Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 10 (Blood Ties)

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Chapter 10: Blood Ties!
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Precap: Father-Daughter Duo searching for Swara. They, searching for her at the bus stand and an accident.

Swara and Ragini see each other and run towards each other. Both are beaming with happiness as they found each other! Both are on opposite sides of the road but still they run towards each other.
Suddenly, a loud sound is heard!!!

Swara and Shekhar look at each other and together shout Raginiiiiiii

Yes, Ragini is hit by a speedy car.

She is lying on the road in a pool of blood. Her faced smeared with blood and hands slowly slowly going up and ultimately, shaping into a hug. Those arms were waiting for a warm hug. Those were waiting for Swara’s hug…..

Swara was shocked, numbed, mad, devastated and god knows what not….
She was just looking at Ragini. Shekhar came to his senses soon and he called for help. Soon many people came to help her and Swara also became normal. After releasing what has happened she too rushed into the cab in which Ragini was taken.


Swara enters and sits on the back seat where Ragini is lying semi-conscious. Shekhar sits ahead and orders the driver to drive the car.

Swara (Shocked): Ragini…Ragini…open your eyes. See your Swara has come. (Takes Ragini’s hand into hers)
She cries miserably. Ragini is semi-conscious and is mummers something.
Ragini: S…Wa…ra
Swara: Ragini. Say something. Talk with me. Hit me. Shout at me. But please say something!! I’m in front of you. Won’t you shout at me? Won’t you slap me for leaving you alone and going?
Ragini: Swara. Ab hum jaa rahe hai.
Swara: Shut up. I’ll not let anything happen to you.
Ragini: Nahi Swara…..

She closes her eyes……
Ragini’s hand slips and it falls down.
Swara (shouts): Raginiiii
Shekhar looks back and sees an unconscious and a shocked Swara.
Swara’s hand is full red with Ragini’s blood.

Shekhar also panics and shouts: Raginiii
Both are shocked to see Ragini’s condition

Shekhar (to the driver): Drive Fast.
The car speeds up and they head towards the hospital.


Ragini is taken into the OT.

Swara, Shekhar both are shocking and crying for her.
Swara is holding one hand of Ragini. Shekhar is pulling the stretcher.

Due to this seen, a massive commotion is caused. Many ward boys, nurses pull the stretcher and run towards the OT.

Mishti and Parvati are in their room when they hear all this and come out of the room.
Both try to figure out what is happening…..
They see a stretcher passing by. Though many people were around it, Mishti saw Ragini’s face and two other faces also.
It was of SWARA & SHEKHAR.
Parvati sees Shekhar and is shocked to see Swara with Ragini.
Both are stunned and standing there like a lifeless body.


Ragini is taken outside and Swara and Ragini’s hand are separated.
Inside, operation starts and outside they both are standing.

“Shekhar” said Parvati.
Both turn and find the MIL-DIL duo standing there. Both are confused as well as surprised to see them there. After few moments, they release what had happened.

Shekhar: Maa ,aap?
Parvati: Shekhar, where is my Ragini? You told that you were going to stop this girl(SWARA) from going. You did it. But where is my Laado???????
Mishti: Haan, Shekhar you were going to stop Swara and get her back. She is back but where is my Ragini?
Shekhar, Swara stand their numb.

Parvati gets furious and goes towards swara. She hold her arms tightly and asks her: Where is my Ragini? Bol chorri? Where is my Laado?

Just then doctor comes out and gives them a shocking news.

Doctor: Mr.Gadodia.
Shekhar: What happened?
Doctor: Your daughter’s condition is very critical. Lot of blood has flown out. We can save her only if we get blood of same blood group.
Shekhar: But………

All are shocked.
Doctor: Please decide fast. The patient is critical. Arrange for A+ blood. Or else she wouldn’t survive.

Without thinking much, Mishti comes forward and says : Doctor, take my blood. I’m A+.
Doctor: No. Mrs.Gadodia. we can’t take your blood. Though you are A+ but you are very weak. And taking your blood would weaken your further.
Mishti: I don’t care about myself. Take my blood and save her.
Doctor: Sorry. We can’t risk your life. We have contacted our blood bank but A+ blood group is not available.

After few seconds, Swara looks at Shekhar. Shekhar understands what she needs to say and nods in a yes.
Swara steps forward and says(to Mishti): Aunty, I’m A+. I can donate my blood to Ragini.
Mishti was about to say yes when Parvati interrupted: Never. I will never allow this to happen. I will not mix my Laddo’s pure blood with your dirty one.
Mishti: Maa, stop it now. At least now, when Ragini’s life is at stake.
Shekhar (folds his hand): Maa. Please. I beg you. Please stop it. Swara is helping us even after knowing your hatred towards her. She is helping that woman’s granddaughter who hates her a lot.
Swara: Aunty please.

Parvati was too stubborn to budge.
But Shekhar was also his son. He says: Doctor, take Swara’s blood.
Parvati: But Shekhar….
Shekhar: You go ahead.
Doctor: Okay. Mr.Gadodia. Come Swara.
Swara and Doctor leave.

Blood transfusion starts. Ragini is given Swara blood.
One needle has Swara’s blood and other goes into Ragini’s body. The moment the transfusion starts Ragini’s breathing quickens. Her heart beat increases.

Doctor to nurse: Transfusion is successful. Inform her parents.
Swara looks at Ragini and thinks: I can do anything for you. Seeing you breathe has given ME another life.
Ragini is breathing and her heart beat starts again.

Nurse: Congratulations! The transfusion is successful and patient is out of danger now.

All take a sigh of relief and send a prayer of thanks.
Shekhar: Maa, whoever she is, she has saved Ragini today. For Laddo’s sake, please thank her today.
Parvati is stunned but somewhere in her heart she realizes that Swara had actually saved Ragini.

A tear skips her eye.
She tries to say something but is choked with emotions.

There Ragini is shifted in the IC. Mishti and Shekhar enter the ICU to see Ragini. Beside Ragini’s bed is Swara’s. She smiles seeing them .They too smile. Mishti goes towards her.

Mishti: Swara, thank you for saving Ragini.
Swara: Aun….ty

Swara was about to say when she fell unconscious. Shekhar shouts for doctor and Mishti goes towards her. Doctor comes and checks Swara. He says: Don’t worry. She is fine.
Mishti: But doctor she was fine now then what happened?
Doctor: The transfusion was very long and hence she became weak. Don’t worry. She is fine.
He gives her a injection and asks them to meet Ragini. They go near Ragini and wait for her to open her eyes.
Outside, Parvati is in front of an idol, praying.
She thinks: Thank You. You saved my Laado, today. Thank You.

Ragini finally opens her eyes. She sees Mishti standing there and gives a weak smile.
Ragini: Maa
Mishti: Ragini, beta… Aaram se.
Ragini: Who saved me? Papa???
Mishti who was standing in front of Ragini blocked the view and hence she couldn’t see Swara. She moved and Ragini was surprised to see Swara.
Ragini(shocked):Swara….. (she tries to get up but feels pain )
Mishti helps her to get up. And explains her everything.
Ragini: Swara…..

Swara was still unconscious lying on the bed. Ragini continuously calls for Swara. But in vain.
Swara opens her eyes and Parvati enters the ICU…

Precap: Parvati apologizes to Swara. Swara is shocked to know about Ragini’s lost sister.

So Parvati realized what Swara did! Now lets see what she does.
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