Swaragini The Soul Sisters( Chapter 33)

Chapter 33

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Next Morning
Preparations are in full swing in both the houses. Swaragini are excited as well as nervous for ther day. SanLak cant wait for the special moment. Lavanya and party comes. Mishti sends them to SwaRagini’s room just to help them in getting ready. They go. Swara and Ragini are shown getting ready. Swara wears a black and golden dress teamed up with golden earrings. Whereas Ragini is wearing light pink jacket style anarkali. Kritika comes and hugs them. Lavanya shows fake smilsmile happiness and hugs them. Akriti also congratulates them. The sisters get ready with their help.
Soon Maheshwari’s also come. SanLak take blessings from everyone. AP introduces everyone to Adarsh. He too touches their feet and sits . SanLak start searching for SwaRagini by looking here and there.
Parvati sees this and says: Beta They both are upstairs. Wait for two minutes. We will call them.
They laugh and SanLak feel shy as they are caught. Parvati signs Mishti to get the girls. She goes. All the girls are in the room. Mishti comes and is surprised by their looks. Swara is shown. Her hair is on to one side pleated in a fishtail braid. Ragini is shown. Her look is completed by her danglers and with her hair all straight with few curls at the end.

Mishti: You both are looking beautiful…..
Ragini: Maa all credit goes to them. (Points at Kritika and Lavanya)
Mishti: thank you beta.
Kritika: Arre Aunty don’t waste time in these formalities. Take them down. They all must be waiting and getting impatient….
SwaRagini smile. Mishti takes them down. Kritika too goes with them. Lavanya gets angry on seeing all the preparations.
Akriti: Are you sure you want to do this.
Lavanya: what do you mean by if I am sure. I’m 100% sure that’s why I’m saying this.
Akriti: But Lavanya it’s too dangerous. What if someone is hurt?
Lavanya: I don’t care. Even if someone dies then also I don’t care. I can do anything to get Laksh.

Mishti and Kritika are taking SwaRagini down when suddenly Kritika says: Aunty I forgot my phone inside. I’ll get it.
She goes and enters the room.
Kritika: You both are here.
Lavanya: Ya we were just checking if anything is left her or not. You know may be Aunty needs it and it’s here.
Kritika: Ohkayy. Where is my phone? Have you seen it?
Akriti gives And say: It’s here.
She takes and says to Lavanya: listen Lavanya if Swara has forgiven you it doesn’t mean that you will start with your drama again. I’m your sister. If a love you then I will scold you also. There is nothing kept in all this… Snatching someone won’t help you at all. It may give you happiness but that will be temporary. Yesterday I came here so that I could apologize to Swara. Without knowing the truth, I thought that she left us and just went from the hospital. I misunderstood her. But today I will do that.
Lavanya is shocked as she fears that if she does that her truth will be out. She says: Di What’s the need of you to apologise. Swara would feel bad if you apologise.
Kritika: No. It was my mistake. And I will do that.
She is about to leave when Aryan starts crying.
Kritika: Arre give him. Mera bachha.
Lavanya: Di should i help?
Kritika: Arre nahi nahi. Give him 5 minutes. He will stop crying now. Don’t worry. He is with his mother!
Lavanya: Okay Di.
Kritika: You both go down. Aunty might be waiting for us.
They leave.

Mishti enters the hall with the girls. All turn and are spell bound after looking at them. Laksh Sanskaar keep staring at them and as a result of which their mouths open. ?
Sujju sees them. She goes near them and whispers: Are you seeing them for the first time??
She raises her eyebrows… They compose themselves and turn their faces. SwaRagini sees this and try controlling their laughter. They come and take everyone’s blessings. AP and Sujju compliment them.
Lavanya and Akriti are coming down when Lavanya stops amd says: Now!? Now what we do. If Di will go to Swara then my truth will be out.
Akriti: Think something Lavanya or else we both are gone.
Lavanya: I will. But for now let’s go down and I’ll start my plan.
Mishti sees them and says: You both. Why are you standing there? Come here.
Sujju: yeh donno?
Parvati: Yeh Swara ki dost hai.
Lavanya: Aunty Swara ki aur Laksh ki bhi.
Parvati: Haan meri Maa. Laksh ki bhi dost! Bas? Khush??
Lavanya nods.
AP: so now Can we start??
Parvati: Of course.
AP: Ji. Swara Ragini beta come here.
She makes them sit beside Sanky And Laksh. AP goes to Laksh And Ragini while Sujju to Sanky And Swara. AP takes Laksh and Ragini’s hand and places them on top of each other. Lavanya fumes at this sight. Sujju does the same. They do their aarti and put a tilak on their foreheads. They complete the other rituals. Lavanya is jealous seeing their hands together, shagun on her lap and dupatta on her forehead. Swara and Sanskaar look at each other and smile. They have an eyelock. RagLak notice this. They smile.

Dp: Shekhar Ji shall we call the pandit to finalise everything.
Shekhar: Yes… I have informed him. He will come here any time.
Parvati: Pandit Ji will come and now you all come. Let’s have some food.
All go towards the dining table. They sit and SwaRagini serve them food along with Lavanya and Akriti. Swara serves Sanskaar. He holds her hand below the table. She tries hiding her expressions and struggles to free herself.
Ragini serves Sujju and then goes towards Laksh. Lavanya sees her and rushes towards him. Both end up being near her. Laksh sees Lavanya but turns to Ragini’s side. She serves him. They smile and Laksh winks. Ragini stares him and signs him not to do that. Laksh gives a naughty grin. Lavanya closes her fist in anger.
Shekhar sees SwaSan and coughs. ???
Shekhar: Swara sirf Sanskaar ko hi khaana dogi?? Humme bhi bhook lagi hai.
They feel embarrassed. Swara starts giving them the food. All smile and have food. After the lunch they again assemble in the hall.

Kritika puts Aryan to sleep. She thinks of going down after checking that Aryan is asleep. She leaves. While walking she corrects her dress. She walks down the stairs when she is shocked to see someone from the Maheshwari Family.
Kritika: You!???
All turn. Adarsh is shocked to see her. She goes near her and says: What the hell are you doing here?
Parvati: What are you saying? Laksh ke Bhai hai voh.
Kritika: What!? How are people accepting this relation when this cheat is present. (Points at Adarsh)
Sanky: Di What what are you saying? What has bhaiya done??
Kritika: Sanskaar the person whom you are supporting is actually responsible for my condition.
All are shocked!!!

Parvati: What rubbish!
Kritika: Aunty I’m not lying. This man is behind everything that happened to me. He seems to be innocent but his true face is seen only by me. (To Shekhar) Uncle please think before you agree for the marriage. This man…..
Sujju: But what has he done that you are accusing him.
Kritika is so choked with emotions that she is unable to speak. Lavanya sees her and stands beside her to speak for her. She says everything. They are shocked.
Parvati: Chupp! Bahut bakwaas kar li. (Shut up! You have spoken too much) now take your son and get out.
She is shocked and so are others.. AP looks at Adarsh who seems to be quite disturbed after Kritika’s statement.
Parvati: I said leave…… (Holds her hand) you won’t go like this.
She drags her when AP comes in front and stops her.
AP: One minute Parvati Ji. Before doing anything at least listen what is she saying.
Parvati: You are supporting her? She is accusing your son and you….
AP: I’m doing this because I think whatever she said is true.
Laksh: Maa? What are you saying? And how can you be sure??
AP: Laksh you all were listening to her but I noticed Adarsh. Look at him. His face is saying that he is wrong.
He is shocked..

AP: (goes to him with kritika) Adarsh is she saying the truth? Adarsh I asked something.
He is silent.
AP (shouts): Adarsh reply.
Adarsh: Yes Maa.
Kritika cries. AP slaps him hard. All others are shocked. Dp loses his balance but Shekhar Laksh and Sanskaar hold him.
Laksh: Papa…. (holds him)
AP: What have you done?? Do you have any idea what kind of insult have you done to her. How can you spoil someone’s life? And how did this happen.
Adarsh: Maa voh…

Few months back Adarsh and Kritika meet in one of their common friend’s party. They start with getting introduced and soon become friends. Slowly slowly they fall for each and start meeting. They go on dates outings movies etc.
One day they meet in one hotel at a party. They both are present there till late night. Since it’s night they plan to stay there. Later that night they get intimate and next morning Adarsh leaves the hotel before she wakes up.
Kritika reaches her home somehow and after few days she comes to know that she is pregnant. She tries informing him but he ignores her. She even tries meeting him but he insults her and refuses to accept either her or his baby.
**Flashback ends**

He is looking down. Dp controls himself and says: Adarsh I am ashamed to call you as my son.
Kritika falls down crying. Lavanya Swara Ragini go to her. Lavanya also cries. SwaRagini get teary eyed.
AP: Look at her. What have you done.
Laksh Sanskaar stare him. AP sees Kritika, wipes her tears and says: enough! Whatever you wanted to do you did. Now it’s my decision.

Next Part: AP’s decision shocks everyone. Swara and Ragini’s wedding preparations start.

Mysterious decisions. Guess what did she decide.
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