Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 3 (Shona & Ragu)

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Chapter 3 : Shona & Ragu
Precap: Swara’s Intro & Parvati getting furious after listening about ShoRa
College Scene:
ShoRa are attending their lectures. As the lecture gets over Rags sees Shona..
Seeing her she remembers Parvati’s warning… Though Parvati sounded very strict yet Ragini ignored her warning and went to meet her Shona.
She hugged and Shona was surprise but she hugged her back…. After having fun with their friends ShoRa were sitting alone.
Shona”I’m bored”
Ragini : “ I have a idea”
Shona “ What!?”
Ragini:”Let’s go shopping”
Shona:”yeah!! Let’s go”
Saying this Swara stood from her chair and took her bag.
Ragini:”Oh Maa! Wait.Let my ask Maa ….or else she’ll kill me”
Shona: Okay ask!
**Ragini calls Mishti**
Ragini :”Maa.My lectures are over and I have nothing to do at home .Swara and I have planned to go shopping ! I’m going with her ..Okay …..? I called you just to inform this ….Okay??.!”
Mishti:”Okay beta .But come home early .I won’t be able to lie for a long time”
Ragini:”Okay Maa …Will try……..!”
**Ragini cuts the call**
While Mishti & Rags were talking Shona signed to come out and she (Rags) walked along with Shona .so Shona was also listening this!
Ragini:”Shona ,you are so lucky ! You are free to do anything , anytime & anywhere . No permission seekinh ,nothing. You are not bound to inform anyone ,,anytime. Kya life hai tumhaari..Meri toh dekho har baar Maa se permission leni padti hai…Uff ..I’m pissed off…….”
Shona gets hurt by Rags’ words and she replies :” You think I’m lucky….? Just because I am free to do anything ,anytime. Just because I’m not bound to seek permission from anyone..You think I’m lucky just because mujhe kissi ko inform nahi karna ………… May be I’m lucky for these reasons. But you know you have something which I don’t have and wouldn’t have it in my life…You have your parents , your family,your neighbours, you have a society which respects you which cares for you..I don’t have these things …No parents ,No family,No nighbours,no society , nothing……..”
Ragini realizes what she said and sees Shona…………..
A tear escaped Swara’s eyes after saying this ……….. Swara was red eyed…….
She tried hard not to cry and held her dress tightly..
Ragini felt for her and she immediately grabbed the little girl in her arms…..
Ragini :”I’m sorry .i’m really sorry.I wouldn’t have said that .I’m really very very sorry Swara.. Don’t ever say that you have no family.I’m there ,and will be there for you alwayzzz”
Shona felt some strange connection with Ragini..She stopped crying and Ragini also felt the same connection..
This hugs was broken when suddenly a passer-by collides with them..
Boy:”Make love in the corners .Not on the road. Have some shame..”
Shona who composed herself was irked by his behavior and she straight away went towards him and slapped him hard..
A loud sound was heard..
Shona:”Oh Mr. I think you are walking first time on the road”
Boy was confused.
Shona:”Arrrrr…You were busy in h your phone while walking .We are standing on the foot path .It was you who weren’t alert. And what you said ..”MAKE LOVE’..Okay………..! So do one thing .Go straight and take a right .There is a big hospital where eye checkups are done and that too free of cost. Go ..It will be helpful for you.Okay.!?? “
Everyone around them started laughing including Rags.
Boy left that place without saying anything…
ShoRa also went towards the mall…
Parvati witnessed everything happening right from ShoRa’s hug…. Furious . She left the place and rushed towards her house..

Swara now lives in a rented house in Kolkata. After having shopped with Ragini she comes back home .She kept her shopping bag on the bed and went into washroom o freshen up. After coming out she saw Ragini’s dupatta in her bag .She remembers that while trying dresses Ragu forgot her dupatta in her bag.
She took it out and wore it. She loved her way of styling and draped the dupatta in the same way.(Just like Ragini did when the show started )
She goes into the kitchen to cook food wearing the dupatta . While cooking ,accidently the dupatta catches fire without letting Shona get noticed.

Next Part- Daadi’s big step & Mishti’s new roop(avatar)
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