Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 13 (The CCTV Footage)

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Chapter 13: The CCTV footage
Link: Chapter 12 Here
Precap: ShoRa decide to confront Shankari. Ragini-Swara-Lavanya try to find about the real culprit. Parvati is shocked to learn about Ragini going with Swara.

Ragini-Swara-Lavanya go towards the security room and find a guard sitting there.
Ragini (To the guard): Bhaiya, we want to see the recording of today of floor no.3
Guard: Floor No.3? Shankari’s floor?
Ragini: Haan Bhaiya.
Guard: Sorry, we can’t show that floor’s recording to anyone.
Swara: Bhaiya. Please.
Guard: Nahi. I don’t have the permission. Sorry.
Lavanya: Bhaiya please. It’s the question of someone’s life and the mystery behind 20years. Please.
Guard: Ek baar bol diya na. Bas. Now leave. Or else I will call the female guards. Go.
Swara: Bhaiya. Please. Help us.
Guard: Should I call the female guards? Go.

Ragini pleads but Lavanya takes her from there. Swara waits there for a minute, sees the guard and the room. After seeing everything she leaves.

Ragini is standing outside along with Lavanya. Swara comes and says: I have a plan.
Lavanya: Say.

Swara says something which is muted. Ragini and Lavanya also say something which is muted.

Lavanya: Okay then. Let’s go for it.
Swara: Yes. Let’s leave.

Swara- Lavanya leave from and go to some other corridor of the same floor. Ragini goes somewhere else. Lavanya and Swara reach their and wait for Ragini to come.
Suddenly, someone comes there with a shawl wrapped around his/her body, takes a knife from the table, and slits Lavanya. Lavanya shouts in pain whereas Swara is shocked to see the cut. She calls for the nurses. The person runs in another direction. Nurses come and attend Lavanya. She cries in pain and suddenly falls unconscious. Swara leaves Lavanya in that condition and goes towards the security room. Nurses take Lavanya inside a room and call the doctor.

Swara wakes up the guard and says: Dada wake up.
Guard (After waking): haan. What happened?
Swara: Bhaiya, someone came and silted my friend’s hand with a knife. That person ran in that direction (points in some direction). Dada, please help me. She is crying badly and is hurt also. Please catch that person. Please.
Guard: Okay.

He takes his stick and runs in that direction.
Swara (shouts from back):Aaram se dada. Take your time and come.

She is relieved seeing the guard go. The same person comes from behind and Swara is shocked to that person. The person removes the shawl and the face is shown. It is none other than Ragini.

Swara: Ragini, plan successful.

**Flashback Starts**

After coming out, Ragini says: Finished. Everything is finished. We can’t see the footage. How will we find the real culprit?
Lavanya notices Swara thinking something and says: Swara, what happened? What are you thinking?
Swara: I have a plan!
Ragini: Plan? What plan?
Swara: I just saw the arrangement inside. Only one guard is inside and no one. Plus, this room is big also.
Lavanya: So what?
Swara: Arre bhuddhu. If we manage to divert this guard’s attention, we can easily see the footage.
Ragini: Swara, tumhaari baato mn dam hai.
Lavanya: Yes, Ragini. But how will we do this?
Ragini: I have an idea but I guess it will be dangerous.
Swara: Ragini, you say.
Ragini: It’s simple. Two of us will go and wait for the third on the other corridor of this floor.
Lavanya: Then?
Ragini: Then the third person will come and cause harm to any one of the two. When this will happen, the nurses’ attention will be towards that person. Then we can easily ask that guard to nab that person and send him away. Then we can see the CCTV footage.
Swara: Harm? What kind of harm? And how? And people can catch us if we try to harm anyone.
Ragini: Harm can be of any type. And Swara the third person will cover her face with a shawl,simple. Then there will be no point of getting caught.
Lavanya: That’s okay but who will hurt whom? That’s the important question.
Swara: Yes.

Three of them discuss and Ragini says: Swara, you come and hurt me.
Swara: No Ragini.
Lavanya: Swara, don’t think emotionally. Ragini, you come and slit my hand. Once, they take me inside the room, you both meet and quickly see the footage. Okay? Okay!!!!?????
Swara: Yes.
Ragini: Yes.
Lavanya: Okay then. Let’s go for it.
Swara: Yes. Let’s leave.

Saying this, they leave. Swara-Lavanya go towards another corridor of that floor. Whereas Ragini goes and arranges for a shawl.

**Flashback Ends**

Ragini: Haan Swara. But Lavanya? How’s she? Zyada toh nahi lagi na?
Swara: Nahi. She completed her task.
Ragini: She took the nurses inside the room?
Swara: Yes. She fell unconscious so that they can take her inside.
Ragini: Good. Now let’s see the footage.

They both search in the computer and see the footage.


A woman with a veil enters the room. After some time she leaves and goes to pharmacy. She comes again and they notice something in her hand and something happens in the room. Few nurses are shown taking inside and the woman somehow leaves from there. Shankari shouts inside and one of the nurse runs towards Ragini’s room. Then Mishti-Shekhar along with that nurse enter Shankari’s room. After some time Shekhar takes Mishti along with her and leaves.

Swara stops the video and says: Ragini.
Ragini: Yes Swara.

They both understood what they meant. They hear someone’s footsteps. Swara pulls Ragini towards her and hides behind a cupboard. The guard enters and sits on his chair. Swara signs Ragini to leave. Ragini wears the shawl and somehow manages to leave. Swara corrects her hair and appears from behind and says: Dada, did you find that person?
Guard: you? Where were you? And how you came here?
Swara: Dada, I was waiting for you. But leave all this, did you find that person?
Guard: Nahi. I don’t know where he went.
Swara: Koi baat nahi. Chalega.

Saying this Swara leaves and guard says: Arre rukko.

Swara leaves without listening. Ragini-Swara meet outside Lavanya’s room. They enter the room and see Lavanya lying on the bed. Quickly, they go near her and Ragini says: Lavanya…
Lavanya immediately opens her eyes.
Swara: Lavanya, are you okay?
Lavanya (smiles): Yes girls. I’m okay .
Ragini: Did I hurt you badly?
Lavanya: Naaaahh.
Swara: You fell unconscious?
Lavanya: It was fake.
Ragini: Fake?
Swara: Yes Ragini.
Lavanya: Yes Ragini. I did it just so that they take me inside and their attention is diverted.
Ragini: Oh.
Lavanya: Why did you guys find?
Swara: Ragini was right. Shankari is innocent.
Lavanya: What?
Swara: Yes.

Ragini explains everything.
Lavanya: But who was that lady?
Ragini-Swara: No idea.
Lavanya: Then we must find about this girl.
Ragini: Yes. But how?
Swara: No idea.

Ragini-Swara-Lavanya think about it when suddenly Ragini realizes that Parvati is at home and will come here anytime.

Ragini: Swara, Daadimaa!
Swara: Kya Daadimaa?
Ragini: Arre bhuddhu. Remember, Daadimaa went home to get food. She is unaware about all this. If she gets to know about our plan, then….
Swara: Then?
Ragini: Then we are dead.
Swara: So what we should do now?
Ragini: Run. Bhuddhu
Swara: Okay. Chal Bhagg
Ragini (to Lavanya): Lavanya…….
Lavanya: Ragini, I’ll talk with Swara. You go or else Aunty will kill you. Go baby. Run.
Swara: Take Care. I’ll come and meet you.
Lavanya: Yes. You go.

Saying this Ragini-Swara leave and run towards their room. They take lift and reach their floor. There Ragini and Swara calm themselves and enter the room. Both are shocked to see Parvati sitting on the sofa along with Shekhar-Mishti. Ragini takes a deep breath and says: Daadimaa! Aap Yaha?
Parvati turns back and eyes her angrily. Ragini-Swara get afraid of her look and sign Shekhar. They both give him a WHAT-TO-DO waala look!

Shekhar stands there helpless, unable to save the girls from Parvati’s anger. Parvati goes towards Ragini and says: Laado, I went to get food for Mishti and You. So I will be here only? But when I left you were there (pointing towards her bed) and when I came you were not here and now you are here? What’s happening? Please explain me.

Ragini understands Parvati’s taunt and is unable to answer her. Since Shekhar is unable to help her, Swara comes to her rescue.
Swara speaks up: Aunty, actually…
Parvati: Did I ask you? Are you my Laado?
Swara: No. But please listen to me.
Parvati: When you are nothing to me, then why should I listen to you?
Mishti: Maa, just listen what she wants to say.
Parvati: Achha theek hai. Bol.

Swara explains everything to them, right from Mishti coming back from Shankari’s room and they seeing the CCTV footage. Shekhar-Mishti-Parvati are shocked to hear all this whereas Ragini comes and supports Swara:

Ragini: Daadimaa, I know I did wrong but we must find about Maa’s 2nd daughter .
Parvati: Laado, why are becoming CID? This work is of police not you. Aaj thaare ko kuch ho jaata toh vaa ka jimmedaar kaun hoga? Ya Bengaalan?

Swara is shocked and so are others.

Shekhar: Maa!??
Swara: Aunty, I know we did wrong but we were determined to find about that lady and your granddaughter!
Parvati: We?
Swara: I mean Ragini.
Parvati: Better.
Mishti: Swara, did you find anything about that lady? And who is Lavanya?
Ragini: No Maa. We couldn’t find her.
Swara: Lavanya is my neighbor whose sister is admitted here, in this hospital.
Shekhar: is she fine?
Ragini: Yes Papa.
Mishti: What about Shankari?
Swara: Aunty, she is innocent.
Shekhar: How can you prove that?
Ragini: Papa, I can see it in her eyes. She is innocent.
Swara: Yes uncle. Her words clearly show that she is doing this under someone’s threat. She is forced to do all this. And maybe that lady is the real culprit. She had something in her hand. I guess it is some medicine.
Ragini: Yes Swara. Because when I went inside, she said that DON’T GIVE ME THAT MEDICINE. May be that medicine is dangerous?

Parvati is irked seeing the four discussing. To divert their attention, she says: Arre, tum log kya baat kar rahe ho? Come. First eat then talk.

Ragini: But Daadimaa…
Parvati: Laado, come sit. Baatein toh baad mein hoti rahegi.

Parvati pulls her towards the sofa and starts filling her plate. Shekhar goes towards the table and fills another plate. He starts filling the plate.

Parvati: For whom? We three ate?

Without saying anything, Shekhar forwards the plate to Swara. Swara hesitantly takes it. Parvati ignores her and feeds Ragini. She keeps on feeding her as if she was hungry from years. Swara smiles seeing the grandmother-granddaughter duo and eats her food. Later, at night the doctor comes and calls Shekhar out of the room. Swara comes from somewhere and sees them together. She overhears their conversation and thinks: I have to do something. I can’t let this happen.

Saying this she goes in her room. There Ragini-Mishti-Parvati are busy in their own world. Ragini is sitting on her bed whereas Mishti-Parvati are reading something while sitting on the sofa. Swara tries to sign Ragini to look at her but Parvati sees her and questions: Arre Chorii ! What are you doing? What ishaara are you making?

[I wrote ISHAARA. I didn’t knew the English word for it :P]

Swara is alerted and she says: Nothing Aunty. Voh toh mein bas……

Suddenly, she falls on the floor. Ragini sees her and shouts: Swaraaa. Mishti too shouts SWARAA. Whereas Parvati is shocked to see Swara lying on the floor. Ragini comes from her bed and runs towards Swara. She shouts: Papa.

Mishti gets some water and sprinkles on her face. But swara is unaffected. Parvati stands there. Ragini-Mishti try to wake her up but in vain. Shekhar is outside with the doctor discussing something, when he hears Ragini shouting. Immediately, he runs towards the room with the doctor. Both enter the room and are shocked to see Swara on the floor. Doctor calls for nurses and they come in. The nurses lift her and put her on the bed. Doctor checks Swara. Ragini says: What happened?

Doctor: Kuch nahi. Little weakness. Nothing more.
Ragini: Weakness?
Mishti: Yes Doctor. Weakness? She was alright till now. Now suddenly what happened?
Doctor: I guess because of the transfusion she became weak.
Shekhar(Shouts): What are you saying? After the transfusion you said that she’ll be fine. And now you are giving the same reason?
Mishti( to Shekhar): Shekhar, calm down. Maybe, because of the transfusion this happened.
Shekhar: But how can this happen now? After so many hours of transfusion.
Doctor: It’s strange.
Shekhar: Now, what to do?
Doctor: All we can do is just observe her. Nothing else.
Ragini (to Swara): Swara, wake up.
Mishti (to Ragini): Ragini, beta….

Mishti calms Ragini and takes her to her bed. Ragini is teary-eyed and continuously sees her. Shehkhar-Parvati go along with Doctor to talk about Ragini’s discharge. Mishti is inside. Ragini coughs and Mishti goes to take water for her. She sees the jug empty and leaves the room to get water for her. The moment she leaves, Swara quickly opens her eyes and Ragini sees her.

Ragini: Swara!
Swara: Shhh… (signs to keep her quiet)
Ragini: What happened? And what happened to you? You were unconscious till now and suddenly you…
Swara: Arre Meri Maa. Chup ho jaa. Mujhe bolne de. Please.
Ragini: Okay Say.
Swara: Mujhe kuch hua hi nahi tha. I was alright and I am alright. Whatever I did was fake.
Ragini: Fake?
Swara: Yes. Fake!
Ragini: Why?
Swara: Because I heard the doctor’s and Shekhar uncle’s conversation.

Next Part: Investigation Starts
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