Swaragini The Soul Sisters( Chapter 37)


Chapter 37
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SanLak Karan SwaRagini and Akriti reach home and Lavanya sees them coming. She rushes to Akriti and pulls her to one side.
Akriti: What happened?
Lavanya: That’s what I’m asking.
Akriti: Huh?
Lavanya: I guess I sent you with them with a reason.
Akriti (remembers what Lavanya had said): Arre Haan… I’m sorry.. nothing we just just went to the cafe and returned.

Lavanya: Then am i seeing extra glow on your face?
Akriti: what? Where?
Lavanya: Okay now leave it.
Paravti calls them. All are in hall when Mishti says: Beta come let’s have dinner.
Sanky : No Maa… I guess we must leave now.
Laksh: Vaise bhi kal aana hi hai… ?

Shekhar: So early?
Sanky: Badepapa might be waiting for us….. we will leave now.
Mishti: Okay beta.
SanLak Karan take the blessings and leaves. While leaving karan sees Akriti standing alone and Lavanya notices this.
The girls go and freshen up. They have their dinner.

// mm//
The guys reach and immediately Sujju pulls them towards the dinner table. Again the process starts. Sujju feeds karan and he targets SanLak. This time with no excuse left they helplessly have to eat.
Later at that night SanLak Karan sit together in Laksh’s room and have a conversation.
Karan: So what plans for tomorrow.
Laksh: Engagement or kya!?

Karan: Abbe buddhu that’s in the evening. I’m asking before that.
Laksh: not decided.
Karan: Let’s party then….
Sanky: party!? Then I’m out. I’ll enjoy my last few hours of being a bachelor. ?
Laksh: Then I’m with you bhai…
All three laugh.

Lavanya sees Mishti going towards SwaRagini’s room. She stops her and says: Aunty I was thinking something from quite some time. Can I share an idea?
Mishti: Yes beta say…
Lavanya: Aunty can we give different rooms to swara Ragini and Kritika Di?
Mishti: Why?
Lavanya: Aunty you ONLY think we have three brides in the house. Three of them need proper pampering time and space to get ready for every function. And if two of them are in one room then their might be chances that things are misplaced and broken also. I hope you are getting what I’m saying.
Mishti: To some extent you are correct but will they agree.
Lavanya: Aunty I know they won’t because they want to stay together but let them think practically. It’s not possible for us also.
Mishti: Okay beta I will talk with them.

Swara Ragini come out of their room fighting.
Swara: Maa dekho naa isse…
Mishti: Arre kya hua
Swara: See na what she did. She is wearing my top.
Mishti: Arre Swara.
Ragini: Maa she is also wrong. She wore my red earrings without asking m… see naa…. ask her to give it back.
Swara: First ask her to give my top.
Ragini: No maa first she.
Swara: no maa first she.
Ragini: You give my earrings
Swara: You give my top.
Ragini: My earrings.
Swara: My top

Mishti: Shhhhh……. you are fighting like small kids.
Swara: Maa please save me from this monster.
Ragini: Huh?
Swara: yes.
Ragini: No maa… You save me from this monster. She hits a lot while sleeping.
Swara: Haww liar! You are always behind me…. Swara swara kaun karta hai!?
Ragini: Aur tum jo Ragini Ragini karti rahti ho. Uska kya? Maa she always asks me to make her hair.
Swara: Oh really!?
Ragini: Don’t lie. Okaay.
Swara: I am not lying but i used to say so that you do something for me else who would ask you to do work. Only i know how bad you are….
Ragini: Achha Ji….
Mishti: Are baap re… shaant jo jao….
Swara: Maa I need a separate room.
Ragini: Mee too.

Lavanya smirks seeing them demanding different rooms.
Mishti: Arre Calm down…
Swara: No maa. I want different room.
Ragini: I can’t share my room with her. I’m going.
Swara: I don’t wanna stay with you.
Both leave and go in their room and swara takes her luggage and goes into another room.
Mishti: What was this?
Swara and Ragini come out of their room and start laughing loudly.
Mishti is surprised by their behaviour. Lavanya is also puzzled.
Mishti: Now what’s this!?
Swara: Maa we were just joking. Actually we heard Lavanya and your conversation that’s we did this.

Lavanya: It means you both will live In Different Rooms
Ragini: Yes. As it is after marriage will be in the same house so ……
Lavanya smiles and says: Ragini very good decision taken I must say….
All are amazed by her behaviour and she covers up by saying: Arre I mean that you took it in a right way and understood what I said.
Ragini: Ohh…
Swara: What Oh…. now me in shifting my things in the room.
Ragini: Dekha Maa she is making me work..

Swara: Ragini….
Ragini: Achha baba sorry…chalo.
The girls go and Ragini helps swara. Mishti asks whether they need any help but Lavanya refuses and says that they will help them. Mishti too leaves. Akriti: What are you planning Lavanya? (Says while coming from behind)
Lavanya smirks and says: I have planned. I don’t know till what extent this would help me but at least these sisters are separated. Now i can plan something morr dangerous. Because this swara is no less than a detective.
Akriti: Tell me.
Lavanya: Come with me.

They go to the other side of the floor and Lavanya says her something.
Akriti: Are you mad!? No Lavanya i won’t let you do this. This is dangerous. Not for others but for you too. Please don’t do this. Forget all this. Give up the idea of separating RagLak please i beg you.
Lavanya: Akritii, for so many years I have loved Laksh not to forget him one day. I can and I will do it. Bas that’s it…

She leaves saying this and Akriti gets scared thinking about Lavanya’s words.
Lavanya has started to plan against Ragini. Her plan looks nothing now but will be cause of something dangerous in the future….. What might be her plan? What will she do? Will Akriti help her or ditch her?
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