Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 21 (Mystery Solved)

Chapter 21: Mystery Solved
Link: Chapter 20

The doctor leaves and everyone stares Urvashi. She looks badly at Mishti.

Urvashi: I had told you na, I will take my revenge. See, I took.
Shekhar (Shouts): Urvashi…. Sto…..
Ragini (interrupts): Papa, wait. Today, it’s my turn. You both said whatever you wanted to. Now it’s my turn. And today no one will stop me. NO ONE.

Mishti is standing in front of her but soon Ragini takes her place. Mishti is standing near Ragini. Ragini goes towards Urvashi and looks her.

Urvashi: What? Why are you staring?


Ragini slapped her. Urvashi is shocked. Shekhar is holding her. Swara signs Sanskaar and Laksh to lock the door. Silently they do without anyone noticing it. Sanskaar goes and stands near Swara whereas Laksh is near the door. Shekhar sees the anger in Ragini’s eyes and leaves Urvashi. Mishti notices this and goes towards Shekhar. Shekhar holds her hand and controls her.

Ragini: What did you say, just now?
Urvashi: I took my revenge. She lost her daughter and I completed my revenge. Shekhar killed my sister and I killed yours. Simple.
Ragini: You…. No, I won’t say anything because it’s waste talking to you. Simply waste. And you said that you killed my sister, you are mistaken, she is alive and we know that. Before dying Shankari said this to us.

Urvashi is hell shocked.

Urvashi: What??
Ragini: Yes, Ms. Katariya. Shankari had revealed to us about you as well as about my sister being alive before dying. You don’t know that when you came here to kill her, Lavanya was present in this room. She heard everything. Before dying, Shankari exposed you. Unfortunately or Fortunately, she did.

Ragini is red-eyed. Laksh and Swara see her. Swara is about to go towards her when Laksh goes and holds her hand. Parvati sees this. Swara smiles and sees Sanskaar. Sanskaar too reciprocates. Ragini does not feel his touch.

Ragini: We know everything, whatever happened, 22 years back and 20 years back. So don’t give us any excuse or explanation. Just say where is my sister?
Urvashi: I don’t know.
Ragini: We know she is alive. You know is where is she. So just say…
Urvashi: I don’t know.


One more. Ragini is fuming with anger and Urvashi’s refusal is increasing her anger.

Urvashi: I don’t know.
Shekhar: Urvashi, she knows everything. Don’t act….
Ragini: Ek sec papa. She will not say like this. I give you the same medicine you gave to Shankari, phir toh muh khulega na?

Urvashi is taken aback. Ragini goes towards the medicine tray and randomly picks a medicine and a syringe. She fills the injection and sees Urvashi. Urvashi starts breathing fast. Ragini steps towards her and she starts moving backwards. Swara quickly goes behind her and blocks her way. She holds her. Urvashi turns and sees Swara. Swara holds her tightly. Shekhar, Parvati, Mishti are shocked seeing Ragini filling the injection and look at each other. Sanskaar sees Shekhar and assures him by closing his eyes.

Ragini continues to step towards Urvashi.

Urvashi: No no no no no…. Don’t do this. No…..

Ragini smiles wickedly and goes towards her. Laksh holds Urvashi hands and forwards it to Ragini. Ragini aims at her hand.

Urvashi: Wait. Wait. Don’t do it. Wait. I’ll tell.

Ragini stops.

Ragini Say.
Urvashi snatches the injection from Ragini’s hand. She jerks Ragini and turns towards Swara. Ragini is shocked and shouts Swara…. Urvashi gives her the injection and Swara is shocked to see her move. Swara holds her hand and cries in pain. She is about to fall when Sanskaar holds her.

Sanskaar: Swara swara…
Swara falls in his arms.

Shekhar and others are shocked…. Urvashi smiles and is about to leave when Laksh and Lavanya hold her. Ragini goes towards Swara and tries waking her up.

Shekhar: Sanskaar, take her to the doctor.
Sanskaar: Yes uncle.

Sanskaar leaves and Ragini cries. She goes towards Urvashi and says: Don’t think that you won because what you injected in Swara was only a liquid having sleep medicine. The real injection is here.

She shows another injection, shocking everyone. Urvashi is shocked and others are relived.

Sanskaar takes Swara to the doctor and they take her inside. Sanskaar is pacing outside restlessly. The doctor comes nd informs that she is alright. Sanskaar takes a sigh of relief.

There Ragini shows another injection and is injects a bit into Urvashi when she shouts: Ahh… Wait.. Wait… I’ll say. Wait. I’ll say everything.
Ragini: No cleverness.
Urvashi: Okay… Okay… But don’t inject me. Please Please please (folds her hand).. Take it away…
Ragini: First you start then I’ll stop.
Urvashi: Okay… Ask
Ragini: Why did you do this?
Urvashi: Because I wanted my revenge. I lost my sister my mother everything because of this man (Points at Shekhar)
Shekhar: Mother?
Urvashi: Yes, Mr. Shekhar. I lost my mother too. After jiji’s death, she too died. My mother too died. My father was never with us. Jiji died because of you and Maa sa went because of the pain of losing jiji. You are responsible for this. (points at Shekhar and Mishti) You both. I will not leave you….

She steps towards Mishti but Ragini blocks her way.

Ragini: No….
Urvashi: You can stop me.

Ragini shows the injection. Urvashi scares away.

Ragini: Where is my sister?
Urvashi: When Mishti was admitted here, I was present here. I saw you all entering and Mishti being entered into the OT. I wanted to snatch someone from you because you snatched my Jiji. You snatched my Jiji whom I loved the most and I wanted to do the same. And that day, I found my opportunity. I wanted to take your child. With the help of Shankari, I managed to enter the OT. The operation was over till then. I went to the baby’s room and took one baby. Shankari was with me. I asked her to kill that baby, but that idiot, kept her behind the gate….

All are shocked to see her hatred. She continues.

… I would have killed her but the doctor had entered the room… I escaped once he left. From where, the baby was adopted by some orphanage. After few weeks, Shankari started to blackmail me. I wanted to end this and hence I hit her by a brick. It was my bad luck that she survived. From that day, I never came her. I had a contact only with that guard who used to inform me about her health. Bas….. That’s it….
Ragini: Which orphanage?
Urvashi: Somewhere near this hospital….

Saying this, she pushes Ragini hard and tries running away. Laksh holds Ragini and Shekhar runs behind her. Urvashi runs outside. But her bad luck, someone is waiting for her outside. THE POLICE with GUNS POINTED TOWARDS HER.

All come outside.
Laksh: Bhaag Lo. Aur bhaag lo…
Urvashi turns and sees them.

Finally, she is arrested and taken. All are relived once they leave.

Laksh: Let’s check the nearby orphanages.
Ragini: And Swara?
Sanskaar: She is alright….

All turn and see Sanskaar coming.

Ragini: Pakka?
Sanskaar: Haan Ragini. I’ll stay with her. You all go and check the orphanages. Go…
Ragini: Okay Sanskaar. Papa…
Shekhar: Let’s leave beta…

Shekhar, Mishti, Ragini, Laksh and Parvati leave. Sanskaar goes to Swara.

Swara opens her eyes and sees Sanskaar holding her hand. Swara tries to say but Sanskaar starts: It’s okay. Urvashi is caught. Ragini had injected something else in that injection. You are okay. Relax.
Swara: Where is Ragini?
Sanskaar: Urvashi revealed everything. Uncle’s daughter was adopted by some orphanage. They are checking near by orphanages.
Swara: Ohh
Sanskaar: Where are your parents, btw? Should I inform them?
Swara: I wish I had them to inform about me…
Sanskaar: Sorry… I’m sorry, I didn’t knew that..
Swara: It’s okay Sanskaar, very few people know that.
Sanskaar: So where do you live?
Swara: In Kaali Baadi. My school friend and I are living there from many years..
Sanskaar: So, Ragini is your college friend?
Swara: Yah, but why asking this?
Sanskaar: No, because when I saw you both, you were very similar. You looked very similar. Very Similar. Same smile. Same eyes.
Swara: Really? Are we so similar?
Sanskaar: Yes Swara… You look like twins! Twin Sisters…
Swara is taken aback but she controls and says: There’s nothing like this. Even we don’t think this. We never noticed this.
Sanskaar: So, let this be a late realization.
Swara (Laughs): Shut up…
Sanskaar smiles. Doctor comes and asks him to take her…
Sanskaar: So early?
Doctor: Yes Mr.Maheshwari. She is completely alright. There is no point in keeping her here. You can take her.
Swara: Sanskaar, I’m fine. Let’s leave.
Sanskaar: Okay Chalo.
Swara gets a discharge and they leave.
Sanskaar: Now where will go?
Swara: God knows…
Sanskaar: Can we leave from here?
Swara: Why?
Sanskaar: I hate this hospital atmosphere…. Please let’s leave….
Swara: Okay okay. Let’s leave.
They leave and exit the hospital….
There, all get divided. Ragini and Laksh are in set of orphanages while Shekhar, Mishti and Parvati are in some other orphanages. Ragini and Laksh in one particular orphanage where they get an inkling of her lost sister….
Ragini tells them everything and they check their records….
Lady at receptionist: Mam, 20 years back we had few girls admitted here. But only one is here. Rest are gone.
Ragini: Gone? Where gone?
Lady: Once children here are grown up, we leave them… Now where are those children, we don’t have…
Ragini: What you don’t know? How can you be so irresponsible??
Laksh: Ragini, control yourself….
Ragini: No Laksh. How can I control myself? How can’t they have records? How will we find my sister??
Laksh: We will find her, Ragini. Don’t worry. We will find her… Just relax. Come here. Sit…
They sit on sofa…
Laksh: Ragini… Relax. Calm down…
Laksh gives her water. Ragini calms down…
Laksh: Ragini, I guess we have done our work. We must leave now… I guess we must try in some other orphanage. Let’s leave…
Ragini is silent. Laksh takes Ragini when they are stopped by the lady…
Lady: stop. We have something, which might help you.
Ragini runs to her.
Ragini: say….
Lady: Mam, 20 years back, one girl was found at our gate. She was the only unidentified girl in our orphanage till now. May be she is your sister…
Ragini: What? Where is she now?
Lady: Mam, as we said, we leave them once they are grown up. She was in Joseph’s School. From there where she went. No one knows…
Ragini: Joseph School….?
Lady: Yes…
Ragini: Laksh…
Laksh: Chal…
They leave and reach the school…

Next part: The School….
Sorry for the late update. This chapter was supposed to be posted yesterday but i was so busy with the thing called HOMEWORK that I couldn’t update. So the mystery is solved yet one is left. 😉 Keep reading and do comment!

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