Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 12 (Conforntation)

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Chapter 12: Confrontation
Link:Episode 11
Precap: Parvati thanks Swara. Shekhar reveals about mishti giving birth to two girls. Shankari blames Mishti for her condition.

Mishti was stunned and kept on thinking about Shankari’s words.
“Shankari said ‘she wanted to kill her sister’s…….?’ From where did it sister came in between? I’m mamma’s single child and so is Shekhar. Then why Shankari did say SISTER??”thought Mishti.
She was continuously thinking about her words. They reach ShoRa’s room and are happy to see them smiling.
Ragini sees Shekhar and asks: Papa, what happened? Maa, say something please.

Ragini gets up from her bed and goes towards them. Swara sees them but doesn’t say anything. Swara sees Mishti and few scratches on her hand. Quickly, she goes to her. She takes her hand and says: Aunty, what is this? What happened to you? Who did this?

Shekhar, who failed to notice this, is shocked to see this.

Shekhar: Mishti…

Ragini is also shocked!

Ragini: Maa… Yeh Kya hua?

Mishti is also sees it and says: I don’t know when this happened!
Shekhar: Yeh zaroor us Shankari ne kiya hoga.

ShoRa shocked.
ShoRa: What? Shankari? How? What happened?

Shekhar explains everything to the girls and they get furious over her. Ragini is red-eyed and Swara is stunned at Shankari’s behavior.
Shekhar says after some time: I’ll not leave her today.
Shekhar is about to leave when Ragini stops him and says: No, Papa. Today, she will face me. She accused a mother and today she will face a daughter’s anger. Today, she will say everything. How did she dare to hurt Maa? How can she blame the lady whose happiness was snatched by her? How could she try to accuse her? Today, I’ll ask her. Aaj unhe jawaab dena hi hoga.

All are shocked to see Ragini fighting for her mother.

Shekhar: But Ragini beta, she is not normal she can harm you!
Ragini: jo karna hai karne do. Today, I’ll not leave her. Aaj usne Maa ko nahi humme chot pahuch chahiye hai. (Let her do whatever she wants to. Today, I’ll not leave her. Today, by hurting Maa, she has hurt me.)
Shekhar: Beta, I can understand. But listen to me………
Swara: Uncle, Ragini is right. Today, she has crossed the limits.
She holds Ragini’s hand and says: Today, by hurting one mother she has angered thousands of daughters. I’m with you Ragini. Chalo.
Ragini: Haan Swara. Come.

Both leave the room, hand in hand, and head towards Shankari’s room.

Behind left is the couple.
Shekhar(smiles): No one can defeat these two. Yeh donno chahe toh duniya ko idhar se udhar kar sakte hai.
Mishti: Shekhar, there both are going to meet that devil and you are smiling.
Shekhar: Mishti, don’t take tension. Nothing will happen to them. Chalo, first come. Let me do the dressing. It must be paining. Come. Sit.

He does the dressing on her arms and makes her drinks water.

There the Bengali Bala and the Marwaadi Chori head to confront the maniac lady. Both are determined and hurt. Both are furious as well as red-eyed. They reach Shankari’s room and are about to enter when someone calls Swara.

Both look back and are stunned to see Lavanya standing there. Swara goes to her and asks: Lavanya, you here?
Lavanya: Swara? You here? And in this dress? What happened?
Swara: Lavanya, nothing happened? I’m fine.
Lavanya: But where were you? I saw you last with Ragini in the corridor and now you are here? What’s happening yrr? And Ragini? What happened to you? This dressing on you head? Are you fine?

Lavanya was confused at this sight and she kept on throwing questions. Swara signs Ragini to go inside and confront Shankari. Ragini goes in Swara starts explaining everything to Lavanya.

Swara: Lavanya, actually, Parvati aunty stopped Ragini’s college because of me. She hates Bengali and
That’s why she doesn’t like our friendship. Yesterday, uncles called me and were going to inform me
about this. But, you called and I came here. Here, Mishti Aunty, Ragini’s mother, was admitted. When
Doctor asked for medicines, I came and saw Mishti aunty here.

She kept on explaining and Lavanya stood there stunned.
Lavanya: Are you okay? How’s Ragini? And Shankari? Did she say anything?

The moment she hears SHANKARI’S name, she gets furious and says(angry): Bas. Vahi karne jaa rahe hai. Aaj use bolna hi hoga.
Lavanya: Swara, go for it. All the best.
Swara: But Lavanya. How’s Kritika?
Lavanya: She is fine and my champ too.
Swara: Great!

Inside, Ragini enters the room and sees Shankari eating something. She goes near her and is about to keep her hand on her shoulder when she turns and eyes Ragini. She drops the food and stands up. Ragini sees her and is about to ask her something when Shankari starts shouting: You? Why you? You came to kill me? Why? Please don’t kill me. Stop it. Please. I did whatever you wanted. I said whatever you wanted. Now please don’t kill me.

Ragini is surprised and shocked to see her behavior.

Ragini: Stop it. I don’t want any drama, anymore. Nothing. Stop it.

She holds her tightly and asks: Stop it. Just stop it. How dare you hurt my Maa. Huh? How could you blame her when you did so bad with her? How could you do it?
Shankari: Me?
Ragini: Haa. Tum. Tumne hamari Maa par itna bada ilzam kaise lagaya? Himmat kaise hui tumhari?
(Yes.You. How could you accuse my Maa?)
Shankari: I said what you told me. You told me to accuse her and I did. Now more what you want. Please leave me. Don’t give me that medicine. I’ll die. Please leave me.
Ragini: What? I said? Are you mad? How I can say you something? I was in my room when you started your drama. And which medicine? What are you saying?
Shankari: Now, you are lying. You came here and threatened me saying that you will give me that medicine if I disobey you. You said I need to accuse Sharmishta or you will kill me. 20 years back, I did what you wanted. Now why are you killing me. You wanted your re……………..

She was saying something when suddenly she falls unconscious and falls on the floor. Ragini is stunned to hear all this. Immediately, she shouts Swara.


Swara-Lavanya who were talking outside are shocked to hear Ragini calling for her and rush inside.

Swara-Lavanya enter the room and are shocked to see Shankari on the floor. Swara sees a distraught Ragini and runs towards her.

Swara (going towards her): Ragini? What happened?
Ragini: Swara…
Swara: Haan bolo.
Ragini: Swara, Shankari is…
Swara: Kya?
Ragini: Shankari is doing this because someone is asking her to do this!
Swara: What?
Ragini: yes Swara. She said.
Swara: How can we believe this fraud?
Ragini: Nahi Swara. She is innocent, I guess.
Swara: Nahi Ragini. She tried hurting Aunty and you are taking her side?
Ragini: Swara, voh.
Lavanya: Can you guess please help me.

When Swara went to Ragini, Lavanya went to Shankari and tried putting her on the bed.

Swara-Ragini see Lavanya and immediately go to help her. They manage to keep her on her bed and sit on the sofa.

Swara: Ragini, how can we trust her?
Ragini: Swara, trust toh humme bhi nahi karna. Lekin aisa lagta hai ki koi isske saath zabardasti kar raha hai.(Swara, even I don’t want to trust her, but it seems as if someone is forcing her to do this.) Swara, it looks as if someone is threatening her to do this.
Lavanya: Ragini, but how can you be so sure?
Ragini: I’m not sure, but I’m having a feeling.
Swara: Hmm. So tell me exactly what happened?
Lavanya: Yes, Ragini. First tell what happened then we can think about her being true or not?

Ragini explains everything right from the beginning. Swara-Lavanya are shocked to hear what Ragini says. Somehow they manage to console Ragini who bursts into tears after saying all this.

Swara: Ragini, control yourself.

Ragini is unable to stop her tears and immediately hugs Swara. Swara hugs back and consoles her. Ragini feels something in that hug and suddenly, stops crying. Swara signs Lavanya to give water to Ragini and Lavanya offers water to her. Swara breaks that hug and gives her the glass. After drinking water and comforting herself, she says: Swara, I guess someone is doing this. Shankari is not at fault.
Swara: Yes, Ragini. I also think the same.
Lavanya: But if she is innocent then why is she blaming Mishti Aunty and Ragini? First, she said that,20 years back, Aunty asked her to kill the 2nd daughter and now she is blaming Ragini? It’s confusing.
Ragini: Yes, Lavanya. I guess the real culprit is asking her to do so?
Swara: May be yes.
Lavanya: But how will we find if she, I mean the real culprit came here and asked Shankari to do this?
Ragini: That’s difficult.
Swara: No. Not at all.
Lavanya: How?
Swara: CCTV. Simple.
Ragini: But will they allow?
Lavanya: No. I guess.
Swara: Let’s see. First lets go there.
Ragini: Yes.
Lavanya: Yeah. Let’s leave quickly.

Saying this, the three leave and go towards the security room.

There in Ragini’s room, Mishti walks in the room, restlessly. Shekhar is sitting peacefully on the sofa doing something on his phone. After sometime, Shekhar says: Mishti, tum issi room mein 200 km chal chuki ho.
Mishti: Shekhar, how are you sitting so peacefully? There our daughters are in danger and you……

Mishti realizes what she said and gets teary-eyed. Shekhar also stops his work and gets up. Without saying anything, Shekhar engulfs Mishti in a warm hug. Mishti bursts out and Shekhar consoles her. P
Suddenly, Parvati enters the room and sees the couple. She coughs to indicate her presence. Both break their hug and see Parvati standing on the gate with two baskets full of food. Shekhar sees it and says: Maa, itna saara Khaana?
Parvati: Obviously, Shekhar. My Bahu and poti are not well and I…..

She is shocked to find Ragini missing.

Parvati: Shekhar, where is my Laado?

She says this while entering the room. She sees Swara also missing and is irked to find both the girls missing.

Parvati: Bengali bhi ate hi nahi. Yeh donno choriyan kidhar Gaye?

Shekhar tries to divert her attention by telling about Mishti’s health.

Shekhar: Maa, Mishti is not well. Feed her first them we will talk.
Parvati: Shekhar, maare ko pata hai Mishti ko kuch nahi hua hai. Tu bata Laado aur vah Bengaalan kathe hai? (Shekhar, I know, nothing has happened to Mishti. You tell me where is Laado and that Bengaalan?)
Mishti: Maa, aur voh…
Parvati: Sharmishtha, what happened to your hand?

She sees the bandages. Shekhar explains everything to Parvati. Parvati is shocked and the basket falls from her hand.

Parvati: What? Mishti tu theek hai na? Thaare ko kuch hua toh nahi? Arre kya zaroorat thi ussi paagal ke paas jaane ki.(What? Mishthi, are you okay? Nothing happened to you? What was the need to go to that mad woman?)
Mishti: Maa,she was continuously calling me. I went there only out of humanity
Parvati: itni bhi insaaniyat mat dikha! Dekh thari insaaniyat ka kya natija nikala(Don’t show so much humanity. Look what happened because of your humanity). And you two, remember out of this HUMANITY you are helping that Swara and see one day, she will also do this will you.
Shekhar: Maa… Please.
Parvati: Sach bol rahi hoon..Sharmishta aa athe. Beth. Lee Khaana khaa. (I’m telling truth. Sharmishta, come here. Eat food)
Parvati takes Mishti to the sofa. She opens the basket and serves her food. Parvati fills her plate, angrily. Mishti sees it and says: Maa. Please relax. Ragini is with Swara. No one is going to hurt her. There is nothing to fear.
Parvati: Swara is with Ragini. Isse badi baat aur kya ho sakti darne ke liye.
Shekhar (folds his hands): Maa. Please.
Parvati: Theek hai. Chup ho jaati hoon… Baad mein mat pachtaana. (Okay. I’ll keep quiet. But do not regret later)
Mishti: Maa, nothing will happen.
Shekhar: Maa, bhook lag rahi hai. Khaana de do. Please.
Parvati: Come. Eat. (Gives a plate to him)

Mishti-Shekhar-Parvati have their dinner and wait for the girls to come.

Next Part: Swara sees the same woman (blue saree) entering Shankari’s room.
Lavanya’s character is played by Adaa Khan.
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