Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 22 (The School with Mysteries)


Chapter 22: The School
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Ragini calls Shekhar and informs them about the school. Shekhar, Mishti and Parvati leave for the school.

Here Swara and Sanskaar are already getting closer to each other. Sanskaar has madly fallen for her whereas Swara who is resisting herself has almost lost her heart to him.
Slowly, these love birds are realizing what is called LOVE!
And there Ragini and Laksh are bonding over each other while finding about Ragini’s sister. Laksh was taken the moment he saw Ragini and our Ragini, fell the way Swara did.

Now, the Gadodia’s are on their way. Ragini and Laksh reach that school. The school is something more like a haunted house. All black with few lights. An old rusted iron door with a broken lock. An old road going towards the receptionist. Leakage all around and a ghostly feeling prevailing all around.

Ragini is afraid but she manages to control herself whereas Laksh is unable to control himself. He starts shivering after seeing the school. He takes Ragini’s dupatta and keeps it in his mouth. He shivers with her dupatta in his mouth. Ragini is walking ahead with no idea of what is happening at her back! She feels something unusual and turns. She laughs seeing the sight. Laksh with the dupatta and a baby look.

Laksh: What the hell will we do here? Whom will we ask? The walls? I can see no one here…
Ragini: Shut up Laksh.
Laksh: So, will we play with the ghosts? Can you see any HUMAN here.
Ragini: Laksh (laughs)
Laksh: Kya yrrr? Kaha lekar aayi ho?
Ragini: Shh.. Give my dupatta… (pulls her dupatta)
Laksh (Fumbles): Arre ragini…

Ragini goes ahead. Laksh runs behind her….

Ragini is walking when she suddenly stops and thinks something. Laksh comes from behind and asks: Ragini, I think it’s your plan.
Ragini is disturbed yet she replies.
Ragini: What plan?
Laksh: You have done this to kidnap me and then call my family for money!
Ragini: What? Kidnap? And money? Are you okay?
Laksh: Haan. Till now I was, aage ka pata nahi
Ragini: Stop it Laksh…
Laksh: How should I? Look at this place. Yuckss
Ragini: Shut up and come with me.

Ragini pulls Laksh and walks ahead.

**this time, means when this is happening, it’s night, so it’s more haunting**

Suddenly, the night changes. Dark clouds began to appear. The weather changes… Laksh sees it. Clouds strike each other and it thunders!!!

Ragini screams and hugs Laksh…

…Raabta plays…

Laksh hugs her back… It starts to rain. Both get wet. Laksh sees Ragini. Ragini is all wet. She looks up. Ragini’s face is covered by her hair… Ragini is still on his chest. Laksh is still seeing her. Laksh moves her hair to another side. Ragini closes her eyes. Laksh removes her one earring and they both have an eye lock. They are lost in each other.

Here, Swara and Sanskaar are roaming on the roads when it rains. Swara runs on the road. They were on the footpath, but the moment it rains, Swara goes towards the road and starts getting wet whereas Sanskaar tries getting shed under a tree. Swara dances and enjoys the rain. She plays and sees Sanskaar taking shed. She runs and gets Sanskaar outside…

Sanskaar: Arre Swara. No… Don’t take me…. Arre wait….

…Cham cham plays…

Swara pulls her. Sanskaar also comes out and gets wet. Both are wet. Swara dances in rain while Sanskaar is seeing, rather, admiring her. She is mesmerized by her looks. Swara takes some rain water and throws it towards Sanskaar. Sanskaar closes his eyes.

Sanskaar: Swara….

Swara dances when her leg twists and she slips. Sanskaar holds her. She gets serious on seeing Sanskaar’s INTENSE LOOK. He is mesmerized by her beauty. Swara’s expression changes when he leans toward her. He slides his arm around her waist. Swara feels his touch. Sanskaar pulls her up. They are inches apart.

Swara: Sanskaar.

Sanskaar keeps his finger on her lips and says: Shh….

Sanskaar is about to say something when Swara’s phone rings…


Sanskaar thinks: Mera Sautan….

Swara picks the call and says: What?

Sanskaar gets serious.
She cuts the call and says: We, need to leave…
Sanskaar: Where?
Swara: I’ll tell. First leave. Have you got your car?
Sanskaar: Yes. But where we need to go?
Swara: some school.
Sanskaar: Which?
Swara: Uncle has called us. We need to go.
Sanskaar: Arre but where?
Swara: She is sending me the address. Chalo. Let’s leave.
Sanskaar: Okay baba.

Both go towards Sanskaar’s car. Both sit and drive away. Swara’s phone beep and she checks it.


Sanskaar(While driving): Message aaya?
Swara: Yes. Just checking.
Sanskaar: Read.
Swara: Joseph School….
She stops. Sanskaar: Arre baba, say.. Swara… Swara… SWARA

Swara is lost in her thoughts when she breaks from it and says: Haan .. Haan Say..
Sanskaar: What happened? Say the address….
Swara: Yes…

She says it and is again lost in her thoughts!

Sanskaar: What happened? You look lost? Have you being to this school.
Swara: It’s my school.

Next part: Swara and Sanskaar reach the school. Shekhar and all are shocked to see them and RAGLAK wet. They ask about it and they(all four) are speechless.
This one was romantic. And thr RAINS in mumbai helped me writing it. 🙂 I’m totally in love with this Weather…. 😉

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