Swaragini (you are my soul) episode 4

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Lets begin
Swara gets up in the morning and goes to fresh
up she comes after sometime and says
Swara:ragini get up you never sleep till this time
Swara tells like this many times but ragini doesn’t get up
So Swara goes near her and shakes her and
gets shocked on realizing that ragini is having high fever
Swara:ap aunty Laksh Sanskar pls come fast
All of them come running to the room
Ap:what happen Swara beta
Swara started crying and says
Swara:aunty ragini is having high fever
Sanskar feels very bad for her
Ap:don’t cry Swara Sanskar call the Dr
Sanskar:yes mom and he calls the Dr
After somtime Dr came and checked ragini
Dr:did she get wet in the rain
Swara:yes Dr yesterday night
Dr:hmm I think because of that only she got fever no need to worry I’m writing some medicine you give it to her and hopefully she will be fine and yes keep cold water clothes on her forehead
Swara:yes Dr
Then Dr goes
Ap:Laksh go and bring the medicine
Laksh:yes mom and he goes
Ragini mumbles in sleep don’t leave me pls I beg you
Sanskar:what she is telling Swara
Swara:I can’t tell you and pls when the right time comes she will tell you

Laksh brings the medicine and swra gives the medicine to a half sleeping ragini
Swara gets a call
Swara on call:what no I can’t come wait I’ll tell you after sometime hmm
Ap:what happen Swara
Swara:aunty actually today I have a very important meeting with a client but I can’t leave ragini like this
Ap:don’t worry about ragini beta i and Sanskar will take care of her and Uttara has gone to college so she will also help after hse comes you dont worry
Swara:but aunty I
Ragini(very softly):it’s ok Swara you go ap aunty and Sanskar are there over here
Ap:Laksh you also go with Swara now you’ll are business partners no
Laksh:ok mom I’ll go
Swara:come Laksh let’s go bye ragini take care
Then swalak go to the office
Ap got a phone call
Ap:Sanskar beta pls take care of ragini I have to go immediately Mrs Sharma has got a heart attack and there Is no one at home her daughter called me and said so I’m going ok
Sanskar:ok mom you go bye take care
Then ap goes
Sanskar takes care of ragini he keeps cold water cloth on her forehead
Ragini again mumbles
Ragini:pls jaanu don’t leave me I can’t live without you
Sanskar gets confused but then thinks that is ragini talking about her ex
Then suddenly he felt a tight grip on his hands
Yes it’s ragini she holds his hands and then again mumbles In sleep
Ragini:I love you a lot pls jaanu don’t do this to me pls she crys in sleep
Sanskar gets very much concerned about her he holds her tightly assuring her that he is with her

After sometime ragini calmed down
Then Sanskar again goes into his thinking that was ragini talking about her ex this thought itself was very horrifying for him
Sanskar was hurt thinking that did ragini loved someone else
But he didn’t know why he was feeling like this he caresses her hair
Scene shifts to swalak
Swalak have completed the meeting and are returning home
I’m the car
Laksh:shona don’t worry ragini will be fine
Swara:hmm you know what Laksh after our parents death ragini is my world if anything happens to her I can’t bear it yesterday when she was getting wet in the rain I should have stopped her but I didn’t it’s all my fault
Laksh:don’t cry Swara pls
Laksh takes the car inside so that he can clearly talk with Swara
Laksh:Swara it’s not your fault it’s ok ragini will be fine don’t cry if ragini will come to know that you are blaming yourself for her condition then she will be sad no so pls don’t cry and he hugs her she also responds to the hug
After sometime they break the hug
Swara:thank you Laksh for calming me
Laksh:my pleasure
Then They drove back to mm.
In mm Sanskar is taking care of ragini very well though the thought of her ex(as per Sanskar imagination)was disturbing him

Precap:New entry and ofcouse with new entry comes jealousy

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