Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 17 (The unexpected Marriage)


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Chapter 17: The Unexpected Marriage.
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Precap: Story 22 years back.

Urvashi saw Janki. She hung herself from the fan. She committed suicide. Urvashi stood on the door with a blank expression. She didn’t know how to react. After few seconds, she shouted: Jiji…
She ran towards her. She climbed on the bed and tried to remove her body. She manages to get her body down. She keeps her body on the bed and cries hugging her.

Urvashi: Jijiii…. What have you done to yourself? Why did you do this?? Why???? Wake up…
Sudha returned and heard Urvashi crying. She ran upstairs. She saw Janki dead and Urvashi crying. She was shocked. She ran towards her and bursted into tears.

Sudha: Jankii.. Uth Janki.. Janki..
Urvashi: Maa… Bas bahut hua… Shekhar Gadodia toh gaya. Usse jawab dena hoga. Nahii jawab nahi ab jiji ki haalat ka zimmedar vahi hai toh usse hi bharpaai karni hogi. ( Maa. Enough. Now Shekhar Gadodia is dead. He has to answer. No. Jiji is like that because of her. Now he has to pay for it. )
Sudha: What are you saying??
Urvashi: Just wait and watch. (she wipes her tears)
Sudha: Urvashi?? Where are you going?
Urvashi: Maa, Jiji is no more. We must…
Sudha: Hmm. I understood. Beta, call Shastri Ji…
Urvashi: Haan Maa.

Urvashi calls his neighbor and Janki’s last rites starts. Neighbors, friends,relatives come. The house which was filled with colours and joy was now full white with only cries. Everyone come and attend the function when suddenly Urvashi goes somewhere. Sudha sees her but does not stop her. Urvashi leaves the house. She wearing white clothes and goes to some hotel. She sees Shekhar-Mishti there. They were sitting there and chilling, when Urvashi went to them. Her eyes were red. Mishti sees her and is shocked to see her condition.

Mishti: Urvashi….

Urvashi was standing behind Shekhar so Mishti saw her. Shekhar turns and sees Urvashi. He is shocked plus angry to see her.

Shekhar: You here? Again? Abhi kya hai?
Urvashi: Shut up.(shouted)
Shekhar: What the hell is this!!
Urvashi: Come. I’ll show you what happened. Come with me.

Urvashi holds Shekhar’s hand and drags him. Mishti is shocked to see her anger. Urvashi drags him to her house. Mishti also goes behind them. Shekhar tries to free himself but Urvashi overpowered her. Urvashi reaches her house and Shekhar-Mishti are shocked to see the scene. Janki lies on the floor in white. Sudha is in white saree crying. Shekhar stands there unaffected whereas Mishti is shocked to see her.
Urvashi: See what you have done. My Jiji is no more. Because of you she did this. Look at her. You were going to get married to her and see you killed her.
Shekhar: This was very obvious to happen. I said her in very clear terms that I don’t love her. I never loved her. All my love was for Mishti.
Urvashi: How can you be so cheap?
Shekhar: Cheap? And me? This word suits more on you.
Urvashi: Now, you have to pay for your deeds.
Shekhar: What???
Urvashi: Yes. You have to pay for whatever you did.

Mishti: Urvashi,listen. Whatever happened was….
Urvashi: Don’t you dare to speak in between.
Mishti: Please listen to me. Maa fixed Shekhar and Janki’s alliance without asking him. He had no choice but to accept this relation. After engagement, Maa overheard our conversation. She came to knew about us then. That night…..
Urvashi: Done with stories?
Shekhar: Mishti, leave don’t explain these people. Come lets go. There is no need to wait here. Come let’s leave.
Urvashi: No you cannot leave. You have to pay for your deeds. You have to pay….
Shekhar: Shut up.

Shekhar is about to leave with Mishit when Urvashi came in front and blocked their way.

Shekhar: What is this?
Urvashi: Today, you can’t leave.
Shekhar: Stop it.
Urvashi: You did this because you wanted to marry her… Right? This Mishti is root cause for all this. Agar yeh hi nahi rahti toh yeh sab na hota. Isske karan yeh sab hua hai. I’ll not leave you…. I’ll not leave…

Urvashi goes in the kitchen and gets a knife. She is about to hit Mishti with it when Shekhar comes in between and throws her aside.Mishti collides with a wall and gets hit by it. Her head bleeds. The knife lands on Shekhar’s hand which causes a deep cut. All are shocked. Mishti shouts: Shekharrr….
Urvashi is also shocked. Shekhar stands there in shock and satisfaction that he saved Mishti. Mishti sees his wound and runs towards him. She cries seeing his wound whereas Shekhar sees Mishti’s head and gets alerted.

Mishti: Shekhar, what has happened to you?
Shekhar: What happened to you? Are you okay?
Mishti: Leave about me. Your hand is bleeding.

Shekhar’s hand was at his wound. Mishti shouted at Urvashi.

Mishti: What did you do?
Urvashi: YOUR SHEKHAR killed my jiji. She is no more. At least he is alive. Look at my jiji. She is DEAD. Do you understand… She is no more because of this man(points at Shekhar)
Mishti: Shut up.. What are you saying?
Urvashi: Turth.
Mishti: What???

Shekhar intervenes. He comes and says: Mishti, wait. She said that today we won’t leave from here before answering her. So, let me answer her.

He presses his thumb at his wound. He closes his eyes in pain. He removes his thumb. His thumb is all red. He goes towards Mishti and puts his thumb on her forehead.

(I hope you all understood what happened!)

Mishti stood there shocked. Urvashi was stunned. Shekhar married here on the spot giving Urvashi the best answer.

Shekhar: Lo mera jawab.
Mishti: Shekhar….
Shekhar: Mishit, yeh karna zaroori tha.

Saying this Shekhar holds Mishti’s hand and leaves from there leaving Urvashi stunned. That evening Janki was burnt and her soul was set free. Shekhar drove Mishti home. Mishti was hell shocked at the happenings. She saw Shekhar’s blood on her forehead. Shekhar remembered whatever happened. She calls Parvati.

Shekhar: Maa, call Maa and MaashiMaa.
Parvati: What happened?
Shekhar: We are coming home. Will tell you then.
Parvati: Magar hua kya?
Shekhar: I’ll come and tell.

He cuts the call.

Shekhar: Are you okay?
Mishti: Yes. You?
Shekhar: Yes…

Parvati calls Shobha and Manibha. They come at her house.

Shobha: What happened?
Parvati: I also don’t know. Shekhar called me and said that we must gather here. They both are coming. Shekhar sounded very serious.
Manibha: Devi Maa… Protect my children.
Shobha and Parvati also pray silently.

Shekhar reaches home. They both enter the house and all ladies are shocked to see them. Shekhar’s hand was red. Mishti’s forehead red with Shekhar’s blood. She had few bruises on her face. All are shocked to Mishti’s condtion.

Parvati runs towards them. Shobha runs to get water. Whereas Manibha runs for first aid.

Parvati: What is this? What happened to you both? Who did this….? Shekhar, please say. Shekhar say something. Mishti, at least you say something.
Shobha: Shomi, Shekhar le lo paani. Arre first come inside.

Both take them inside. They sit on the sofa. Shobha gives them water. Manibha comes from inside with the first aid box. Parvati-Shobha start applying cream on their bruises. Parvati treats Mishti and Shobha treats Shekhar. After some time, Parvati asks: How did this happen?

Shobha sees sindoor in Mishti’s forehead. She signs Parvati and Manibha. Both see it and are shocked.

Shobha: Shomi, what is this?

Mishti realizes what she meant. She looks at her and says: Maa…
Parvati: Bol Mishti…
Mishti: Maa, Urvashi….
Parvati: Ab ke kiya usne?
Shobha: What are you saying?

Shekhar explains everything. All are surprised. Shobha smiles seeing Mishti’s forehead. Parvati is stunned but she smiles seeing Shekhar’s love for her.

Manibha: Didi, jo hona tha voh ho gaya. We can’t change things. We have to accept this.
Parvati: You are correct. We have to accept this. In donno ko ek hona tha ho gaye.
Shobha: Parvati, let us get them married.
Parvati: Haan Shobha.

Shekhar-Mishti are shocked to hear their decision.

Mishti: But Maa, Janki is dead.
Parvati: Mishti we know. But we have to get you both married.
Shobha: Parvati is right. Jo hua usse jaane do.
Manibha: Didi, I will call Pandit Ji.
Parvati: Ji Haan. Jaldi pucho.
Shekhar: Maa, are we doing correct?
Parvati: You are saying this!!!! You were more excited to get married. You were the one who wanted this marriage and now you are saying this?
Shekhar: Maa, even now I am excited. But I guess Mishti is not ready for this. I think she is not happy with this decision.
Mishti: Shekhar, we must go for this. Whatever they think will be good for us. MaashiMaa call pandit ji. We will marry tomorrow.
Shekhar: As you wish meri jaan.
Parvati: Theek hai. Call him.
Manibha: Okay. There you go.

She calls some pandit. She fixes the time and everything.

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