swaragini my soul episode 6

hello guys thank you so much for all who commented yesterday n all silent readers too….guys it will be virag only so good news for virag fans n yes i am sorry for all raglak fans…even i am a big fan of raglak..so i will make a good friendship blw them….sry guys plz forgive me n i want to finish dis ff as soon as possible so i will update 2 epi in one day due to my exams…n for raglak fans i promise u guys that i will cum back with another ff played by raglak….but after my exams…once again sry guys…

recap: virat realising his feelings for ragini

shekhar: sumi take swara to her room
sumi took her who was crying badly…
ragini:papa i want to talk to you..
shekhar:cum to my room..

ragini:papa u love maa a lot right???
shekhar:wat sort of question is this beta..u know that i love her
ragini:papa is it easy to live without ur love???
shekhar: no beta it will be difficult but this is life beta we wont get everything which we deserve
ragini: but papa we should not separate two lovers ryt ??
shekhar:beta wat u want to say???tell directly…
ragini:papa..y ru doing like this?? for what reason ur giving punishment to swara???? wat ever happend it was past moreover there was no mistake if that family..they didnt no about this..so y ru punishing her?? sanskar n swara love each other i dnt have to define love coz u know it very well…they r very good people papa they will never live our shona’s hank especially sanskar….papa thrre love is uncondition..it is impossible to break there relation….u only think papa wat all sanskar did for swara…plz papa think about this…dnt separate them..plz papa..
saying this she went….

@malhotra mansion

supriya:beta whatchappened y ru shouting like this…ru okay??should i call doctor???
virat was just thinking about ragini….
virat came into reality…
virat: nothing mom i was just talking to my friend abhi…
mom:but i heard u were shouting?
virat: woh…w..oh ha..he is in u.s na…so i thought my voice is not audible so i shouted….
mom: confused..okay know sleep its already late…
saying that she went….
mom:i have to find a girl n marry him..otherwise he will not change paagal ladka….
virat: stop it virat…wat ru doing..omg i am not able to control my feelings…what shall i do???shall i go now n propose her???no paagal she will be sleeping know… wait for somedays may be will also start to love u…yeah..crt i will wait..i love u ragini….opps sry my ragu…….no no my laado….gn…..

next day morning….

all were sitting for breakfast..therecwas a huge silence for long time…
shekhar:swara pack ur bags n get ready to live this house…
all were hell shocked but not ragini she understood wat he was telling….
swara: ba..ba..woh..k..aal..raat….
she was interrupted by shekar..
shekhar:so u dnt want to go from here..u want to live here forever???
swara was blank she didnt know wat to speak…
ragini: arey buddu papa is asking u to go back to sasural…
swara:wat??? baba yeh…laado….baba plz tell what she is telling????
shekhar:ha shona ragini is telling crt only i decided not to separate 2 lovers….opps sry couple….
swara went n hugged him n all blessed her….

@swaragini room
swara: so u talked to baba about our relation ??
ragini: ha..toh..ur my one n only sis..how can i see ur sadness….
swara:was cried n hugged her thank you ragu thank you soo much for returning my life…ur d best sis in d whole world…love u ragini….
ragini:stop buttering me now..go n get ready soon sanskar i mean ur prince will be waiting…
sanskar came to take her…
they took elders blessing…
swara hugged ragini…
both were hiding there tears…
ragini: shona i miss u….
swara:miss you too ragini….
swaragini played in bg…

all r happy that swara is cuming back all were busy in doing work….
just then swasan came they did gruhapravesh n swara came inside all hugged her n blessed her she went near kavya..
swara:kavya start to pack ur bags from know only bezcoz ur a guest herre..n soon ur true face will be out n that will be done by swaragini….
screen freezes with swara smiling face n kavya shocked face…

precap: virag r locked in store room….

guys once again sry……
plz do commment ur comment will support me to write further plz……….:)

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