Swaragini The Soul Sisters( Chapter 35)


Chapter 35

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Kritika gets a surprise by Parvati when she reveals that her marriage is sponsored by both the families.
SwaRagini room
Swara is busy removing her jewellery and stuff when Ragini comes.
Swara: What happened. Why are you staring me like this.
Ragini: Swara if you…….
Swara: Ragini, I don’t want that topic to be out again. Please. Just leave it.
Ragini: Phir bhi Swara.
Swara: There’s no point in talking about the past or even thinking about it.
Ragini: okay my philosophical sister!
She laughs.

Swara: Leave this. See na this earring is not removing. Help me…
Ragini: Arre buddhu. Wait.
She removes it.
Swara: Fast.
Ragini: Ikr!??
Swara: don’t show off…
Ragini: I will. Problem?
Swara: Ummm.. nooo not at all. My sister is the best dramebaaz.
She hits her on her head. Swara’s phone rings. She sees Sanskaar’s name. Ragini takes the phone and picks up. She keeps the phone on speaker.
Sanskaar: Ehh Jaaneman!
Swara: ?
Ragini: Sanskaar…. before speaking please check if it’s your Swara on the phone or her sister.
Sanskaar is shocked.
Sanskaar: Bahen Maaf kardo. Give the phone to Swara please.
Ragini: Don’t say please. I won’t come between you. ??
Swara: Ragini(hits her)
She leaves.
Swara: Ji janab boliye.
Sanskaar: Pahli bolti na Ragini hai.
Swara: Arre she took the phone before I could even answer your call…. Phone kyun kiya?
Sanskaar: Achha. So from now I must call you with some reason?
Swara: No re. I thought you had some work.
Sanskaar: Waah. ?

Swara: Arre.
Sanskaar: I’m missing you like hell. ?
Swara: Achha?
Sanskaar: Yes. Unbelievable na?
Swara: Yes.
Sanskaar: Okay so come on the window and see.
She goes and sees Sanky standing there.
Swara: You? Here?

Sanskaar: See… how much I’m missing you.
Swara: Arre say na.
Sanskaar: I’m saying. We went half way and then came back.
Swara: yeah. I can see. Now what ahead?
Sanskaar: Ummm now can we go for a coffee?? ☕
Swara: Sanskaar, we are going to get engaged. Kitna kaam hai.
Sanskaar: Arre toh hone waale pati ke liye time nahi nikal sakti. (Jokes)
Swara: Yes I can but…
Sanskaar: But what?
Swara: But to be husband ke saath engagement hi memorable ho isliye nahi aa sakti.
Sanskaar: Okay baba. No one can defeat you. Prepare and do whatever you want to.
Swara: Haan.
Sanskaar: Bye …

Swara: Bye Sanskaar.
They cut the call.
Ragini is in the kitchen making something for herself when some one throws a paper on her face. She is amazed. Later she realises that it’s Laksh. She reads: make two cups of whichever juice you are making.
He comes from the window and s her. She looses her balance and slips. But he holds. They have a eyelock.
Parvati calls: Ladoo.
They both fumble and Ragini says: Daadimaa.
Laksh: Now What to do???
Ragini: What what to do? We are dead.
Laksh: Hushhh….. negative person! Just hide me somewhere and you go out.
Ragini: Yes I will hide you as if you are some ball or spoon. (Purely sarcastic ?)
Laksh: nice idea though.
Ragini: We will implement it later. Not now please. Hide na somewhere….
She panics….
Laksh: Arrr best idea. I’ll hide here only. (Near the gas stove)
Ragini: Yes then there will be a big bomb blast when she comes here.
Laksh: So behind the fridge??
Ragini: You are not a spoon.
Laksh: Arre haan then where will I fit.
They look here and there and Ragini says: There….. Go go… (she pushes him towards the window) Go go quickly.
Laksh: Aaram ae mera babu. Olympics mein nahi jaana hai tumhe. (Calm down sweetheart. You are not going in Olympics)
Ragini: I know that. But once Daadimaa sees us then roz bhaagna padega. Now just leave na…
Laksh: Kissy please.
She pushes him and he falls on the other side. While pushing him few utensils fall down and a loud bang is heard.

Parvati comes in and Ragini resumes with her work. Parvati: What was that noise?
Ragini: Nothing. Three utensils fell. (Picks them)
Parvati: Okay. Achha laado please make one cup of tea for me. I’m very tired.
Ragini: Yes.
She leaves. Ragini runs towards the window and says: Lakk….sh…..
Laksh is shown in a very bad state. His white shirt was brown by then. He gets up after removing dust from his hands and says: Who pushes her to be husband like this?
Ragini: Sorry. I had no other option.
Laksh: Forgiving you this time. But if this happens again then you will be punished.
Ragini: ??… So this is my angry Laksh.
Laksh: Kuch aisa hi samjho.

Ragini: ??… Now you go or else this will happen again.
Laksh: I will but one kissy please.
He bends forward. Ragini pushes his nose back with her finger and says: All this will be after marriage. First legally make me yours then all this.
Laksh: Nautanki?
Ragini: think whatever you like.
He gives a flying kiss and leaves.
Mishti takes Kritika and Lavanya to a room which is next to SwaRagini’s.
Later at night, Swaragini are trying some jewellery when mishti enters the room. She sees their daughters and gets emotional. Ragini sees her and asks her to come in.
Ragini: Maa, What happened? Why are you crying?
Mishti (wipes her tears): Nothing beta. Just a emotion of a mother.

Ragini: Common maa. Say na.
Mishti(smiles): I never realised when did my lazy Ragini grew up so much that she is going to get married in few days.
Swara: And what about me ??
Mishti: What can i say except cursing my fate. Destiny separated us. But we met. And now again Sanskaar will take you from me.
Swara: Shhh… Maa don’t say that again. (She cries and hugs her)
Ragini: Any place for me!??

She too hugs her.
Ragini: Maa… please sing that rhyme which you used to sing when I was small. (To swara) Swara Maa sings very sweetly.
Swara: Arre buddhu isliye toh hum itna achhe se gaate hai. ?
Ragini: Point.
Mishti: My babies stop fighting. And listen both the families have decided that Kritika’s marriage will be sponsored by us. So she will live with us till the marriage is over. Are you both okay with it?
Ragini-Swara: Yes Maa…

Ragini: now sing please.
Mishti: Achha baba come.
The girls quickly jump on the bed and take their positions. Mishti goes and sits near swara. She starts singing :

Chandaniya chup jaana re
Chan bhar ko luk jaana re
Neendiya aankhon mein aaye
Bitiya meri so jaaye

Neendiya aankhon mein aaye
Bitiya meri so jaaye
Leke godh mein sulaaun
Gaaun raat bhar sunaaun
Main lori lori
Ho main lori lori

They fall asleep. Mishti smiles kisses them and make them sleep comfortably.
Lavanya who was present outisde the room saw this moment and got emotional. She misses her parents and cries. Mishti leaves.

Laksh goes to Sanky who was waiting for him. Sanky sees him from top to bottom and says: now what have you done to yourself?
Laksh: Nothing bro. Just the rewards of getting married.
Sanky: Now let’s leave quickly or else we will get a BIG REWARD at home.
They both leave.

Lavanya runs in her room. She wipes her tears and thinks: I know I’m doing wrong by lying to all of you but what can i do. I’m doing this for my love. For the person who is my entire world. ? Ragini I don’t know how will I separate you both, but i will do it. Sooner or later. Before you become Ragini Maheshwari I’ll take your place. May be not in Laksh’s heart but at least in his house and among his family members. I’ll make place for myself.
Kritika sees her standing and calls her in.
Kritika: Bahen, sona nahi hai.

Lavanya: Arre yes di. I was just lost somewhere.
Kritika: Okay. Come sleep. We need to get up early tomorrow.
She goes and all three girls sleep. (Akriti is also living with them.)

//Maheshwari Mansion//
All reach there when Sujju says: Yeh Sanskaar aur Laksh kathe rahe gaye? ( Where are the boys)
AP: Sujata they were behind us. Now where are they?
Sujju starts speaking when they both come.

Sujju: Here they are. What happened to Laksh?
Sanky: Nothing Maa… Our car stopped in the middle.
Sujju: Achha theek hai.
AP: I am thinking that we must start the preparations from now. And now we are bringing 3 Bahus and not 2. (She stresses on 3 and looks at Adarsh)
Dp: Yes Annapurna. We will divide everything among ourselves.
Sujju: Bhaisa i will take care of the food. Rest you all decide.
Everyone laugh and they take up their own work. SanLak are going in their room when Laksh says: It’s the time to call karan
Sanskaar: Yes. I’ll call him on our engagement day.
Laksh: engagement day? Call him now. If he comes to know from someone else na then we both are dead. Call him. And speaker par rakhiyo.
Sanskaar: Ohkay okay.

He calls someone.
Sanky: Hello karan.
Karan: Sanskaar!?? After so many days. Suddenly. What happened?
Sanky: The day for which you waited for so many years has came.
Karan: Don’t tell me please. You are getting married. Are you kidding me?
Sanky: Unfortunately no. And Adarsh bhaiya is also getting married.
Karan: Oh My God!!! ….. Adarsh too!.. So who is the one whose gonna handle you and bhaiya?
Sanky: Oye ! Not me but Laksh also.
Karan: He got someone? Now you might be joking.
Sanky: again no.
Karan: Arre baa re. So again tell me whose gonna handle you three monsters.
Sanky: Very curious.
Karan: Obviously I am. YOU THREE are getting married. What’s can be more curious than this. Now tell naa.
Sanky: Meet them on the engagement day.
Karan: AND when’s that?

Sanky: Day after tomorrow.
Karan: ?? so early. What about your bachelor party yrr?
Sanky: Will plan it sometime later.
karan: disappointing answer. Still I’m excited. So wait for me day after tomorrow. I’ll come with a BANG!!! Or wait. I’ll come tomorrow only. Why to wait for 2 days.
Sanky: Okay then. Bye.
Karan: Bye.
They cut the call.
Laksh: Sanskaar…. (yawns) I’m sleepy. Will talk tomorrow morning.
Sanky: We both fall in the same category. I’m also sleepy. Good Night.
Laksh: Same to you.

Next part: Karan is shown. Lavanya plan again. Karan meet SwaRagini and Akriti.

Karan’s character is played by Arjun Bijlani.
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