Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 23


Chapter 23
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Ragini and Laksh are into each other when the Gadodia’s come there and see them.

Shekhar: Ragini….

Both come out of each other and Ragini sees her family. She gets shocked. Laksh too sees them.
Ragini: Papa?
Shekhar: You called us, right? So we came here.
Ragini: Papa….
Shekhar: Where we have to go?
Ragini: Over there, papa…. (Points towards the reception)
Shekhar: So shall we leave?
Ragini: Okay papa. Chalo!

They leave.


The school which was haunting from outside was very well furnished from inside. Laksh is relieved to see the interiors…. He looks at Ragini and gives her the same look. Ragini understood what he meant and smiles. Laksh too smiles. Ragini is all wet and she sneezes…. Laksh is about to go towards Ragini when Shekhar comes between them and says: Ragini, take this. (Gives a handkerchief)

Ragini is unable to see Laksh she tries doing so, but Shekhar blocks her way. Laksh too tries seeing her but Shekhar is between them…. Laksh gets concerned for her.

Swara and Sanskaar come and see everyone.

Swara: Ragini.

All turn and see them. Shekhar sees them. Ragini runs towards swara, while Laksh goes towards Sanskaar.

Ragini: Swara, are you okay?
Swara: Yes Ragini. Are you okay?
Ragini: Laksh was with me.

She realizes what she said and slaps her head with her hand.

Laksh: Bhai, theek hai na?
Sanskaar: Haan Bhai. Tu bol…
Laksh: Haan re….

Swara gives a blank expression and asks in a sign language: What happened?
Ragini (in low tone): swara, Laksh was with me, and papa saw us.
Swara: Oh shit….
Ragini: Where were you?
Swara: With him. (Points at Sanskaar)
Ragini: Ohh
Parvati: Kya khus phus chal rahi hai?
Ragini: Nothing Daadimaa.
Shekhar: Swara, why happened to you?
Sanskaar: Nothing uncle. The doctor said….
Shekhar: I asked Swara.
Swara: Uncle actually, the doctor said that I was alright so there was no need of keeping me there. And Sanskaar didn’t wanted to be there so, we left from there. And then we came here once you called.
Shekhar: Hmm.. Okay… (To Ragini) Ragini, shall we do what we were going to do here?
Ragini: Haan Papa.
They go at the reception and meet the receptionist. They tell them everything. The receptionist is checking her records when suddenly Lavanya calls Swara. Swara excuses herself and goes to a side.

Lavanya is screaming on the phone and Swara is shocked to hear that. Swara tries speaking but Lavanya is continuously screaming. She hears something….


Swara says: Lavanya, what happened? Lavanya???
Sanskaar, Ragini and Laksh go towards her…

Ragini: Swara, what happened?
Swara is still on the phone.
Sanskaar: Swara, kya hua? ……..Swara……

Swara continues hearing on the phone. She is still shocked. All are asking but she does not respond. Her phone drops down. Sanskaar gets shocked. Ragini and Laksh see each other. They get tensed.

Swara: Guys, Kritika…..
Sanskaar: What happened?
Swara: She got a panic attack!!!
Ragini: What???
Laksh: How?
Swara: I don’t know. I just got Lavanya’s call. She is screaming… We have to leave…. Ragini, sorry, I have to leave.
Sanskaar: I nahi WE
Swara: No Sanskaar! You have to be here. With them. I’ll come back, quickly.
Sanskaar: Swara, I am coming with you.
Laksh: Mee Too
Ragini: I’ll also come…
Swara: Ragini, you be here. It’s about your sister…
Ragini: Swara, hum yaha tak tum logo ke kaaran aaye, toh tum logo ka saath nahi de? Aisa ho sakta hai kya?
Swara: But Ragini, it’s about your sister. You have to stay here. And you two (to SanLak) be here. I’ll go and come quickly.
Sanskaar-Laksh: We both are coming. That’s it.
Swara: Okay then. Let’s leave.
Sanskaar: Okay…

Swara and Sanskaar leave whereas Laksh stays back and says : Ragini, I am sorry. I am going because Lavanya is my best friend. And Kritika Di she is like my sister. I have to go. Sorry
Ragini: It’s okay Laksh. I can understand. Now go
Laksh: Thanks… Okay bye
Ragini: Haan Bye

Laksh leaves. Sanskaar drives to Kritika’s home. They reach her house. Kritika is inside shouting. Lavanya is besides her trying to control her but in vain. Swara enters and sees her. She rushes to Kritika whereas Lavanya cries.

Swara: Sanskaar, take her baby…

Sanskaar takes her baby and tries making him quiet and Laksh goes to Lavanya. She cries and Laksh tries calming but she bursts out.

Swara (To Sanskaar): We have to take her to the hospital.
Sanskaar: Now? She isn’t in that condition.
Swara: I know but we have to…
Sanskaar: Okay

There, Laksh is trying but Lavanya continues crying. At the end, he hugs her to stop her. Lavanya feels his hug and hugs him back. Her face is shown and she smiles wickedly… Sanskaar and Swara call Laksh for taking Kritika to the hospital. Laksh goes and they, including Lavanya, manage to take her to the car. Sanskaar drives and she is admitted to the hospital.

At the school, Ragini prays for her sister, when the lady is checking the records…

Lady: Sir, there are five children who were admitted here, from that orphanage.
Shekhar: Where are they?
Lady: We don’t know about them, but here are the records. You may check!
Shekhar: Yeah. Please give…

Shekhar takes the records but the moment he starts reading, the light goes…

Shekhar: What happened to light??
Lady: Sir, may be due to rains, the power went off… Wait, I will turn the generator on.
Shekhar: Please do it, quickly…

After some time she comes, and says: Sir, there is no kerosene, it can’t be turned on.

Shekhar: why aren’t you guys having any proper arrangements…
Ragini: Papa, I have torch in my phone, we can see from it….
Shekhar: Okay….
Ragini removes her phone and switches on the torch. She gives the torch to Shekhar…. Shekhar takes it and turns it towards the paper. He checks three of them. The moment he goes for the next one, a sudden wind blows and the papers too blow off…. Shekhar, Ragini and all are shocked. Ragini tries searching the paper but due to darkness, she is unable to do so. Shekhar too tries but in vain. Here, Mishti and Parvati see around when Parvati slips and falls down….

Parvati shouts and all run towards her.

Shekhar: Maa, are you okay?
Ragini: Daadimaa…..

Suddenly light comes and they see Parvati on the floor with a cut on her forehead. She bleeds heavily. All are shocked. Parvati is on the floor along with hundreds of paper. Everything is in a complete mess.

Shekhar: Maa…

They go near her. Parvati is too shocked. They hold her and make her sit on the sofa. Shekhar asks for medical kit but the lady replies: Sorry sir. But you won’t get it here.
Shekhar: Do you guys have anything kept properly?
Lady: Sir, it’s not available here… It’s in another room.
Mishti: Shekhar, leave all this. Let’s take Maa to the hospital
Shekhar: Haan Mishti. (To Ragini, throws the keys of the car) Ragini, catch…
Ragini catches and runs to open the car. Shekhar and Mishti take Parvati to the car. Ragini opens the door and Parvati sits inside. Mishti tries stopping it.

There, Kritika is admitted. Swara and Sanskaar wait outside on another side of the corridor while Lavanya and Laksh are outside the OT. Lavanya is pacing restlessly while Laksh tries to calm her.

**Swara and Sanskaar**

Swara: Sanskaar, I don’t know what is happening. There we left Ragini, here Kritika is critical. [I KNOW IT
RHYMED] Sanskaar: Swara, it’s okay.
Swara: Sanskaar, I don’t know what Ragini will think. We left from there just like this. She is also on very crucial point of her life. She will get her sister today. It’s a life changing decision for her. for 20 years, they never thought of having their daughter and now there are so close. I hope they get what they deserve.
Sanskaar: They will Swara.
Swara: I hope the same.
Sanskaar: Relax. We need to be with Lavanya…

There Lavanya is looking tensed when Laksh keeps his hand on her shoulder. Lavanya stops walking. Her back is towards Laksh. Lavanya is touched by it. She closes her eyes. Laksh goes near her. He is near her shoulder. Lavanya breathes heavily. Laksh keeps her hand on her another shoulder and turns her towards him. They are inches apart. Lavanya’s head is down. She smirks. Laksh holds her chin and lifts her face. She sees him. Laksh too sees her. They have an eyelock.

Lavanya: Laksh, didi ko kuch nahi hoga na.
Laksh: Lavanya, kuch nahi hoga Kritika ko.
A tear escapes her eye. Laksh hugs her… Lavanya smiles wickedly. Lavanya too hugs him, passionately.
Lavanya: Laksh… (While hugging him)
Laksh: Shh… Don’t say anything.

Swara and Sanskaar come there and see them together in that position. Both are shocked. Swara sees Sanskaar and raises her eye brows. Sanskaar gives a plain look. Swara is about to go towards them when Sanskaar holds her hand. Swara turns back and he points in some direction. She sees there and is shocked to see Ragini standing there

“Laksh”…. a voice is heard…

Ragini was present there along with Swara and Sanskaar, throughout and they saw everything. Shekhar, Mishti and Parvati were with the doctor and hence they didn’t witness this. Ragini gets teary-eyed. Laksh breaks the hug and sees her. Lavanya gets disturbed and sees Ragini. She gets furious and eyes her angrily. Laksh is about to go to her when Ragini stops him by showing her hand. A tear escapes her eye. He feels bad. She runs and leaves from there. Swara goes behind her. Laksh is about to go behind her when doctor comes from OT.

Ragini runs and Swara tries stopping and runs behind her.

Swara (While running): Ragini, stop. Ragini, stop stop….
Ragini is running when she stops. Swara too stops.

Swara (While going towards her): Ragini, voh…
Ragini’s back is towards Swara.
Ragini: Swara, don’t say anything. I’m not a kid. I saw everything. I understood everything.
Swara: Ragini, but I was also present. Just listen to Laksh once, at least once. Whatever happened would have been something else and you are taking it in some other way.
Ragini: Really Swara? You saw the position in which they were standing. Swara, we both know about each other’s feelings towards them. So what if Sanskaar was standing with her in this position? What would you do? How would you react?
Swara: I would have listened to him, once.
Ragini: Saying is easy, implementation is difficult.
Swara: Arre but listen to Laksh…
Ragini: And he will explain his rubbish….

Swara feels defeated and turns around. She sees Laksh standing there. Laksh looks disappointed with Ragini’s attitude. Swara tries turning and informing Ragini about Laksh being but Laksh stops her. Laksh looks at her and she leaves.

There doctor arrives and informs that she got a panic attack. A major attack. Lavanya and Sanskaar are there. Swara comes. Both are shocked. Lavanya sits on the chair. Swara goes to her. Sanskaar looks her. Swara is standing beside her.

Swara: Lavanya, control yourself.
Lavanya: Swara, didi….. (she hugs her)
Swara: Control…. Kritika is fine. Nothing will happen to her.
Swara looks at Sanskaar who asks about Ragini. Swara replies by nodding her head in a NO. Sanskaar understands and slaps his head with his hand. Swara too looks upset and Lavanya was sad plus worried by the thought of Laksh being with Ragini.

Shekhar and Mishti are with Parvati, whose dressing is done. Shekhar searches for Ragini but to his disappointment, Ragini is nowhere to be found. Also, Shekhar didn’t know about Swara, Sanskaar and Laksh being present in the same hospital. Once the doctor leaves, Shekhar says to Mishti: Mishti, you take care of Maa. I’ll be back.
Mishti: But where are you going?
Shekhar: To find Ragini. She was with us but now where is she??
Mishti: Oh yes. She was with Maa but she now she is no where to be seen. Call her
Shekhar: She is not picking.
Mishti: Ohhkay. I’ll be with Maa, you go and find her.
Shekhar: Haan.
Parvati: Shekhar (Speaks suddenly)
Shekhar: Yes Maa.
Parvati: You please be with me. Mishti, you go and search Ragini.
Shekhar: But Maa….
Mishti: Shekhar, you stay here. I’ll go….
Shekhar: Take Care…

Mishti leaves.

Laksh goes near Ragini and is about to say something when Ragini speaks: Laksh….. (she turns around)
Laksh is shocked when Ragini takes her name.

Laksh: Ragini you….
Ragini: Yahi puchoge na ki mujhe kaise pata?
Laksh (Surprised): Yes.
Ragini: Laksh some things need not be said. They are understood and felt from within.
Laksh: Ragini, I’m very sorry. I never intended to hurt you but Lavanya was…
Ragini: Don’t explain me, please. I said na some things are understood and felt from within. I can understand her pain because I’m too fighting for my sister. Lavanya is fighting for Kritika’s life whereas I’m fighting to find my sister. We both are same, Laksh. Both are fighting for their loved ones.
Laksh: Oh Thank God! You understood and didn’t misinterpret it. Thanks yrr….
Ragini: And you thought I thought wrong about you?
Laksh: The way you left, everyone thought the same.
Ragini: I was angry then.
Laksh: You killed me that time.
Ragini (Laughs): Shut up Laksh
Laksh: No seriously, believe me. I was half dead the moment I saw you and full dead when you left, angrily.
Ragini: I said I was angry but now everything is fine so JUST Relax.
Laksh: Ragini (Holds his hand)…. I am really blessed to find you.

Mishti is searching for Ragini when she comes across Sanskaar…

Mishti: Sanskaar…. You here?
Sanskaar: Aunty? You? Here? What happened?
Mishti: Beta, what are you doing here? I remember seeing you with Swara in the school. Suddenly, you three disappeared.
Sanskaar: Aunty, actually Lavanya’s sister Kritika got a panic attack. A major attack. So we had to leave from there and visit her place. We had to take her to the hospital. So we came here. But what are you doing here?
Mishti: Beta, there light went and Shekhar was seeing the records. Suddenly, Maa slipped. She fell and got hurt on her head. Ragini was with us when we came here but suddenly she too disappeared. So I am finding her. Have you seen her?
Sanskaar (Thinking): Oh No! What should I tell about Ragini? She is with Laksh? How will she react?
Mishti: Sanskaar? Where are you?
Sanskaar: Nothing Aunty. I have not seen her.
Mishti: Beta did you see Swara?
Sanskaar: Aunty, we were…… I mean I was with her. Lavanya and we both were together upstairs. She is up.
Mishti: Oh. Can we go there?
Sanskaar: Yes Aunty. Sure.

Both leave. While Sanskaar and Mishti are going up, Mishti sees Ragini and Laksh standing together. She sees them through the balcony. She is shocked seeing Laksh holding her hands. Sanskaar sees Mishti and he sees them through the balcony. He is super shocked and thinks: Arre Baap re. Bhanda phoot gaya!!
Mishti eyes Sanskaar and he looks down. Mishti leaves without saying anything and Sanskaar runs up. Sanskaar reaches there and sees Swara with Lavanya. He calls her.

Sanskaar: Swara…
Swara (Sees him): What happened?
Sanskaar (calls her by acting)
Swara( To Lavanya): I’ll come. Wait for me!

Swara goes to him.

Swara: What happened?
Sanskaar: Shh… (pulls her aside)… Come here
Swara: Arree but kya hua?
Sanskaar: Arre yeh pucho kya nahi hua?
Swara: Arre baba say na?
Sanskaar: Mishti Aunty is in this hospital along with Shekhar uncle and Ragini’s grandmother!
Swara: So?
Sanskaar: We were coming up but Aunty saw Ragini and Laksh together
Swara: WTF!?
Sanskaar: Yes Ms. Swara. Now what to do??
Swara: How do I know? Think something!
Sanskaar: You think. After all you are master at planning things!
Swara: Shut up… It’s not the time of discussing about my brains. How can we stop Aunty?
Sanskaar: We can’t stop her.
Swara: Why?
Sanskaar: Because she already left.
Swara: Bhuddhu (hits his head) Pahle bolta na (Panics)
Sanskaar: Now think what to do!
Swara: Call Laksh.
Sanskaar: His phone is with me.
Swara: Oh God! Why is he still alive?
Sanskaar: Are you planning to kill my brother?
Swara: Stop Joking Sanskaar. Both are together and Aunty is going there. What to do now? Uncle is already angry at her!! What to do! (panics and starts pacing around) What to do!! What to do???

Sanskaar hits his head and says: Why did I inform you?
Swara: Why?
Sanskaar: Are we some kind of astrologer?
Swara: What?
Sanskaar: What what? How will we do something by standing her? We need to go there. Stupid.
Swara: So why are we standing here? Let’s go down!
Sanskaar: Move!

There Laksh is holding Ragini’s hands. Ragini sees him and he gives her an intense look. Laksh takes her hands and kisses them. Ragini blushes hard. She smiles and her face turns red. Laksh gets surprised seeing her.

Laksh: What? Is this your first time?
Ragini: Obviously Yes Laksh. I guess you are doing this from ages. Say?
Laksh: ummm Yeah!
Ragini: Stupid, why are you feeling so proud in saying so!
Laksh: Aadat hai pagli!
Ragini (Laughs): Laksh aap bhi na.

Both laugh. Ragini keeps her hand on his shoulder. Ragini keeps her hand and the camera shows Mishti coming. Mishti sees them and stands there. Ragini sees Mishti while laughing and her expression changes. Laksh sees Ragini and sees her looking in some direction. He looks in the same direction and he is shocked to see Mishti standing there. Laksh leaves her hand and Ragini takes her hand.

Ragini: Maa?
Mishti: Shall I ask you this question? You know that Maa is bleeding and you are here? With him… Doing……

She stops. Ragini is scared seeing her and her anger level.

Next Part: Shekhar gets a call from the school giving some shocking news. Shekhar tells this Parvati and Mishti who are super shocked.
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