Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 16 (Urvashi & Gadodia’s -Another Mystery.)


Chapter 16: Urvashi & Gadodia’s -Another Mystery.
Link: Chapter 15
Precap: Ragini-Lavanya reveal their plan to Shekhar. Shekhar supports Swara-Lavanya-Ragini in their plan. Swara reveals her plan to Mishti-Parvati followed by Ragini-Lavanya. They ask about Urvashi and Shekhar is forced to reveal about Urvashi.

Shekhar: 22 years back… I was going to get married to Janki and not Mishti.
Ragini: Janki?
Shekhar: Haan.
Swara: But you loved Aunty?
Shekhar: Yes beta. I loved her but Maa had fixed my alliance with Janki. We loved each other and wanted to get married but Maa fixed my relation without asking me.
Ragini: Seriously?
Shekhar: Yes beta. When I came to knew I asked her to break my relation but she refused. Our engagement was planned. We got engaged.

Girls are shocked. A tear escaped Mishti’s eyes. Swara sees her and goes towards her. She puts her hand on her shoulder. Lavanya fills a glass of water and offers it to Shekhar. Ragini goes towards Shekhar. She pacifies him. Shekhar is choked with emotions. He takes a deep breath and starts again: After our engagement, Maa came to know about Mishti and my relation.
…21 years back…


After engagement, Shekhar was in his room staring at his ring. Suddenly, his phone rang. He took his phone and saw the name. The screen flashed” Mishti”. Shekhar was taken aback. Shekhar planned to run away but Mishti refused. She wanted that both families must bless them. Mishti knew about his engagement. Shekhar picks up the call.

Shekhar: Mishti.
Mishti: Shekhar.
Shekhar: I’m sorry.
Mishti: Shekhar, I guess this is our fate. We can’t be together. May be this was our end.
Shekhar: No Mishti. Why are you doing this? Come let’s run. You just say once. I’ll break my relation with Janki and marry you. I don’t care about her. You just say once. Please.
Mishti: No Shekhar. How can I be so selfish? I can’t do this. How can we be happy after snatching someone’s happiness? Janki loves you. How can I do this?
Shekhar: You are more worried about her love and not our love? We too love each other. How can you be so hard hearted?
Mishti: Shekhar… How can you break her heart? What will everyone think? How will the world react?
Shekhar: For me you are my world. I don’t care about anyone. No one can stop me from loving you. No one. Not even this relation. Even if I marry her, I will love you. No power in this world can stop me. Please agree. We will run and marry.
Mishti: Shekhar… I can’t do that. Accept Janki. She is your future. Not me.
Shekhar: My life is you. My past, present, future is you. Do you think I will be happy after marrying her?
Mishti: Please try to understand.
Shekhar: You try and understand. I can’t live without you. And I will marry you.


Shekhar turns back and Parvati is standing near the door. Shekhar is shocked whereas Parvati is stunned. Mishti overhears Parvati’s voice and gets shocked.

Shekhar: Maa?
Parvati: Why did you do this?
Shekhar: Maa…
Parvati: If you were unhappy then why did you agree?
Shekhar: ??? stands there with a blank expression)
Parvati: Arre Shekhar, if you loved someone else then why did you agree for this alliance?
Shekhar: You heard everything?
Parvati: Yes…
Shekhar: Maa voh…
Parvati: There is nothing more important for me than your happiness. If you love this girl, then yahi sahi. If you love her, then marry her.

Mishti hears this and is stunned. Shekhar is surprised to see Parvati’s changed behavior.

Shekhar: Maa, Are you serious?
Parvati: yes beta.
Shekhar: Will you break my relation with Janki?
Parvati: Shekhar, maare liye thari khushi hi sab kuch hai. Tu jiske saath khush rahegi, uske saath teri shaadi hogi? Agar yeh chori tujhse pyaar karti hai toh shaadi kar le.
Mishti (Over the phone): Shekhar?

Shekhar realizes that Mishti is over the phone. He takes the phone and speaks: Haan, Mishti.
Parvati takes the phone.

Parvati: Hello.
Mishti: Hii Aunty.
Parvati: Aunty nahi Maa bol.
Shekhar: Maa?
Parvati(to Shekhar): Chup. Chal abhi aur mujhe mila is se.
Shekhar: Arre Maa?
Parvati: Shekhar, tu chal abhi aur mila mujhse. Chal.

Parvati pleaded a lot and Shekhar took her to meet Mishti. Shekhar drives her to Mishti’s house. Shekhar calls her down. Mishti comes down.
Parvati: Aa gayi?
Shekhar: Maa… She is Sharmistha.
Parvati: Sharmishtha? Bengali?
Mishti: Aunty, if you say can I say something?
Shekhar: Maa, why this Bengali thing? I love her and I want to marry her.
Parvati: Bol…
Mishti: I can do anything for him. If you agree, I will give up everything for him.

Parvati gets touched by her words and she says: Tu ne bol diya, maare liye khaafi hai.
Shekhar gets surprised.

Parvati: Magar thaare parivaar waale? (What about your family)
Mishti: My mom lives with me. My father died years back. She is now in Jaipur and will return after few days.

“ Few Days nahi, aa gayi mein” a sound is heard.
Mishti turns back and sees her mom standing. She is surprised… Shekhar smiles and Parvati stands there.

Mishti: Maa???

She hugs her.

Mishti’s mother: Haan. Jamai Raja ne bulaaya toh mein aa gayi.

“Mein ya Hum?” another lady spoke.

All are shocked. They turn and see another lady standing in a saree.

Mishti: MaashiMaa…. (Maasi)

[Mishti’s Mother – Shobha ; Mishti’s MaashiMaa – Manibha]

Manibha: Haan Mishti.
Mishti: Shekhar? You did this?
Shekhar (Smiles): Yes Mishti.
Mishti: When?
Shobha: Leave all that. Chalo, upar.
Parvati: Haan. Chalo.

All leave.


Shekhar,Mishti,Parvati,Shobha,Manibha all sit in a hall and to begin the conversation Mishti says: Aunty you have accepted this relation but what about Janki? What will you say?
Shekhar: Mishti…
Shobha: Janki? Who Janki?
Parvati: Janki is her fiancée.
Manibha: What? Fiancee?
Shobha: Jamai Raja, aapne yeh baat kyun nahi bataayi?
Shekhar: Sorry. Agar bataati toh aap yaha nahi aate. Maaf kardo mujhe.
Manibha: Lekin usse kya bologe?
Parvati: Janki is very obedient and sincere. She will understand everything. Sanskaari hai chori. Maan jaayegi.
Mishti: First talk with her. Then we must talk about our marriage.
Shekhar: Okay. Tomorrow Maa and I will go and talk with her.
Manibha: Jamai Babu tab tak ke liye aap dono alag rahna. (laughs)

Mishti blushes. Parvati also smiles. Shobha goes towards kitchen. She returns with a plate. Parvati sees her and says: What is this?

She uncovers the plate and Parvati sees sweets in it. Manibha starts laughing and puts one piece in Shekhar’s mouth. Parvati takes one and feeds Mishti. All laugh and the night ends.

Next morning, Shekhar and Parvati go to meet Janki and her family. They enter and everyone greet them. Janki’s mother – Sudha, serves them food and offers sweets. Parvati refuses to have them and says: Sudha Ji hum yaahan zaroori kaam ke waasate aaye hai.
Sudha: Boliye.
Parvati: Call Janki first.

Sudha calls Janki. Janki comes and touches her feet. Parvati blesses her hesitantly. She goes and sits near Sudha.

Parvati speaks: Janki, beta….
Sudha: We will talk later. First eat something.
Parvati: Sorry Sudha Ji. Today we won’t do anything.
Sudha: What happened? Is everything fine? You both are looking very tensed.

Shekhar was tensed throughout and he was avoiding eye contact with Janki. Janki was upset with this.

Parvati: Yes. This is very important. And serious too. Who baat yeh hai ki…
Parvati stops.
Shekhar: Janki, I can’t marry you.
All are shocked.
Janki: What?
Shekhar: I’m sorry. I can’t marry you.
Janki: What sorry?
Shekhar: I never loved you. I love Mishti. And want to marry her and not you.
Janki: Shekhar? Mishti? Love her? What are you saying?
Shekhar: Yes Janki. Maa fixed our relation without asking me. I agreed because she didn’t knew about Mishti. Sorry. But I can’t marry you.
Janki: Shekhar…. (shouts) No you can’t marry anyone else. I love you. You can’t leave me.

All are shocked. Parvati (folds her hands): Yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti.
Sudha stands there shocked. Whereas Janki goes towards Shekhar and says: I love you,Shekhar. You can’t leave me and go. And who is Mishti? Till yesterday, you loved me and now you are saying this.
Shekhar: It was fake. I never loved you. The day I met her. I loved her.
Janki: No you can’t do this.
Shekhar: Janki, please try to understand.
Janki: We are engaged. You forget her. Because I can’t leave you and you need to marry me.
Shekhar: I can’t marry you. this relation is over.
Janki: Who is this Mishti? Haan? Who is she? Where is she? What has she done to you?
Shekhar: Stop it.
Janki: This is not you. This is her magic speaking. I want to meet her.
Shekhar(Shouts): Stop it Jankiii.
Janki: I also know how to shout. Tell me where is she?

She takes a knife which was kept on the table. Tell me where is she? I will kill her. Then you will marry me.

She starts shouting like a mad person and keeps the knife at her throat. She threatens to kill herself.
Shekhar: Stop it Janki. What are you doing? Take the knife. Move it.
Janki: No. Marry me or else I will kill myself.
Sudha: Janki, remove it. Take it. Don’t do this. Shekhar, beta please… marry her. or else she’ll kill herself. Please…
Shekhar is taken aback. Janki keeps the tip of the knife on her throat. The tip hurts her and it starts to bleed. Shekhar goes to her forcefully takes the knife and shouts: Jankiiii

Janki: Why did you take it? Let me die. I can’t leave without you. If you aren’t in my life then this life is of no use.
Sudha: What are you doing?? What are you saying?
Janki: Maa, I can’t live without him.
Sudha: beta….
Janki: Shekhar, who is this Mishti? I’ll kill her. She has no right to live. She is coming between us. I will kill her. Yes. Why should I die? I will kill her. yes. Tell me where is that witch.

Parvati gets furious at her.

Shekhar: Jankiii. Stop. Not a word. I can do anything but cannot hear anything against Mishti. I can’t marry you. That’s it. I’m marrying Mishti. Whatever was between us was fake. It was never real. Neither it was true. So don’t think that by doing this, I will accept you. No. And dare you say any word against Mishti. I’ll kill YOU.

Saying this, he removes his engagement ring and hands it to her.

Shekhar: Take this. Jo tumhara hai tum hi rakho. This relationship is over.
Janki is shocked to see Shekhar’s ring and falls on her knees. She grabs Shekhar’s legs and says: No Shekhar, please don’t do this. Don’t leave me.
Shekhar tries freeing himself from Janki’s clutches. Parvati also tries helping him.

Parvati: Choriii, chodd maare chore ko.
Shekhar: Janki, leave me. I wouldn’t have been so rude if you created this scene. How dare you speak against her? And don’t you try to come between us. I won’t leave you. We both love each other and will marry soon.
Janki: No. please don’t go. Don’t leave me. I’ll die.
Shekhar: I don’t care.

Finally, he somehow manages to free himself and starts leaving. Parvati is also furious and she too leaves behind Shekhar.

Janki is on the floor. Shocked. Broken. She sees Shekhar leaving and shouts: Shekhar, don’t go. I’ll die without you. Please Shekhar. Please Shekhar. Pleaseee…….

Shekhar leaves without listening. Sudha goes towards Janki.

Sudha: Janki uth beta.
Janki: Maa, how can he leave me? No Maa. I have to stop him. (she stands) I will stop him.
Sudha: No beta. He is gone.
Janki: No Maa.

She wipes her tears and is about to leave when she stumbles upon something. She moves her leg and sees Shekhar’s ring. She bends down and takes it. She sees it and cries miserably. Sudha is upset seeing her condition. Janki again falls on the floor. She cries keeping the ring in her hand.

Later, in evening, Gadodia’s and the Bose Family meet.
Mishti was nervous and Shekhar was gathering courage to tell Mishti about all this.

Shobha: What happened? Did she agree?
Parvati: Voh hua yeh ki….

Parvati explains everything leaving everyone shocked.

Mishti: I feared this.
Shekhar: Mishti (holds her hands) I can do anything for you and this normal. Janki was of this type.
Parvati: You don’t take tension. Everything will be fine soon.
Shobha: We will going as per your say.
Parvati: Toh abhi shaadi ki baat kar le?

Mishti was upset but she smiled throughout the discussion. That evening, both families decided everything, right from engagement to wedding. Mishti blushed every now and then Shekhar gave her smile, which made her blush harder. Shobha-Parvati noticed this and smiled silently.

That evening, one room was filled with laughter, smiles, eye contacts, blushes and jokes, while other room was filled with sadness, tears and memories.

This room was of Janki. She was broken, disappointed and she felt cheated. She was sitting in her room, crying. The moment she saw Shekhar’s ring, she cried. Sudha enters the room and sees her. She is unable to decide what should she do? She leaves. After some time, one girl enters that room.

She says: Jiji….

Janki turns and sees her sister, Urvashi, standing there. She gets up and runs towards her. Janki hugs her and cries.

Urvashi: Jiji, what happened? Who did this you? Look at you? Why are you crying?
Janki: Urvashi… (she cries)
Urvashi: What happened? Tell me? Who did this?
Janki: Shekhar!
Urvashi: Jijaji?
Janki: Yes….
Urvashi: What are saying?
Janki: He ended this relation.
Urvashi: What? Why? How? When?
Janki: Yes… because he loves someone else. Some Mishti. Maaji and he came today to tell this.
Urvashi: But how can he do this? (she sees the cut on her throat) And what is this on her neck? Come sit her. Let me treat you.
Janki: Give me Shekhar. Please.
Urvashi: Relax Jiji. I will talk to him. You calm down. Stop crying (wipes her tears)… please stop.

She applies some ointment and puts a band-aid.

Janki: Call him. I want to talk with him.
Urvashi: Haan. Okay okay. I’m calling him. Wait.

She calls Shekhar. Shekhar sees the call and ends it. She tries again and he again cuts it. She keeps calling and he keeps cutting. Frustrated, she says: Jiji, just wait. Spend this night. Tomorrow, I’ll ask him. Don’t you worry. He cannot leave you like this.Your Urvashi is there.

Saying this, she makes Janki sleep and goes downstairs. Whereas Shekhar was lost in his own love world. Everything was fixed. Date came. And so came the different ideas for making the marriage memorable.

The next morning, Shekhar-Mishti were together at Shekhar’s house. Parvati had called her for lunch. After the heavy lunch, Parvati said: Shekhar, take Mishti somewhere out.
Shekhar: Okay Maa ( smiles)
Mishti: Aunty?
Parvati: Maa bol phir sunugi.
Mishti: Maa, abhi bahar?
Parvati: Arre, yeh toh waqt hai gumne ka. Masti karne ka. Shaadi ke baad, yeh sab nahi hota. Abhi tum donno ka waqt hai. Maze kar lo. (winks)

Mishti blushes and Shekhar smiles… Shekhar takes Mishti out. They were about to sit in the car when suddenly Urvashi arrived there. Shekhar was standing with his car’s door open for Mishti.

Shekhar(opens the door): Come meri jaan.

Mishti was about to sit when Urvashi banged the door and said: Shekhar Gadodia…
Mishti-Shekhar were shocked to see her.

Shekhar: What is this?
Urvashi: I must ask you this. What is this? How can you leave Jiji?
Shekhar: Arre, phir se wahi Ramayan…
Urvashi: Yeh tab tak chalega jab tak aap humme jawab nahi denge.
Shekhar: Jawab chahiye toh suno… I did this because I never loved your Jiji. My heart beats only for her and will beat only for her.
Urvashi: What? Because of her? Huh? Jiji is much more qualified, beautiful and graceful than this… Whatever her name is…
Shekhar: Urvashi, yesterday I would have killed her your sister, if I knew that you both would insult her like this. I cannot bear a word against her.
Urvashi: Jijaji, you are not good. You will pay for this. Sooner or later. You have to.
Shekhar: I don’t care. Get lost and let me live peacefully.
Urvashi: Arre Bangalaan, kya kar diya tune. Maari hai lagegi tujhe.
Shekhar: Urvashiii (Slaps her hard) Bas bahut hua.

Mishti gets shocked.

Mishti: Shekhar…
Shekhar: Nahi Mishti. Don’t stop me. These sisters will not let us live happily. It’s better to end this chapter here only. (holds Urvashi) Listen, I don’t want to create a scene. It’s better to end this here and forever. Go and say to your sister that I can never marry her. I love Mishti and will marry her.(holds her hand) She is my life.
Urvashi: You have to pay for this.
Shekhar: Get lost.

Urvashi leaves. All are unaware that Janki was present there. She was listening to all this. She was hiding behind a pillar. Janki was shattered. She saw Shekhar’s ring and cries. She runs from there. Shekhar was standing there with a frown. Mishti was standing there shocked and surprised. She was also touched with Shekhar’s words.

Mishti: Shekhar, are you okay?
Shekhar: ARE YOU OKAY?
Mishti: What can happen to me when you are with me?
Shekhar: Mishti… (hugs her)

Janki reaches her house. She enters her room. She remembers Shekhar’s words and cries. Urvashi is upset as she couldn’t help her sister. She takes a taxi and reaches her house. Urvashi enters her house. Sudha was out. Urvashi was red eyed.

She said in a low voice: Jiji.
There was no reply. She kept on calling her but no reply. She gets tensed. She searches for her and reaches her room. The scene which she sees was hard to believe. She gets shocked…
Next Part: The Unexpected Marriage.
Finally, I completed this chapter. This was long. Really,long.
Guess what did Urvashi see…

Credit to: Hetvi(Shreya)

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