Swaragini The Soul Sisters( Chapter 39)


Chapter 39: Haldi Mehndi
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The couples are engaged. Few ladies taunt Kritika as she has a kid before marriage. Adrash gets furious and supports her. He accepts Aryan and promises to be with her. Laksh calls Ragini but she says that she is sleepy and not at all in a position to talk. Laksh says he has a gift for her and asks her to turn.

Ragini turns and says: Wwhat? There’s nothing….
Laksh: You will see only when you turn
Ragini: I did.
Laksh: Achha…. (thinks): then I’m in whose room…..

The bathroom door opens and swara comes out….. he sees someone standing and questions…. The person turns and they both shout.
The phone falls and the call disconnects….
Swara: Laksh?
Laksh: Swara?

Instead of going in Ragini’s room he entered swara’s… His expression makes her laugh hard. ?
Laksh: Wow. You are laughing?
Swara: Teri harkat bhi vaisi hai….
Laksh: I thought this is Ragini’s room.
Swara laughs again..

Swara: From next time, enter someone’s room only if you are sure that it’s Ragini’s room. ??
Laksh: Stop joking and tell me where is Ragini.
Swara: You still want to meet her?
Laksh: You think I will go without meeting her?
Swara: Ummm… No…
Laksh: So tell!
Swara: last room on this floor.
Laksh turns to leaves but turns again and says: By the way from when did this separate room system start?
Swara: (laughs) From yesterday.
Laksh: Hmm…
Swara: Any further questions?
Laksh: No! Bye. ?
Swara: Bye jijaji……
Laksh: Seriously?
Swara: Of course. You will be my jiju after marriage.
Laksh: Haha very funny.
Swara: Then laugh .
He gives a sarcastic laugh.
Laksh: Happy?
Swara: Yess. Now go.
He goes and is shocked to Shekhar coming up… Shekhar notices someone and comes in that direction. Laksh runs and enters her room again.
Swara: What happened jiju? You came back early?
Laksh: Mein nahi mere sasur aa gaye! (My father in law came)
Swara: Huh?
Laksh: Arre pagli papa aa gaye….
Swara: Oh shittt…. go from here. Go…
Laksh: I don’t know how to go.
Swara: How did you came?
Laksh: Pipe.
Swara: then go from there
Laksh: But I know only to climb up. Not to go down.
Swara: Then jump.
Laksh: Aur maar jau (and then I should die)
Swara: Arre nahi nahii
Laksh: Then
Swara: Umm umm let me think… . Idea! Go in the washroom. Go go go……
Laksh: Haan. Sahi hai…
He runs and hides in the washroom when Shekhar enters the room. Her washroom is near the door of the room.

Swara calms down and smiles.
Shekhar: I saw someone here. Did you see?
Swara: No papa.
Shekhar: Okay beta. But why are you awake till now…
Swara: I was just going to sleep. But why are you awake?
Shekhar: I heard your scream. So I came to see you.
Swara: ohh…
Shekhar: Is everything fine?
Swara: Yes papa.
Laksh peeps out of the bathroom to see whether Shekhar left. Swara is shocked to see him. Her expression changes.
Shekhar: What happened?

Swara: Nothing nothing……
Shekhar: Then why did you scream?
Laksh acts a Tiger to indicate animal but Swara says: Tigerr….
Shekhar: what?
Swara: lizard papa…. there was a lizard in the room. But I shooed it… don’t worry.
Laksh goes inside.
Shekhar: Ohkay. Now sleep you might be tired.
Swara: Yes… very much.
Shekhar is about to leAve when he sees the broken phone….
Shekhar: Swara whose phone is that?
Swara Laksh both are shocked.
Swara(low tone): Shit.
Shekhar: What? You said something?
Swara: It’s my phone. Shit…. When did it fell.
She picks it up and fixes it.
Swara: Done.
Shekhar: Good Night….
He leaves. She gets relived and Laksh comes out.
Laksh: Thank God! He didn’t see your phone.
Swara: Take your phone and leave…
Laksh: Ragini?
Swara: Say this when papa comes again.
Laksh: Please Swara once let me meet her
Swara: Okay. But only 15 minutes. After that I’ll throw you from the window… ?
Laksh: Okay…. okay….. now call her.
Swara calls Ragini.
Ragini comes in her room.
She enters the Laksh surprises her by emerging from behind the door.
Ragini: You?

Laksh: How was the surprise?
Ragini: But how did you land up here?
Swara tells everything and Ragini laughs.
Swara: Now 15 mins left. I’m standing outside. Be fast.
She leaves. He locks the door. And walks inside. Ragini starts moving back. He pins her to the wall.
Ragini: Laksh…..
He puts his finger on her lips.
Laksh: Shh!!!

Swara is standing outside her own room when Sanky calls her…
Swara: Haan Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: Abhi tak soyi nahi.
Swara: How will I? Your younger brother was too eager to meet Ragini.
Sanky: What?

Swara: Yes…. janaab is here…..
Sanky: I don’t believe this.
He goes to Laksh’s room. No one is in the room.
Sanky: I can’t believe it. This lucky who never went to meet someone late night is now giving shocks like this…
Swara: Yes.
Sanky: But how do you know?
She again explains everything.
Sanky: Oh god t lucky( Laughs)
Swara: But Sanskaar Ragini is very lucky too have a husband like Laksh. See what alll is he doing.
Sanky: And if you think I’m gonna do same things then I’m sorry I can’t because I love my sleep very much.

Swara: How mean!
Sanky: sorry Swara. I love my sleep very much .
Swara: More than me.?
Sanky: Ummmm…. I love you more than any thing in this world. You are my life.
She smiles and says: I love you too sanskaar…..

Inside Laksh Ragini are inches apart.
Laksh takes out something from his pocket and says: Jab tumhe lene aau tab yeh pahena.. (when I come to take you then wear this)
Ragini sees it. It’s a chain with a small heart in between….
Ragini: What’s this Laksh?

Laksh: My love for you. Till the time it’s here (takes it and places on her neck) it means you love me. The moment it goes I’ll understand that our love will also go…
Ragini: I’ll never give you that chance.
He plants a kiss on her head and leaves from the window.. She smiles looking at the pendant.
She remembers about Swara and goes to unlock the door.

Swara sees Ragini and says to Sanky: I’ll call you later… bye…
Sanky: Bye …
They cut the call. Swara sees the chain and asks: New gift?
She blushes and runs into her room. Swara smiles and goes back.

Next Morning.
Haldi and Mahendi Ceremony is held at the both the houses. Swara Ragini Kritika come down wearing yellow dresses for haldi. Lavanya is in the kitchen preparing the haldi with other ladies. Akriti is continuously watching Lavanya. They prepare and go out. Lavanya is inside. Akriti goes to her
Akriti: Now what are you planning?
Lavanya: You think I’ll tell you and you go and save that Ragini.
Akriti: Lavanya stop doing this. You won’t get anything
Lavanya: Don’t stop me because you have ditched me. Now go and enjoy the celebrations outside. I don’t care …

Akriti leaves but she hides outside the kitchen so as to see what is she upto. Lavanya sees the three bowls of haldi. She removes some chemical from the cabinet and mixes in one of them. Akriti is shocked. She mixes it and puts a red cloth over it. The other two are covered by blue cloth.
Lavanya grins and says: Haldi lagne toh do. Phir dekhna kya hoga.
She leaves and Akriti runs outside. Akriti thinks to do something so that Ragini is saved. Lavanya is shown going upstairs. She thinks of doing something and goes in the kitchen.
Mishti asks someone to get the haldi. Two girls come in the kitchen and take the bowls.
Lavanya comes down and sees Akriti standing in a corner. She goes to her.
Lavanya: Today there will be a blast in this function.
Akriti: I never knew that you’ll fall so low to get Laksh.
Lavanya: You don’t even know what all i can do to get Laksh.
She leaves.

Akriti thinks: Ragini is safe now. Thank God.
Mishti and others gather. Shekhar is sitting with other guests and enjoying. Parvati starts with applying to Kritika. She blesses her and moves to swara. Mishti comes to Kritika and then goes to swara.
Parvati takes the haldi from Ragini’s bowls and applies it to her. Lavanya waits patiently for Ragini to shout. While Akriti stands there chilled. Ragini smiles and Mishti too applies her. Lavanya is shocked to see no reaction from her. She looks at Akriti. Akriti smiles.


Akriti goes in the kitchen and searches for some extra haldi. She finds some in one extra pot kept aside. She takes it and exchanges the bowls. She leaves.

Suddenly Lavanya smiles naughtily and Ragini shouts loudly… She starts itching and shouts. Swara runs to her and asks: What happened?
Ragini: I don’t know Swara. It’s itching.
She scratches her face. Mishti Parvati go to her. She cries while itching and removes the haldi.
Mishti: Maa I think this haldi has not suited her.
Parvati: Haan Mishti. Go take her up. I’ll call the doctor.
Mishti Swara Kritika Shekhar take her upstairs and Parvati goes to call the doctor. Left behind are Lavanya and Akriti.

Lavanya goes to her and says: I said na, there will be a blast….
Akriti: But I had….
Lavanya: Changed the haldi? Right?
Akriti is shocked.
Lavanya: What did you think? I won’t know it…. I had mixed that chemical in that extra haldi also….

After everyone left the kitchen, and Akriti was hiding behind the pillar, Lavanya saw her keeping a watch on her. She gets alert. She mixes that chemical and purposely says(loudly): Haldi lagne toh do. Phir dekhna kya hoga…..
She bends down to keep that packet inside and mixes it the extra haldi pot also. She keeps it and goes out…

Lavanya: See as said and done. ?
Akriti: I’ll see you later.
She goes upstairs in Ragini’s room. Ragini is shown on the bed with her hair messed and full body red. Swara is sitting beside her holding her hand. Mishti waits for the doctor. Lavanya too comes.
Akriti informs Laksh.
In MM Laksh picks his phone and is shocked to know about Ragini. He leaves the hall and rushes to his room. All others are shocked to see him go like this.
He takes a bath and rushes down with his car keys. While leaving he says: Maa something has happened to Ragini. I’m going to see her.
Sanky: Par lucky sun toh…. (but Laksh listen…)

He leaves.
AP: Sanskaar I think something is not right. We should also go. (To karan) Karan you please be go with Laksh. He is alone and tensed too.
Karan: Yes aunty.

He runs and enters Laksh’s car. They both leave.
Sanky goes to his room and comes after bathing. They all too leave.
Doctor is checking Ragini when Laksh storms in…. He goes to Ragini and sits beside her. All are shocked to see him.
Laksh: What happened, Ragini? What’s all this? Kya hua papa?
Shekhar: Laksh, you here?
Laksh: Papa that doesn’t matters. Say what has happened to her. Why is she like this?
The doctor informs them about the chemical being in the haldi and reacting her body.
Shekhar: But doctor she is getting married in two days

Doctor: Being your family doctor I must suggest that she must take rest. Her body is affected badly. Marriage can wait but health won’t. Rest is upto you.
All are shocked. Swara Laksh gets teary eyed while Lavanya is happy.
Doctor: I have given few medicines make sure they are given to her.
Adarsh: I’ll drop you outside

Dp: Shekhar Ji let’s go down. Ragini must rest.
He is disheartened still goes. Mishti goes to Ragini and cries. Shekhar takes her. Elders leave.
Akriti goes to her room re moves a photo and cries. Lavanya passes by and sees her crying. She enters and Akriti Senses Her presence. Ahe wipes her tears and keeps the photo back. Lavanya takes that photo and is shocked to see it.

Lavanya: Akritii? (Smirks) I won’t tell this to anyone but this truth is enough for me to get you back on my side. Just wait and watch.
Elders are discussing about Ragini’s health when Lavanya pulls Akriti and takes her upstairs.
Ragini’s Room
Swara cries looking at her sister. Laksh is sad and Sanskaar keeps pacifying them.
Laksh: Swara how did this happen?
Swara: I don’t know Laksh. In fact no one knows. Daadi, Maa were applying haldi to us when suddenly Ragini shouted and started scratching her body. We took her up and since then she is like this.
She cries. Laksh gets up and goes beside Ragini. He holds her hand and says: Ragini……
A tear skips his eye. Swara looks on. Suddenly Ragini opens her eyes and says: Laksh!
All turn towards her.
Swara: Ragini…..

Ragini: Laksh you here.
Laksh: How are u now?
Ragini: Better but my head! It’s paining.
Laksh: Don’t worry. I’m here. Nothing will happen now.
Swara: Ragini…. (hugs her) I was so scared.
Ragini: I’m fine now.

Swara smiles….. : now take your medicines.
She makes faces but Swara gives her forcefully.
Swara: No drama . At least not in front of me. I don’t know about others… (teases RagLak)
All laugh. Laksh signs sanky. SwaSan go out.
Laksh holds her hand and says: Ek pal ke liye darr gaya tha mein.
Ragini: Why? Laksh jab tak yeh dil aapke paas hai humme kuch nahi hoga.
They hug…
Next Part: Revelations.

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