Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 20 (Urvashi is Caught)

Chapter 20: Urvashi is caught.
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Precap: The boys are introduced. They make a plan to call Urvashi by faking her being alive.

Ragini, Shekhar, Parvati, Mishti all are glad to hear the news.

Laksh goes to Ragini (Ragini is on the bed): Take Care. Urvashi might come anytime. You have to be strong and smart.
Ragini: Thanks Laksh!
Sanskaar: Guys, we have to leave from here. Urvashi can come here anytime. He has informed her.
Swara: Ya Ya let’s leave.
Parvati: What leave? Who will be with Ragini then?
Lavanya: No one.
Parvati: Kya no one? What if something happens to her? Someone has to be here.
Sanskaar: Aunty, we can understand what are you saying but if someone is here then we won’t be able to catch her. We have to leave or else she won’t come here.
Shekhar: Maa chalo. Bachhe sambhal lenge.

Parvati hesitantly leaves. Before leaving, Swara says: Ragini, turn that side and sleep. If she sees you, she won’t do anything.
Ragini: Arree haan Swara.

Ragini turns and sleeps in such a way that her face is not visible. All four are near the reception, because the back gate was closed, so Urvashi could enter only from the main entrance. While the oldies are on that same floor in disguise. Lavanya and Laksh are sitting on the sofa keeping their face covered with a newspaper. While Swara and Sanskaar are standing near a pillar.

Sanskaar: Swara, you are just Ragini’s friend. Then why are you risking your life for her?
Swara: Sanskaar, you are Lavanya’s friend. Not even mine or Ragini, then why are you helping us? You would have left the moment I told everything. But no, you stayed. Just like you stayed, I also stayed with her.
Sanskaar: God, no one can understand you.
Swara: I know. No one can understand me. (she said while making a puppy face)

Sanskaar laughs. Swara smiles.

Sanskaar: You are amazing yrr. I have never seen a such a amazing girl like you.
Swara: Flirt karna hai toh sidha sidha kar. Indirectly mat bol.

Sanskaar shies and Swara gives a wicked smile.

Sanskaar: Okay jokes apart. But seriously, you are too good. Itna frank koi nahi hota.
Swara: May be. I say whatever is correct. Simple.
Sanskaar: Yeah. That’s what I said.
Swara: No you said “you are too good. Itna frank koi nahi hota” and I said “. I say whatever is correct”
Sanskaar: Mera matlab vahi tha.
Swara: Both the sentences have a different meaning. See the first one means….
Sanskaar: Arree meri Maa (Folds his hand) My mistake. Bas Happy?
Swara: Bus toh road par hoti hai.
Sanskaar: Swaraa. Stop it….

Swara laughs madly. Sanskaar is mesmerized to see her laughing. Suddenly Swara’s phone beeped.


Swara checked it. Lavanya messaged her.


Sanskaar sees it and gets upset with her behavior. Swara smiles and says: its okay. She is too focused today.
Sanskaar: Yeah. I too think that. (Laughs)

They all wait for her but in vain. She doesn’t turn up. Suddenly, Swara notices the camera screen. She sees someone entering from the back gate and then entering the lift. She later recognizes that person to be Urvashi. Till then Urvashi was on Ragini’s room floor. She shouts: Urvashi!!!
All three look at Swara.

Sanskaar: Where?
Swara: There see in the screen. Look Urvashi is there. She entered from the back gate. She is upstairs. Oh Shit Ragini is lying there unprotected.

The moment Laksh heard this, he ran upstairs leaving everyone. Others too run upstairs except Lavanya.

Lavanya thinks: Oh God. This Ragini is taking Laksh from me. I have to do something.


Urvashi is in Ragini’s room.

She says: Today you are dead.

Laksh, Swara, Sanskaar are running upstairs. Shekhar,Mishti and Parvati couldn’t recognize her and hence they didn’t do anything.

Urvashi takes a knife and goes towards the bed. Ragini sensed her being present and opens her eyes. Obviously her face is not visible. Urvashi goes near and is about to hit Ragini when she(ragini) turns back and knife lands on her hand making a deep cut. Ragini shouts in pain. Laksh reaches the floor from staircase and Shekhar sees him.

Shekhar: Beta, kya hua?
Laksh (panting): Uncle, she came. And I guess now, she is in Ragini’s room.
Shekhar: What? Then let’s move and go inside.

Laksh and Shekhar run towards the room and Swara,Sanksaar come behind. Mishti and Parvati see them and run behind them.


Ragini’s hand is bleeding badly and Urvashi is shocked to Ragini in Shankari’s place. Urvashi takes two steps and Ragini notices her moving back. She gets up from her bed and stares her badly. Urvashi is shocked and surprised. She is about to leave when Ragini holds her hand and twists it back. Ragini is holding her hand and Urvashi’s back is towards Ragini. Urvashi cries madly and shouts: Leave Me…. I said leave me.
Ragini: Not so early. Bahut mushkil se pakda hai. (We have caught you with much difficulty)

Urvashi takes the knife and tries stabbing her. Ragini closes her eyes but is shocked to see Laksh standing in front of her and holding the knife. Behind Shekhar, Mishti, Parvati, Swara shout for Ragini and Sanskaar shouts Laksh… Laksh’s hand bleed because of the knife and Ragini is seeing him continuously. Urvashi is shocked to see Laksh and is more shocked when she turns back and sees the Gadodia’s standing. She removes the knife. The knife silts his hand and Laksh shouts: Ahhh…

Ragini sees the blood. Laksh is so hurt that he sits down holding his hand. Ragini goes near him and says: Laksh, are you okay? Is it paining? Wait… I’ll do the dressing.

Ragini gets up to get the bandage but Laksh holds her hand and pulls her down. Urvashi is furious and she takes a step forward to kill Ragini but Ragini gets another savior – Sharmishta Gadodia.

She comes from back and snatches the knife.

Mishti: Urvashi (Shouts)

Urvashi turns and sees Mishti. Urvashi is about to say something when Mishti slaps her hard.


Urvashi is shocked. Laksh and Ragini are on the ground holding each other’s wound. Lavanya enters from somewhere. She sees Ragini and Laksh on the ground holding each other hands. She gets jealous seeing them. Swara and Sanskaar run towards them while Shekhar holds Urvashi tightly.

Shekhar( To Lavanya): Beta, call the doctor. Ragini and Laksh are bleeding.
Lavanya: Haan uncle.

She leaves and goes outside.


Lavanya: This Ragini….. I feel like killing her. Why is she taking Laksh from me??? What should I do now??
She leaves saying this and calls the doctor.


Swara, Sanskaar are treating Ragini, Laksh. Shekhar manages to control Urvashi. Ragini and Laksh are done with their bandaging and stuff. They get up go towards Shekhar, Mishti. Lavanya comes with the doctor.

The doctor goes to treat Laksh but he refuses and says: I’m fine. You leave.
Without saying anything he leaves. All are inside with Urvashi.

Next Part: Mystery Solved….
Many people were asking about Lavanya’s character. Sorry guys but she will be negative for some time. 🙂
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