Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 27


Chapter 27:
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Sanskaar Laksh Ragini Shekhar who were joining dots and trying to find Swara got afraid when Mishti calls them. Shekhar accepts the call but Mishti cuts it. They again began to search when Mishti calls on Ragini’s number. Mishti is waiting for them to attend it when Parvati calls her from behind.

Parvati: Arre Mishti uthaaya ki nahi.
Ragini sees her phone and tells them. Shekhar asks her to attend it. Ragini attends it and Mishti is unaware of it. Ragini keeps the phone on her ear hoping to hear something from Mishti but Parvati’s voice is heard instead. She hears Parvati’ s voice and without doing anything she keeps the phone I speaker. Everyone are hearing.
Mishti replies: Maa Ragini ko phone kiya hai. Utha nahi rahi hai.
Parvati: Arre kay itna samay lag raha hai.(why are they taking so much time?) When will my Swara come? Bol na unhe and ki mein bhi intezaar kar rahi hoon.
Mishti: Haan Maa.
Shekhar and Ragini get teary eyed and are surprised to hear Parvati’s words. Ragini starts crying and hands her phone to Laksh. She covers her mouth with her dupatta so that they don t hear her crying. Laksh and Sanskaar feel for them. Mishti takes the phone and says: Hello Ragini…. where are you beta? AND Where is swara? Come fast beta. All are waiting for you all. And ypu know what Maa is also excited to meet swara. She has accepted her. At least now come back quickly. We are waiting for you all. Believe me we have prepared so much for. Right from sweets to her room. I mean YOUR room. Come fast. Ragini are you there? Speak…. Say something. Hello Ragini can you hear me? Ragini???
Ragini is crying and she nods her head in a no and pushes the phone towards Shekhar. Shekhar takes it and helplessly starts speaking.
Shekhar: Hello. Haan Mishti bolo.
Mishti: Shekhar what happened? Ragini kaha hai? And where you both? Where is Swara? Get her soon na. I’m waiting for her anxiously and Maa is also waiting..get her soon. Please.
Shekhar: Mishti voh…
Parvati snatches the phone and says: Shekhar maari doosri poti ka bahut der se intezaar kar rahi hoon. Lekar aaja jaldi. Aur na ruka jaa raha maare se. Or else wait one minute. Swara ko phone de…. I’ll talk with her.

He doesn’t respond and Parvati asks again. Soon Parvati realizes that may be swara couldn’t accept this fact and might have reacted in some other way. So she asks: Shekhar is everything okay? Did swara accept this fact. I know it is not easy to do so but what can we do. It’s the truth anyways. Give the phone to her. I’ll talk and explain to her. Give give me the phone.
They hear all this and get upset whereas Ragini cries more badly. Parvati clearly hears her crying amd asks: Why is Ragini crying? Shekhar please say something. You are scaring me.
He doesn’t say anything.
Paravti Tujhe maari kasam Shekhar bol.
Now he has no choice but to speak up. So without saying much he explains Parvati everything leaving her shocked and shattered. Shekhar requests her no to say this to Mishti or else she will be broken. Parvati understands it and says yes. Shekhar assures him that they will get her soon when Sanskaar takes the phone and speaks: Aunty, whatever happened it happened but now I won’t keep quiet and sit like this. We are finding your granddaughter and will bring her to you very very soon. You just take care of Mishti Aunty or she this time she won’t control herself. Please Aunty. You have been strong throughout and you need to be the same ahead also. Please Aunty.
Parvati: I’ll try my best beta. (She said on slow voice)
Sanskaar cuts the call and Shekhar cries. Shekhar ‘s words are echoing in her mind and a tear skips her eyes. She puts the phone down start moving towards the sofa. Mishti asks but she doesn’t reply.
Mishti: Maa?? What happened? Now you aren’t saying something. Where is Swara? Your silence is threatening me… Maa please say. Maa Swara ko kuch hua toh nahi na.
Parvati: Nahi nahi Mishti. Pagal hai kya? Voh Shekhar ne kaha ki swara lavanya ke saath thi aur vaha se achanak gaayab ho gaye. Toh bas unhe hi doond rahe hai yeh log.
Mishti: Kya aise achanak?

Parvati: haan Mishti. Kuch kaam hoga. Are apan ek baar saari taiyaariyan dekh le. (Yes Mishti. May they might have some work. Let’s see and check our preparations. Come)
Saying this they go. Shekhar Sanskaar Laksh Ragini continue with their search when they find another clue. Swara’s earring?. Laksh finds one earring on the side of the road as another indication. Slowly slowly they walk and find another indication. They take it and keep walking in until they reach a place. Laksh Sanskaar sense something unusual.
Sanskaar signs Laksh and he asks Shekhar and Ragini to be alert. Ragini sees a car and tells about it. Sanskaar notices that car later and realizes it to be the same car in which Swara was taken. He runs to it and shouts: Swara swara. Laksh runs behind him to stop him. Shekhar and Ragini go behind them Ragini finds a slipper.? she takes it shouts: Swara!!!where are you?
Shekhar Laksh Sanskaar see her and figure out what is happening? They see Ragini running here and there just to find Swara. Laksh goes to runs and stops her. He brings her back to Shekhar. He hugs her tightly and Ragini cries. Laksh Sanskaar see here and other when they notice one goon coming from some where. They pull them and take behind a nearby. Due to such quick movement Sanskaar feels pain is his wounds and sits down in pain. Laksh keeps his hand on his mouth do that no sound is heard. Shekhar holds Sanskaar so as to support him. Sanskaar becomes normal after few seconds.
Now they turn and face where the goon was. They see many more coming out. Around 10 to 15 people are there. Sanskaar Laksh look at them and figure out possible ways to defeat them.
Mishti is doing her work while Parvati acts like doing her work. Parvati sees Mishti while she is doing her work. She remembers shekhar’s words and get worried. She thinks: how should i tell Mishti about swara. She controlled herself before but now she won’t. She will be shattered this time. Kaise bataau Mishti ko.
She gets upset. Mishti does her work and turns to ask Parvati something. But she sees a teary eyed Parvati. She throws the clothes which were in hand and runs towards her.
Mishti:Maa kya hua??

She get worried. Parvati wipes her tear and says: Nothing Mishti. I guess something went into my eyes. It’s okay.
Mishti: Maa. I’m living with you since 22 years. Don’t lie at least in front of me.
Parvati: Kaha Na Mishti. Kuch nahi. Maare aakh mein kuch gir gaya tha. Now I’m fine. (She avoids eye contact and goes towards the gate) I’m going down. You also come.
Mishti: Maa aapko meri kasam agar aap bahar gayi toh.
Parvati stops and turns and says: What are saying? Are you mad?
Mishti: kuch toh hai jo aap chupa rahe ho. Bolo na. Aapko meri kasam. Bolo.
Helpless Parvati goes towards the bed and sits while crying. Mishti gets tensed and keeps her hand on her shoulder. She looks up and says everything while crying. Shee is shocked but this time she doesn’t cry. Instead she supports Parvati by saying that: Maa, nothing has happened to my daughter. She is alright. Ragini and Shekhar are with her. They will find her. And she is a fighter.
Parvati: Mishti are you fine?
Mishti: Maa why should i worry when every thing is fine!
Parvati: Mishti swara ke saath itna kuch hogaya aur tum kuch nahi kar rahi???
Mishti: Maa we need to be positive. Every time we can’t become weak cry and get tensed. I have faith in ragini. She will get her sister back. The enthusiasm she had while finding her will surely help her bring swara back.
Parvati is happy as well as surprised at Mishti’s reaction. She is glad that Mishti is strong. ?

Next part: SanLak fight and rescue Swara. She shocked as Ragini says the truth. Sanskaar vows to find the person behind swara’s kidnapping……

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