swaragini my soul episode 3

episode starts with ragini slapping laksh…

laksh was not able to believe his eyes the one who loved him like a mad slapped n insulted him in front of public…

screen shifts to a big office it was great businessman yes virat malhotra’s office

ragini entered the office..

ragini was called to cabin..

ragini:may i cum in sir..
virat: felt strange by hearing that voice..he immediately turned both r shocked to see eachother…
virat: came back into his sense n said yes plz come in

ragini got selected….
virat:if u wish you can start ur work today itself
ragini:yes sir i have no problem

virat called receptionist n asked her to show her cabin

day past it was around 7:00pm

only virag were der in office..
ragini finished her work so she was returning home

@bus stop
she was waiting for bus but der was no bus at all

aftersome time while virat was going home saw ragini n stopped his car

virat: hey miss gadodia if u dnt mind i can drop u
ragini:with no option left agreed


car stopped suddenly

ragini:sir what happen
virat: even i donoo let me check..he went outside followed by ragini..
virat:ragini u sit inside d car i will go n bring water
ragini went but she couldnt open the car door

ragini: sir car door is not opening
virat:shit i think it got locked from inside

suddenly it started raining heavily they both saw a hut n went der…

both were totally wet ragini was shivering due to cold
due to sudden thunder ragini hugged virat tightly…
virat was shocked by her sudden move but somewhere he was feeling happy so he too hugged her…

after sometime ragini realised her state n break d hug..
ragini: s..r..y sirrr woh..woh…i got scared i am really sry sir
virat: no its okay its my pleasure
ragini: sir??
virat:no no i was happy i..i mean
ragini:sir ru okay i mean wat ru abt to say???
virat:i donoo wat i am saying….ntg ragini ntg i am completely alright…
ragini gave a confused look
virat:u be here only i will go n call someone for help

saying that he went…virat in mind what were u saying virat?? what happen to u??y ru behaving like dis with her??y i will felt happy when she hugged her…wats going on????

will he able to realise his feeling?????

precap: dadi to slap virat…

guys i hope it was not boring…
plz do comment n say if u guys liked it or not if not tell me i will stop writing….. plz do comment

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    1. thank you…

  1. nice

    1. thanks dear.

  2. Awesome update. Virag scenes was awesome hope u could post the next part soon? I

    1. thank you so much n i will try to update morning only if not at night for sure..

  3. Kya dadi virat ko maara pagal hein kya

    1. no dear i have postponed that…thanks for commenting

    1. thanks

    1. thank you

  4. Pagal dadi always slaps all

    1. thank you for commenting

  5. Awesome. Update soon .

    1. thank you

  6. make it longer , please n episode is nice

    1. thank you n i will try to make long nxt time..

  7. no guys dadi will not slap…actually der was a twist but before that i want to show some moments bn swasan n virag so twist is postponed….sry…

  8. Nice episode.. Make Laksh jealous seeing Ragini with Virat…

    1. thank you

  9. Thanks for postponing it I dont want dadi to slap him. And please I want to see ragini falling in love with virat and how he react when he comes to know about her past

    1. exactly even i thought starting only der is no need of twist….thank you for ur comment dear…

    2. exactly even i thought starting only der is no need of twist….thank you for ur comment dear…

  10. mridulakrishnan

    nice update dear…

    1. thank you so much…

    1. thank you

  11. thank you…i will try to update as i am in 12th it will be difficult to update 2 epi in one day.. so from knw onwards i will update one epi daily i hope its okay for all….sry guys

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