Swaragini The Soul Sisters( Chapter 36)


Monday Mornings?….
Chapter 36
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Preparations are in full swing in both the houses. Guests are been informed. Dressers, jewellers, event manager all are present. Mishti calls the to be brides. All three come down with Lavanya and Akriti.
Mishti: Ragini Swara Kritika select dress for yourself and jewellery.
They start selecting. Swara and Kritika are done but Ragini is stuck. Swara helps her and selects a green lahenga.
Lavanya: Arre swara. Laksh doesn’t likes green colour. (Shouts)
All turn towards her.
Ragini: What?
Lavanya: Yes Ragini. He doesn’t likes green colour.
Swara: Arre waah Lavanya you know a lot about Laksh.
Lavanya: childhood friends ,you know.

Ragini feels a bit awkward but she smiles anyway.
Ragini: Swara choose something else.
Swara: Haan baba.
They again search for one when Ragini sees red and yellow dress. She selects it and the girls move on to the jewellery. One by one everything is done.

// Maheshwari Mansion//
Ladies are selecting their dresses when SanLak come down and say: Arre hamari shaadi hai.
Sujju: we know that. Ladies take time in Everything. Tum donno ka kya hai. Sherwani leni hai.
Laksh: Arre chachi hum dulhe hai. People will see us and not our mothers.
Sanky: Lucky our moms are so beautiful that everyone will forget who are the brides and will look at them only.
RP: Arre aisa hai toh aap donno yeh sab rahne do.
All laugh??
The ladies finish their selection and Sanky says: Mom, we are going to the airport.
Sujju: Why?
Sanky: Karan is coming.
AP: Really?
Laksh: Yes Maa. He is coming today. I guess he might have landed too. We will go and pick him up.
AP: Okay beta. Come soon.

They leave.
Sujju: Jiji karan is coming. After so many months. I’ll prepare something for him.
AP: Haan Sujata. I’ll come with you.
They too leave while Dp and Rp continue with their work.

Laksh Sanky reach the airport and wait for karan. He comes out. Laksh sees him and shouts:Karannnn ??
They see each other and run.
Karan: Lakshh! Bhai kaisa hai.
Laksh: Abe formal kya ho raha hai. Gaale mil …. (why being formal??)
Laksh Sanky karan hug each other. They go in their car and sit in.
Karan: So where are we going?
Laksh: London…… Obviously home.
Karan: Achha? And what will you both wear tomorrow?
Laksh: Clothes.
Karan: Oh thanks for informing. And where are they?
Laksh: Vo toh…. shit…. we don’t have clothes. Sanskaar what will we wear.
Sanky: Arre haan yrr.
Laksh: Now what to do.
Karan: (hits them) Arre duffers don’t panic. Sujata Aunty had called me. She informed me about it. Don’t worry. I have one designer friend. Let’s go there.
Laksh: Ohkay.
They drive to that place. They shop and return.
While they are on their way, karan says: Bhai log, at least let me meet your girls.
Laksh: Not now. First let’s go home. Everyone is excited to meet you specially Chachi. God knows what kind of preparations she had already done. So first home then wherever you want to.
Karan: Oh God. Theek hai. Naam toh bata de.
Sanky: Swaragini
Karan: what? One girl.
Sanky: Abe pagal. Do hai. Swara and Ragini.
Karan: toh aisa bol na. (So say this na)
Sanky: Abhi bol diya na. Happy?
Karan: bahut.
SanLak and karan reach MM (MAHESHWARI MANSION). Sujju runs and hugs karan.
Sujju: Hayyyee mera karan…
He touches her feet. She blesses. He meets everyone and they bless him.
Dp: Beta karan, How’s everyone in Bangalore.
Karan: All good uncle. You all say.
Dp: Good beta.
Sujju: But where are they.
Karan: Aunty, Dad is in canada for a businesses meeting and mom is in Australia with maasi.
Sujju: That means they won’t come tomorrow.
Karan: Haan Aunty. But they will come with in the wedding.
Sujju ( gets sad): Theek hai.
Karan: Arre Aunty I came. Aren’t you happy?
Sujju: Nahi Nahi. There is nothing like that. I’m very happy….. Now come fast and have lunch.
AP: Yes beta. Come and see what all has she made for me.
They sit and Sujju shows him all dishes.

Karan: Aunty so much.
Sujju: Don’t say anything. Chup chaap start eating. Everything has to be finished by you.
Karan: Me?
Sujju: Yes you…. Now start.
Everyone start eating. Sujju is sitting beside him and is continuously serving him. She stuffs his mouth. He makes faces. SanLak laugh at his condition. He fumes.
Karan: Aunty serve to them also. After all it’s their marriage….
Sujju: correct.
She goes and starts feeding them. They stare him badly… he laughs and says: Khaao khaao.
Sanky stops her and says: Mom….. karan wants to meet swara and Ragini so can we go?
AP: Meet them tomorrow morning.
Karan: No aunty. I’ll meet them today itself.
Ap: as you wish beta.

SanLak get relived. After they escape from the food Laksh go in the hall and calls Ragini.
There Ragini is stuck in her jewellery. She picks up.

Laksh: Ragini….
Ragini: Haan Laksh bolo.
Laksh: what happened you are sounding tensed?
Ragini: stuck between jewellery… ?
Laksh: Shall I help?
Ragini: how?
Laksh: Wear whatever you like. I will love you in whatever you wear.
Ragini: Laksh…… (blushes)
Laksh: Achha listen. We both are coming to your place with our friend ,,Karan. He wants to meet you both. So you both quickly get ready. We will cone in 15 mins.
Ragini: Arre Laksh, jeweller dresser everyone is here we need to select everything. It’s not possible.
Laksh: No excuses. Don’t think so much.. We both are coming. You both be ready…. or else we will take you in whatever dress you are. Okay bye..
Ragini: Laksh listen…..
He cuts the call.
Swara sees her and says: What happened??

She tells everything.
Swara: Now what to do?
“You both go”…….. Shekhar says while coming from behind.
They turn and Ragini says: Papa?
Shekhar: You both go. Laksh and Sanskaar will come here anytime. I will handle everything. You go.
The girls hug him and they rush in their room to change. Lavanya sees this and thinks: Thank God! This Ragini is going from here. Finally I can plan something. Go Ragini go… quickly leave…

Swara Ragini get ready and come down.
Mishti: Where are you going??
Swara tells everything to her and she gets angry: Swara! What’s this? There are so many preparations left here and you both are going?? What’s this childishness?
Shekhar comes and supports SwaRagini.
Shekhar: Mishti let them go… this is their time. Let them enjoy. Afterwards they won’t get so much time. Let them go…
Mishti agrees hesitantly. Lavanya is thinking something when Akriti comes and asks: What are you thinking?
Lavanya: Ragini is going from here and only di will be here. So now I can plan something peacefully. You go with them and keep a watch on Ragini and Laksh. Tell me whatever they do… You go with them please.
Akriti: how can i go? And what will I say?
Lavanya: Arre I will say wait….
Akriti: Lavanya wait… (tries stopping her….)
Lavanya: Swara Ragini can Akriti also come with you both? If you both permit.
Swara: Haan it’s okay… Akriti come….
She nods and Ragini’s phone ring….

Laksh: Ready or we have to wait?
Ragini: Two minutes coming…
Laksh: Okay we three are near your house. Come soon.
Ragini: okay. (Cuts the call) Swara they have arrived. Shall we leave?
Swara: yes. Akriti is coming. Then we’ll leave.
Akriti comes and the girls leave. Lavanya goes up in her room and waits for them.

Laksh Sanky and karan are standing near the car waiting for the girls. Swara Ragini Akriti come. The girls are looking beautiful in their dresses and the boys are mesmerized by their beauty.

Sanky: Finally they are here.
Laksh: Yeah finally.
Laksh looks at karan who is just lost looking at Akriti…
He hits him with his elbow and says: Saale ghoor mat donno bhabhi hai teri. (Don’t stare… both are your sister in laws
Karan (unknowingly says): Mein toh teesri ko dekh raha hoon. (I’m looking at the 3rd one)
Laksh: Haii?
Karan: Ahh sorry… what… where are they?
Laksh: Ohho (teases)
Karan: abe…
Sanky: Will you guys stop??? Karan, jiske liye aaya hai voh toh kar…. (Karan do for what you came here)
Karan: Haan haan.
Sanky: swara Ragini He is karan and here is the ladies who are going to handle us!
Karan: Oh hiii!! Karan!! ?
Swara: Hi karan Swara….
Ragini: Hello?
Karan( to Akriti): hi Karan Singhania here….
Akriti: Akriti Khanna….

Swara asks sanky about them and he replies(in action): Don’t know!!
Laksh: If we are introduced then can we leave….
Karan: Yeah!
Swara and Sanskaar sit ahead while RagLak capture the last seat. Left are karan and Akriti. They have no choice but to be in the middle… They sit and Sanky says: Jaana kaha hai? (Where are we going?)
Karan is lost in Akriti who is a bit shy because of Karan’s behaviour… Sanky looks at Laksh from the rear view mirror and raises his eyebrows…. Laksh hits karan and says: Bhai bolega kaha jaana hai? (Will you say where Do we have to go?)
Karam: Ahh… (gets disturbed)….. Ahh Sanskaar take at some cafe na….
Sanky: Ohkay!
Sanskaar drives.
Laksh holds Ragini’s hand and writes: “I LOVE YOU” with his finger…. Ragini blushes and smiles.
Swara continuously sees Sanskaar while he drives. Sanskaar gets distracted and says(low tone): Ms. Gadodia stop staring me I’m getting distracted.
Swara: Really?
Sanskaar: Why will I lie?
Swara: It’s your problem you handle.
Sanskaar: Aisa nna bolo Jaaneman iss problem ka solution na nikale toh better hai… ( Don’t say like this Jaaneman. I won’t mind if there is no solution for this problem.. ?)
Swara: Achha Jii?
Sanskaar winks…
Swara: Now drive ?
Karan stares Akriti and wishes to start his conservation… Suddenly Akriti says: So where are you set up?
He gets confused with such action and he stammers in his words.

Karan: A…a..a..a…. i….. I’m…. I’m in Bangalore with my family. ?
Akriti: Ohh…..
Karan: and you?
Akriti: I? I’m here only with Lavanya and Kritika Di….
Karan: Now who are they?
Akriti: Oh you never met them… Lavanya is my best friend and Kritika Di is her elder sister….
Karan: Oh Nice….

Karan is about to say something when Sanky interrupts and says: Bhai we have reached.
Karan: Thanks for telling (in mind) and disturbing my convo!
They get down and take table which is isolated from other tables. SwaSan and RagLak and Karan Akriti sit together.
Karan: Guys before you start let me warn you both
Swara: warn?
Karan: Yes. You both be ready because you aren’t human. You are marrying two lazy monsters ??
Ragini: Huh?
Karan: yeah. This Laksh! He is the king in being lazy…. You know what he used to make me do all his homework projects and stuff!!
Sanky(laughs hard): Yeah Karan I remember. Lucky would never do anything at home and the next day he used to be behind you….
Karan: Don’t laugh. I have about you too….
Sanky: Mee? What did I do?
Karan:What did you do?? Who used to make paper planes in class and throw it on the teacher and then blame me!?
Swara: Haww Sanskaar you used to this!??
Sanskaar: Swara you are believing in him.
Swara: Yup. Because only few people know about your secrets. Hence…..
Laksh: Bhai I’m lucky in this matter. No complains. See Ragini is so sweet.
Ragini: Laksh! If I’m silent it doesn’t means that I’ll not complain.
Laksh: Ragini tum bhi!?
Ragini: Ji haan. As Swara said only best friends know each other’s secrets…. ??
Laksh: Very funny.
Ragini: Same to you.
Karan: Stop fighting you both and have this coffee..
They have fun over there because of Karan and his tales. Before leaving Laksh says: Our friend and loyal to them! Waah bhai waah.
Karan: Ikr!?
They laugh and get back in the car….. While going Akriti slips because of her heels and Karan rushes to save her.
Karan: How did you fall?
Akriti says nothing and Karan sees her high heels….
Karan: Offooo these girls and their 9 inches heels…. Why do wear them?
Akriti: Arre. We like that’s why we wear.
Karan: And then fall like this.
Akriti: Hello mister I slipped because you are continuously roaming behind me. I got conscious. Bas that’s it.
SwaSan and RagLak raise their eyebrows and have a naughty smile on their faces.. Akriti stares her badly. He gets scared and makes a afraid expression. They all sit and Sanskaar drives back.

Next Part: SwaRagini Fight and Lavanya ‘s plan is successful.

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