Swaragini The Soul Sisters( Chapter 38)

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Chapter 38: It’s party time (Engagement)
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That night Lavanya tells Akriti about her deadly plans leaving her shocked. She tries to change her mind but Lavanya lashes out saying that she never loved Laksh so much just to leave him one day. Akriti gets scared after listening to her but is helpless and doesn’t do anything.

Ragini is in her room when Laksh calls her. She picks the phone
Laksh: What is my princess doing?
Ragini: Nothing just giving myself a final touch for tomorrow.
Laksh: Impressive.
Ragini: And what about my lazy Laksh.
Laksh: ehh Ragini please yrr. At least you don’t start now. Already that karan has teased us so much that now if you even start then i will have to do something.
Ragini: And what will you do?
Laksh: Why should I tell?
Ragini: Laksh say na…
Laksh: I won’t.
Ragini: If you won’t say then I’ll stop talking with you.
Laksh: Oh God. You girls and your emotional blackmail. Do you take tuitions on how to make your boys helplessly agree with you?
Ragini: shut up Laksh and say na…
Laksh: Don’t get angry. I was just joking. And you know what I can’t even do something about the fact that Karan is spilling the beans. We are meeting him after an year and i can’t explain my happiness of his arrival.
Ragini: You both were best friends!?
Laksh: Best friends? We were like brother’s. Sanskaar Karan and me. We three were an army in our school.
Ragini: Oh great. But army of 3 people.
Laksh: Umm.. not army but we three ruled the school.
Ragini: Sounds better.
Laksh: Now leave this and listen….
Ragini: Sayy
Laksh: I’m Missing my princess a lot.
Ragini: Aww Laksh.
Laksh: JUST send me a picture of yours please. I can’t stop thinking about you. Please.
Ragini: Laksh what kind of request is this?
Laksh: You send na please . .
Ragini: Okay…

She takes a selfie and sends it.
Laksh: Yrr why are you so beautiful. ?
Ragini: That extra glow is because of you.
Laksh: Sachi?
Ragini: Muchi…..
They both laugh and Ragini: Achha Laksh now I’m not at all in a position to be awake. And it’s too late. Can i go to sleep!?
Laksh: I would never like to stop our conversation but princess is tired so that I need to agree.
Ragini: Achha Laksh. Bye…
Laksh: Bye. Good Night and Listen.
Ragini: Say
Laksh: I love you ❤
Ragini: I love you too❤

They both cut the call. And Ragini falls and sleeps on the bed.

Next morning Swara wakes up Ragini by throwing water on her. She Wakes up and is startled.
Ragini: what happened
Swara: See the time. It’s 9
Ragini: What!?? OH GOD. HOW COULD I Sleep till now. And why didn’t you wake me?
Swara: I was waking you from past one hour. What were doing at night.
Ragini: Laksh se baatein….
Swara: What?
Ragini: Nothing nothing… Now let me freshen up and come.
Ragini takes her towel and rushes into the washroom.
All are present in the hall after their breakfast. Swara Ragini and Kritika are sitting on the sofa when Mishti comes says: You three go and check your dresses for the last time.
They leave. Lavanya Akriti go behind them. Akriti goes with Kritika while Lavanya goes with Ragini. Swara is helped by Mishti.
Kritika: Arre Akriti where is Lavanya?
Akriti: She went to Ragini.
Kritika: Okay.

One by one all try. Ragini is wearing her blouse when Lavanya thinks something nasty. Ragini is busy in the washroom and Lavanya starts searching for her jewellery. She finds the box and removes the earrings. She breaks the earring and places it back in the box.
Lavanya: These small things will make difference in your look. At least for once people will notice this.
She smirks. Ragini comes out after the trail and gives a thumbs up. Lavanya smiles and leaves.
While leaving (thinks): Now let me see how do look perfect in the evening. You enjoyed a lot Ragini now it’s my time.

Swara Ragini Kritika come out of their rooms and assure Mishti of the preparations. Downstairs Parvati is shown shouting at the labourers for not working properly. Shekhar goes and calms her down.

Mishti smiles and says: never in these 22 years I have seen Maa so excited and so impatient.
Ragini: Obviously Maa it’s our marriage now. She will be excited.
All laugh and she gives a HiFi to swara.
Mishti: Now you all rest for some time and then get ready. Okay?
Swara Ragini Kritika- Okay
They go.


Sujju is also making sure that everything is going right. Laksh Sanskaar see the on going preparations and start dreaming about their girls.
Karan: bhai log abhi se day dreaming? ?
Laksh: Jealous?
Karan: Why should I be jealous?
Laksh: Then do not disturb. Please.
Sujju(comic): Disturb? What are you three doing here!? Laughing!? Down there I’m shouting on top of my voice and you all can’t come to help. And karan I can understand about these two… They were born lazy but what about you? You also are standing here.
SanLak give a “seriously” types expression and stare at her.
Karan: Aunty I was coming down but they both stopped me and engaged me in an argument. What can I do?
Sujju: I’ll see you both later but for the time being you come with me and help me down.
Karan: Yeah Aunty. Sure. Chalo…

They both and SanLak give him a death stare. Karan makes turns back and laughs at their conditions.

// Evening//
Kritika is shown getting ready. Akriti is helping her. Once done she stands and her dress is shown. A orange Saree with the perfect jewellery.
Next is our swara. Mishti is helping her. She stands up and Mishti compliments her.
Mishti: Swara, I don’t know if today Sanskaar will put the ring on your finger.
Swara: Why Maa?
Mishti: Because you are looking too beautiful today.
Swara: Maa you have done this. I will look beautiful
They smile.

Ragini is in her room with Lavanya. She is sitting in the chair in front of the mirror.
Ragini: Lavanya please give me the jewellery box.
Lavanya smiles evilly and gives her. She wears her necklace maang tikka and bangles. Lavanya helps her. Suddenly she notices the broken earring.
Ragini: Oh no! This earring.
Lavanya: What happened to it?
Ragini: It is broken. Now what to do.
Lavanya: Wait.
She takes the pallu and keeps it on her head in such a way that her ears are covered.
Lavanya: Now no one will notice it. Simple.
Ragini: Pallu? How will I manage it?
Lavanya: Ragini it’s better than the missing earrings.
Ragini nods sadly.
Kritika Swara comes out. Ragini also goes but she is a bit shy.
All are surprised to see her. Akriti understands that it’s because of Lavanya
Swara: What’s this?
Ragini shows her ears and says: Earring was broken.
Mishti: You could have informed me earlier. I would have got it repaired. Ragini, how can you be so careless?
Ragini: Maa I’m sorry. I also saw it now.
Mishti: What if anyone notices this? It will look so bad. (Angry tone)
Ragini: Maa I said sorry (teary eyed)
Swara sees Ragini and comes to her rescue.
Swara: Maa it’s okay. She didn’t knew about it. Relax. And now say how are your daughters looking.
Mishti smiles and says: Just like two princesses.
They hug. Kritika is standing aside. Mishti sees her.
Mishti: Kritika you are also my daughter. Come.
They too hug.

// MM //
Dp Rp karan help SanLak and Adarsh in getting ready.
AP Sujju comes. They get surprised by their son’s looks.
Sujju: Sanskaar Laksh! HAYYEE! Kitne achhe lag rahe ho. (SanLak! You both are looking very handsome) Kissi ki nazar na lage.
She blesses both of them. AP too blesses them.
Dp: Annapurna if everything is correct then we can leave?
AP: Yes
Dp: Okay. Beta Sanskaar Laksh chalo.
Sanskaar: Ji badepapa.
They leave. Karan drives the car with SanLak sitting behind. While RP drives with other family members in that car.

They reach Gadodia Mansion.
Someone shouts in the MANSION: They came. Aa gaye voh log
Mishti Parvati who are in the hall get happy and asks someone to get the thali. They go out to welcome them. Lavanya Akriti are with them. Shekhar also comes. SanLak Adarsh take their blessings. Mishti does their aarti and welcomes them. All Come in.

Ap: Sharmishtha Ji, we don’t want to waste time in formalities. You call the girls.
Mishti: Sure.

She signs Lavanya and Akriti. They go and get the girls.
Swara Ragini Kritika all come down. The boys turn and just keep on looking at them. Ragini swara are also amazed to see their lazy monsters. Kritika and Adarsh look at each other but no response from any side. Karan is again lost in Akriti. Maheshwari family is amazed when they see a pallu on Ragini’s head.
AP: Come. Sit here.
The couples sit on the sofa. AP does some Puja and Parvati says: We can now start the ceremony.
AP nods and six of them get up. But Sujju intervenes.
Sujju: Ragini, why this pallu?
Mishti gets tensed Lavanya smirks and Ragini starts looking here and there. Swara signs Akriti to come to her. She says something in he ear and Akriti go up. Ragini doesn’t answer but Mishti covers up by saying that: She wanted to keep the pallu because she feels this is a way she shows her respect.
AP smiles and says: Ragini you need not do all this just to show how much you respect. We know about it very well.
She removes it and sees the missing earrings.
AP: Where are your earrings beta!?
Lavanya: Ab aaega maza….
Ragini: Voh…. earrings….
Here they are… Akriti says while coming down.
Swara had called her and asked her to get a pair from her room. Lavanya is shocked and thinks: Is she helping me or them??
Ragini gets relived and she wears it.
AP: Now can we start!?
Mishti nods.
AP: Adarsh take this.
She forwards the plate. He places the ring on her finger. All clap. But he is not happy. Mishti gives the ring to Kritika. She too does the same.
AP: Swara…
She puts the ring on his finger and Sanky also does it. Ragini Laksh also do it. Lavanya just looses herself.

They take blessings of everyone and Karan announces something: Bhaiyo aur bahno uncles and aunties please look for few minutes. The ceremony is done so shall we have some music….. Music please…

Swara Sanskaar start the dance by dancing on Janam Janam…..
They dance when Karan pushes Kritika Adrash on the floor. Kritika dances on Sawaar Loon…
Ragini Laksh take the floor by shaking their legs on Teri Meri Kahaani….
At the end Both the families come amd dance of Gallan Goodiyan….
** Happy Happy times**
Once the dance, ceremony, rituals, food is done everyone relax. Akriti is in the kitchen making some juice when Karan steps in.
Akriti: You want something?
Karan: Water.
She gives him a glass and he leaves. She Too leaves and is walking when she feels a jerk and stops. She turns back and sees her dress stuck in the decoration. She goes to remove it but fails. Karan comes and helps her.
Karan: I said na you girls and your dresses. God!
Akriti: Why are you behind me!! That day also you were behind me. What’s your problem
Karan: Arree firstly I helped you on both the days and you are shouting on me. Bhalaai ka Toh zamaanna hi nahi raha?
Akriti: No emotional drama…
Karan: Aree (makes a puppy face)
She laughs. He smiles.
Lavanya is searching for Akriti when she finds her outside the kitchen with karan.
Lavanya: Akriti, please come with me. I have some work. Karan can I take her some time.
Karan: Yeah sure.
They both leave and Karan says: Whenever we are together why do people come and take her away. Samaj nahi aata.
He leaves saying this.

Lavanya: What are you doing Akriti?
Akriti: What?
Lavanya: Are you helping them or me?
Akriti: say clearly. Don’t play with words
Lavanya: Okay. So listen. Why did you get those earrings?
Akriti: Because you broke them.
Lavanya: I did so that her look is incomplete and the guests talk about it.
Akriti: What’s wrong with you? You saw na it doesn’t matters.
Lavanya: but did you notice what happened upstairs. Mishti Aunty shouted on her. And these things won’t make a difference now but later they will. That’s my promise.
Akriti: But….
Lavanya: Akriti I have trusted you blindly and I will continue to. It’s up to you whether you break my trust or help me. I said this earlier and I’ll say it again ….. I’m doing this for my love. Nothing else. I don’t hate Ragini nor her family but for Laksh I’ll have to do this.
She leaves after saying this.

Downstairs all are busying introducing each other to other guests along with the couples when Lavanya comes down with Aryan. She goes to Kritika.
Lavanya: Di Aryan is crying
Kritika takes him and makes him quiet.
One of the guest says: Arre waah Kritika, how nicely you calmed him. And this baby also. He came in your hands so quickly.
Sujju: Ab baccha apni maa ke paas hi sabse pahle jaayega.
Guest: What? Whose kid is he?
Kritika: Mine.

Guests start talking about this and start making different stories. They taunt her. And call her characterless. Kritika gets teary eyed. Adarsh is with other guests when he see her crying and hear the ladies taunting her. Adarsh gets furious and shouts: Basss!!!!
All turn towards him and he walks to Kritika. He takes Aryan.
Adarsh: Enough! What are you all sAying? You are pointing at her? Just because she is woman you are taunting her? Aryan is my own son. And i am at fault. You are calling her characterless. I am at fault. I abandoned her and Aryan. She came to me many times but I insulted her. How can you insult another lady? You all too have daughters what if the same happened to them? And someone does the same? What will you do then?
Their heads go down and they apologise to them. Akriti takes Aryan and goes upstairs. Karan too goes. Adarsh asks them to leave. They leave.

Adarsh turns to kritika folds his hands and says: Kritika I’m sorry from their side. And I’m sorry for my behaviour too. Today i have realised how bad I had been. I was wrong and blamed you. I’m accepting this relation. I’m accepting you. I’m accepting Aryan……
Kritika smiles and he hugs her. Lavanya gets happy and she hugs them.
Akriti is with Aryan playing with him.
Karan: Any help?
Akriti: Ahh yes please give me that toy box.
He gives. She plays with him and he laughs. Karan also joins. They share a cute moment. Slowly Aryan dozes off and Akriti says: He is sleeping. Let’s go down.
He nods and they leave.
Karan: Well I never knew about Adarsh bhaiya and bhabhi’s relation
Akriti: Nobody knew.
Karan: What?
Akriti: Yes. We all came to know about it when they came to give the shagun.
Karan: Then what happened today?
Akriti: Bhaiya wasn’t ready to accept Aryan and bhabhi. But AP aunty declared that he will marry her.
Karan: Ummm…. So since when do you know SanLak.
Akriti: I know them because of Lavanya. I never met them.
Karan: Then how do you know her.
Akriti: I was her classmate. But I did my college in Delhi. After school we lost our contact. After many years we met here in Mumbai. And then again we came in contact.
Karan: Arre Baap Re. Longg story. And where are you? I mean before you started to live here.
Akriti: Before this…. WITH my family.
Karan: And where are they?
Akriti: (gets disturbed)…. Let’s go down. Aunty might be waiting for us.
She speeds up and leaves.
Karan: Isse kya hua???
He too leaves. .

Maheshwari’s leave after all the formalities. Swara Ragini Kritika go in their rooms to freshen up.
Swara is in her room sitting on the bed. She sees her ring and smiles. She recalls her dance and their happy moments.
Kritika takes Aryan and smiles. She recalls how Adarsh took a stand for her. Lavanya comes an sees her.
Lavanya: What happened Di? Why are smiling?
Kritika: Nothing Lavanya. Just thanking those ladies?
Lavanya: huh?
Kritika: Yes Lavanya. Today whatever happened was because of them. Adarsh realised his mistake. What do I want more? Aryan will get his father’s name and people will accept me. What’s more important to me than this?
Lavanya: But Di after today’s incident will the Maheshwari’s be respected.

Dp: I don’t care about the world. We did what was right.
After the Maheshwari’s reached their house few people from the SAMAAJ came and questioned them about Adarsh. They say that whether people will accept Kritika or not?
Dp gives a stern reply and others too support him. They leave.
Adarsh: Papa I’m sorry. It’s happening because of me. I wish I would have informed you before the this would never happen.
Dp: it’s okay beta. You realised your mistake. That’s it. We don’t want anything more.
He blesses him. All go in their room.

Ragini is relaxing when Laksh calls her .
Ragini: Laksh I’m very tired today. I can barely open my eyes. I can’t talk now
Laksh: Arre but listen…. I have a surprise for you….
Ragini: What surprise?
Laksh: Turn and you will get to know….
Guess what is the surprise?
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