Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 18 (The Cursed Relation – Part 2)


Chapter 18- The Cursed Relation Part-2
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Days pass and Shobha’s health improves. Then one month Shobha and Manibha leave for Kolkata.

Mishti is eight months pregnant. They all get to know that Shobha and Manibha have to leave for USA because one of their cousin sisters passed away. They leave for USA.

Mishti is nine months pregnant. Everything is normal with her pregnancy. All are normal.

One day Mishti-Shekhar go for Mishti’s checkup. Doctor announces that everything is fine.

Few days later, Mishti feels pain in her stomach and she is taken into the hospital. The doctor start the operation.
The operation starts and Shekhar-Parvati starts praying for Mishti’s well-being. They hear screams of Mishti and get tensed. Shekhar roams on the corridor restlessly and Parvati continues praying. Suddenly, they hear two screams. Two baby screams. Both understand and smile. Doctor comes and congratulates for the birth. Mishti is shown lying unconscious. Nurse comes and goes. Shekhar and the doctor are discussing something when a nurse comes running from the baby’s room.

[Baby’s room- where new born babies are kept]

She says something and they leave tensed. Shekhar-Parvati also get tensed at the sudden change. Doctor comes and says: Sorry Mr. Gadodia.
Shekhar: What happened?
Doctor: out of your two daughters only one survived. The other one is no more.
Shekhar: What???
Doctor: The nurse informed me just now. I checked her. She is no more. Sorry.

Saying this, the doctor leaves. Shekhar stood there shocked, broken. Parvati was near the god’s idol praying for Mishti’s well being and her silent wish (she never wanted two girls).

Inside Mishti opens her eyes and sees one carriage empty. She is unable to say anything. Nurse informs about Mishti’s condition.
Parvati comes and sees Shekhar.
Parvati:”What happened Shekhar?”
Shekhar:”Maa. My daughter is gone. My one daughter is saved but other one is no more .”
Parvati shocked.
Parvati:”Shekhar control yourself. You have to be strong in front of Mishti. You have to control her also. Try to understand, beta. Be strong . I’m also sad and disappointed and maybe this is our fate”
Shekhar ,after hearing about MISHTI , controls himself , wipes his tears and stands like a brave husband.
Shekhar:”Maa I don’t know how to face Mishti . She lost her daughter. I don’t think so I will be able to answer her . maa ,you do this . I can’t face her”
Parvati nods and goes inside.
Shekhar nods and Parvati leaves. Parvati leaves and enters the OT. Mishti is just lying on the bed with her eyes open.
Parvati says everything.
Mishti cries and says :”Why me MAA. Why me ..”
Parvati(thinks)”Forgive me”

Parvati blamed herself for Mishti’s condition. Though she never liked the thought of having two girls but at the end the new born were hers. She was their grandmother. How could she hate them???

Mishti was a cursed mother. Her relation was cursed by someone who lost the person she loved the most. She too lost the new born whom she was going to love the MOST. Thus, the cursed relation started.

Shekhar and Mishti understood that urvashi’s word went true. Parvati blamed herself for the happenings, Shekhar was a helpless husband who couldn’t wipe Mishti’s tears. He was the one who ignored Urvashi and her warnings and now everything happened in front of him. He controlled himself every time he faced Mishti. And Mishti, was broken completely. Basically everyone was broken. the loss of one angel affected everyone.

No matter whatever happened, Mishti had to complete her duties of being a mother. She lost one but she had one. There was no fault of Ragini in whatever happened. Mishti had to look after her.

She did everything like a normal mother did. Smiling in front and crying behind. Everyone did the same. Days passed and everyone accepted the truth and moved on. Parvati was strong and she started to live with the bitter truth. Shekhar too was strong but only in front of Mishti. Somewhere in a corner of his heart he had the pain of losing his daughter. While Mishti took months to get back to normal. No one knew when did she laugh whole heartedly.

But life had to go on. And it went. Though they were going to a rough time, but they managed to be one and face the problem. After this incident they never came across Urvashi nor her family.

After few years, Shobha died due to poor health. Manibha was left alone in Kolkata. Shekhar and Parvati asked her to shift to USA. Manibha left because she couldn’t live without Shobha in that city. Mishti was again depressed. First she lost her daughter then her mother. Both these incidents affected her a lot. She forgot to smile. She forgot to laugh. She forgot to live like before. She forgot to live freely. For her, her daughter didn’t die, she died.

Thus these 20 years were passed….


All were in tears. No one said anything. This time even the girls felt Mishti’s pain. Ragini understood what she went through these years. Lavanya- Swara were taken aback and stood there with a shock. Parvati too was sad and Shekhar was silent.

After few seconds, Ragini saw Swara and Swara eyed Lavanya… The girls understood what they meant. Ragini wiped her tears and stood up. Swara – Lavanya too joined her. The girls stood and Ragini: Maa, it’s okay. Whatever happened was something unexpected but whatever will happen now will be unexpected for that Urvashi.

Gadodia’s are shocked to hear what she said.

Shekhar: what are you sayng?
Swara: Uncle, we have to catch Urvashi! Your daughter is alive. To find your daughter we have to catch Urvashi. May be she knows where is your daughter!
Mishti: But how will you do it? And it’s too dangerous.
Lavanya: Aunty, when three are together then nothing is dangerous. Don’t worry.
Ragini: Haan Maa. We will plan something and catch her soon. Give us some time.
Shekhar (goes to Ragini): Beta, I trust you three completely and I am with you like before. But this time you have to tell me your plan first then execute it. Okay? …….. OKAY???
Swara: Okay uncle. We will first tell you then, will do anything.
Lavanya: Okay uncle.
Ragini: Theek hai papa.
Mishti: I am too with you.

Parvati was a little bit skeptical to it but later agreed on Shekhar’s insistence.

Saying this, the girls left and went outside to discuss something.

Swara: What to do?
Ragini: Lavanya, karna kya hai? Vaha bol toh diya but koi plan ke bare mein socha hai?
Lavanya: It’s time to call the boys!!
Swara: Boys??

Lavanya calls someone and asks them to meet the girls at the hospital…..

Next Part: Sanskaar – Laksh’s entry!

Chapter 18 was small. Both parts were small but at least I ended with the FLASHBACK. SO the CURSED RELATION is justified now…..
I’m sorry to say but I am not getting good responses. It’s very discouraging for a writer to see this kind of responses. Now, I’m writing this so that I can complete it. I don’t want to leave this in the middle. At least the few who are reading must know the suspense. I’m just finishing this for the sake of finishing. Nothing else.

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