Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 25


Chapter 25 (Silver Jublieee)
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And now no more of speeches and let’s stop this here? so coming back to our story. Shekhar came to knew about swara being her daughter and so does Parvati about Swara being her granddaughter. This is left untold to Mishti and Ragini who had discovered about each other’s love life quite some time before. Now let’s see how will they react!
Mishti and ragini enter the room and see Parvati going towards Shekhar. They don’t speak anything and just see. Parvati goes to Shekhar who is in complete shock. Paravti who is shattered is also controlling herself because in this situation, only she can handle the entire family.

Lavanya’s friend is played by Smriti Khanna – Akriti.

Paravti: Shekhar…… Beta i know you cannot accept this truth but just think about it and what if she said was wrong?
Shekhar comes to his senses and replies.
Shekhar: Maa, how can it be wrong? This cannot be a mistake nor it is a misunderstanding. I don t know how to react. Today once again I am standing where i stood 20 years back. Today also i don’t know how to face mishti. Back then the news was sad and today it is shocking. How will she react? And Ragini? What will she do?? How will she respond? Again I’m blank and don t know what to do.
Parvati: Shaant ho jaa. Mishti ko mein bolungi. And my Laado, she is smart enough to understand and accept that whatever she said was a misunderstanding or probably a mistake.
Shekhar: Nahi maa. It is not a mistake. I’m just thinking how will they react when they will come to know that SWARA IS OUR DAUGHTER.

Mishti blank Ragini shocked. They were trying to figure out what were the duo talking about but this was completely a shock. An unexpected shock. ????????
Mishti loses her control and is about to fall when Ragini holds her.

Ragini: Maaa (shouts)
Shekhar and Parvati turn and are shocked to see them!!! Shekhar runs to her and holds her. They take her inside. Parvati gives water but Mishti refuses. Parvati insists but Mishti throws the glass in one corner of the room. All are shocked seeing her behaviour.
She holds Shekhar and says: Shekhar i heard whatever you said. Is it true?
Shekhar: Meri baat sunno.
Mishti: nahi. Mein kuch nahi sunugi.(No I won’t) Just tell me. Was it true or not???
All can understand her state and Parvati signs Ragini. Ragini nods and goes to Mishti.

Ragini: Maa. Just relax…..
Mishti cuts her and says: No. I said na i won’t. Ragini, Shekhar will not answer me you ask na. You also heard what he said. Ask him beta. He will answer you. (She starts crying)
Ragini also gets teary eyed and is unable to see her pain.
Ragini (cries): Maaaaaa…… (keeps her head on her shoulder)
Mishti keeps repeating the same lines and asks Shekhar. Slowly she too understands and bursts into tears. Shekhar is helpless and so are others. Parvati knows it’s useless to make her understand because that situation was supportive. Still she goes to Mishti. Shekhar takes Ragini. Ragini hugs Shekhar and cry. Shekhar feels her pain. Just when Parvati tries explaining Mishti Ragini wipes her tears and speaks: one sec. Why are we crying? Maa (to mishti) why are you crying. This is a moment to rejoice, be happy and celebrate.
All are shocked.

Shekhar: Beta what are you saying?
Ragini: common papa. This moment we must celebrate. After all you got ur daughter. I found my sister back. Our family got it’s Swara. Our Swara papa. Our Swara. After putting so many efforts and so many plans we found the one whom we were looking for.

Shekhar understands her meaning and supports her. Mishti too wipes her tears and stands. While Parvati is irked by the words ‘OUR SWARA’

Shekhar Mishti smile. Mishti says: Ragini you are right. Why should we cry when there is lots to rejoice about. Beta go and get our swara. Go beta get my daughter. Bring my daughter to me. I’m dying to see her as MY DAUGHTER. TO CALL HER AS MY DAUGHTER. TO SEE HER AS YOUR SISTER. GO BETA. Bring her to me. I want to hug her and say whatever i couldn’t do in these years. Our family is completed by her. Get her.
Shekhar: yes ragini your mom is right. See what irony is this. The person who helped the most is the one whom we were searching for. Ragini in these 20 years i saw her only as your friend but today I’ll see her as my DAUGHTER…… i can’t wait for that moment. Where is she?
Ragini: She is in this hospital.
Parvati and Shekhar are shocked.
Shekhar: what? Why??? What happened to her?

Ragini explains everything.

Shekhar gets happy and says: what can be more merrier than this. Ragini come let’s bring her.
Ragini: No papa.
Shekhar: arre kya hua?
Ragini: papa today we are getting our Angel back so some special preparations must be done!
Shekhar-Mishti: yes.
Parvati: what preparations? Dhol baaje bajvaane hai kya?
All are surprised seeing her reaction.
Ragini: Daadimaa, why are you talking like this?
Parvati: So?? How should i talk? Arre is this swara the only swara in this world? Is she the only orphan left? Maybe there is some misunderstanding. May be she is someone else’s daughter. What if her real parents show up some day? And take. What will you do then?
Ragini ( smiles and goes to her) : Daadimaa may be you are right. But you only think why would swara’s and my blood group would match even when we don’t have any relation. Why would Maa always shout when you say anything against her? Why would WE GO AGAINST YOU JUST FOR HER? There must be something which makes us do this. That something is this. This Daadimaa. She being my sister matched our blood group. She being their ( points towards Shekhar-Mishti) daughter, Maa used to go and speak against you. She is a part of our family. Hence WE USED TO GO AGAINST YOU. And even if her real parents would come tomorrow to take her, i don’t care about it. For us at this moment she is our daughter. Hence we will accept this and move on. For me, she is my sister from now onwards. That’s it. Simple.
Parvati is speechless in front of her. She says nothing. Ragini leaves and so does Shekhar. They get Parvati discharged. Mishti takes Parvati home. Mishti goes into the kitchen and starts preparing sweets. Shekhar is with Ragini in the hospital searching for Swara. Ragini is unaware about the fact that kritika is in the ICU. She goes on the floor where she last saw them. No one is seen. She is super excited to break this news to her sister. But to her disappointment swara and others are no where to be seen. She is searching for her but in vain. She calls her but her phone doesn’t connect. She calls Laksh but no response. She starts getting tensed.

Ragini: Papa where are they? Everything is fine na?
Shekhar: yes Ragini. Everything will be fine and why are you taking tension. Let’s ask someone.
They see some nurses. Ragini runs to them and asks about Swara-Sanlak. She shows them her photo. One of the nurse says: Arre yeh. Yes I have seen her. She was with 2 boys in front of the ICU.
Ragini: ICU? What is she doing there?
Shekhar: Let’s go and see na.
They leave.
Lavanya who was jealous seeing swara and laksh’s friendship is helpless as she is unable to do anything. Dejected she goes inside the ICU and is with Kritika. She takes care of her baby who started to cry every now and then. She does everything a Maasi does. Even though she is with kritika she get flashes of swara being laksh and their growing friendship. She thinks something and goes to call someone.
After some time Ragini enters and Lavanya is shown sitting with Kritika’s baby.
Lavanya’s back is towards Ragini. Ragini bends ahead and sees Lavanya playing with her nephew. She thinks that it is not good to disturb her and leaves. Shekhar is waiting outside.

Ragini: Papa, they are not inside.
Shekhar: Did you ask Lavanya?
Ragini: No papa. She was busy playing with her nephew so disturbing her isn’t a good thing. We will search for them her only.
Shekhar: okay beta.
The moment Ragini leaves the ICU and goes down Lavanya is shown hiding behind a pillar. She sees whether Ragini has gone or not. She gets relieved when Ragini is not seen. She comes out and enters the ICU. She keeps her hand on the person sitting on her place. The person turns and her phone is shown.
Lavanya: Thank God you came here on time or else I would have been caught.
Akriti(her friend): It’s okay re. Ragini gayi kya?
Lavanya: Yes. Finally she went. Thank You for coming on time. Or else she would have nearly killed me.
Akriti: Arre yrr! You are doing this for your love. It’s fair enough to fight for your love. And as always I’m with you.
Lavanya: I know that. I just want these girls to be away from my Laksh. Laksh got attracted to Ragini and i couldn’t to anything because i realized things late. But I won’t continue this. I won’t allow Swara and Laksh to bond any more. Enough! I know it’s difficult to separate Ragini and Laksh but I’ll do it sooner or later.
Akriti: Relax Lavanya. Don’t get angry! It’s not good for your health. Achha take Aryan (Kritika’s baby) he is sleeping. Keep him beside Kritika.
Lavanya (Takes him): Arre haan. Give.
She keeps him beside Kritika and they both leave and come out of the ICU. Before leaving Lavanya tells the nurse to take care of them till they return.
Shekhar and Ragini keep searching but they are disappeared. Ragini gets disheartened and she leaves the hospital. Shekhar follow her.
Ragini is standing on the road at some distance from the hospital.
[Basically she is not near the hospital] Shekhar: Ragini why are you so sad? These people might be here only. Wait for some time

Ragini: Papa how did they disappear like this?
Ragini is about to continue when she sees a wounded Sanskaar and Laksh coming. They both walk in their direction. Sanskaar is badly wounded. His hand is bleeding and shirt is brown from dirt. He has few marks on his face. A big swelling near his lips. He is looking very weak. Laksh is shown bringing him. Sanskaar’s hand is on his one hand. He is in pain. Laksh supports Sanskaar and helps him in walking.
Ragini is shocked seeing them. Shekhar is unable to figure out her expression. He turns and is shocked to see them. They run to them. Shekhar holds Sanskaar while Ragini goes near Laksh. Sanskaar is in pain. Shekhar touches his hand and he jerks in pain. He shouts. Shekhar apologises. Ragini asks Laksh but he doesn’t reply.
They make Sanskaar on a nearby stone. They both are confused as to what has suddenly happened with them. Ragini notices that Swara is missing. She promptly asks: Where is swara? I mean where is my sister??
Laksh and Sanskaar are shocked to hear this.
Laksh: what?
Ragini: Yes Laksh.
Shekhar: Beta things took an unexpected turn even when we never expected anything like this to happen.
Laksh: Uncle, what are you saying?
Shekhar again gives an explanation leaving them shocked. Sanskaar who was looking down throughout turned and looked up at Shekhar. Laksh was taken aback. Ragini sensed something unusual and she asked: Laksh, where is Swara? Sanskaar she was with you. Where is she now? And what has happened to you ? What’s all this.

Ragini bends down and faces Sanskaar. Sanskaar is distraught and facing Ragini is another task for him. Ragini’s restlessness increases and she starts worrying. Laksh tries calming her but she stands up and shouts on him saying: Laksh where is my sister? Why aren’t you replying?? Say where she is?
Mishti is preparing some Bengali sweet in the kitchen when Parvati enters.
Mishti sees her and says: Maa, you go and take rest. I will take make these sweets and then your dinner. Bas ek baar voh log aa jaaye.
Parvati sees the preparations and doesn’t react.
Mishti: IS everything okay? Why are you looking like this? Is anything missing? Should i make something more?
Parvati: Nahi Mishti. Everything is perfect. I’m getting surprised at your enthusiasm! Even that person is unaware about her true identity for whom you are making all this.
Mishti understands her taunt. She leaves her cooking and goes to her.
Mishti: I know you are upset because Swara is the one whom we were finding. You dont like her but maa just once think about the sadness we went through at the hospital when the doctor declared her dead. Just think how many sleepless we had after that incident. After all that after so many hurdles today I’m getting my daughter back. Just think about this. Maa tell me were you happy when we reached that school. Weren’t you happy when we were so close in finding our daughter.
Parvati: Of course Mishti I am happy.
Mishti: then why can’t you be happy now?
Parvati: I’m happy but
Mishti: But you don’t like Swara. And that’s why you cannot accept that she is my daughter. Maa please see her good points. She helped us even after knowing about your hatred. Aisa kaun karta hai. Koi apna hi. Maa please understand. Why are we explaining you Again & again is just because we know that she is good. Maa you may not agree not accept this fact but today our Ragini is alive because of Swara.

Parvati thinks about her words and remembers all the times when she insulted Swara and her family went against her. She thinks about Mishti shouting on her when she called Swara orphan. She realizes mistake finally when she remembers Swara giving her blood even when she (Parvati) called her impure.
Parvati (cries): Mishti, forgive me. You are correct. Swara is not bad. She is just like us. And she is my blood. Not bangali blood. I criticised her every time but never thought that i was defaming my own upbringing. Ragini is present because Swara is there and Swara is there because Ragini is there. I was wrong very wrong. Today I will rectify my mistake. Give this to me. (Takes the spoon from Mishti’s hand) Let them come today they will see another side of me. Today they will see another Parvati. Swara’s and Ragini’s Grandmother. I’ll prepare Marwari sweets for them. She will be surprised to see this side of mine.

Mishti: Yes Maa.
Parvati: what should I make??
Mishti: Umm Maalpua?
Parvati: Yes. I’ll make it.
Mishti: Maa now what to do with all these food which I prepared?
Parvati: Arre what to do ka kya matlab? Swara and Ragini will have.
Mishti: Kaise khaayenge?
Parvati: Matlab?
Mishti: Maa after eating your Malpuaa will they even smell my food?
They laugh and Parvati starts preparing food. Mishti helps her and she too completes her cooking food.
Mishti (after completing her work): Maa shall i help you.
Parvati: Arre nahi. Rahne de.
Mishti: Okay Maa. I’ll go upstairs and clean Ragini’s room.
Parvati: Haan yeh bhi chalega. Jaa jaldi.
Mishti leaves and Parvati continues with her work.
Mishti goes up and enters Ragini room. She cleans it, changes the flowers cleans the furniture. Soon that room looks beautiful with sweet aroma all around.
Down Parvati is done making her food. She calls Mishti. Once mishti is also done she too goes down. Parvati presents her Malpuaa and Mishti tastes one. Mishti praises it and stuffs one into Parvati’s mouth.
Both smile and give the final touch to their food. They lay the table and decorate the dining table.
Parvati: Arre Mishti we forgot about our Mandir. After all our family i completing after so many years. Let’s decorate the Mandir quickly.
Mishti: Haan Maa.
They start decorating the temple.


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Finally another mystery. Guess what happened to Swara??

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