Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 29

Chapter 29: From Swara to Swara Gadodia.
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Swara is shocked after listening to Mishti’s words.
Swara: Aunty?
Ragini: Maa sahi bol rahi hai Swara.
She is confused.
Ragini: Swara, the person whom we were finding from so many days is none other than you!!!
All are silent and Swara is shocked.
Swara: What?
Ragini: Yes Swara. 20 years back we were separated. You were separated from us. Urvashi separated you from us.
Swara: How do you know?
Ragini says everything. Swara gets teary eyed and hugs Ragini. All smile as finally the family is completed. Swara hugs everyone but stops once she sees Parvati. This time Parvati steps forward and hugs her. Swara is surprised but hugs her. Everyone smile and have sweets when suddenly Parvati notices dust and dirt on their clothes. She questions them and they tell about the incident.
Sanskaar: Uncle you don’t worry. I will find the person behind this.
Shekhar: Nahi beta. Leave it. I got my daughter back that’s it.
Sanskaar agrees with him but inside he pledges to find the person.

Shekhar-Mishti are shown standing in one corner of the hall looking at them.
Shekhar: After 20 years my family is completed.
Mishti: Yes Shekhar. We got our Ragini and Swara.
Shekhar: Ragini aur Swara nahi. Swaragini kaho.
All turn towards Shekhar and Mishti and stare at Shekhar.
Shekhar: What? I said what is right. You guys only think of what I said was right or wrong.
Everyone realize what he said and remember Swaragini moments. They laugh and Parvati says: Meri Swaragini and hugs them ?…..
Ragini and Swara see each other and say: Aaj se swaragini ek hai ??
They laugh.
Mishti: Ohkay guys now come here. Today is a face off between me and Maa. We both have prepared for you all. So quickly taste it and tell me who won.
Shekhar: Arre Mishti now dinner? Look at us and look at Swara. We all are so untidy and messed up. First let us freshen up and come.
Parvati: Haan Shekhar. Go up and come soon. Mishti take Swara with you. Show her room to her.
Swara: My room?
Parvati: Haan Swara. Now you will have your own room.
Swara: par Aunty… I mean Daadi
Parvati: Kya kaha? Repeat again.
Swara: Daadi…..
Parvati: Hayee Swara?
Swara: Daadi I don’t need any other room. I will live with Ragini in her room.
Parvati: Swara why don t you need it. It will your own room.
Swara: Because Daadi I want to live with my sister. All these years I missed all this and hence now I want to live all those moments again. Please let me stay with her.
Parvati: As you wish. Wherever you want to live with whom you want to live it’s all up to you.
Swara: Thank you so much…. ?
Ragini takes Swara and they go in her room. Mishti is with Shekhar applying cream on his wounds. Parvati is helping Laksh to give aid to Sanskaar. Ragini asks Swara to take a bath and come quickly. Swara goes and Ragini removes a dress for her. She too leaves the room. She is walking when suddenly she sees Laksh going to the terrace. She follows him. Laksh is shown on the terrace standing in a corner. He thinks about what he saw that day and closes his eyes in pain. Ragini comes there. He feels her presence and opens his eyes. She goes near him and says: Laksh are you thinking about today’s incident?
Laksh: Of course Ragini. How came I forget that?
Ragini: Laksh you are taking it in a very different way. Whatever you are thinking it’s completely stupid. How can even think like that.
Laksh: Yes Ragini I also wanted to ask you the same question few days back.
She remembers Lavanya and Laksh’s hug and the entire incident.
Ragini: Offfo Laksh why are connecting these two incidents.
Laksh: Because they are completely same. Today whatever happened is exactly what happened that day.
Ragini: Oh C’mom Laksh. What was your need to hug her when you were completely safe out there.
Laksh: So you think I did that because I am a flirt?
Ragini: Laksh stop it. You are thinking too much.
Laksh: same to you Ragini. You also over reacted that day.
Ragini: Oh really? I guess then whatever you are doing now is termed as a normal reaction from boys?
Laksh: I never meant that.
Ragini: You did.
Laksh: No I didn’t.
Ragini: You did Laksh. And this is what you are showing to me. This is your love for me. You are proving it by doubting on me.
Laksh: Oh really? So I guess whatever happened that day whatever you did is termed as a normal reaction by girls???
Ragini: Laksh don’t complicate things. Whatever happened today was unintentional from both sides. We were finding Swara when we heard some noises. So we went inside that room. We were in that room when we saw them coming in our direction. Hence we hid in that cupboard. Sanskaar was seeing every thing through a hole. He saw two goons coming inside. One of them came near that cupboard. This we were in that position. We were waiting for them but when the doors opened you both were present.
Laksh: Now listen to me. Kritika got a major panic attack in last few months. The doctor said that the frequency number of those attacks was not good for her. It may be hazardous someday. And that day she got a major attack. Hence we all were tensed. Ragini I thought you being a sister must have understood her pain but no you blamed me.
She is silent.
Laksh: See you are silent. You have no Explanation for…… leave it. And Lavanya is my best friend from past many years. Naturally we all are more attached to her. And Kritika di is like our own sister. Elder sister. After Uttara died she was the one who helped me come out of the shock. My Uttara left us and Kritika was the one who was by my side throughout. She is my sister and for her I can do any damn thing.
Ragini is shocked after listening to his words and his blunt nature. Laksh leaves from leaving her alone. His harsh words has affected her a lot.
Here Swara who was bathing called Ragini to give her the towel. But no one replied. Sanskaar was passing from there and sees Swara calling. He goes in and sees the towel. Swara keeps on calling Ragini. Sanskaar: Swara relax. Take your towel.
She recognizes his voice and looks outside. The door is half open and Swara’s face is shown.
Swara: Tum?
Sanskaar: You were expecting someone else?
Swara: Yes.
Sanskaar: Whom?
Swara: My boyfriend.
Sanskaar: Then who am I?
Swara: Baad mein bataati hoon… ??
She takes the towel and closes the door.
Sanskaar: Swara swara….. This is not done. Say….
Swara shouts: Later. Now send Ragini. I need her help.
Sanskaar: Ohkay meri maa
He leaves and searches for Ragini. He is looking for her when he spots Laksh coming from the terrace. He asks about Ragini. This irks Laksh and he leaves without saying anything. For him this was weird and he thinks of going up on the terrace. He goes up and sees Ragini there.
Sanskaar: Ragini…..
Ragini smiles and turns: Laksh but is disappointed when she sees Sanskaar.
He goes to her.
Sanskaar: Hey Ragini you here? What happened? And what is this? Why are you crying? Lucky did something.
Ragini starts crying. He gets tensed. ?
Sanskaar: Ragini I was just joking. Is everything fine between you two? Is he upset regarding today’s incident.
She nods.
Sanskaar: Uhh that idiot. I will explain him.
Ragini: No Sanskaar. You won’t
Sanskaar: But Why?
Ragini: he will think that you are just justifying whatever happened today. Just leave it. I will talk to him
Sanskaar: You are something?
Ragini:No…. not at all (avoids eye contact)
Sanskaar: he did something with you?
Ragini: No Sanskaar are you mad?
Sanskaar: Because you are saying something and your eyes are saying something else. Say(shouts)
Ragini says everything and keeps his head on his shoulder…..
Sanskaar fumes in anger and keeps his hand on Ragini’s head.
Sanskaar: Ragini stop crying. I will see to it that he will apologise to you and you wont say anything.
Swara comes out of the washroom and thinks :Where is Ragini. What will I wear Now?
Then she sees a dress on the bed. She takes and wears it. The camera is shown going up from her legs. She comes out wearing a salwar kameez just like Ragini. It was her first time wearing an Indian dress and hence it is uncomfortable for her. She is handling the dupatta when Laksh is shown passing by. He sees Swara struggling with the dupatta and enters the room.
Laksh: What’s happening??
Swara: War with this…..
Laksh laughs and she smiles. ??
Laksh: Finding it difficult?
Swara: Difficult? It’s a task for me.
Laksh: Ohhh I’ll help.
Swara: Oh Mister I know you are a good fighter? but don t try to be Manish Malhotra and style me. Okay?
Laksh: Arre meri Maa let me show it you.
He takes the dupatta from her shoulder. Swara’s dress is shown. A long blue anarkali with golden coloured sequence just below the chest. Laksh says:Woah!! You are looking great.
Swara: Stop flirting. And do for what you came here.
Laksh: You girls have this habit of naming everything as Flirting?
Swara: Achha baba sorry. Chalo do it quickly.
Laksh: Haan.
He takes her in front of the mirror. He stands behind her. He folds the dupatta vertically and keeps it on his shoulder.
Swara: Not bad Mr. Laksh Maheshwari….. (winks) ? And now answer me.
Swara: From where did you learn did this?
Laksh: Practice ?
Swara: Oh Really? Were you salesman at any showroom. But your hard work will be a waste.
Laksh: Why? (Shocked) ?
Swara: Because Ragini won’t wear this after marriage….
The moment he hears her name the smile vanishes and he gets sad and angry. Swara sees this and turns to Laksh.
Swara: Laksh what happened??
Laksh: Nothing. Now you are ready so lets go down.
Swara: I asked something.
Laksh: I replied but.
Swara: You avoided it.
Laksh: Nahi yrrr.
Swara: Answer me.
Laksh: I said na nothing.
Swara: Don’t think that I’m Ragini and will come in your words.
Laksh: Stop it Swara. Don’t take her name.
Swara: What happened but? You have to answer.
Laksh: So listen…
He says everything and Swara hits him on his head.
Swara: Oh God! I this the way to treat any girl. Laksh you only fought with that guard when he messed with me. Then what happened Now? How could you talk like this with Ragini. I am Ragini’s sister and you did so much for me then how could you do this with Ragini?
Laksh realizes his mistake and is shocked by his realisation. He feels something in his heart and falls down on the floor with an ache. ? He gets teary eyed and cries…. Swara sits down and says: Don’t cry. Just go and say how much you love her.
Laksh wipes his tears stands up. Swara also stands up but she loses her balances due to dupatta and slips. Laksh holds her. Ragini Sanskaar come from behind. They see them. ? The camera is shown between Swara and Laksh’s face and Sanskaar and Ragini coming there. All are shocked. Laksh stands and helps Swara to stand. She stands and says: Sanskaar my dupatta …
Sanskaar ✋…. Did I say anything. Swara I don’t need any explanation from you. (He cups his face) I trust you blindly. No matter whatever happens I would never doubt you. Because I LOVE YOU… ??
They have an eye lock.?? Hamdard plays.
Laksh and Ragini see each other.
Darmiyan plays (Jodi Breakers) ?
Ragini says nothing and leaves the room. Mishti calls them. They go down. Mishti makes them sit and serves the food. Parvati is sitting on the main chair. Then Mishti Shekhar in front of each other. And then Swara Sanskaar and Ragini Laksh in the same manner. All begin. Swara starts eating and says: Oh God….
Mishti: Kya hua?
Swara: Aunty…..
An awkward silence prevails.
Swara: I mean M… Ma…Maa (stammers) this is heaven. I mean it’s so tasty….?
Parvati:It will be swara. I have made it… (says proudly)
All smile and continue eating. Laksh acts like eating and sees Ragini. She avoids eye contact and looks down. Sanskaar stares Swara lovingly while eating. He makes faces without anyone letting notice. She laughs loudly while eating. All look at her and give an strange look. Sanskaar changes his expression.
Swara: Sorry. Just remembered one joke.
All continue. Sanskaar repeats and Swara tries controlling but bursts again. Again they look at her.
Mishti: Is the food tasty??
Sanskaar says in place of Swara: Yeah Aunty. It is so tasty that your daughter is spell bound by it’s taste.
Sanskaar: See Look at her. She is laughing all alone. So I guess the taste has affected her badly.
All laugh and Swara gives him a death stare. Mishti asks her to complete her food.
Once they finish their food and all meet in the hall.
Mishti: So whose food was better.
Parvati: Obviously mine.
Mishti: Maa you are not the judge.
Shekhar: Mishti where was the judge?
Mishti: Arre haan. There was no judge.
Parvati: That means I won.
Mishti: What Maa? Their was no judge. So how can you be the winner .
Parvati: Because I am more skilled than you in making food. And my Swaragini will always me proud….?
Mishti: No Maa. They will make me win because I’m their mother.
Shekhar: Swara Ragini you please tell them who won or else they will fight like this the whole night.
Swara: Hahaha yeah .
Shekhar: Winner?
Swara: the winner is……
Both look At her curiously. Swara looks at them one by one and shouts: Both of you.. ..
All laugh and they share a good moment. Sanskaar Laksh stand in front of Shekhar. He folds his hands and thanks for helping him.
Sanskaar: Arre uncle. It’s okay. You are embarrassing us. Please don t do this. In fact we are blessed to help you. Right Laksh.
He was busy looking at Ragini. He looks at Shekhar and says: Ha yes yes yes.
Shekhar smiles. Mishti comes and says: I’ll be grateful to you throughout my life.
Laksh: Aunty it was our duty.
They smile touch their feet and leave. Before leaving they turn back and look at their girls. Sanskaar Swara smile while Laksh Ragini stare each other. They leave. Swaragini is sitting with their family. Ragini was tensed throughout and Swara notices this.
Swara(stands): Maa… after eating so much I’m sleepy?.and I’m sure Ragini is also sleepy? (Turns towards her) Right Ragini?
She nods.
Mishti: okay. You both go and sleep.
They leave and go in their room. Ragini enters and sits on the bed. Swara closes the door and goes near her.
Swara: Ragini, don’t get sad. Whatever happened today was just an accident.
Ragini: Swara who is upset with you or today’s incident. I’m upset at the way laksh reacted.
Swara: I know Ragini. Sanskaar will talk to him and I have also explained him. Now you just relax and sleep. You were so indulged in finding me that you couldn’t even rest properly. Now.sleep.
Ragini holds her hand and says:Swara ab please kahi mat jaana. Please.
Swara(assuring) Ab Swara kahi nahi jaa sakti. Kyunki swaragini ek hai. (Swara can’t go anywhere BECAUSE SWARAGINI IS ONE☝
Swaragini plays. She puts Ragini to bed and goes beside her to sleep. She lies down and thinks.

Next Part: Kritika comes to knkw about Lavanya’s planning. Ragini and Swara share a cute moment.
Next update: Thrusday!!

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