Swaragini: The Soul Sisters Chapter 1 (The Crazy Gadodia’s)

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When I started to write this I saw only one comment on the previous chapter . It’s okay.Not all would like it or comment on it.. Thank you for liking it and appreciating ..And silent readers ….to you too THANK YOU .. 🙂

Back to the story:
The scene opens with a lady in her late 30’s applying vermillion (sindoor) on her head. A voice calls her “Mishti”
Hearing it she quickly corrects her saree and rushes downstairs. Reaching down her witnessing her dear husband waiting for the breakfast, anxiously. She understands the situation and runs towards the kitchen. There her strict mother-in-law is shown cooking some delicious aloo parathas.Seeing Mishti she compliments her for her forever young look and asks her about LAADO.
Mishti replies “Maa, Laado is in her room sleeping .She returned late yesterday night “
Mishti’s MIL “yeh tu le bol rahi hai!! Laado is still sleeping!! I’ll wake this khumbkaran .You serve the breakfast”
Saying this our Parvati daadimaa rushed towards Laddo’s room .
Downstairs, Mishti served the parathas and tea to his romantic Shekhar.

Laddo’s Room:
She entered and was shocked to the see the scene there. Entire room was in a mess .somewhere books were fallen .Somewhere her clothe .Somewhere her teddy bears .Suddenly Parvati spotted Laado lying on the bed .She was sleeping peacefully.
Seeing that mess Parvati says”Haai…Mara Thakur Shyaam Ji!! Laado toh mare ko hospital pahucha ke rahegi (Oh God! Laado will surely sent me to hospital one day).Mishti will go mad cleaning all this”
Saying this, she somehow managed to reach near Laddo’s bed.
Parvati: Laado wake up its 8; 30am…College nahi jaana??
This was like an alarm for her .She wakes up shockingly…
Laado: What!!!!!!!!! 8:30, Are you serious? Oh God …when will I get ready, eat & reach college…
Parvati (comic and taunting tone): That’s why I tell you to return home early!
Laado: Daadimaa, u has been saying this to me since my childhood…Do you think I’m a doodh peeti bachhi? No na.So please now let me get ready..
Parvati left and Laado rushed into the washroom
After sometime, our innocent Ragini quickly gulps two slices of bread and leaves .Parvati from the back shouts:”Arree! Khaana to khaa le”
Even before she could complete her sentence Ragini disappeared from her sight..
Ragini rushes to her college…

College scene:
After attending her lectures, she realizes that she needs to face her friends now. Making a very innocent face she stands in front of them and says “Sorry”
All their anger melted in a second and they said “Leave all this and come SHE is waiting for you on the ground and let me tell you …SHE is veryyyy ANGRY! So be careful”
After hearing this, Ragini turns pale .but gathering courage she heads towards the ground with her friends …
I hope you liked it .So this was Gadodia’s introduction and also of our lazy RAGINI’s…
I hope you all have sketched out a character about Ragini and her family. Please comment and tell me …. 
Next part would be Swara’s introduction…

Credit to: Hetvi(Shreya)


    • Hetvi (Shreya)

      About the pairs: I’m sorry i forgot to write in this chapter .In the next chapter i have mentioned about it .
      The next episode is submitted will be published anytime

  1. aditi syam

    Awesome yaar no words to say but plzzzzupdate a bigger chapter post soon will be waiting

    • Hetvi (Shreya)

      Thanks <3 Aditi….
      was this short………?
      Okay I'll make the next chapter bigger one…

    • Hetvi (Shreya)

      Ya I said Priya …But completely forgot about it .Next episode has the pairs……
      it is submitted will be published anytime 🙂

    • Hetvi (Shreya)

      hahahahaha…I was also very annoyed with the CVs for nt giving Ragini importance . i thought one epi for her (Rags) would give her importance…….. next epi has some masti 🙂

  2. Hetvi (Shreya)

    I just saw the cover pic ………..
    Swaragini’s faces are cut……
    Sorry…….. 🙂

    • hetvi(Shreya)

      Thank you Kriya.
      Next episode will be a big one… Pakka!
      About the pairs : I.have written in the next part

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