swaragini my soul episode 5

Article MUST BE IN ENGLISH ONLY (except some phrases), else it will be rejected.hello guys…this is a long episode i hope that u all like this….today i was free so i am updating long one….

swaragini entered as soon as ragini came back sumi hugged her tears were flowing…ragini told everything but didnt tell anything about laksh…

laksh room

laksh was thinking about all d incidents that happened in one day….without his knowledge tears were rolling from his eyes….
laksh noticed this he was shocked y he was crying….y i am feeling bad for ragini y i am thinking about her…
kavya came n asked laksha dinner???
laksha:no ragini i am not hungry…
kavya:laksha wat ru saying??ru out of ur mind???
laksh realizing what he said
laksh:woh i am sry i..dnt know wat i am saying i was thinking about her how she insulted me so by mistake…
kavya:what insult laksh??

he told everything…
kavya in mind so u have decided to move on ragini…well gud i think know u will not cum in my way i can easily target my goal….(guys i will reveal her plan soon as i wanted to end her chapter really fed up of her)…

swara got the msg from sanskar to cum outside as he wants to meet her….

swara:sanskar y u came at this time is everything okay???
sankar:hm…so know to meet my princess i have to take appointment???
swara:yes my prince afterall i am a princess of gadodia family saying this she started to laugh…
sanskar was so happy to see her swara back….he was just see his beautiful princess they shared an eyelock….

swara: sanskar i cnt live without u but how to make understand baba that what ever happend that was not ur or ur family mistake …but that’s true i cant live ragini alone i should be with her i should help her to become normal….
sanskar:dnt worry swara u see everything will be solved very soon…..
swara: sanskar y always ragini have to suffer a lot…..during her childhood she lost her mom…it would be very difficult to accept other lady in her mom place but ragini accepted my mom as her own mom…she did many mistakes,she took wrong path for her doings but her love towards laksh was not fake…nobody can love him as my sis did..den y laksh did this to my laado..y cant he see her love..y sanskar y…saying this she hugged him tightly…
sanskar was speechless…he didnt know wat to say how to console her….

then they heard a voice…
yes swara ur right….

both were shocked to see baba in front of them….
shekhar came n held her hand n took her inside without talking a word….
sanskar was about to say when ragini stopped him.
ragini: sanskar abhi nahi…dnt talk any thing know i will talk to papa trust me tomorrow swara will be with you forever n ever

@malhotra house…
virat was not able to sleep he was thinking about ragini…her smile,how she hugged,how she talked etc etc…

virat what is happening to you… y ru thinking about her???y u forget the world when she is in front of???? y u will be happy to c her happiness ??wait wait am i love in love yes buddu yes you r…..wow the great virat malhotra is in love he was shouting madly n was jumping like a monkey….

to be continued….

precap:swara returning mm…..

guys thank you for all who commented n silent readers….
i want to ask u guys..if u want raglak or virag???plz reply me n do comment regarding dis epi….i hope this was long if not sorry…

Credit to: roshni(swathi)


  1. arohi

    pls dont make raglak
    i hate that laksh after wat all he did.i used to like raglag but not now
    so pls make it VIRAG
    pls pls pls

  2. vinay karthik

    nice part….. i have a feeling that u quickly finish the scene whether it comes b/t swasan or virag or anyone…. i mean show more dialogues more emotion nd elaborate the scenes…. my vote goes to virag….

  3. Suba

    Virag… Wow awesome amazing.. I want Virag… After know truth about laksh and laksh has to pay for his doings

  4. Make laksh jealous and till negative to realise his mistakes and show him how it feels to be betrayed my ur love, virag or raglak is ur choice but i love ur ff ,ragini moved on whatever choice i will read it till the end.

  5. KEIRA

    Laksh to realise and ragini no frgvng him easily and raglak plz humble request and virat to bestfrnd of raginiplzplZ

  6. roshni

    thank you soo much for all who commnented above….regarding couple till knw virag is more so lets c….luv u all…again thank you…..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.