Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 18 (The Cursed Relation – Part 1)

Chapter 18: The Cursed Relation – Part 1
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Precap:Janki commits suicide. Urvashi curses Mishit-Shekhar’s relation.

The next day, Shobha and Manibha dress up Mishti. She looks gorgeous in her bridal dress. Red saree plaited properly in a Bengali Saree. Shekhar – Mishti meet at a temple. Shekhar is mesmerized by her looks. The Bengali lady looked amazing in her bridal outfit. Her eyes were black with kajal. Red blush on her face. Bold red lipstick on those lips. All this was teamed with gold jewels. Necklace, earings, nose pin, bangles, head ornament, rings along with the beautiful head gear. They both saw each other.

Shekhar: God! You are looking beautiful. (winks)
Mishti: Thank You Shekhar…

Mishti blushed like a cherry…. Ladies come and see the couple romancing. Parvati coughs to indicate her presence. Shekhar-Mishti get alerted. Mishti blushes and moves away. Shekhar also smiles. Pandit arrives. Rituals start. They chant mantras and fire is ignited. They exchange garlands. Shobha does the kanyadaan. Pheras start. They take pheras. After pheras, pandit askes for the mangalsutra. Shekhar makes her wear the mangalsutra. He then forwards the sindoor’s plate. Shekhar fills her maang. Mishti closes her eyed. Shpbha-Manibha-Parvati smile. They shower flowers on the couple. Mishti-Shekhar get up and take their blessings.

Little are these people aware that there was someone eyeing their happiness with her negativity… Yes, Urvashi was present there. She saw the marriage happening. She cursed the couple. Shekhar and Mishti were taking blessings when also came there.
Urvashi: Congratulations!! Have a happy married life ahead.
Shekhar: You? Again?
Urvashi: Enjoy this moment. But you have to pay for you both did. Someday or other. You will. This is my promise to you. I’ll be back.

Urvashi leaves from that place.

Mishti gets tensed. Shekhar pacifies her and the ladies look at each other. That night the newlywed enter in their new house. The grah-pravesh is done and Parvati sends them to their room. Mishti is in her room. She is removing her jewwllery and is lost in her thoughts. Shekhar comes and hugs her from behind. Mishti realizes his presence and turns.

Mishti: Shekhar?
Shekhar: Aaj kuch mat bolna…
Mishti: But Shekhar, Urvashi?
Shekhar: Leave her. She won’t do anything.
Mishti: Shekhar, our relation was cursed before it started. How can you be so sure?
Shekhar: Because I love you. And if you think it is cursed then I’ll ask Maa and she will do something. Don’t take tension.
Mishti: I just hope everything settles soon.
Shekhar: It will.

Later, that night the two love birds became one. They consummated their marriage. Next day, Shekhar-Mishti share their problem with Parvati-Shobha-Manibha. They get tensed. Parvati calls some pandit and he suggests for some puja. The puja takes place. Shekhar-Mishti perform the puja and pray for a peaceful life. Shobha-Manibha wish for their daughter while Parvati blesses them for a happy married life.

Everything seems peaceful for years when suddenly Mishti announces her pregnancy. After many years, the mansion gets filled with happiness.

Months pass and everyone take care of Mishti. After a routine checkup doctor announce that she is having twins. Everyone’s happiness is doubled.


Shekhar-Mishti-Parvati are silent whereas ShoRa-Lavanya stood there stunned. They are shocked to listen about Janki’s death and Urvashi’s threat. Ragini goes to Parvati. She bends down and hugs her from one side. Lavanya goes to Mishti and offers her water whereas Swara goes to Shekhar and says: Uncle, are you okay?

Shekhar nods. A tear skips Ragini’s eyes. Parvati sees her. Lavanya is also teary-eyed. Mishti is sitting on the sofa like a lifeless body. Shekhar controls himself. Swara senses his emotional state. All are silent when suddenly Parvati says: Shekhar, tell them about Mishti’s godh bharai.

Shekhar starts:


After few more months, Mishti’s godh bharai is planned. Entire mansion is decorated. Mishti is getting ready in her room. Shobha is helping her.

Shobha: Mishti, you are looking very beautiful.
Mishti: Maa, you are dressing me. I will look beautiful.
Shobha: I never imagined that time will pass so fast yesterday’s Shomi is now Sharmistha Gadodia. Kal tak mera pallu pakad ke chalti thi aur aaj khud kissi ke haatho apna pallu pakadvaaegi. Kitni badi ho gayi hai yu.
Mishti: Maa. I was your Shomi. I am your Shomi and will remain your Shomi. No one can separate us.
Shobha: Shomi, now you are going to be a mother. Now you have to think about this baby and not about me. I don’t have many days. You have to take care of this angel and not me.
Mishti: Maa, Aap aisa kyun sochti hoo?
Shobha: Once a girl is married, her responsibilities are increased but when she becomes a mother her responsibilities are doubled.
Mishti: I know Maa.
Parvati(enters the room): Arre Mishti, are you ready or not?
Mishti: Haan Maa. I’m ready.

Parvati sees Mishti. She is surprised to see her look. Mishti looks gorgeous in her dress. Parvati compliments her. Shobha gets teary-eyed seeing her.

Parvati: Let’s go. Guests are waiting for you.
Mishti: Yes Maa. Let’s leave.
Parvati: Shobha, chal tu bhi.

Shobha wipes her tears. Mishti sees her.

Mishti: Maa, what happened? (to Shomi)
Shobha: Kuch nahi. Meri beti itni badi kab hui pata hi nahi chala.

Mishti also get teary eyed. A tear escapes her eye. Parvati notices them.

Mishti: Maa… (hugs her)
Shobha: Arre Mishti (Hugs her back)
Parvati: Ab chalo jaldi.

Mishti-Shobha break the hug and wipe their tear. Parvati-Shobha help Mishti get up. Mishti gets up and her baby bump is visible. They take her down. Shekhar is mesmerized by her beauty. He compliments her through actions. Parvati sees him and smiles.

Cermony starts. Relatives come and congratulate her. Shekhar is with Mishti. Parvati-Manibha are attending the guests whereas Shobha is busy preparing something in the kitchen. Mishti asks for Shobha.

Parvati: She is busy making something for you.
Mishti: Maa… Aaj bhi.
Parvati: Bana de vaake ko.

All smile. Shobha is making some sweet. She sees that flour is missing. She goes towards the store room. She is checking flour when suddenly someone hits her on the floor. She turns back to see and sees Urvashi standing there with a rod in her hand. She shouts and falls down. All hear Shobha’s voice. Mishti is shocked to her Shobha shouting. Shekhar recognizes her voice and says: Maa. This is her voice.
Manibha: Didi….
Parvati: Shobha ko kya hua?

All run upstairs. Whereas Manibha stays with mishti down. All reach the store room. They see Shobha on the fall with blood all over. They run towards her. Shekhar calls for help whereas Parvati sees someone standing behind the boxes. She goes there. She sees Urvashi hiding there. She shouts and takes her out.

Shekhar: Urvashi tum yaha??????
Urvashi(smiles evilly): Kaha tha na… Badla lekar rahungi…
Shekhar: Urvashiiii……….. (goes towards her slaps her)
Urvashi: Why are you wasting time on me. See, your mother in law in dying.
Shekhar: You….
Parvati: Shekhar, leave her. Shobha… Let’s take her to hospital. Come.
Shekhar: I’ll not leave her. Wait… ( Calls police)

Urvashi is shocked and she tries to escape. Parvati catches and says: Arre where are you going? Wait…
Parvati holds her and Shekhar calls the ambulance. All the guests help Shekhar to hold Shobha. They manage to carry her down. Parvati comes down holding Urvashi. Some ladies hold her and Parvati goes to Shobha. Mishti is shocked to see Shobha. She shouts: Maa….

Manibha holds her and says: Shomi don’t run.

Parvati sees her and asks few ladies to be with Mishti. Manibha is shocked to see Shobha. She controls herself. Mishti starts crying. The ladies control Mishti. Manibha runs towards Shobha. The ambulance comes. Shobha is taken into the ambulance. Shekhar-Manibha go with Shobha into the ambulance. The ambulance leaves.Mishti tries to runs but Parvati stops her.

Parvati: Mishti sambhal apne aap ko.
Mishti: Maa……… (she bursts into tears)
Parvati: Mishti, Mishti sambhal aapne aap ko. Apne bacche ke bare mein soch.
Mishti: Maa…. (she falls down on her knees)
Parvati: Mishtiii (shouts)

The ladies come. They help Parvati in picking up Mishti. They take her to sofa. Parvati signs for water. One of ladies gets water. Parvati makes her drink water. Mishti cries badly. Police comes. Parvati explains everything and they arrest Urvashi. She eyes Parvati and leaves. Parvati prays for Shobha and takes Mishti to hospital. Mishti gets restless in the car and Parvati pacifies her.

Shobha is taken into OT. Shekhar Manibha are waiting outside when Parvati and Mishti come from behind. Shekhar sees Mishti. Shekhar runs to her. She hugs him and cries. Shekhar tries to pacify her. Parvati goes to Manibha and makes her sit on the chair. Shekhar too takes Mishti. After some time doctor comes and says: Don’t panic. She is fine. But she is under observation. A lot of blood has flown out so she is under observation.

Mishti: But doctor is she fine?
Doctor: Yes. She is out of danger.
Parvati: Thank You… Thank You.

Parvati goes to Mishti and says: Happy? Now are you happy? Sun liya. Theek hai Shobha ab toh rona bandh kar.

Mishti wipes her tears. Parvati goes to Shekhar and keeps her hand on his shoulder. Shekhar wipes his tear and says: Maa, you take Mishti and go home.
Parvati: Will she come?
Shekhar: Maa, you have to. Please. It’s not good for her baby. She hasn’t eaten anything plus she skipped today’s medicine. Please take her home. MaashiMaa is here. I am here. Why to worry?
Parvati: Okay beta. I will take her. You take care of yourself and Manibha.
Shekhar: Yes Maa. You don’t worry.

Parvati leaves and goes to Mishti.

Parvati: Mishti, come let’s leave.
Mishti: Where? Why?
Parvati: Let’s go home beta.
Mishti: How can we go Maa?
Parvati: I know beta. But it’s not good for you to stay here. You are hungry since morning and you skipped your medicine. Come beta. It will affect your baby.
Mishti: No Maa. I won’t leave. I’ll take Maa with me and then go.
Parvati: Please. Come beta.
Shekhar (comes from behind): Mishti. Please go. You have to think about our baby.
Parvati: Haan beta. Please chalo.
Manibha ( Also comes from behind): Shomi, don’t argue beta. Please.
Mishti: Okay. But update us about Maa’s condition.
Shekhar: Yes Mishti. We will.

Saying this, Parvati and Mishti leave. Shekhar and Manibha are left behind. They go and sit on the chair. Parvati and Shomi reach home.

Parvati: Mishti, go in your room. I’ll come with your dinner.
Mishti: Maa, Maa(Shobha) theek toh ho jaaegi na?
Parvati: Mishti……. Kaisi baat kar rahi hai. Thaari maa hai Shobha. Theek kaise na hogi? Tu jaa mein aati hoon…

Mishti leaves. Parvati goes in the kitchen to make something for her. Mishti enters her room and looks at the dressing table. She remembers her moments spend with Shobha earlier that day. She remembers how Shobha dressed her up. She remembers the moments spend with her. She smiles remembering everything. Slowly she enters the room and goes to the table. She starts removing her jewellery. Parvati comes and sees her. She also gets reminded of the moments Shobha and she spent. Their fights during the marriage preparations, their pampering and everything. A tear skips her eye. She controls herself and go to Mishti. Mishti is still seated near the dressing table.

Parvati keeps her hand on the shoulder and says: Mishti, dinner…

Mishti takes the plate and starts eating. Parvati sees her and keeps her hand on her head. Mishti finishes eating and takes her medicine.

Parvati: Mishti, now you sleep.
Mishti: Maa, neend nahi aaegi par koshish karungi.
Parvati: Neend toh kissi ko na aaegi. Par koshish sab karenge.
Mishti: Haan Maa.

Parvati leaves and Mishti also sleeps. The next morning Mishti opens her eyes and sees a lady sitting beside her. She comes to her senses and is shocked to see Shobha sitting beside her. She wakes up quickly and says: Maa…..

Shobha smiles and says: Mishti….

Mishti smiles and hugs her. She sees Shekhar, Manibha and Parvati standing behind ,smiling. She feels something on Shobha’s head and touches it. She breaks the hug and sees a white bandage around her head.

Mishti: Maa, are you fine? And who hit you? And why did you go to the storeroom?
Shobha: Shomi, I’m fine.
Mishti: Urvashi?? Urvashi hit you na?
Shobha: Leave it beta.
Mishti: No Maa. Tell me.
Shekhar: Haan Mishti. Urvashi did this.
Mishti: Urvashi(Angry)
Shobha: Shomi, calm down.
Mishti: How can I calm down Maa?? How can I ?? She was hurting us. Okay. That was understood. But why you? What is your fault?
Parvati: Mishti, shaant ho jaa. Shobha aa gayi hai na. Spend some time with her. Why are you talking about that Urvashi.

Mishti realizes what Parvati says and cools down. She hugs Shobha from one side. Shekhar smiles seeing them. Manibha and Parvati leave and go the kitchen. Shekhar goes to get Mishti’s medicine and Parvati prepares something for Shobha. Manibha makes some dish for Mishti.


All are silent. The girls are numb after listening to the incident. All get more angry at Urvashi.

Ragini: Maa, where is NaaniMaa?
Shekhar: I’ll tell
Sorry guys i was late. I was down with Viral fever so couldn’t update.

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