Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 14 (Investigation Starts)

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Chapter 14: Investigation Starts
Link: Chapter 13
Precap: Lavanya-ShoRa manage to see the CCTV footage. Parvati is furious at Ragini for going with Swara. Swara faints and reveals to Ragini that it was her plan

Ragini: Conversation?
Swara: Yes.
Ragini: Which conversation?
Swara: After dinner, I went to meet Lavanya. After coming back, I saw Shekhar uncle talking with the Doctor. The Doctor said that he will be discharging us by tomorrow.
Ragini: Tomorrow?
Swara: Yes.
Ragini: That’s nice na?
Swara: Really? Do you think that if we are discharged tomorrow, we will be able to solve this mystery?
Ragini: Oh Shit. I never thought this.
Swara: That’s why I planned all this so that we can stay here for a longer time.
Ragini: Yes Swara. If we are here, then we can take more information from Shankari. And Lavanya will also help us.
Swara: Yes Ragini. But I don’t think that we can stay here for longer. Fainting will not help us. We need to do something more to stay here.
Ragini: Haan Swara. But what?
Swara: Pata nahi.

Both Swara and Ragini are lost in their thoughts in search of some idea.

There Parvati-Shekhar go with the doctor to talk about Ragini’s discharge.


Doctor: Mr.Shekhar, Ragini’s improvement is marvelous. She is recovering quickly. I guess if this happens, you can take her tomorrow.
Parvati: Sachhi?
Doctor: Yes.
Shekhar: But Doctor, what about Swara? She is still weak! Won’t you say anything about her?
Doctor: Mr.Shekhar as I informed you earlier, we need to observe her. I’m too shocked to see her faint like this. Weakness comes immediately after transfusion and not after so many hours. This is something different and something abnormal. I need to study her condition.

Mishti passes by that corridor and sees Shekhar in the cabin. She enters the cabin and says: Shekhar, you here?
Shekhar: Mishti, you here? You were with Swara and Ragini!?
Mishti: Yes. Ragini wanted water and I came to take it. When I was returning, I saw you. I gave water to nurse and came her. What happened?
Shekhar: Mishti, doctor is saying that Ragini will be discharged by tomorrow morning.
Mishti: And Swara?
Shekhar: She will be under observation.
Mishti: Shekhar, how can Ragini be discharged if Swara is here? How can we leave her alone?

Parvati is irked when Mishti says this.

Shekhar: Mishti, I’m also thinking this. We can’t leave her and go. After all she saved Ragini.
Mishti: Shekhar, Will you stay here only because she saved our daughter today? Is HUMANITY something?
Parvati: Mishti, bahut insaaniyat dikha di. Laado theek ho gayi hai. Bas aur kya chahiye.
Shekhar: Maa?
Parvati: Shekhar, first listen. Ragini is fine, so we can take her. And Swara… We will come to meet her daily? Why to keep Ragini here when she is fine? Ghar par rahegi toh aur jaldi theek ho jaavegi.
Mishti: I guess Maa is right.
Shekhar: Okay. If you both are fine with it then me too. (to doctor) Doctor, make the discharge papers. Ragini will be discharged tomorrow and Swara will be here.

Parvati smiles and thinks: Thank God! This time, they didn’t disagree with me. At least now, these two will be away from each other.

Doctor: Okay Mr.Shekhar. I’ll make the papers. Till then take care of them.
Shekhar: Yes.

These people are unaware that Lavanya is hearing all this. She is shocked at this decision and quickly messages Swara.

There Swara and Ragini are thinking to get an idea, just when Swara’s phone beeps.


Swara sees it and checks her phone.

Ragini: What happened?
Swara: Lavanya ka message.
Ragini: Read it fast.
Swara: Haan.

Swara reads: Swara, meet me. It’s urgent.

Swara: Aisa kya hai?
Ragini: But Swara, how can you go?
Swara: Vahi toh!
Ragini: Call her na.
Swara: Umm. I guess it will be better.

**Swara calls Lavanya**

Swara: Lavanya, kya hua? And where are you now?
Lavanya: Swara, it’s urgent. Come and meet me. I am outside the doctor’s cabin.
Swara: Lavanya, that’s not possible. Tell me.
Lavanya: Why?

Swara explains everything to her.

Lavanya: issi topic par baat karni thi!
Swara: Kya hua?

Lavanya tells Swara about the elders decision.

Swara: What?
Lavanya: Haan Swara.
Swara: Now?
Lavanya: Plan something.
Swara: But how? And what?
Lavanya: Think baby think.
Swara: Okay. Now go in your room or else someone will catch you.
Lavanya: Haan Swara. Update me, if guys are planning something.
Swara: Haan. Pakka. Sure
Lavanya: Okay Bye.
Swara: Bye.


Ragini: What happened?

Swara explains everything to her.
Ragini is shocked. She says: Swara, ab kya?
Swara: Pata nahi. I tried my best to delay your discharge but…
Ragini: Swara, jo karna hai aaj hi karna hoga.
Swara: Yes Ragini. But how?
Ragini: That’s the biggest problem. You cannot move from here and Daadimaa won’t allow me.

“ Mai Hoon Na”……

Swara and Ragini both turn and see Lavanya standing on the door.

Swara(whispers): Lavanya?? You!!?
Lavanya: Yes
Ragini: But why in this dress?

She is wearing the staff’s (nurse’s) dress.

Lavanya: So you people think that I could come here in normal clothes? Or rather that stupid blue colour patient dress?
Swara: Naahhh!
Lavanya: Then?
Ragini: Leave that. Now tell what we must do?
Lavanya: I guess we must meet Shankari, once more. And ask her politely about that lady?
Swara: Do you think she will answer?
Lavanya: Swara, I noticed something. Whenever we are harsh on her she reacts in the same manner. When Shekhar uncle went with Aunty, you know how she reacted. Also, when Ragini shouted at her, she became violent and starting shouting at her. if we try to talk in a soft tone, maybe she will react in the same manner!
Ragini: Umm. I guess she is right. She is mentally unstable, so we must be soft towards her.
Swara: But who will go.
Lavanya: Hum Hai Na! I’ll go. Don’t worry. everything will be okay.
Ragini: Take Care!

Swara is about to give a thumps up when they hear footsteps. Quickly, Swara goes back in her position and sleeps. Ragini also takes a magazine and reads it, whereas Lavanya picks a random tray from the table and leaves from the room, hiding her face. The Gadodia’s enter and see Ragini reading and Swara lying unconscious.

Ragini( in a low tone): Papa, what happened?
Shekhar: Beta, you will be discharged tomorrow.
Ragini: And Swara?
Parvati: Laado, kabhi khud ke bare mein soch le.
Mishti: Ragini, beta, we will come and meet her daily.
Ragini: But Maa?
Shekhar: Ragini, you will recover faster, if you are at home.
Mishti: Yes Ragini. This time Maa’s decision is right.

Ragini is silent and does not say anything. Swara is hearing everything and she turns her head towards Ragini’s bed. She opens her eyes and sees everyone standing around Ragini. A tear skips her eye and she takes her original position.

There Lavanya enters Shankari’s room. She is fast asleep. Lavanya goes near her and in a very low tone she says: Shankari …
She keeps her hand on her head and caresses her hair. Shankari opens eyes and sees Lavanya. She gets up and says: YOU?

Lavanya: Shh… Keep quiet. I came here only to ask something and nothing else.
Shankari: No. You people say this and then hurt me.
Lavanya: When did I hurt you?
Shankari: Liar. Today you came and threatened me that you will kill me if I don’t obey you. Tell the truth. You came na?

Lavanya thinks: I guess she is talking about that lady.

Lavanya: Listen, I’m not that lady whom you met 20 years back. I have came here only to ask about that lady. Nothing else. Please tell me what happened 20 years back? Why did you kept the 2nd baby at the back gate? And for whom you did this?
Shankari: How can I believe you?
Lavanya: Maai, this is question of that angel. She is alive. Just reveal that lady’s name. we need to find why she did this. Please tell her name.
Shankari: Why should I tell you? And who are you?
Lavanya: I’m Lavanya. Ragini’s friend. Ragini is Mishti Aunty’s daughter, whose sister was declared dead. Please tell me.
Shankari: I can’t trust everyone.
Lavanya: Maai, please tell me. The angel is alive and we are finding her. we can find her only when you reveal that lady’s name.
Shankari: Do you think I will do it?
Lavanya: Yes!
Shankari: How can you be so confident?
Lavanya: 20 years ago… You couldn’t kill that baby when were asked to do so. You couldn’t do that because you were too a mother. Today, also you will say because it’s matter of the union of a mother with her daughter. Achha Ohkay, tell me one thing, you were told to kill that baby. But you kept her at the back gate. Why?

Shankari was silent.

Lavanya: See, you have no answer.
Shankari: Ask whatever you wanted to.
Lavanya: Just reveal that lady’s name and tell me where is the 2nd baby?

Shankari is about to reply when someone enters. Shankari signs Lavanya to hide inside the bathroom. Lavanya goes there and hides inside, keeping the door ajar. Shankari couldn’t act to sleep and that person spots her awake.

Lady: I knew it. You can never keep your mouth shut. I warned you not to reveal anything but you. Now, I will inject you this medicine. I’ll not spare you.
Shankari is shocked and so is Lavanya.

Shankari: No no no no no no….. Don’t do this.
Lady: Why NO? When you can do whatever you like, then why not ME? Thank God the security room guard called me and I came here. Or else you would have said everything.

That lady removes a bottle and an injection. Lavanya is shocked to see it and is unable to think what she must do. Suddenly, she gets an idea and takes her phone out. She records the happening from the bathroom and sends it to Ragini.

There the lady pulls the injection and fills the medicine in. She pours the medicine into the glucose bottle from the injection. Lavanya shouts from the bathroom and that lady is alerted. She drops the injection and runs from there. Lavanya tries to catch her but is her leg slips and she falls. She sees Shankari who starts breathing fast.

Ragini gets the video and silently watches it. She is shocked to see Shankari getting injected. Swara is on her bed. Whereas others are busy.
Ragini thinks: I must do something. How can I help Lavanya when I’m here? Swara cannot do anything nor can I do anything. But I have to do something. I need to go there and help Lavanya. Yes, I have to help her. But how? What will I say? Ragini, think something. Think something Ragini, think… Fast…

Lavanya tries to calm Shankari but she starts breathing fast.
Shankari: knew this would happen. Now, I don’t have time. I guess I am breathing my last few moments.
Lavanya: Please don’t this. Tell me her name. Please!!
Shankari: Ur… Urv….
Lavanya: Please say.
Shankari: Urva
Lavanya: Yes, say.
Shankari: Urvashi…

Next Part: Find Urvashi
Suspense Revealed!

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