (cuts Parvati) Stop it .Please stop. Can’t you feel for Swara What’s her mistake …? Being a bengali or being a good human being?? Can’t you see the pain in Ragini’s eyes for Swara. Can’t you see that for Swara Laado went against us . You think there must be something in her due to which Laado did this……”
Paravati:”I’m saying this only . This Bangaalan has got some powers. She is doing some black magic on my Laado .She is snatching my Laado…….”
“Aisa kuch nahi hai Maa…” interrupted Shekhar.
Parvati:”why can’t you see ..That girl is not good for our Laado. And how can she be good ?? Anaath(Orphan) jo hai..Maa-Baap hote toh shaayad akal hoti…….”
Mishti:”Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………..(she just shouted) Bas MAA please stop it…She is a orphan and you are mocking it …Are you okay?? A girl who doesn’t have a family deserves your sympathy and your baseless taunts..She is all slone.She has no one except Ragini.Ragini is her life .She loves her more than anyone………..
……………… Maa. How can YOU be so heart hearted .After all you are also a mother . You are Shekhar’s mother .Can’t you feel the same for Swara which you feel for Shekhar. Just once , for a moment forget that she is a Bengali and see the goodness she has …… Just Maa ,for once . For my sake ,for Shekhar’s sake ,for Laado’s sake……….. can’t we support Ragini, can’t we help Swara, can’t we reduce her loneliness…. ”
Saying this she bursted into tears..
Both were shocked to see Mishti’s transformation from being Mrs.Gadodia to being a mother and the back to Mrs.Gadodia….
After some moments of silence …….Mishti controlled herself ..wiped off her tears and went near Parvati..
Parvati:”This is not possible .Maare jeete –ji toh yeh nahi ho sakta(till I’m alive I’ll not let this happen)’
Shekhar-Mishti were shocked at her hard-heartedness..
Parvati:”I bet you .I’ll get Ragini engaged in 15 days..start the preparations.”
Mishti:”Are you challenging me?”
Parvati:”Yes. You don’t know what can I do .You haven’t seen my courage…”
Mishti:”Ya .Maybe I haven’t seen your courage.Okay Maa .Let me ask you something ..”
Mishti:”Do you have the courage to tell Ragini that she is not our single child .Do you have the courage to tell her that she has a sibling. That she had a sister………….Do you have the courage to tell Ragini that what had happened on 2nd September……….. Do YOU??”
Next Part: Mishti’s Revelations
Thank You all for your support . And i’m very sorry about the previous chapter . I had numbered it as CHAPTER 3 but it was published as CHAPTER 2 .Sorry 🙂
Suspense revealed…
Yeah Mishti had given birth to 2 children…But why is she asking Parvati to tell this to Ragini. Is ragini unware about it?? What happened on 2nd September???
Keep guessing..

Credit to: Hetvi(Shreya)

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