Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 31


Chapter 31: Love Confessions ?
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Kritika comes and meets them leaving them shocked. She sits and signs Lavanya whether she asked told Swara everything. Lavanya nods and thinks: I am sorry Di. I am hiding this from you. I don’t have the guts to tell Swara. Please forgive me.

Swara Sara and Lavanya are shown aside.
Lavanya: Swara I want to tell something to you.
Swara: Say.
Lavanya: Swara I am very happy that you got your family.
Swara: Yeah. I’m on cloud nine. This is perfect yrr.? Ragini Sanskaar Papa Maa and Daadi. They are so loving and caring.
Lavanya thinks something and says: Swara whatever happened I hope it won’t change our friendship.
Swara: I’m not getting you.
Lavanya: Swara we were neighbours from past So many years. You had no clur4about your parents and my parents died when I was 2. From then we both lives like a family. Now you got them so this won’t make any difference in our friendship right? I hope we both will be friends like the way we were.
Akriti was noticing them and gets shocked when Swara gets angry. She thinks: Mar gaye?
Swara gets angry and says: What the hell are you saying? Are you out of your mind? I got my family so you think I will forget you??? Dumb. How will I forget you?
Lavanya: How will I know?
Swara: Common yrr. Please. Don’t think such nonsense.
Lavanya: Oh Thank You Swara.
Swara: What thank you??? You need to pay for your mistake?
Lavanya: Which mistake??
Swara: Which you did now!!
Lavanya: What’s my punishment?
Swara: Shopping??
Both laugh. She hugs her. Lavanya is relived and she shows a thumbs up to Akriti. She too smiles.

Swara runs to her and takes Aryan. She brings him to Ragini. The sisters play with the kid and Swara says about their shopping plan. Mishti agrees and Parvati says: Arre agar sab jaa rahe hai toh mein bhi chalu?
All in unison: Yeah.
The ladies leave. Coincidentally the boys were also present there. They meet in a perfume store. Swaragini and SanLak are present along with Lavanya , Akriti and Kritika. They greet each other. Ragini and Laksh get happy seeing each other but they realise their differences and their mood changes. All notice this. Lavanya and Akriti are standing behind them and get surprised seeing this. Lavanya gets happy.
Swara: You guys use ladies perfume???
They laugh and Sanskaar stares her. Laksh tries talking to Ragini but she avoids him. Frustrated he pulls Ragini out of the shop and takes her some where. Lavanya notices this and she follows them without anyone letting notice. Swara and Sanskaar are busy shopping and they don’t see this. Laksh pulls her and they exit the mall. Ragini asks him to stop and struggles to free herself. Everyone see them. Laksh stops when they reach the parking area. Ragini jerks her hand and she moves apart from him.
Ragini: Laksh!!! Leave me.
Laksh: I won’t. And I will not.
Ragini: Why? What’s your problem???
Laksh: You tell me your problem. What the hell has happened to you. Why are you doing this? Stop ignoring me. Please . Forgive me?
Ragini: Why Laksh? Why should I do it? Why should I forgive you? Who are you to me?
Laksh: Because I LOVE YOU damn it!!!!!! ?????????❤❤
Ragini gets shocked and so does Lavanya who was hearing them hiding behind a pillar. She texts Akriti to come down. Soon she comes.
Laksh hugs Ragini and cries…..
Har kissi ko( Boss)…. plays.
Ragini cries and hugs him back. Laksh apologizes to her….
Laksh: I’m sorry Ragini. This is my last mistake. Please forgive me…..
Ragini: It’s okay Laksh. I was also at fault. I’m also sorry…..
Laksh: No it was my mistake.
Ragini: No it was mine.
Laksh: I said na… I…
Ragini: Laksh…… (cries and hugs more passionately)
They are in each other’s embrace when suddenly Ragini’s phone ring…. Swara Sara and Sanksaar are done with their shopping and Swara calls her. Sanksaar comes from behind and takes her phone. Ragini picks the phone.

Swara: Arre what are you doing?
Sanskaar: Chup. Just 15 mins come with me and then call the entire world.
Swara: I’m calling Ragini. Give me my phone.

He cuts the call.
Laksh: What happened?
Ragini: Swara called then Sanskaar took the phone. He said that 15 mins be with me. He disconnected the phone. I don’t know.
Laksh: Ah I know! What will happen now. (Smiles)
Ragini: What are you brothers planning???
Laksh: You will get to know….

Sanskaar takes Swara to some place. A garden… A table is kept in the middle with flowers on It. A passage is made with rose petals leading to the table. Sanskaar holds Swara and walks with her on the path. Swara is amazed. They reach near the table. Sanskaar bends down and holds her hand.
Swara: Sanskaar What’s this??
Sanskaar: Swara, the day I met you my life changed. The day I started liking you my heart started beating faster. The day we hugged I gave my heart to you. The day my heart was yours I started loving you. ❤ I don’t about yesterday but whatever I know it’s just that I’m yours. You are ruling my heart from day one. I don’t care about the world all I care about is just you? ….. Will you accept this relation and this Sanskaar Maheshwari. Will you become Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari?? Will you??
Swara gets emotional and a tear skips her eyes.
Sanskaar : Arre don’t cry. I’m just proposing. Vidaai baad mein hai.
She laughs and Sanskaar waits for her reply.
Sanskaar: Jaldi bol. My knees are paining.
Swara: can’t you bear this much pain for me??
Sanskaar: Arre jaaneman tere liye toh puri duniya se lad. Saare dard sahen kar loo.
Swara: Mr.Maheshwari speak in English. Don’t copy Bollywood. Doesn’t suits you?
Sanskaar: Haan to say.
Swara: Ummm…… Let me thinks. (Frees her hand and walks in some direction)
Sanskaar: Arre Jaaneman where are you going?
Swara turns and throws the plate ,kept near her, full of rose petals towards him and laughs. Sanskaar is surprised.
Swara shouts: Yes yesssss. Yessas.. …. it’s a biiggg yess??
Sanskaar: Oh yes?
he jumps and lifts her.
Piya o re piya plays… (Tere naal love ho gaya)
Sanskaar brings her down and they go near the table. He asks her to search for a surprise kept in those petals. She puts her hands and starts searching until she finds a small box.
Sanskaar: Open and see it.
She opens and sees a ring in it. ???
He takes it and again bends down. Swara gives her hand and he puts the ring on her finger. They smile.
Sanskaar: There’s one more surprise for you.
Swara: What?
He points towards a pole with a small camera attached to it. She is confused. He explains that all this was actually planned by the brothers for their lady loves. . Laksh Ragini Shomi Parvati Kritika Lavanya and Akriti were seeing this through the camera. After Ragini called them and Sanskaar took Swara ,Laksh called Kritika and got them to the basement. They all were sitting in SanLak’s car and watching the video. All smile.
Swara: So they know everything?
Sanskaar: Yup.
Swara: Something more?
Sanskaar: JUST one thing. Come.
He takes her in his car and they leave.
Ragini: Not a bad idea Mr.Laksh. Romantic idea I must say (in a low tone)
Laksh: You be ready for your surprise. (To Mishti) Aunty with your mind permission can I take your daughter out for few hours.
Mishti: Of course beta. But please return soon.
All smile except Lavanya. She closes her fist in anger. Akriti consoles her. They get down from the car RagLak leave.
Swara: so now what??
Sanskaar: Last Surprise.
Swara: Oh my God!! Really?
Sanskaar: Come with me.

Laksh and Ragini reach at some hill top. A big ground with a small tent in a far corner. Ragini sees the arrangements. She is surprised. Laksh offers his hand. Ragini gives her hand and he takes her in middle of that ground.
Laksh: Before I start, my babu come with me.
He takes her to the tent. They enter and Ragini sees a wrapped up box. She opens it and finds a dress. Laksh asks her to wear it and come out. He goes out. She wears the dress and goes out. Her face is only shown. She goes and Laksh is no where to be seen. She calls for him when she finds another box kept near her legs. She opens it and sees a paper. She opens it and reads
// Keep Walking until you find your love //
Ragini smiles and she walks in straight direction. She thinks: Pagal hai yeh Ladka.
Suddenly she sees a small heart with rose petals. She bends and touches it. Another paper shown. She takes and opens it.
// Top near. Few more steps//
she walks again. Suddenly a gun shot is heard. She gets shocked and turns. The moment she turns rose petals are thrown in her. Laksh is shown standing there laughing at Ragini’s amazed face. Her dress is shown. Laksh is mesmerized by her beauty. ??
Ragini is shown wearing a long peach colour sleeveless gown with a design around the waist. Her hair is tied to one side in a bun with few strands loose.
Abhi kuch dino se (dil toh bachha hai ji) plays…….
Ragini: Laksh what is this??
Laksh goes near her. They are inches apart. He slides his arm around her waist and pulls her closer. A chill goes down her spine. He goes more closer and she closes her eyes. ? he removes the rose petal stuck in her hairs. She feels his touch and opens her eyes.
Laksh: How was it?
Ragini: What?
Laksh: This.
Ragini: Laksh It seems as if someone has created heaven for me here on earth. ?
They hug. Laksh breaks the hug and says: ehh this is not the end. There is something more for you my princess.
Ragini (blushes): Laksh!!
Laksh: Close your eyes….. And open only when I say.
Ragini does. He ties a black cloth around her eyes. He then takes her somewhere and stops.
Ragini: Can I open my eyes?
Laksh: Nope. Only when I say.
He goes somewhere.
Ragini is standing there. She waits for him to come. After some time she hears some voice and strong winds blows. She is unable to balance herself and hence removes the cloth. Laksh is shown coming up in a helicopter from the opposite side. Ragini struggles in the wind. She keeps looking here and there when she sees Laksh in the helicopter. She is amazed.
he comes exactly above her (obviously He is above her, with some space in between). He showers ? rose petals on her and shouts: I LOVE YOU Ragini….???
She is speechless. Nothing to say nor can she react. She is standing there just admiring Laksh and he is sees his lady from above.

Jaise mera tu (happy ending) plays……
the helicopter lands and our hero comes down to his princess.
Laksh: Kaisa tha??
Ragini: After this all I can say is that your love is my pride Laksh. I’m proud of it. I can proudly say that I’M IN LOVE WITH LAKSH MAHESHWARI ?
They hug and he plants a kiss on her forehead.
Laksh: All you did was just a smile at me and I was ALL YOURS.
Saying this he removes a Rose from his coat. He gives it to her. He walks backward while offering it.
Laksh: Ragini the way you make me feel is hard to explain.
He gives another rose.
Laksh: Not to talking or not seeing even for a day is like dying over and over again.
Another rose and he keeps walking .
Laksh: Now by near guess of my memory this was the English I knew so please answer me with a yes or no as I don’t have more lines to say nor I have more roses to give. Please….
She laughs and says: Y.E.S.
They hug again…. (3rd hug)

“Ahem Ahem” …………………

Next part: Proposals Accepted…..

Romance is at it’s best. ? The proposals are made. They are accepted. But… every story has a villain. This story too has one. Let’s see what this proposal will bring to the couples.
And yeah do guess the person behind the “Ahem ahem”
Keep Reading and do comment ??

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