Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 2 (The Bengali Baala – Swara)

I’m Back Again…..
Chapter 2 : The Bengali Baala(girl) – Swara
Many were asking me about the pairs:
Guys this FF is only on SwaRagini. There will be no pairing. Sorry .
I wanted to have a FF which concentrates only and only on SWARAGINI.
there are many FF’s Which are based on the pairs . But let me remind you The show’s name is SwaRagini and NOt SwaSan/RagLak/SwaLak or RagSan..
If I get a good response then I would write a Sequel to this where SanLak are introduced….Okay!!???
Guys please support me ..PLEASE

Link To previous Chapter: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-soul-sisters-chapter-1-crazy-gadodias/

Precap: Introduction of the Gadodia’s
A big ground… People are seen holding plank cards and shouting ShoRa..ShoRa [ShoRa = Shona + Ragu]..
A girl in a jumpsuit is shown .. She is standing on a stage showing her back to the audience (basically she is standing backwards)..As she witnesses Rags cmng ,she wears her guitar ..ragini joins her on the stage and she turns showing her face to everyone… Everyone cheers ShoRa ShoRa..
Ragini smiles seeing the crowd and their excitement .she ties her dupatta and takes her sitar.. after taking their position both start playing their respective instruments…
They play the instrumental version of Tum Hi Ho ,Hamdard ,Pehla Nasha …
The guitar is none other than SWARA…
Having completed their performance they thank the audience and get off the stage… Swara keeps her guitar in the cover and waits for Ragini to come after keeping her sitar..
Ragini who was happy when she saw Swara smiling, thought that Swara had forgiven her for cmng late .but when she sees Swara waiting for her outside the canteen ,she realizes that Swara was mad at her……………………
After gathering a lot of courage she goes towards her. Swara makes a *aa gayi tu* waala look and says” Ragini !!!!You were late again ..Are u bl**dy serious . I was standing in front of 500 students in this damn scorching heat waiting for you .See ,after standing for 1 hour I am tanned . “
Swara shows off her fake anger and shows hand to Ragini.
Ragini was surprised to see Swara’s behavior and was shocked to see Swara’s so called tanned hand.
Ragini understood that swara was pretending to be sad and so she also continued her drama. She shedded fake tears an says (crying ): “I’m sorry Shona … plej forgive your Ragu.I will not do it again ..Kya karu late ho gaya .ab Kolkata ki tariff toh tumhe pata hai na . pagal people.They don’t how to drive .Sorry Shona” Saying this she cried and Shona rushed towards her showed faked concern :Sorry mera bachha .I was just kidding.I was only joking . Achha mere bachhe ko kya chahiye..Chocolate, Pizza or pasta..Say na ..mera bachha bolta kyun nahi……..”[Swara’s dialogue was totally comical and she was saying this just like a mother caresses her spoil brat .. I hope you guys understood ??]
Rags was going to reply one of their friend said “ Okay……! So will you both stop or continue with your Saas- bahu drama …?
Both tried controlling their laughter but in vain ..Both started laughing hard and then they all went into canteen

After reaching home Ragini narrated everything to mishti who also started to everything . Suddenly they heard a sound
“Laado !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“
Both turned back and were shocked to see Paravti standing there with a veryyyy angry look .
She entered the room and Ragini moved towards Mishti..
Parvati:” How many times have I told you not to mingle with that Bangaalan .. Ha …..? They are fish – eaters . They are not pure(PAVITRA)”
To this Mishti replied “ Maa.. Swara is Laado’s best friend .There is no one closer to her more than shona.”
Parvati: Don’t take her name . your tongue will be spoiled!! ( idk why have I written this ..i wanted to highlight daadi’s orthodox nature)
Ragini:”But daadimaa”
Parvati interrupts her and orders:”this is the last time I am tolerating this .If this happens again then your college will be stopped”
Parvati left the place without listening anything..
Ragini broke down and started to cry ..Mishti quickly wrapped her in her arms.. and began to caress her hair..
The motherly touch of Mishti consoled Ragini and she stopped though tears kept rolling down her eye ….
Ragini(in the same state)”Maa what is wrong with her. Swara is treated as a bengali girl only because she was adopted by Bengali orphanage or because of her name. She is Bengali only because she was adopted by the Chatterjee’s (Chatterjee’s – Owner of the orphanage) . the truth is that she hates fish . In fact she hasn’t even tasted any non-veg item “
Mishti”Ragu.. you know na maa is a bit orthodox .She will never listen to us no matter how much ever we tell her .Soit’s better to do what she says..”
Ragini was so choked with emotions that she wasn’t able to say anything…
Mishti pacified her and sang a sweet song to let her sleep…….

Next Part- ShoRa’s love towards each other

I know this was Swara’s Intro but had to include this(Parvati ,Mishti & Ragini’s scene) for Swara’s adoption.
Thank you all (all- those who comment and silent readers)
Ignore the grammatical errors and typing mistakes,if any …

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  1. awesome di and ya good concept I l support u but one doubt whether sanlak is there in ur ff???

    1. hetvi(Shreya)

      Thank You Priya

      Once swaragini is united and if you guys support me, I’ll write a sequel having SanLak and basically the pairs….

  2. So there are no Heros in this story….

    1. hetvi(Shreya)

      Till now no plans of having heroes. Enjoy this swaragini

  3. Superb

    1. hetvi(Shreya)

      Thank You Crazy Girl 🙂

  4. Plzz continue and always my vote will go Swasan and rag lak plzz no love triangles and make daadi bit soft towards swara it was superb

    1. hetvi(Shreya)

      Thanks Ishu.
      Personally I’m also a fan of them. But there will be no. Atleast not in this part. Ya.. No love triangles…
      I’m sorry about daadi’s character. But somehow I just don’t like her. Her character will be grey. It will change later….

  5. Someone u know

    Much needed ff…most of TU readers are always bickering at others 4 ‘not writing abt deir fav couple’..’making d couple split’ and what not… Also bashing each other..

    1. hetvi(Shreya)

      Thank You dear.
      I’m happy that you all are supporting me and appreciating the idea. There are many ff on swasan. When this happened ppl complained about not writing on raglak. Ff on raglak also started and now swaragini is completely forgotten….
      Thanks 🙂

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