Swaragini The Soul Sisters Chapter 24


Chapter 24
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Ragini gets super shocked seeing Mishti’s anger level. Laksh gets shocked listening about Parvati.

Laksh: What happened to aunty?
Mishti: Did I ask you?
Laksh: Sorry Aunty.
Mishti: Better.

Mishti gives Ragini a cold look. Ragini gets afraid. Laksh tries speaking but Mishti stops her by giving him a death stare. He too gets afraid. Mishti holds Ragini’s hand and drags her. Swara and Sanskaar come from behind and see Mishti taking Ragini and go to Laksh.

Sanskaar: Laksh

Laksh turns and sees them.

Laksh: Sanskaar, now what will we do?
Sanskaar: Bhai, relax. Aunty is angry because Ragini’s grandmother is admitted in this hospital.
Swara-Laksh (Together): What???
Sanskaar: Yes
Swara: How do you know?
Sanskaar: I met Aunty some time back…….

Both are shocked as Sanskaar explains everything and Laksh sees Ragini going. Ragini turns back and eyes Laksh. A tear escapes Laksh’s eyes. Sanskaar keeps his hand on his shoulder.

Sanskaar: Laksh, control yourself. Everything will be fine. Just a moment of patience.
Laksh: Bhai, I’ll do it. I’ll do it.
Sanskaar smiles and Laksh hugs him. Swara sees them emotionally and gets teary eyed. She wipes her tear and says: Guys, shall we go to Kritika? Lavanya is alone there.
Sanskaar: Arre haan.

All leave.

Here, Ragini is standing in front of Mishti quietly with her head down. Mishti is standing with her hands crossed on her chest.

Mishti: Ragini, should I ask you something or tell this to Shekhar?
Ragini is silent.
Mishti: I asked something.
Ragini sees up and says: Maa, we were….
Mishti: No excuses or explanations. Even I have gone through this period. I know what it feels…

Mishti smiles. Ragini is surprised at her change and gets confused.

Mishti: I’m with you, beta… (She hugs her)

Ragini gets shocked and says (Breaking the hug): Maa?
Mishti: Ragini, I’m sorry. (Holds her ears)…. I was just joking.
Ragini: Huh?
Mishti: I was actually joking. I was not angry with you.
Ragini: Then why you did this?
Mishti: Just to check how loyal Laksh was.
Ragini: Maa, I’m not getting you.
Mishti: Beta, I said na I have gone through this period. (Putting stress on THIS). I have felt the same thing you are feeling. The moment I saw you with him, I understood what is between you two.
Ragini: Maa…. (Blushes)
Mishti: So I did this. And now I am sure that you both are perfect. Perfect for each other. Perfect Couple. (winks)
Ragini smiles but suddenly she changes her expression. Mishti asks: What happened?
Ragini: Maa, what about Papa and Daadimaa? How will they react?

Mishti is also speechless.

Shekhar is waiting for Mishti and Ragini when he gets a call….

Lady: Hello sir.
Shekhar: Hello. Who is this?
Lady: Sir, I’m speaking from Joseph School. You were here with you family today.
Shekhar: Oh Yes yes I was.
Lady: Sir after you left we collected all our papers and we also found the remaining records which you couldn’t see.
Shekhar: Yes.
Lady: Sir, can I read the names to you of the remaining ones?
Shekhar (He stands and starts walking): Actually, I’m in the hospital with my mother. It’s not possible now. Can you call me afterwards?
Lady: Okay sir. No problem.

The moment she says this, again wind blows and the paper fly around. Shekhar is about to cut the call when he hears that lady shouting for the blown records.

Lady: Arre, Raju (calls someone) catch those records. They are important. Read that name. I need to cross check.
He reads the name. Shekhar is listening everything.
Lady: Yes. Okay. I have Meenaxi, Rajesh and Swara’s record with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shekhar is taken aback. He sits on the sofa out of shock. Parvati sees him and gets up from the bed.

Parvati: Shekhar, what happened? (she keeps her hand on his shoulder) Shekhar…..? Kya hua?
Shekhar doesn’t respond. The lady again repeats that sentence and the phone drops from his hand. Parvati gets worried and takes the phone. She keeps the phone on her ear and says: Hello!
Lady: Hello? Was the phone connected?
Parvati: Yes. What happened? My son isn’t responding after your call. What has happened? What did you say?
Lady: Nothing Mam. I asked about the records but he said he is with you so we will call later!
Parvati: Nothing more than that? Because he is not even reacting. He is sitting like a ghost. Aur kuch nahi hua kya? (She sounds worried)
Lady: Mam, one second. Please hold the call.

She goes to Raju and gives him the papers.

Lady: Read the names.
Raju: Reena, Prasad, Meenaxi, Rajesh and Swara.

Parvati is shocked and surprised. She controls herself and quickly responds: Hey wait. What did he say?
Repeat the names… repeat the last name…
Lady: Swara…
Parvati: What?
Lady: Yes mam.
Parvati cuts the call and goes to Shekhar.

Swara and Sanskaar are with Laksh outside the ICU with Lavanya. Kritika is shifted there. Lavanya goes inside whereas they wait outside. Laksh is standing in one corner sadly. Swara and Sanskaar are together discussing something.


Sanskaar was continuosly looking Laksh which confused Swara.

Swara: Sanskaar, kya hua?
Sanskaar: Kuch bhi toh nahi.
Swara: Achha? Toh tum aise hi apne bhai ko aakhein phaad phaad ke ghoor rahe ho? [ Really? So like this only you staring your brother] Sanskaar: No. I’m seeing how much has he changed!
Swara: What?
Sanskaar: He was never like this. I mean never ever was he serious so much about someone. Today I can see how much mature my Laksh is. He was a spoil brat. A big spoil brat. I have seen BadePapa and Badi maa worrying about him.
Swara: Badepapa? Isn’t he your real brother?
Sanskaar: Nope. He is my Badepapa’s son. But from the very beginning we stayed together, so there was nothing like being real or cousin.
Swara: Ohh. Then how come you are bigger than him?
Sanskaar: Adarsh Bhaiya.
Swara: Who is he?
Sanskaar: Laksh’s elder brother. We were four. But now we are three!
Swara: How? What?
Sanskaar: We lost our sister, Uttara.
Swara: How?
Sanskaar: It’s a long story. Will tell you some time later.
Swara: Why not now?
Sanskaar: Swara!! (Raised his voice)
Swara: Okay sorry. Continue about Laksh.
Sanskaar: Better. After Uttara Laksh changed. Everything changed. What we saw and what we are seeing are two different sides of him. And what I am seeing now is another side of him. Ragini has done some magic on him.
Swara: huh?
Sanskaar: he had many girlfriends and he was never serious. Whenever one left he would pick someone else. But this is not with Ragini. He is actually sad.

Swara looks him. Laksh is standing near the window. He is looking at the sky. The new sunrise which gets positive vibes for all bought a big shock for him. He was sad. While looking up he was remembering about his moments spent with Ragini.
Here laksh is sad & there Ragini is laughing with mishti having no clue about it.
Swara notices this and agrees with sanskaar.

Swara: I just hope everything is fine there.

Mishti and Ragini are together when mishti tells Ragini about shekhar’s and her relation. How they met, knew each other and fell in love. Ragini gets happy seeing mishti’s support but the thought of telling Shekhar about this frightened her.

Ragini: Maa what about papa?
Mishti: Dont worry. I’ll talk with him. Shekhar will understand once someone will explain him. Ill do it. You don’t worry just relax and smile.

Ragini smiles and they both leave towards the room. On the way , just before they reach the floor Mishti teases Ragini and she says: Maaa (blushes) Stop it na please.
Mishti laughs: Achha baba sorryy. (Holds her ears) Abhi chale andar?
Ragini: Haan

Mishti and Ragini reach to the room. Mishti opens and the door and what happens next shocks them.

Swara gets worried looking at Laksh’s condition and she goes near here.

Swara: Laksh…..
Laksh gets disturbed and turns. Seeing swara he wipes his tears and responds: Arre Swara you? Say.
Swara: laksh I can understand what are you going through. But believe me, everything will be fine. Just calm down.
Laksh: How can I swara??? How can I ??
Swara: I know it’s difficult but it isn’t impossible. You can do it. Look come here. (Takes him to the chair ) Sit here and close ur eyes.
Laksh: what?
Sanskaar: Kar le Laksh. Yoga instructor hai yeh…. ??(Says while coming from behind)
Swara: Shut up Sanskaar. And you ( to laksh) do what i said….
Laksh: Okay okay. (Closes his eyes) Now??
Swara: Now just breathe slowly and calm your mind.

Laksh does. Sanskaar smiles.

Swara: Now just think about your moments spent with her and just relax……

Laksh thinks about his first meet with Ragini till they both getting wet in rains and Laksh’s apology to Ragini.

Raabta plays……

Laksh smiles and opens his eyes.

Swara: How are you feeling?
Laksh: Better.
Swara: told you.
Sanskaar: I also said she is yoga instructor. Chuppi Rustam nikali yeh toh.

Laksh laughs and so does Sanskaar. Swara gives a disgusted look and says: Okay so if I am a yoga instructor then you too sit down and do the same exercise. But with a condition, you won’t open ur eyes.
Sanskaar: Okay.

He does the same and sits down closing his eyes. He remembers all his moments with swara. Swara goes near Sanskaar and starts tickling him.? Sanskaar bursts out of laughter. And opens his eyes.

Swara: Hey you can’t open ur eyes. Now you have to do this again.
Sanskaar does and Swara tickles him. He tries controlling but again bursts. This time he doesn’t open his eyes. And tries controlling himself.

Laksh laughs seeing them and gives a HiFi to swara??. Lavanya sees all this after cmng out of the ICU and thinks: Pahle woh Ragini ab yeh Swara.

She fumes in anger.

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