Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Our Family is completed by Swara.
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Sanskaar: Swara is kidnapped.
Both are shocked.
Ragini: what??? How and when? You were her right? Then how did this happen and all this? What happened to you?
Laksh: Ragini we were together but….
Shekhar: But what Laksh? Where is my daughter?
Laksh: Uncle we were here only….
Ragini: Laksh (gets angry) say from beginning.

Laksh: Ragini, voh hua yeh ki…..

After Swara relaxes Laksh, Sanskaar: Swara Laksh let’s leave na.
Swara: Arre haan your hospital sickness…. Laksh chal.
All three leave. They walk and go in the nearby garden. They are walking when Swara sees an icecream seller.
Swara: Guys icecream!? Let’s have one.
Sanskaar: Lucky you want?
Laksh: Haan bhai. Let’s go together and have it.
Sanskaar: Okay….

They walk towards the stall when Laksh gets a call.
Laksh: Sanskaar papa ka phone hai. You guys go I’ll come.
Sanskaar: Okay.
They leave while Laksh attends the call. Swara and sanskaar go and order their ice creams. They both start eating while Laksh talks with his father. He is giving an explanation to him about sanskaar’s and his whereabouts. He is informing his father when suddenly someone hits Sanskaar on his head. Swara gets shocked and shouts Sanskaar…. Sanskaar holds his head. Swara goes near him and holds him. Sanskaar is in pain. Swara holds his head and touches his wound. She sees her hand and sees blood. Some goons are shown with sticks and knives in their hands.

Swara sees them and gets shocked. One of them holds Swara and kicks Sanskaar down. Sanskaar falls down and swara agian shouts sanskaar….. ? She shouts: Lakshh…. he also gets shocked.Laksh who was talking cuts his call and runs towards them. The same goons starts dragging swara when Laksh comes and gets Sanskaar into his senses. Another goon hits Laksh. Laksh gets up and starts fighting. Sanskaar also comes in his senses and runs towards Swara. Laksh fights with the goons and injures himself. But he overpowers them soon.
Sanskaar manages to catch hold of that goon. He hits him on his stomach. That goon leaves swara and holds his stomach. Swara runs to Sanskaar and goes behind her. Sanskaar fights with him when another guy comes and hits him with a knife. ?

Swara shouts and so does Sanskaar in pain. His hand bleeds. They find an opportunity and take Swara. Sanskaar tries to balance himself when the person hits him again. He falls down and bleeds. They hit him badly. Swara is present there. A goon is holding her so that she can’t run. Swara cries in pains and shouts his name. Laksh defeats them and runs towards Sanskaar. He drags swara and make her sit in their car Sanskaar is beaten mercilessly whereas swara struggles to free herself.
Laksh tries reaching to Sanskaar but some of them overpower him. Sanskaar is beaten and left on the road. They leave both of them and start leaving. Swara shouts from inside and cries. She sees Sanskaar from the back of the car glass and cries badly. Sanskaar who was semi-conscious sees a fade image of swara and closes his eyes.
After they leave ,Laksh manages to wake up Sanskaar and get him to the hospital.
[Consider the same garden from where Ragini was kidnapped on swara’s birthday.]
**Flashback ends**

Ragini, Shekhar are shattered while Sanskaar who was staring the ground closes his eyes in pain. A tear skips his eye. Ragini gets teary eyed and moves backward. Ragini looses her balance and is about to fall when Laksh runs and holds her…
Laksh: Ragini control yourself.
Ragini: Laksh why will someone kidnap Swara? What will they get by kidnapping Swara? She has no enemies nor she ever did wrong to someone. Why will they do this??
Laksh: Ragini nothing will happen to her. Please control yourself.
Laksh also get teary eyed seeing her pain. Shekhar notices this. Sanskaar stanjds up from the stone in much pain. He walks slowly and comes to Shekhar.
Laksh: arre Sanskaar.
Laksh sees him and feels the pain he has. Physical pain is not bothering him. The pain of not being able to swara is killing him from inside. He blames himself for Swara’s condition and vowes to get her back.

Sanskaar: Uncle whatever happened I’m at fault tho. I promise you I’ll get her back within 24 hours. Just give me once chance and i swear I’ll get her back in front of you.
Shekhar: Beta i don’t know what is happening with my family. Life has been a roller coaster from past many days. Now i just want my family to be safe and secure. I want both my daughters to be absolutely happy and tension free. Till now Ragini was the one for whom i cared the most but now I’m dying to see my swara. Please get her beta. This is a father begging to you. Please get my daughter back. Please…. (folds his hands and cries)
Shekhar bends on his knees while crying. Laksh Sanskaar feels his pain as a father. Sanskaar bends down and holds him and gets him up .
Sanskaar: uncle, i don’t care about the day or the night, the sun or moon… What I care now is just Swara. I’ll bring her back. I promise I’ll get her back.
Laksh: But we don’t know anything Sanskaar. Not even the car’s number. How will we find her?
Sanskaar: I don’t know about that. I get her back it’s my promise.
Saying this he turns and starts walking towards the garden. Laksh Shekhar and Ragini see him. He is badly wounded and is walking very slowly. Dragging his one leg and walking with other.
Ragini: Papa, if Sanskaar is doing so much taking so much pain then why should we sit like this. We must also help him. I’m going with him to find swara.
She leaves without listening to them. Shekhar looks at Laksh and he says: Uncle…..
Shekhar: I know what you want to say. Let’s leave.

They to go behind them. Sanskaar reaches the garden and thinks: Swara, I know you wouldn’t have left from here like this. You must have left something for me. You would have left some indication for me, Something that would me find you…..
Saying this he looks all around and finds a ring shining on the floor. Ragini reaches there and sees him picking up something. She goes to him and sees the ring. He picks the ring and sees it. He thinks it to be of Swara’s. Ragini solves his mystery by saying: Sanskaar this ring. Show. (Sees it carefully) Sanskaar yeh swara ki hai!!!!

Sanskaar: Pakka?
Ragini: Yes Sanskaar. I’m 100% sure. This is of swara’s.
Sanskaar: Yes… I knew it! I knew it!!! Yess!!! She has left indications for us!! Ragini now finding her won’t be difficult .
Ragini: Yes Sanskaar. (Gives a wide smile)
Shekhar Laksh also come till then. They see both of them and go to them.
Shekhar: What happened beta? You got anything?
Ragini: Yes papa. We found this ring. See. Yeh Swara ki hai.
Laksh: From where did you get this?
Sanskaar: Yahi par se milli Laksh. But tu kyun puch raha hai?
Laksh: Ek minute.
Laksh takes some backward and stops at a particular spot.
Laksh: Sanskaar, we were here and that car was there (points at a place which is between Sanskaar’s position and his). This means they went in this direction. (Points ahead). We must search in this direction.
Sanskaar: Yes!
They leave.
Mishti and Parvati who were done with their preparations were eagerly waiting for Swara to come. With each passing second, their excitement increases and they see the clock again and again. Mishti stands and walks to and fro. Parvati also gets restless.
Parvati: Arre kya ho gaya?? Abhi tak yeh log aaye kyun nahi?? (What happened? Why didn’t they return)

Mishti: I’m also thinking that. It has been hours since they went. I’m getting tensed now. How would have Swara reacted? I hope every thing is fine there.?
Parvati: Call Shekhar and ask.
Mishti: Haan Maa. (Calls Shekhar) ?
Shekhar’s phone rings and the screen flashes Mishti’s name. They were walking in some direction when Shekhar sees this and gets worried. Ragini asks: kya hua papa?
Shekhar says nothing just turns his phone and shows it to Ragini. Three of them get shocked seeing Mishti’s name.
Ragini: Ab kya hoga papa?

Swara is shown taking to a place. She is semi conscious . The car stops and they all get down. The goon calls someone and gives news about Swara. She could barely see or sense something. Still tried opening her eyes and sees a blur image of a place. Since all the goons are outisde she tries doing something. No one notices her. She tries opening the door. Suddenly she feels something beneath her legs. She touches it and realizes it to be a gun. She picks it up, opens the door, points at them!

They get alerted and Swara comes to her senses. She aims at them and threatens to shoot of they move. She plans of running from there by playing this game but unfortunately fate has something else stored in for her. She starts moving backward and turns when suddenly some goon appears from somewhere and takes the gun from her hand. In the mean time the people who were behind come and surround her. She gets scared and tries escaping but they catch hold of her.
The person facing swara slaps her hard and her lip bleeds. ? She shouts and they take her inside. During this process she tries hard to escape but fails. So she leaves another indication by removing her slippers. All are so busy in taking her in that no one notices this.
Here, Ragini Laksh Sanksaar Shekhar are tensed as Mishti is calling them. With no option left Shekhar picks the call but Mishti cuts it unknowingly. He says hello but when no one responds he cuts the call. They are relieved and began their search once again.

As said and done. Chapter posted!! Guys keep reading and do comment?

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