Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 28


Chapter 28:
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Mishti gives a brave reply to Parvati and stays strong. They both go down and lit a lamp in the temple. They pray whole heartedly for Swara’s safety.
Sanskaar Laksh devise a new plan when something passes over Ragini’s foot. She looks down and sees a rat ?…. She screams and moves behind. Due to this the goons are alerted and they see Ragini from some distance. They shout and run in her direction. Shekhar holds Sanskaar and pulls him in the other direction while Laksh takes Ragini along. They run and hide behind the wall. A small area is there with the building’s wall. They are hiding behind a small wall which is in one corner. It’s night plus there is no light there.
Sanskaar runs slowly dragging his one leg and hides too. The goons come and start searching for them. Laksh sees a gun ? in one’s hand and a stick in other’s. He signs Sanskaar to handle guy with stick and he’ll go for the guy with gun. Sanskaar nods and so does Laksh. They wait for them to come near them. One of the goon reaches near that wall and bends ahead to look. Sanskaar comes from behind and hits him with an iron rod. This catches the other guy’s attention and he runs towards them. Now Laksh comes,beats him and he falls. He takes and stick as a weapon while Sanskaar is with the iron rod. They four slowly move ahead and come out of that area. Again they are their previous position.
Ragini: Now what will do?
Laksh: Should we attack?
Sanskaar: No laksh. They have guns and stuff. We don t Have anything in our self defence. And we both are not alone we have Ragini and uncle with us. We can’t take a risk.
Laksh: Then what should we do?
Sanskaar: We need to wait. We need to wait till they leave. Laksh, we have come here just to rescue Swara and nothing else. Fighting is not our aim.
Shekhar: Sanskaar is right beta. Our motto is to save her and not fight with them. One they leave we will quickly go rescue her and leave.
Laksh agrees and they wait for them them….? time passes but they don’t move by an inch….
Laksh: God!! They are standing here like statues. When the hell will they move?(gets frustrated)
Sanskaar: Laksh relax. We need to or else our one wrong decision will cost on Swara’s life. And I CAN’T TAKE THAT RISK.
Shekhar notices this concern of him for swara.
Laksh: I know that but they are not ready to move
Shekhar: I have an idea.
Sanskaar: Yes Uncle say.
Shekhar: Laksh get that stone for me. (Points towards a stone.)
Laksh gets it and gives it.
Shekhar throws that stone in some direction, opposite direction and the people over there runs in that direction.
Sanskaar Laksh: Waah Uncle ?
Seeing a good opportunity they run in different directions and start finding Swara.

Lavanya and Akriti and having some chat when the nurse arrives and that Kritika is okay now and she is in her senses now. They both rush in and go towards her. Akriti takes Aryan and Lavanya sits besides her.
Lavanya: Di are you okay?
Kritika: Yes. Akriti how are you?
Akriti: I should ask this didi. How are you? Lavanya informed me about you after every one left or else I would have come early. Sorry di….
Kritika: Everyone left? What do you mean? And who left?
Lavanya: Di actually I was with you and Swara Sanskaar Laksh were outside. I went outside after some time but they were no where to be found. So i called her. And she came in a jiffy.
Akriti: For you both anytime…..?
Kritika: What they left? Where how? And why didn’t you call them up?
Lavanya: I couldn’t even think what to do. You were unconscious and suddenly they also disappeared. That’s why I called her.
Kritika: How could Swara leave? This was never expected from her.
Lavanya: Leave it. Take Aryan first he’s waiting to be with her Mom?
Kritika takes Aryan and starts playing with him whereas Akriti and Lavanya smirk. Akriti says: Di believe me Lavanya was tensed throughout. I don’t know how did she manage herself in all these years.
Kritika : Lavanya has been my backbone. After Aryan I knew my life won’t be easy, but she helped me. When I got pregnant after he left I knew my life and her’s too will be at stake. Society won’t accept us and they didn’t. But Lavanya fought for me and made them realize that whatever happened that night was pre planned and I was the victim and not the culprit. He betrayed me. (Kritika gets teary eyed while speaking)
Akriti: Di whatever happened it happened and Aryan is a blessing for us. Let’s accept it.
Kritika: Yes Akriti. From now onwards I’ll live for him I will be his mother and father.
Lavanya: And will be Maasi and his best friend ? (laughs)
All laugh and the atmosphere is lightened.

That place where Swara was kept was a ground with two buildings on either side. It had on light. The buildings looked more like a construction site to them. With cement bricks and few machines around it resembled a construction site. Sanskaar Shekhar Laksh and Ragini were hiding behind one of those building. Behind those buildings there was some place which was completely dirty and dingy. It had dry leaves all around. After they defeating the two goons all go in different directions and quickly search for Swara. Shekhar and Laksh are in one building and Ragini Sanskaar in the other building. They keep on searching for her in different areas But in vain. Suddenly the goons return and spot Laksh Lake in of the building. It’s an old building so there are many windows some without glass some half broken. They see Laksh through the window. All are alerted except Sanskaar and Ragini who were unaware about all this.
They run in that direction and Laksh Shekhar start finding place to hide until Laksh sees two sticks near a pillar. He takes one and gives another to Shekhar. They hide behind a wall and wait for them to come. Few of them come while the rest go in the second building. Sanskaar senses something wrong and see the goons coming. He takes Ragini along and hides behind a wall.
Ragini: What happened?
Sanskaar: Khud hi dekh lo.
Ragini: Matlab?
Sanskaar: Bend forward and see.
Ragini does and gets shocked seeing them coming.
Ragini:An kya kare?
Sanskaar: Chuppe rahi aur kya?
Ragini: What if they catch us?
Sanskaar: They will catch us only when they find us.
Ragini: What do you mean?
Sanskaar does nothing just holds her arm and pulls her. He enters one room and takes her along. The room is another untidy thing. Cobwebs and dust all around. Ragini gets scared and holds Sanskaar’s hand. Sanskaar feels uneasy but understands her situation. He keeps his hand on her hand and pacifies her. After some time they hear some footsteps. Quickly they go in one corner and hide behind in a cupboard. The cupboard is too small and they fit in. Still they maintain their distance. Sanskaar sees through an hole outside. He sees some of them coming inside. Sanskaar holds Ragini tightly. Ragini feels his touch but doesn’t do anything. They come in search for them.
Laksh and Shekhar are waiting for the goons to come. They come and Shekhar Laksh start hitting them. They fight and defeat them. Once they make sure that all are defeated they again start their search again.
Sanskaar and Ragini are in that cupboard. Few goons come and search inside. Once they leave they both are relieved. Shekhar Laksh are unable to find Swara. They don’t stop instead they exit that building and go in the other building. Laksh sees few goons around and signs Shekhar to be alert. He nods and they start moving ahead slowly. Without getting noticed they keep on moving ahead.
the goons are searching when one of them goes towards the cupboard. Sanskaar is a bit afraid. Ragini too sees him coming and clings to Sanskaar. Ragini hugs him and closes her eyes. Sanskaar too closes her eyes.
Nothing happens and Sanskaar feels something unusual and opens his eyes. He sees through the hole and sees no one. He gets shocked. The goon had went when one of his partner had called him. He gets relieved. He looks down and Ragini feels something. She breaks the hug and looks up.
They are inches apart. Suddenly the door opens and both are shocked when they see Laksh and Shekhar standing there. They both get off from each other. Shekhar Laksh are shocked. Laksh gets disheartened seeing them. They both come out and feel the awkwardness around.
Sanskaar and Ragini avoid eye contact with each other and with Laksh too. Shekhar understands everything and asks: (To Sanskaar) Where is Swara? Where is my daughter?
Laksh kept on staring Ragini while she was looking down.
Sanskaar: Uncle we were finding her but suddenly few goons came and we had to hide here.
He this is answer to Shekhar’s questions as well as for an indirect explanation to Laksh.
All are quiet. Laksh controls his tears and speaks: I guess we should find Swara. We can talk later.
Shekhar: Yes beta. Chalo let’s leave.
Without saying much they leave. Now again Laksh and Shekhar are together while Sanskaar and Ragini are searching her in another direction.

Swara is shown. She is in a room with her hands and legs tied. Her mouth is covered by a cloth. She is unable to shout or move herself. She is lying on the floor with her hands on her back. She opens her eyes and struggles to free herself. Her hair get messed up. She cried and misses Sanskaar. She thinks: Sanskaar Where are you? Please come and take me. I’m dying here without you. Please come. (She cries).
Here they are searching for them when suddenly feels something in his heart. He feels as if Swara is calling him. It seems as if his heart is crying for Swara. ❤?
Swara tries to free herself by moving her hands here and there. But in vain. She struggles and repeats it again and again. She tries shouting if someone comes for help.
// all the scenes happening below are parallel //
All are searching for her. After much struggle Swara frees herself. She unites her hands. Sanskaar Ragini reach near a room. They hear some noise from that room. Swara panics when she hears some noise from outside. She quickly stands and starts walking but falls because of her tied legs. They hear someone falling and get alerted. Sanskaar takes Ragini to one side and stands in front of that gate. He takes one stick for self defence. Swara too hears some noise. She frees her legs removes the cloth from her mouth. For self defence she too takes a knife which was kept there. ? she goes near the door and waits the other person to open. Sanskaar along with Ragini is standing outside.

Swara moves back, holds the handle of the door and opens it forcefully. After opening she moves aside and hides behind the door. Sanskaar pulls Ragini and hides. Both of these wait for the other to come. When no one turns up they slowly start moving ahead and come near the door. Sanskaar sees an shadow and raises his stick to beat the person. Swara comes out shocking both of them. Swara is shocked too. They see each other. The glass drops from Swara’s hand and the stick from Sanskaar’s. Ragini is surprised seeing her. Swara and Sanskaar hug each other. They both cry.

Zehnaseeb plays….. ?

Ragini: Swara…… (She hugs her from behind)
Swara Sara and Sanskaar break their hug and she hugs Ragini.
Ragini: Swara are you okay? (Cries) Nothing happened to you na? Where were you? We were finding you since when.
Swara: Yes Ragini I am fine. (Sees Sanskaar) Sanskaar what happened to you? What is all this? This blood and wounds??
Sanskaar: Nothing just the price I paid for not being able to save you.
Swara understands what he meant and hugs him. He hugs him back. Ragini traces down that event (Swara getting kidnapped) and remembers about Swara being her sister.
Ragini: Swara humme tumhe kuch batana hai….
Swara: Haan bolo.
Ragini is about to speak when Shekhar and Laksh appear from behind. Both are elated to see her. Shekhar hugs Swara and gets teary eyed. Swara feels awkward because she is unaware of the truth. Laksh too smiles seeing her and asks about her. Once this done, Swara says: Haan Ragini bolo.
Shekhar: Kya bolna hai beta?
Sanskaar signs him and he understands. Ragini starts but this time she is interrupted by some Bin bulaaye maheman(BBM) ?
Swara was facing them(the goons) and she shouts: Sanskaar look there.
All turn and see them. They are shocked and start running. Swara with Sanskaar, Ragini and Laksh and Shekhar alone. The goons start chasing them. They leave the building but are stopped by them outside. Five of them are surrounded by those hooligans. Sanskaar and Laksh take one step forward and the girls are behind them. Shekhar signs them and they start fighting. Swara Sara and Ragini are scared and they run to one side. The boys are busy fighting while the girls are standing in one corner.
Someone from their gang comes from behind and holds Ragini. She shouts. Swara quickly gets a stone and hits him. He falls down. Sanskaar Laksh are hit by them too. They get wounded. Swara is injured while saving Ragini. The girls see them fighting and Ragini gives an idea. She gets few stone and puts them in her dupatta and ties it. Swara sees her.
Swara: What’s This?
Ragini: Abhi pata chal jaaega
She goes to the boys where they are fighting and hits the goons with the tied end of her dupatta. Swara smiles seeing her and contributes from her side. She too hits them with the bricks present there. They manage to defeat them and quickly run from there. After reaching some distance the stop take some breathe and continue running after some goons chase them. They fail to catch them.
Mishti and Parvati are waiting for them to return with them Swara and pray for their safety….. Parvati is walking in the hall continuously staring at door. Shekhar Sanskaar Laksh Ragini and Swara are shown coming inside. She sees them and calls Mishti. Mishti was in the temple praying for her family. The moment she hears Parvati’s voice she rushes outside. Mishti is shown running. She comes in the hall and stops seeing Swara. Swara is still unaware about of everything. Mishti runs and hugs her. She cries badly and says: Meri Beti……?

Since the goons are unable to catch them so they call their head to inform about Swara’s escape.

Goon: She escaped. The person whom we kidnapped she escaped.
Person: What? HOW? And where you sleeping when this happened? Hope could she?
Goon: Mam, there were four people with her. We tried our best….
That person’s face is shown….. She is none other than Lavanya.
Lavanya: What four??
She understands a moment later that they may be Sanskaar Laksh Ragini and probably Shekhar. She fumes and cuts the call. She is in her room when this happened. Kritika Kristina is given discharged and they return with Aryan and Akriti. She goes towards her mirror and throws the things here and there. Akriti is passing from there and hears some noise. She enters the room and sees Lavanya throwing things. She goes and calms her. She makes her sit on the bed and asks about her behaviour. Lavanya says everything and gets angry. Akriti gives her water and calms her. Kritika calls them an the girls runs towards her room.

Next part: Ragini tells Swara the truth. RagLak face problem in their relation. Lavanya and Akriti meet Swaragini and SanLak
Another LONG one.
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