Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 30

Chapter 30:
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SanLak are driving when Sanskaar scolds him For His behaviour. Laksh apologises and promises to talk with Ragini about this matter .
Lavanya and Akriti reach Kritika’s room.
Lavanya: What happened Di? Why did you shout?
Kritika: See na what has happened to Aryan. He is not eating anything . I’m sure he is hungry from past many hours. Lavanya please call the doctor.
Lavanya: You have the number?
Kritika: I do but i can’t find my phone. I remember the number you get your phone. Ya wait I’ll get. I’ll walk also.
Lavanya: Okay di. As you wish
Lavanya and Akriti okay with Aryan and she leaves. She reaches her room and is shocked to see it. She’s tries searching and finds it amidst the thrown things when it rings. She picks up the phone.
Person: Madam the girl whom we kidnapped she escaped but what about our money. We want our money. I’m sending you one photo just to ensure that the person was kidnapped. Check and tell us.
Kritika is shocked hearing this and thinks what is her sister up to. The phone beeps. She checks and downloads the photo. It is Swara’s photo.
~Swara’s POV~
I don’t know what this feeling is called. I was no one till yesterday and now I am Swara Gadodia. Life is unpredictable. Today it’s proved. I never thought of living in this house with such love and care. In real terms this life is called roller coaster life. Born with no identity and end up being your best friend’s sister. This is unimaginable… School is said to be your second home but I got the best part of my life there. I met Ragini to whom I can tell my soul to. I’m knowing her from past so many years and now it feels as if nothing is hidden. Then Sanskaar stepped in. The one who has taken my heart. And now my family. What I can say about these angles in human form. The biggest surprise was Daadi’s acceptance. I have no words for Maa. And of course Shekhar uncle.. Oops mean Papa… I have to get into the habit of calling them Daadi Maa and Papa. ? I am slow learner but I won’t lack behind in this. So papa is my king from today onwards. He has been with me even when we had no relations. He supported Ragini and me throughout and I know he will do it in future also. So this is my sweet family I mean the crazy gadodia’s and me a little part of this madness!! ?❤

Kritika texts the person with a yes and he calls back.
Person: Okay Mam. As you said us that day we wont our payment. 20 Lakhs. Tomorrow evening behind the hill road.
Kritika cuts the call without saying anything. She is angry as well as shocked. Her anger is in her eyes.? She walks towards her room. Lavanya and Akriti are playing with Aryan. She enters and stares her badly. Her eyes are red and Lavanya looks at her.
Lavanya: What happened Di you got my phone?
Kritika: What happened to your room. Every thing is ruined there? What did you do?
Lavanya is shocked and she looks here and there.
Kritika: What happened?
Lavanya stands and goes near her: Arre Di nothing. Woh hawa ke kaaran…..
Kritika slaps her hard before she could complete. All are shocked. Akriti stands from the bed with Aryan.
Lavanya: Di?
Kritika: Everything is messed up because of the wind or Swara’s escape?
Lavanya(shocked): huh? What are you saying?
She shows them Swara’s photo. She gets afraid and looks at Akriti. Kritika notices and says: You also knew?
Akriti: Di i came to know about it today.
Kritika: And you said nothing?
Lavanya: Di Do please listen…..
Kritika: You don’t utter a single word. I know your anger level. What can you do when you ae angry. How can you fall so low? And what was the need to harm Swara? Speak up Lavanya . I need an answer. Lavanya say or else you be ready for another slap.
She raises her hand Lavanya says: Okay okay I’ll say. Wait Di…
Kritika: Fast.
She says everything leaving her shocked and get herself rewarding with another slap. Lavanya cries and falls to her foot.
Lavanya: Sorry Di. Don’t say this to them. They’ll not leave me. They will get me arrested. Please leave me.
Kritika: Only on one condition.
Lavanya: Say Di. I’ll agree.
Kritika: You will tell Every thing to Swara. And will forget Laksh. Lavanya you can’t control your feelings and not even others’ feelings . Laksh loves Ragini and you can’t separate them. Swear on me that you won’t come in between them .
Lavanya is shocked still she agrees.
Lavanya: Okay Di. I’ll tell Swara everything. But you will never say this to anyone. Forgive me taking the as my childish nature.
Kritika: Okay but only if my condition is fulfilled.
Lavanya: Yes Di.
She stands and leaves. Akriti goes behind her. Lavanya leaves the room. Kritika stops Akriti and says: It’s the last time I’m tolerating this shit. If she does anything in future I’ll myself get her arrested. Remember that.
Akriti nods and leaves. They both ae in Lavanya’s room. The atmosphere is silent with Kritika’s slap and words ringing in their minds.
Mishti and Shekhar are in their room. She is standing near the window looking outside at the moon. Shekhar comes from behind and hugs her….
Shekhar: Kya hua? Bahar kisse dekh rahi ho.
Mishti: nothing Shekhar. Just feeling how lucky I am. I had almost lost the hope getting our daughter back and see now our family is complete. I guess I’m the luckiest Mother on earth. ?
Shekhar: Haan Mishti . You are the luckiest Mother because SwaRagini are your daughter. Or I should say that they are lucky to get you as their mother.
Both laugh and go to sleep. Parvati is also happy in her room thinking that their search ended and family getting it’s happiness back. She prays to God to keep their happiness like this forever.
Laksh Sanskaar reach home and quickly rush into their rooms to sleep. Sanskaar enters and lies down. He remembers his moments with Swara. He smiles and then suddenly he remembers Ragini and Laksh. His expression changes. Laksh is shown. He is standing in the balcony of his room. Wind is blowing. He looks up and cries for being to Ragini.

Tere Bina (Guru) plays.. ….
He remembers his blunt nature and cries.

Gadodia Mansion
Ragini takes a turn while sleeping and faces the opposite to Swara. She remembers Every thing and cries. The same song is played. Both of them are in pain. Laksh goes to his bed. Ragini covers her mouth with the pillow. Swara is sleeping. Laksh closes his eyes and tries sleeping. Ragini too falls asleep.
Next Morning: Mishti wakes up early and starts preparing for her family. Parvati also comes and helps her. Shekhar goes to SwaRagini’s room and admires her daughters. He remembers the night when Mishti was taken is hospital and the doctor declared her daughter dead. He gets teary eyed.
Parvati: What are you seeing Shekhar?
The ladies come from behind.
Shekhar wipes his tears and says: Nothing Maa. Just looking at my beautiful daughters. How happy they are and because of them how happy we are.
Parvati: Yes Shekhar.
Mishti: May this family is completed by SwaRagini.
They smile and are about to leave when the girls get up and shout: Good Morning….. they turn and get surprised
Shekhar: When did you wake up?
Swara: just now papa.
Parvati: Achha theek hai. Now as you have woke up. Quickly take a bath and come down. We have made your food.
They nod and both start brushing. The others leave. Swara goes to bath while Ragini starts choosing dress for them. Swara comes and Ragini see her staring at her dress. Ragini comes after bathing and sees Swara staring at the dress kept for her.
Ragini: Swara why are you wasting time by staring at your dress. When I went in at that time you were in this pose and now also. What happened? Come on quickly wear it and let’s go down.
Swara: RAGINI……
Mishti comes from behind and sees Swara in the bath rope .
Mishti: Swara what happened you aren’t ready.
They turn and see their mother coming in.
Swara: Maa you know na I have I haven’t wore these dresses even once in my life. I can’t handle them. Can I wear my old dresses and not this one. Please.
Mishti: Arre Swara you can wear whatever you like. We will shop for you today. Okay?
Swara: Maa there is no need to buy anything. Today I will go to baad and bring them all.
Mishti: Nahi Swara. I don’t want to wear those dresses. Its your new life. So everything must be New.
Swara: Okay Maa. ?
Mishti: Just for today wear this and come down quickly.
Swara nods. Mishti leaves. She wears and is about to leave when Ragini stops her.
Ragini: wait Swara. Will you go down like this?
Swara: Why Ragini? Is everything Okay?
Ragini: No. Come sir here. If Daadimaa sees you like this then she will scold you and me too. So it’s better that you sit here and let me do my work.
Swara: Achha baba theek hai.
She sits in front of the mirror. Ragini brings a box from her cupboard and gives to Swara.
Ragini: Choose whatever you like.
She opens the box and sees a collection of earrings. She gets surprised and randomly picks one.
Swara: this .
Ragini (slaps her head with her hand): Arre .buddhu. Matching nahi hai.
Swara: Who cares?
Ragini: Mee.?✌ (takes the box and searches for a perfect match) Take this. This will go. Wear this.
She wears it and stares Ragini who is giving her a death glare. ?
Ragini: Don’t you dare stand up.
She gets afraid and says: Okay bahen (in a low tone)
Ragini goes behind her and makes her hair. She dries them and straightens them.
Ragini: Perfect…?
Swara: Now shall we leave?
Ragini: Of course….
Girls leave. They reach down and everyone are in the temple(house temple). Mishti sings the aarti. They complete the ritual. ( i don’t know much about these rituals and stuff so please forgive me now and in future also…. Please)
They target their breakfast. Once done everyone praise the food. After some time Shekhar leaves for his office while the ladies start with their household work. The girls go in their.
Lavanya and Akriti are devising some plan to skip meeting Swaragini and put some excuse before Kritika. But they become helpless and Kritika pushes them and forces Lavanya to meet swara and ask about her. She goes in Swara’s flat and finds it empty. No bag no clothes nothing. Swara was present in her house before Kritika was admitted. After then she came here just to pack her bags and leave from the city. Lavanya comes back and she tells this. She asks her to call Swara. Lavanya calls Swara.
(Telephonic Conversation)
Lavanya: Hello Swara. Where are you?
Swara: Ghar pe.
Lavanya: What? I just came from your house.
Swara: Oh crap!!! I forgot to inform you. Actually now everything is changed. Right from my house address to my surname.
Lavanya: What are you saying?
Swara tells her the entire story. She gets shocked and thinks: What the hell have I done. Now they won’t spare me.
Swara: You okay?
Lavanya: Ahh yeah. Perfectly fine. Can I come and meet you.
Swara: Of course.
Lavanya: they cut the call.
She tells everything to Lavanya and Kritika. They are super shocked.
Kritika: Now you think they will leave you? Specially Ragini?
Without saying anything Lavanya and Akriti leave. They reach the Gadodia Mansion and stare at the bungalow. They walk and enter. The females greet them. They start talking when Lavanya signs Swara to come aside. They both leave and go aside. They have a conversation. Muted converstiaon( will be told soon) Swara gets angry but calms down soon. They talk hug each other and return back. Akriti signs her and she smiles. Both smirk. Kritika is shown coming. She greets them and Lavanya, Akriti are shocked. .

Next part: RagLak patch up. SwaSan RagLak love confession .

I don’t know why but this chapter is very close to my heart ?.
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