Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 15 (Find Urvashi)


Another bomb! Enjoy…
Chapter 15: Find Urvashi
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Precap: Swara fakes her unconscious to get their(ShoRa’s) discharge delayed. Elders decide to get Ragini discharged. Lavanya manages to get the real culprit’s name.

Ragini is on her bed thinking for a plan to get out from there and help Lavanya. She thinks and suddenly she gets the perfect plan. Though not perfect but a simple idea to leave the room.

She acts as if her phone is ringing and picks up the call. After few seconds she shouts: Whaaattt?

Parvati-Mishti are alerted and they look towards Ragini. Ragini is with a WTF expression. Shekhar is not present there. Swara also gets shocked. Though her eyes are closed but her CID brain is working. Mishti goes towards her and asks: Ragini, beta kya hua?

Ragini is on phone… She shouts: Kya? How did this happen? Where are you? Tell me! I’ll come.
Mishti gets tensed whereas Swara thinks: Ab kya hogaya? Parvati gets worried.

Ragini: Okay okay(she gets up from her bed and starts leaving) I’m coming. Where are you? Outside OT? Okay Okay.. I’m coming. Wait.

She is about to leave when she turns and says: Maa, Daadimaa, I’ll be back.
Mishti: But where are you going? You are not in a condition to go anywhere!
Ragini: Maa, actually, one of my friend’s dad got a major heart attack. She is outside OT. I’ll meet and come quickly.
Parvati: Arre Laado, don’t go alone take Mishti.

Ragini leaves without listening and she runs towards Shankari’s room. Inside Parvati-Mishti-Swara all are worried as to what has happened.

Ragini runs towards Shankari’s room. She reaches there and enters the room.


Shankari is breathing fast and Lavanya is calming her down.

Ragini: Lavanya…
Lavanya: Ragini? You? Here? How?

Ragini goes towards her and says: What happened? How’s she? Why is breathing so fast?
Lavanya: That lady…

Shankari’s breathing is increases. Her heart beat also increases. Lavanya shouts for the doctor. Doctor, Nurses come and start treating her. Shankari tries to say something. Ragini and Lavanya go towards her and say: Yes, say.
Lavanya: Please say.
Shankari: That night, Ur…Urvas….Urvashi came… and asked me to… do all this.

Ragini-Lavanya are shocked.

Ragini: Urvashi? Who is she?

Shankari tries saying something but the medicine(which that lady injected in her) worked on her and she breathes her last. Her breathing stops and heart beat decreases and ultimately stops. Lavanya understands the situation and takes Ragini aside. Ragini is teary-eyed because Shankari was the last hope for them. Lavanya makes Ragini sit on the sofa. She offers her water and comforts her. After the doctors declare her dead, Lavanya goes to them and explains how that lady injected some medicine to her and she died. The doctors start doing their work whereas Ragini sits there disappointed. Lavanya enters the room.

Ragini: Did you see her face?
Lavanya: No re. Her face was covered. I missed a big chance. I’m sorry Ragini. I missed her. It’s my fault. Sorry.
Ragini(keeps her hand on Lavanya’s shoulder): Lavanya, it’s okay. And who said it’s your fault. You gave your 100%. Maybe it’s our bad luck. We didn’t get any information from Shankari.
Lavanya: Ragini, we got the biggest clue from her.
Ragini: Clue?
Lavanya: Urvashiii!!!!
Ragini: Oh Shit. This completely vanished from me mind.
Lavanya: But do you know who is this Urvashi?
Ragini: In all these years, I have never heard about this URVASHI.

“Ragini” someone says. Ragini-Lavanya turn and see Shekhar standing on the entrance.

Both are shocked. Ragini stands and says: Papa?
Shekhar: Beta, what are you doing in this room and this nurse was in our room. What are you girls doing? And I heard URVASHI? What is going on?
Ragini: Papa, I’ll explain you everything but please you relax and sit here. I’ll tell you everything.

Shekhar sits on the sofa and Ragini sits beside her. Lavanya is standing near them, with her head down.
Ragini starts explaining her everything. Shekhar is shocked to hear about Urvashi and is numb for few seconds after Ragini ends.

Ragini: Papa, I’m sorry. I did not tell you. Everything happened so fast that I could not inform Swara also.
Though Shekhar is numb but the moment he hears’ that I could not inform Swara also’ he comes back to his senses and realizes what Ragini just say. Ragini slaps her head with her hand and thinks that she spoiled Swara’s plan.
Shekhar: Inform Swara?
Ragini: Papa….
Shekhar: Ragini, what happened? And Urvashi?
Ragini: Papa, you know who is Urvashi?
Shekhar tries to change the topic and says: What happened to Swara? You are forcing me to doubt on you!
Shekhar raises his voice so that Ragini doesn’t talk about Urvashi. Ragini gets scared and is about to cry when Shekhar again says: What happened to Swara?
Ragini: It’s our plan.
Shekhar: Plan? What plan?
Ragini: Swara faked her unconsciousness so that our discharged gets delayed and we can stay here for some more days.
Shekhar: Whatt???
Ragini: Yes Papa.
Shekhar: I never expected this from Swara.
Ragini: Papa, please say this. She is doing this for us.
Shekhar: For us?
Ragini: Yes. She planned this so that we can stay here and get some more information about that lady.
Shekhar: Really?
Ragini: Yes. Papa she is doing this only for us. She wants that Maa must get that her daughter back. She did this so that we get our happiness back. Papa, what is her relation with us? She is my friend. That’s it. There is nothing more than that. But still she is doing this so that we can get our happiness back. Maa and you can get our daughter back. She is doing this so that I can get my sister. Papa, aisa toh koi apna hi karta hai.

Shekhar is shocked to see Ragini praising Swara and the feelings attached to her. His heart melts down. he realizes his mistake and apologizes to Ragini.

Shekhar: Ragini, beta I never knew that you are attached so much with her. I’m sorry. For the first time and probably its last time I am thinking wrong about her. But I promise this will not happen again.
Lavanya: Don’t do this uncle.
Shekhar: Uncle?
Ragini: papa, SHE is Lavanya.
Shekhar: What?
Lavanya: Unfortunately yes.
Shekhar: Are you girls planning to give me some minor heart attacks? So many shocks in one day. Please stop or else I’ll die today.
Ragini(shocked): Papa? Why are you saying this? You stop it.
Shekhar: You are telling me to stop, and did you girls do? Huh? Are you out of your mind? What the hell is wrong with you people? Do you people have some sort of Magical Powers? Huh? How can you make such dangerous plans without asking someone? Do you know how risky it is? What if Lavanya got hurt more than what was planned by you? And what if Ragini, you were caught by the guard? What was on your mind while doing this?
Ragini: Papa, relax. Everything is okay. We all are fine. Lavanya was treated immediately and Swara instructed me how to run and where to run. Agar hum aapse puchte toh kya aap humme yeh sab karne de? Nahi naa? Aur phir humme itna sab pata bhi nahi chalta.

Saying this, Ragini remembers about Urvashi. She asks: Papa, do you know who is Urvashi?

Shekhar is alerted by her question. He tries to divert their attention and stands. He goes towards Lavanya. He folds his hands and says: Beta, I am sorry. I shouted at you. I never knew that Swara and you are so keen to help me get my daughter back. I must say Ragini is blessed to have friends like you.
Lavanya: Uncle, Swara is my best friend. From childhood we have been together. She used to tell me about Ragini. Even though I never saw Ragini but I have grown up listening her stories. Swara’s problems is my problem so I just came here to be a HELPING HAND. Nothing else. And please don’t say sorry. Elders have the right to scold their children wherever they go wrong. You were doing duty. That’s it.
Ragini: Papa, how did you find me?
Shekhar: I was on the same floor, discussing something with the doctor, when I heard your voice and Urv… I mean I heard you talking. I came towards this room and saw you. so I came in to check.
Lavanya: Uncle, promise us that you will not tell anything to anyone. Please….
Shekhar: Okay. And with you three powerpuff girls I’m also with you.
Ragini: Thanks Papa… (Hugs him)
Lavanya: Thank You uncle. (Touches her feet)
Shekhar (to Lavanya): Arree beta. It’s okay.
Ragini: papa, let’s leave. Shankari’s family will reach here anytime and we must leave or else they might blame us.
Lavanya: Yes uncle. We must leave.

Saying this they leave and go towards their (Ragini’s) room. They enter the room and Parvati runs towards Ragini.

Parvati: Laado, where were you? And why did you go like this? And Shekhar is with you? And this nurse?
Ragini (with a wide smile): Daadimaa, relax. Come sit here. (Sits on the sofa)
Parvati: Laado, par hua Kya hai?
Shekhar: Maa, hamari jo Ragini hai, voh CID mn bharti hone waali hai.
Parvati: Kya?
Shekhar: Haan Maa.
Parvati: What do you mean?
Shekhar: Abhi bataata hoon.

He goes towards Swara and says: Swara, I know about your plan. Wake Up.

Swara immediately opens her eyes and wakes up and is shocked to see Shekhar standing near here. Parvati-Mishti are surprised to see her move. Ragini-Lavanya stand their unaffectedly.

Mishti: Swara?
Parvati(taunts): See, didn’t I warn you that someday she will deceive us!
Shekhar: Maa. One minute. First let me answer all your questions then you start your blame game.

Swara: Uncle?
Shekhar: Ragini narrated me everything.
Ragini: Sorry.
Parvati: why are you apologizing?
Shekhar(to Parvati): One minute. (to everyone) Before these girls start with their story, I want to say something. First, (to Swara) I know everything and every plan of you girls. So don’t lie. Second,(to Mishti-Parvati) I am with them. Whatever they do, I’m with them. So now Swara you start and Ragini-Lavanya you end.

Swara starts telling about their plan which leaves Mishti-Parvati shocked. Swara stops after telling about Lavanya’s plan to meet Shankari. Then Ragini starts. Her story is completed by Lavanya. This time Mishti-Parvati-Swara are shocked.

Mishti: Kya? Urvashi!!???
Ragini: Haan Maa. Urvashi. Who is she?
Parvati: Ragini, are you fine? Are you okay? Nothing happened to you? (to Lavanya) Beta, are you fine?
Ragini: Yes Daadimaa. But tell na who is Urvashi?
Shekhar: Maa, I’m with them. Whatever they will do, I’m with them.
Parvati: Shekhar, you are big enough to take decisions. (to Lavanya) Beta, u did not reply?
Lavanya: Aunty, I’m fine. But…
Parvati: But what?
Lavanya: I have noticed one thing from the time I am with Shekhar uncle.

Gadodia’s gets alerted. They try to change the topic but Lavanya says: I don’t why, but I feel you people are avoiding this Urvashi! I mean when I was with uncle, Ragini asked him many times but uncle diverted us. And here also Ragini is facing the same thing.
Ragini: Haan papa. I have noticed something the same thing. Why are you people doing this? Who is she? Please tell me.

A tear skips Mishti’s eyes. Shekhar stands there speechless whereas Parvati avoids any eye contact. Ragini: Please(folds her hand) Tell us. It will help us find about my sister.
Swara(gets up from her bed, goes towards them): Uncle, Aunty please tell us. It will be good for us to find her so that we can find your daughter.
Ragini: Please tell us. Please. Koi kuch toh kaho. Please. Koi humme kuch bataata kyun nahi…
Shekhar: Do you want to know who is she?
Mishti: No Shekhar.
Shekhar: No Mishti, we can’t hide it. We have to reveal everything.
Parvati: Shekhar, maari baat sun. Itna badi baat bataane se pahle soch le.
Shekhar: Kabhi na kabhi toh pata chalna hi tha. Toh aaj hi sahi.
Ragini: Papa say.
Shekhar: Ohkay. Toh suno…. 22 years back…

Next Part: Urvashi & Gadodia’s -Another Mystery.
Keep guessing what happened 22 years back…

Credit to: Hetvi(Shreya)

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