Swaragini The Soul Sisters( Chapter 32)


Chapter 32: Accepted!!
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RagLak hug each other when someone says:” Ahem Ahem”
They get apart and are shocked to see SwaSan standing there. The sisters see each other and run to hug each other.
Swaragini plays…
SanLak see them as they don’t move for seconds. Laksh goes tO Sanskaar and says: Bhai now it’s our turn. They both will take time. SwaRagini break the hug and stare their boys angrily. They laugh and hug each other for few minutes. The girls laugh. ?? SwaSan RagLak get together.
Ragini: Now What??
Laksh: We surprised you with so much you want more??Greedy Girl.
Ragini hits him: I’m asking if we are going back home or not??
Sanskaar: Yes we four our going home.
Swara: So what are we waiting for???
SanLak: nothing.
SwaRagini: Toh chalo….
They sit in their respective cars and head to SwaRagini mansion. They reach and enter only to find few new faces sitting there.
Swara: Maa!
All turn and the boys see their family sitting and waiting for them. Girls don t know them and hence they don’t react. But they are unaware of the fact that their In-Laws are present there. Parvati Mishti are shocked to see Ragini in that dress. Shekhar notices a ring on Swara’s finger.

//Throwing some light on the Maheshwari’s //
DurgaPrasad Maheshwari: Head of the family. Successful businessman. (DP)
Annapurna Maheshwari: Wife of Dp (AP)
Ram Prasad Maheshwari: Dp’s younger brother. (RP)
Sujata Maheshwari: Wife of Rp. (Sujju)
Adarsh Maheshwari: elder son of Dp. Still single.
Laksh Maheshwari: Younger son of Dp (Lucky)
Sanskaar Maheshwari: Elder son of Rp.
Rp and Sujju had a daughter named uttara but she does in a accident.
//They are the Maheshwari’s //
Here present are only DP AP RP AND SUJJU.

All stand when Shekhar says: Beta come here. Why are you standing there. They go and stand beside their parents.
Shekhar: Beta this is the Maheshwari family.
SwaRagini fold their hands and greet them: Namaste.
Parvati: Arre Shekhar introduce them.
Shekhar: Arre Haan. (To Dp) DurgaPrasad Ji they are my daughters – Swara and Ragini.
Dp: Namaste beta.
Shekhar: And he is dp Laksh’s father.
One by one the introduction is made and everyone bless the girls. They all sit and start talking about each other’s business when Sanskaar messages swara: //How was the last surprise??//
Swara: //You meet me outisde and I’ll show you// ??
Sanskaar://abhI?/ /
Swara gets angry and stares him.
Dp: Shekhar Ji we all are aware of our children’s feelings. So I think our conversation must be direct. I, DurgaPrasad Maheshwari, am asking your daughters hand for my sons.
All smile.

Shekhar: Before I say anything I want my daughter’s reply. Let me ask them. Swara Ragini are you happy with this relation??
Swara: Papa only if you agree.
Ragini: Yes papa. Whatever is your decision is ours.
Shekhar: Arre beta what are you saying?? It’s about your marriage not mine. I have done one and I’m happy. ?
Mishti: Shekhar what are you saying?
Shekhar: JUST joking. Beta you both say. Are you happy??
Swara and Ragini nod. Laksh and Sanskaar smile.
Sujju: Arre Bhadhai Bhadhai ho.. (Takes the plate of sweets)
She goes to Mishti and stuffs one piece in her mouth.
Sujju: Mubarak ho sharmishtha Ji.
Mishti(after sustaining the sweet attack): Hi Sujata Ji. Aap bhi
They have sweets when AP stands And says: Parvati Ji everything is understood and I hope there is nothing to say or ask so with your permission can we bring shagun tomorrow.
Mishti: Tomorrow? So early. We have to make so many preparations.
Parvati: Arre Mishti you don’t take tension. Everything will be done. Annapurna Ji you can come tomorrow. We will be waiting for you.
AP: Ji…..
They greet each other and the Maheshwari’s are about to leave when Swara says: One minute….
All turn.

Shekhar: What happened beta. Any problem??
Swara: I just need to ask one thing if you permit(sees DP)
DP: Yes beta.
Swara: How did you came to know about us. I mean Sanskaar and me and Ragini and Laksh??
They all laugh and AP says: Beta few days before Sanskaar told us everything. The night when they came back after rescuing you we talked about this. I know my sons very well they will never lie to me. Hence we all planned this. When you all were out We came here and had a chat with your family……. So Swara was this a satisfactory answer??? ??
Swara shies and smiles. Gadodia’s accompany them till their cars. All sit in their car except the boys . Shekhar Mishti Parvati are near Dp’s car. Swara is near Sanskaar and Ragini near Laksh.
Sanskaar: Jaaneman I will come tomorrow again.
Swara: Theek hai future husband.
Sanskaar: Umm Very Fast.
Swara: Sanskaar tum bhi na.
They smile.

Laksh: Princess so how was your day with me??
Ragini: The Best Day❤ of My life.
Laksh winks. She blushes. Sanskaar quickly plants a kiss on Swara’s forehead without anyone letting notice. Laksh holds Ragini’s hand.
The elders cough in order to tease them. They get apart. Sanskaar and Laksh get in their car and drive away. They leave. Gadodia’s go back.
Swara: Papa how are they? I mean are they like you or strict?
Mishti: Swara you both don’t worry. They are as sweet as your parents. You both will be very happy there.
Parvati: Mishti, I never came knew that my Ragini so big that she is going to get married.
Ragini: Daadimaa….. (hugs her…. She gets teary eyed) Marriage is only fixed. Not happened.
Parvati: Phir bhi beta. You won’t get to know about this feeling until you become parents.
Swara: Uss mein bhi time hai Daadi. ?
All laugh.

Shekhar: TONIGHT sleep early. Because we need to do Many preparations.
Mishti: yes Shekhar. (To Parvati) Maa I’ll get your milk and medicines.
Parvati: Mishti Don’t get them. I took my medicines. Now go and sleep.
All go in their rooms. The girls change and Ragini lays on the bed. Ragini is lost in Laksh’s thought. Swara is at the window looking at the her ring. She recalls their moments. Suddenly she remembers about Lavanya and calls her.

// Calls//
Swara: Hello Lavanya…
Lavanya: Haan Swara.
Ragini too comes from behind. She keeps the phone speaker.
Swara: I’m veryy hapyyy today. I have 2 good news to tell.
Lavanya: Oh then say fast.
She tells everything.
Lavanya is happy as well as angry at RagLak’s alliance.
Lavanya(fakes her happiness): Oh that’s a great news Swara. Congrats!
Swara: What congrats. You need to come tomorrow with Akriti Di and Aryan.
Lavanya: I need to ask Di.
Swara: No need of asking. She will come.
Lavanya: then to Swara. She has not rested properly from many days. I can’t take a risk.
Swara: Okay. If it’s about her health I won’t pressurize you. But if possible please try to come.
Lavanya: I will try best.
Swara: You have to.
Lavanya: Yeah. Good Night
Swara: good night.

//cuts the call//
Swara: So dreamy girl now are you out of your dreams. (Teases)
Ragini: Shut up swara.
Swara: Let’s not waste time and sleep or else we will continue sleeping like Kumbhkaran??
Ragini laughs. They go and sleep.

// Maheshwari Mansion //
They reach. All are seated in the hall.
Sanskaar: Badepapa thanks for accepting our relations.
Dp: Sanskaar remember what had I said to you that day?? I said that I will comment on this only after meeting the girls and their family. And I made my opinion after meeting Shekhar Ji. I understood how their daughters are after meeting him. Such a humble person. And Swara Ragini they too are very obedient. We will be blessed to have them.
Sujju: Sahi kaha bhaisa. Yeh ghar toh dhanyaa ho gaya Inhe pakaar…..
They smile and go in their room to sleep. Laksh and Sanskaar are on their way to their room when they see their eldest brother coming down.
Laksh: Arre bhaiya where were You??
Adrash: Sorry yrrr. I had office work. So how was your day.
SanLak: Awesome.
Sanskaar: You will come tomorrow?? At swaragini’s place???
Adarsh: If time permits.
Sanskaar: Arre her such a diplomatic answer.
Adarsh: I’m not sure Sanskaar.
Laksh: Accha bhaiya so your work is more important than your brother’s life? Is this what we expected!?? (Does drama)
Adarsh hits him on his head and says: Nautanki (pulls his ears)
Laksh: Bhaiya come na. Please.
Adarsh:Okay baba. I will come with you guys… happy???
Laksh: Yeah.
Sanskaar: Of course…
Three of them go in their room.

Adarsh goes and starts working. Laksh is in his room. He thinks about Ragini and smiles. Sanskaar is also recalling all his moments with Swara. He lies on the bed and sleeps.
Lavanya tells Kritika about Swara’s message. She gets happy and decides to go at Gadodia Mansion the next day.
Lavanya: But Di you haven’t rested properly from past so many days. It’s better that you must rest.
Kritika: Arre Lavanya I will rest afterwards. But tomorrow’s function cannot be missed.
Lavanya: Okay.
She goes in her room and throws her phone in anger.
Lavanya: Think something Lavanya. You can’t let this happen. You have to stop this. Think something think.
She gets an idea after a while and smirks. She messages Akriti everything and she agrees to accompany her.
next part: SanLak and Maheshwari’s come with the shagun. Lavanya is adamant on getting Laksh. Kritika is shocked to see someone from the Maheshwari Family.

So the couples have romanced a lot now it’s time for the traditions..
Lately I have realised one thing that I never mentioned anything about Kritika. Her character is played by Akanksha Chamola (on screen parineeta).
Just leaking something: There will be a twist in the story by Kritika as her past will be dig up. So be ready for some thrill as there will be a high drama sequence unfolding.
Keep reading and do comment!!

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