Swaragini The Soul Sisters( Chapter 34)


Chapter 34 :
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Everyone is shocked when Adarsh agrees to what Lavanya said. AP becomes stern and says: enough! Whatever you wanted to do you did. Now it’s my decision. You will do whatever I’ll decide. (To everyone) We were going to welcome 2 daughter in laws but now we will have 3. And that is Kritika. Adarsh will marry Kritika.
All are shocked. But Dp Sujju RP support her.
Lavanya: Aunty!?
AP: I can understand you and that’s why I’m saying this. My son did this so it’s my duty to rectify his mistake.
Adarsh: Maa what are you saying? How I can I marry her?
AP: I’m saying what is true. And I’m not asking you. I’m telling that you have to marry Kritika and accept your son. I don’t know anything else.
Dp: Annapurna is correct. If we are at fault we will correct it. (To Kritika -keeps her hand on her head) You will be the eldest daughter in law of our house.
Kritika closes her eyes.
Lavanya: You all are saying what you felt was correct but once ask Di if she is ready to accept this relation or not.
Kritika: Lavanya, I will be grateful to be a part of such a family who readily trusts an unknown girl rather than their own son. Ain’t I lucky to have them?
Lavanya smiles and the sisters hug. SwaSan and RagLak too hug each other.
Dp signs AP and she takes them to the sofa. She does all the rituals again. Adarsh leaves her hand the moment AP is done. Kritika feels bad.
Dp: Shekhar Ji please call the pandit.
Shekhar: Ji.
The pandit enters by then and all greet him. The elders sit and start planning the things. SwaSan and RagLak romance silently which irks Lavanya. Kritika comes and stands beside Adarsh but he maintains distance.
Kritika: You have no choice but to accept me.
Adarsh: I’m doing this because I’m forced too. Or else I would have never looked upon you.
She gets upset and leaves from there. Lavanya goes behind her.
Sanskaar holds Swara’s hand and she tickles him continuously.
Swara: Sanskaar next time you hold my hand and see what will I do.
Sanskaar: What?
She pinches him and he shouts but Swara covers her mouth. RagLak giggle.
Swara: Control Mr. Sanskaar or else everyone will see us.
Sanskaar: Let them see. I’m romancing with my wife. It’s not illegal.
Swara: Wife??
Sanskaar: To be wife……
Swara: better…
They smile.
Ragini: Laksh.
Laksh: Yes Princess.
Ragini: I’m hungry. I need to eat something.
Laksh: Princess, what do you want To eat???
Ragini: What will you give me to eat!?
Laksh: Whatever I can cook?
Ragini(sarcastic): And what can you cook?
Laksh: Ummm…….
Ragini: Nothing!? Right?
Laksh: Yes. ?
Ragini: ?

Elders stand up and the Pandit leaves.
Dp: Shekhar Ji now we shall leave. Parso sagai hai. ? We need to prepare for that.
SwaSan and RagLak get happy while Adarsh is furious.
Parvati: please leave after we perform the aarti.
The moment Akriti hears this she messages Lavanya. Lavanya and Kritika come down.
All go towards the house temple. Akriti goes to Kritika and Lavanya goes and hides behind the house temple without anyone letting notice. Akriti thinks: Sorry Di. I have to do this.
….. She purposely stamps on her dupatta. She falls and her hand bleeds. She shouts . All turn and run towards her.
Akriti: Di!??
Adarsh bends to help her but he realizes their differences and steps back. They make her stand and sit on the sofa. Ragini gets the first aid box. Swara does the dressing.
Here Lavanya goes inside the Mandir and changes the oil in the diya with petrol. She leaves from there.
Swara: What happened? How did you fall?
Kritika: I don’t know Swara. I just saw Akriti and something happened and I fell.
Sujju: Are you fine beta? Shall we call the doctor?
Kritika: No Aunty. I’m fine.
Parvati: Now can we start the aarti.
Dp: Yes.
They again go. Lavanya silently comes from behind and stands. Swara Ragini Kritika are standing behind Mishti who is going to start the aarti. Mishti takes the matchbox when Swara feels something slippery beneath her leg. She bends down touches and smells it. She gets up hurriedly and shouts: Maaaa…..
Mishti who was about to lit the diya fumbles and the matchstick falls from her hand. She pulls her to one side. All are confused at Swara’s action.
Swara: Maa aap theek ho na. Aapko kuch hua toh nahi.
Shekhar: What will happen to her? She is absolutely fine. See. But suddenly what happened to you? Why did you shout?
Swara: kyunki diye mein petrol hai tel nahi. (Because diya has petrol and not oil)
All the amazed and shocked.
Parvati: What are you saying Swara?
Swara: Yes Daadi. I felt something slippery here. And I smelled it. It’s petrol. I know you all won’t believe. Let me show it to you.
She takes the matchbox and goes to lit the diya. Sanskaar rushes and pulls her.
Sanskaar (shouts): Pagal ho kya? Who told you to do such experiments!??
Ragini: Wahi toh swara. Kisna kaha tha yeh sab karne ke liye.
Parvati hugs her and says: Agar tu nahi hoti you aaj pata nahi kya ho jaata.
She blesses her. Shekhar and Ragini too hug her.
Sujju: Parvati ji, aaj ki aarti rahne dijiye.
Parvati: Magar….
Dp: Sujata sahi bol rahi hai. Sagai ki bahut tayraayian karni hai.
Shekhar: Yes Dp Ji. So we all will meet day after tomorrow.
Dp: Yes.
They leave. Sanskaar stands at the gate and winks at Swara while Laksh gives her a flying kiss before leaving. The sisters blush.

Swara: Maa Papa forget whatever happened. Now more important is the engagement. And we must concentrate on It.
Parvati: Haan Swara. But it seems as if you are more excited about your marriage??
Swara: Arre Dadi mera voh matlab nahi Tha.
Parvati: Haan Swara mein sab matlab samajhti hoon. ?
All laugh.
Kritika: Achha uncle now we should also leave.
Shekhar: where are you going? Your engagement is also day after tomorrow.
Kritika: Then too uncle. We will prepare from our side.
Mishti: Uski koi zaroorat nahi hai.
Kritika: matlab?
Parvati: That means Adarsh and your marriage is sponsored by both the families.
Kritika: What!??
Parvati: Yes beta. Dp ji and we all have decided that your marriage will be sponsored by us.
Kritika: Thank You Uncle. Thanks a lot.
She hugs them.
Mishti: Kritika now you will stay with us until your marriage. Come I’ll show your room. Lavanya you also come.
All leave and go in their respective rooms

Next Part: the engagement party. ?

Okay so finally the wedding preparations have started. Phew!!!

Please please it’s a request you guys keep suggesting me for karan’s character. I got only two names.

**Spilling the beans **
Karan is paired opposite Akriti (smriti khanna) so please keep that in mind tooo.

Please suggest it’s a request. ?

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