Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 11 (The Lost Angel)

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Chapter 11: The Lost Angel
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Precap: Ragini is hit by a car. She is taken to hospital. Parvati is against Swara donating her blood to Ragini. Transfusion successful and Ragini learns that Swara saved her.

Swara, who was unconscious, finally opens her eyes and Parvati enters the ICU.

Parvati goes to Swara and says: From Ragini’s childhood till date, I have spoken ill of you and tried keeping Ragini away from you, but this couldn’t happen. Every time I went against you, these three fired me and shouted at me instead. I don’t know why? I always wanted Ragini to be away from you. But that wasn’t possible. Every time something happened and you both met. Today, after seeing what you did I came here only to seek and apology. I have misunderstood you. Even after knowing how much I hate you, you saved my Laado. Thank You.

A tear escaped from her eye. Mishti and Shekhar who were present there were shocked at this scenario and Shekhar jokingly said: Mishti, am I dreaming?

Mishti who was happy and surprised smiled at Shekhar and said: Shekhar… tum bhi na.

Mishti-Shekhar and Ragini were shocked at Parvati’s changed behavior and so was Swara. Few moments ago she was against Swara giving her blood to Ragini and now she is thanking her and apologizing. They were surprised and happy. Surprised because they knew how much Parvati hated Swara and happy because finally Parvati talked good about her. Swara was glad to hear all this and was going to bend forward to touch her feet when she stepped back and said sternly(wiping her tear): Pyaar se aake baat ki hai iska yeh matlab nahi ki gale se laga loongi. You saved my Ragini and I completed my duty (as a grandmother) of thanking you. That’s it. Don’t think anything beyond that.

Though Swara was hurt yet she smiled and said: Aunty, no matter whatever you think about me, but at the end the fact is that I really care for Ragini. In case, today, if you were in Ragini’s place then I would have done the same. There are many people in this world whom you hate and some who hate you. But because of that hatred you cannot stop helping others. You cannot put an end to humanity. I did what was right. Simple.

Parvati: Okay. Stop giving lectures.
Shekhar: Maa!!??

Parvati understood and quickly came towards Ragini to change the topic.

Parvati: Laado… are you fine.
Ragini: Swara hai toh mujhe kya hoga. (She said this while looking at Swara)
Swara, mishti-shekhar smiled while Parvati was irked.
Parvati: Laado… Mein tum donno ke vaaste khaana lekar aati hoon(Laado… I’ll get food for you)
Shekhar: Maa, you will cook and bring?
Parvati: Shekhar,maari Laado aur Mishti ki haalat kharab hai aur mein vaake vaaste Khaana nahi laa sakti? (Shekhar, my Laado and Mishti are not fine so shouldn’t I get food for them?)
Shekhar: Nahi Maa. I didn’t mean that.
Parvati: Bas kar. Ab maare ko jaane de. Abhi jaake aati hoon. Garam garam Khaana lekar aati hoon. (Okay. Let me go. I’ll get food for them now)

Saying this Parvati leaves and reaches the door when Shekhar calls her: Maa, get for Swara also.
Parvati hesitantly agrees and leaves.

Mishti thinks about what the nurse said in the room that day.
Mishti: Shekhar, amidst all this we forgot about our daughter.

Shekhar-Ragini realize what she said. While Swara was sitting on the bed with a blank expression.

Mishti sees Swara and understands the situation. Mishti signs Shekhar and he goes towards Swara.
Shekhar: Swara, beta Mishti and I….
Swara: Uncle……!?

Shekhar was choked with emotions but clearing his throat he started to say: Beta, 20 years back Mishti gave birth to 2 girls.

Swara: What?
Shekhar: Haan. Beta. But…
Swara: But what uncle?
Shekhar: But one of our daughter died before coming in this world.

Swara was shocked and Mishti-Ragini cried.

Shekhar continued: Till 20 years we thought that our 2nd daughter was dead but today we got to know that she is alive.

Swara was numb where as Mishti-Ragini kept on crying.
Shekhar explained everything to her. Right from Mishti coming to hospital till the nurse revealing about Shankari.
Swara: Uncle, won’t you find her?
Shekhar: yes, beta. But how?

After a silence for few moments, Swara said: Uncle… that lady.
The Gadodia’s gave a confused expression.

Swara: Guys, that nurse told na ki someone hit Shankari. So find that lady who hit her. May be she is the culprit.
Mishti: Arree haan. We never thought this.
Swara: Yes aunty. We must find her so that we can find the truth.
Shekhar: But how Swara?
Swara-Ragini-Mishti together : Shankari.

There in Shankari’s room, a lady wearing a blue saree with her face covered with veil enters. She sees her and says: Thank God! She is sleeping. She can say everything if Mishti starts her investigation. I have to do something quickly.

She goes out and runs towards the pharmacy outside the hospital.

There in the ICU, all think about how to confront because she was mad. She might became violent so they were planning something. Suddenly a nurse rushed in and said:
Nurse: Mrs…. Mrs.Gadodia.
Mishti was alerted and went to her. She was panting and Mishti asked her to calm down and comforted her by letting her sit on the sofa. She offered water and asked her to relax. After few moments of silence the nurse told…. Mrs.Gadodia… Shankari…

Ragini: Shankari… What Shankari?
Nurse: Shankari is continuously taking your name. She was normal a few seconds back but now she is completely out of control. She is screaming and constantly calling you. Please come or else she will be out of control. Please Mam.

Mishti sees Shekhar and he sees her.

Nurse: Sir, please. It’s the question of someone’s life. No matter whatever she did to your child, at the end, she is a human. Please show some humanity. Please sir. For humanity’s sake, please allow her.
Shekhar: Okay. But I will accompany you.
Nurse: Yes sir. But please come.

Saying this, they left leaving behind Swara and Ragini.
They both were tensed. They kept on looking at each other until Ragini says: Swara
She says: Yes Ragini.
Ragini: Daadimaa….

She was going to say something when Swara cuts her off and changes the topic.

Swara: Ragini, now my blood is flowing in you.

Ragini understood what she was trying to you and she too continues the same topic.

Ragini: Yes Swara.
Swara: Now, I’m living in you.
Ragini (laughs): What??? Kya bol rahi ho??
She continues laughing and sees her. Swara also starts laughing.

Both share a comic moment and the atmosphere lightens. Both are happy to see each other refreshed. Ragini feels hungry and so is Swara. Fruits are there but they are not in a mood to eat so healthy. But they are helpless. Swara takes a fruit and starts eating. Ragini looks her with an I AM ALSO PRESENT waala look. Swara ignores her and continues eating.

Ragini gets angry and says(in a higher tone): Swara, hum bhi hai.
Swara: Oh! Thank You for informing.
Ragini(a bit angry): Swara!!!?
Swara: Haan Ragini. Say.
Ragini: I guess I’m also hungry.
Swara: Ohh. You are guessing na. First confirm and then tell me.
Ragini: Swaraaa…
Swara: Arre. Achha Ohkay. Confirm ho gaya toh theek hai. Ab bolo kya karna hai?
Ragini: Hey Bhagwan!
Swara: What happened? Why irritating GOD?
Ragini: Swara, I guess you haven wrong medicine.
Swara: Ragini, till now you were hungry and now you are talking about my medicines.
Ragini: Swara, give me a break now. Please. I will be hungry rather than listening to your PJ’s.
Swara (thinking): Hmmm. So you need a break? Okay. Take this.

Opens the drawer and gives her something. Ragini takes it. She sees it and just blasts out…

Ragini: Swararararararara……….. Kit-Kat? Are you serious?
Swara: Haan. You asked for a break. So have a break have a Kitkat.

She said this, making a pout.

Ragini started to burst out laughing. Swara continued eating. After this comic argument, both ate fruits and kept on joking.

There Mishti-Shekhar and the Nurse rushed towards Shankari’s room. Shankari was shouting and running inside the room like a mad woman. Nurses were trying to control her but in vain. Mishti entered the room and so did Shekhar and the nurse too. Mishti-Shekhar were shocked to see her condition. Shankari was continuously running around and kept on shouted: Call her. Call her. Call that lady. Call her

Mishti and Shekhar were standing on the door watching the poor lady run around. Shankari kept on running and she suddenly saw Mishti standing on the door. Seeing her, she ran towards her and held her tightly and started to shout: YOU. Because of you I’m here. I’m in this condition.
Mishti: What are you saying?
Shankari: Yes. Because of your cruel intentions I did what you said and then you ditched me. You cheated me. You stabbed me.

Shekhar was already upset with Mishti for coming and meeting that fraud lady and now she was blaming Mishti and was hurting her also. Mishti was hurt by Shankari’s nails as they were long and Shankari held Mishti very tightly. Shekhar was furious at Shankari when she saw Mishti in tears. Immediately, he freed Mishti from Shankari’s clutches and said: You. Dare you try to hurt her again. Whatever you wanted to do 20 years back you did. But not now. I’ll kill you if you do anything to her again.

Shankari: what did I do? I did what she wish.
Shekhar was furious and said: Why would she try to kill her own child?
Shankari: Own child? Huh. She wanted to kill her sister’s…………
She was going to say something when Shekhar was cut her off and said: Leave. There is no point in explaining you. Mishti, chalo. Lets not waste time oh her. Ragini and Swara are waiting for us. Come.

Mishti wanted to hear what Shankari wanted to say but Shekhar pulled her out.
Mishti: Shekhar wait. Let her complete. Arre wait.
Shekhar took her out and went to ShoRa’s room.
Mishti kept on thinking what did Shankari wanted to say.

Precap: Ragini confronts Shankari.

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