Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 19 (The Guys)

Chapter 19: The Guys <3!!
Introduction of Boys… Finally the boys are here.. Enjoy this update and do comment.
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Lavanya calls someone.

Ragini: Whom did you call?
Lavanya: Ragini, till now we were playing a small game but now it’s the finale. It’s not a small game now. Till now we were handling Shankari but now it’s Urvashi – The real culprit! And we three can’t handle her. We need someone. They will help us….
Swara: Arree but who?
Lavanya: Maheshwaris….
Ragini: Now, who are they??
Lavanya: My friends. My college friends. I know them from past 10 years! They will surely help us!!
Ragini: Are you sure?
Lavanya: Yes. Laksh Maheshwari and Sanskaar Maheshwari.
Swara: Where are they?
Lavanya: Will reach here anytime… Wait.

The door opens and someone enters….

Lavanya: See… They are here…..

Ragini and Swara turn and see Sanskaar and Laksh… Laksh and Sanskaar too see the girls..

Lavanya: Presenting, Laksh Maheshwari and Sanskaar Maheshwari.

Laksh gets mesmerized seeing Ragini. Sanskaar sees Swara and gives a smile. Swara too smiles back. Whereas Ragini blushes and turns away. Lavanya gets irked at this sight.

Laksh: Hi, Laksh Maheshwari…
Ragini: Hello… Ragini Gadodia
Sanskaar: Hello, Sanskaar here.
Swara: Hi… Swara

All four shake hands and sit on their respective chair. Lavanya gets upset seeing the boys reacting like this towards the girls.

Lavanya: Arre introduction hota rahegi, lets come back to the point.

She says this breaking the boy’s attraction.

Laksh: Haan meri maa bol, kya hua?
Lavanya: Listen, it’s very serious. Sanskaar, you are matured enough and you will understand things easier but Laksh you have to act smartly. This matter is very serious and delicate… Please be mature…
Laksh: Arre but baat kya hai??
Lavanya: Shut up and just listen. Don’t ask any questions throughout…. ….. We need to find a lady named Urvashi.
Laksh: Urvashi?
Lavanya: Listen na… Urvashi is a mystery. It’s a big story. Will tell you later. Now listen what we have to do…
Ragini: Lavanya, have you made a plan?
Lavanya: Yes… Listen to me.
Swara: Say.
Lavanya: When I was in Shankari’s room and Urvashi came to inject her Shankari, she said “Thank God the security room guard called me and I came here. Or else you would have said everything.”
Ragini: This means that the security guard is with Urvashi.
Lavanya: Correct…
Laksh: Arre kya baatein ho rahi hai. Kaun Urvashi kaun Security Guard kuch toh bolo.
Sanskaar: Laksh, cool. Let’s listen to her…
Swara: haan toh uska kya?
Lavanya: I guess we must take help of the security guard and call Urvashi again here!
Ragini: But how will we call her?
Swara: I guess I know what is Lavanya planning.
Lavanya: Is it?
Swara: Yes… you want to call Urvashi here with the help that guard and then we will catch her.
Lavanya: Correct. You guessed it right.
Swara: I got an idea. I hope it will work.
Sanskaar: Say
Swara: it’s simple. Urvashi came here to kill Shankari.. Correct? So we must call her again to kill Shankari.
Ragini: But she is dead.
Swara: She is dead according to her, She is dead because she killed her, what if we can declare her alive? What if we can take help of the doctor and announce that she survived that attacked.
Lavanya: Will the doctor help?
Swara: Let’s give it try.
Ragini: okay… Swara let’s go and talk to them…
Swara: Okay…
Lavanya: Arree what okay? What to do with the doctor? We need to talk with the guard!
Ragini: Oh shit. We completely forgot about him.
Swara: Arree haan re. We need to convince him. I know it’s hard but we will try our best.
Lavanya: Yes Swara. Let’s leave.
Ragini: Haan Chalo.
Laksh: And what about us? … Laksh said with a confused expression….
Swara: You both also come. We need you people here. Chalo.
Lavanya: Kya?
Swara: Guys, the guard is with Urvashi, even if we ask for his help and he agrees, he can call Urvashi anytime and tell about our plan. So you both keep a watch on him.
Laksh: Are we watchmen?
Sanskaar ( hits him on the head): Shh… Chup re… Okay Swara. We will do it.
Ragini: And ha.. You both don’t be with us when we are talking with him. Later if he sees you both keeping a eye on him then he might get alerted. Okay?
Laksh: Okay Ragini…
Sanskaar: Oh Powerpuff girls, vaha jaake baat kya karogi? Yeh bologe ki Bhaiya please hamari madad kar do? ( Oh Powerpuff girls, what will you say after going there? Will you say Bhaiya please help us? ) And you think he will help you?? Think about this, first.
Swara: Ahh.. Not again…
Ragini: Let us first talk with the doctors and then go to the guard.
Lavanya: Okay.

They leave and meet the doctor who was treating Shankari. While they are going Swara Sanskaar and Lavanya are ahead whereas Ragini, Laksh are walking behind them slowly. They are walking and suddenly Ragini slips. Laksh holds her and they have a sweet eye-lock. Swara, Sanskaar, Lavanya turn and see Ragini and Laksh. Swara and Sanskaar smile while Lavanya gets jealous seeing Laksh’s closeness with Ragini. Sanskaar coughs and Ragini, Laksh break the eye lock.They stand properly and Laksh says: What happened? Doctor ke paas nahi jaana.
Sanskaar: Haan challenge. But after you finish with your romance.

Swara laughs. Sanskaar too laughs. Lavanya is irked but she also gives a fake smile. Ragini blushes and Laksh sees the floor.

Lavanya: Guys, lets leave.

They leave and reach the doctor’s cabin. The doctors agree after a lot of arguments and then they finalize a plan.


Swara: Shall we move?
Ragini-Lavanya-Laksh-Sanskaar: Yes!!!

All leave.

They reach to the guard’s room. Girls enter whereas boys are standing outside listening everything.

Swara(to the guard): Dada…
Guard: Arre you? Again? Ab kisne kis ko maara?
Swara: Dada, sunno…
Guard: Last time you fooled me and now again you came to fool me?
Ragini: Bhaiya, sun toh lo?
Guard: Kya sunno?
Lavanya: Bhaiya, please sun lo.
Guard: Chup raho. Mein kuch nahi sunne wala. Abhi nikalo yaha se.
Ragini: Bhaiya, please listen.
Guard: Don’t you understand? I said na leave.
Lavanya: Bhaiya please. Just relax and try to listen.
Guard: Just leave.

Saying this the guard holds Swara’s arm and tries to push her.
All get angry and shout. SanLak rush inside and Sanskaar holds Swara.

Sanskaar (shouts): Ehhhh… How dare you touch her!!??
Ragini, Lavanya are shocked to see SanLak entering. Swara opens her eyes and sees Sanskaar. They have a eyelock. Laksh holds the guard by his collar.

Laksh(shouts): Saale, ladki par uthaata hai!

Saying this Laksh starts hitting him. Ragini,Lavanya try to stop him. Sanskaar, Swara break their eyelock. Sanskaar sees Laksh hitting the guard and rushes to him. Ragini goes to Swara and asks: Are you okay, Swara?
Swara: Yes Ragini. But now what will we do? They came in!
Ragini: I don’t know.

Sanskaar holds Laksh from back and controls him. He takes him out and the girls leave except Ragini.

Ragini(to the guard): Sorry Bhaiya.

Saying this she leaves.


Sanskaar (To Laksh): Are you mad?
Lavanya: Are you mad Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: Me?
Lavanya: Yes you? Who told you to enter the room? Seeing you Laksh also entered and the plan was spoiled.
Sanskaar: Arree? You also saw na what happened. He pushed Swara. She might have got hurt. And you know Laksh. He cannot bear a girl’s insult. No matter however it is. How could he stop himself?
Lavanya: But what was the need to overreact like this? We were talking na?
Swara: Leave all that. Whatever happened just forget it. Now think what to do?
Sanskaar: I guess we must go for plan B!
Ragini: Yes we have to plan something else.
Laksh: Arree kya plan? Janse aaya hoon plan plan kar rahe ho. Bata toh do ki kis cheech ka plan? Kya plan?
Sanskaar: Lucky?
Swara: Wait Sanskaar. You want to know what are we doing then listen.

Swara says everything leaving them shocked. Laksh stood there broken whereas Sanskaar was just silent. Ragini cries and Laksh sees her. Lavanya holds her.

Laksh: Sorry… I’m Sorry. I’m sorry Ragini. I have gone through this pain and hence I know what it feels when you lose your sister. I too lost mine. I can understand.

Swara sees Sanskaar. And Ragini sees Laksh, teary-eyed. Sanskaar eyes were moist and so was Laksh’s.
Laksh hugs her just to console her. Lavanya fumes out of anger but control herself, again. Swara and Sanskaar understand whatever he did and see each other. Ragini calms down. Laksh makes him sit on the chair. He gets some water.

Laksh: Ragini, relax. I’m sorry. I never knew this matter is so sensitive. Sorry.
Ragini: It’s okay Laksh.
Swara: Laksh, now you know everything. So please help us.
Laksh: Obviously Swara. You could have told this earlier.
Lavanya: Now you know everything, right? So help us in calling Urvashi here.

Sanskaar was quiet till now suddenly he said: I have a plan.
Swara: Say.
Sanskaar: What if we fake Shankari being alive?
Lavanya: What?
Sanskaar: Yes. The doctors are with us, right? So we can easily announce Shankari being alive with their help. Once this guard would come to know about this then he will surely call that lady here. Once she is here, then catching her won’t be difficult.
Swara: Ya. We can do that.
Laksh: Okay, then. Let’s do this.
Ragini: Okay, let’s leave.

All leave from there and again meet the doctors. They tell them about the plan and they show a thumps up. The doctor goes to Shankari’s room and asks the nurses to start treating her. The boys and girls are also present there. When the nurses start treating on Shankari, Ragini suddenly speaks: One minute, wait.
Swara: Kya hua Ragini?
Ragini: Swara, Shankari is no more. Then how can we use her dead body for our means? She might also have a family. She spent her last few moments in front of us, so it’s our duty to inform her family and perform her last rites. How can we use her dead body like this?
Laksh: Ragini, you are right. We must ensure that her last rites are performed.
Sanskaar: Doctor, have you informed her family?
Doctor: She has no family. All died years back.
Laksh: Now what will we do?
Sanskaar: We will do what they had to do.
Lavanya: Why will we do?
Swara: Lavanya?
Ragini: We will do it.

The doctors also agree and they leave. After coming back from the funeral, the girls go and meet Shekhar and tell him everything. Mishti and Parvati also come there and listen to their plan. One by one all agree and all leave and go to Shankari’s room.


Parvati: Laado, who are they?
Ragini: Daadimaa, they are Lavanya’s friends, Laksh Maheshwari and Sanskaar Maheshwari.
Laksh and Sanskaar: Namaste uncle. Namaste Aunty.
Shekhar(Smiles): Namaste beta.
Mishti, Parvati: Namaste Namaste.
Doctor: Are you guys done? You want to catch that lady or not?
Ragini: Yes uncle we have to. Sorry. Guys, let’s go back to work.
Swara: Doctor, please declare that Shankari is alive.
Doctor: Ya but the bed is empty.
Ragini: I will take her place.
Shekhar: What are you saying?
Ragini: Yes papa. I will take her place. We have to catch Urvashi and someone has to take place of her, so I’ll take. I can’t risk Swara’s life nor Lavanya’s. Laksh and Sanskaar can’t take her place. So it’s me.
Mishti: But beta it’s risky.
Ragini: Maa, sometimes we have to take risk. Please…
Shekhar: Beta, are you sure, you will do this?
Ragini: Yes Papa. I will. You are with me. They are with me. Then I can do it.
Shekhar: Okay then. Go for it.
Mishti: Shekhar?
Shekhar: Mishti, relax. Ragini is bold enough to do all this. When she did so much, she will do more.
Parvati: Mishti, don’t take tension. Itna toh mein bhi samaj gayi ki yeh chori bahut badi ho gayi hai. Yaha tak aayi hai aage bhi kar legi.
Mishti: Okay Maa. Go for it beta.
Ragini: Thank You Maa. I love you…
Swara: Ragini, now go.
Ragini: Haan Swara.

Ragini leaves with the nurses and comes back in a blue uniform. (Hospital dress) She sleeps on the bed . Laksh, Sanskaar, Swara, Lavanya leave while the Gadodia’s stay there back.


Swara: Now what to do?
Lavanya: Let’s go and spread this news. I mean lets tell the guard.
Laksh: ohkay so you want to go and face the guard again?
Lavanya: Not to face the guard. But at least we must let him come to know about this.
Sanskaar: Correct.
Swara: I guess we must indirectly let him know about Shankari being alive.
Laksh: So we must go and shout this in front of his cabin.
Swara: Not shout but indirectly usko bataana hai.
Sanskaar: We can send this in writing?
Laksh: Will it work?
Sanskaar: May be yes, may be no.
Swara: Let’s try.
Lavanya: Haan chalo.

All leave and reach near his cabin. Sanskaar writes on a paper “SHANKARI IS ALIVE” and slips it in. The guard notices the paper and reads it. Immediately he informs Urvashi.

Outside they jump out of happiness. They give a hifi to each other.
Sanskaar: Our plan worked.
Swara: Yes. Now let’s leave and inform Ragini.
Laksh: Haan let’s leave. Chalo jaldi.

They leave. They inform Ragini and the Gadodia’s about the latest development.
Next Part: Urvashi is caught.
So a little bit about the boys.
Sanskaar Maheshwari: Son of Ram and Sujata Maheshwari. Kind hearted. Loves his family a lot. Sincere and mature.
Laksh Maheshwari: Son of DP and AP. Was a Spoil-brat but matured after her sister, Uttara died. He respects women from the core of his heart and can’t bear their insult.

Guys, thank you so much for your comments. Believe me each and every word has increased my morale and has given me the courage to continue this story. Once a writer gets good response, it becomes very exciting for him/her to write. 🙂
Taking some more time, just a small thanks to:

Guys thanks a lot. You have helped me throughout this journey and hope you do it in future too… 🙂

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